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a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is ..That's me!

Doula services offered in Duval County and surrounding areas 06/07/2019

Meet Ginger Breedlove, Editor of “Nobody Told Me about That: The First Six Weeks” | DONA International It’s been often said that we don’t know what we don’t know. That statement rings true during the postpartum period and most especially during those first six weeks if you are a new parent. There’s a new book on the scene which seeks to bring to light many of the lesser known facts and experi... 06/01/2019

To the Mama Rocking Her Baby, You're Not Doing it Wrong - Her View From Home Dear mama rocking your baby to sleep and wondering if you're doing everything right, know you are exactly who your sweet child needs. 05/27/2019

Memorial Day: 5 courageous women who died in service Retired Brig. Gen. Carol Eggert, senior vice president of military and veteran affairs at Comcast, shared five military women killed in action we should remember this Memorial Day. 05/14/2019

Massage These Stress Points to Immediately Relax a Fussy or Crying Baby Six ways to help your young children with pain. Reflexology experts note that before starting this massage, your baby should be relaxed and encourage blood flow with 05/09/2019

Sleeping Through the Night, Self Soothing and 'Good' Babies: Why We Need to Stop Setting Mothers up to Fail - Raised Good "Is he sleeping through the night?" "Is she a 'good' baby?" These are the loud lies of infant (& toddler) sleep. Read more to help the quiet truths rumble. 04/18/2019

What it’s like to be a doula Following rumours the Duchess of Sussex has employed a doula for her first pregnancy, Katie O’Malley speaks to a doula about the caring profession increasing in popularity 04/04/2019

Why #Metoo Matters In The Delivery Room For a body that had returned to episodes of violence over and over and over again, it was the first time in my adult life that I was producing something — anything — that might be restorative, and I could feel the change.

[03/28/19]   Met with a new client and
her littles this morning.
I love being a doula! 03/26/2019

How to tandem babywear while hiking - Hike it Baby More children means more trail buddies. Find out how tandem babywearing – wearing two children in carriers at once – can help you successfully get on trail. 03/23/2019

Science Says It's Totally Fine To Have Babies After 35

Heck yes! 🙌 Women who conceive after the age of 35 are often known and referred to as an “advanced maternal age”. If you haven’t heard this medical term before, you’ve likely heard that “waiting too long to have a baby is risky.” Why are women now waiting until they are in their 30’s or 40’s to ... 03/20/2019

Tricare Adds Coverage for Human Breast Milk For the first time ever, Tricare is covering the purchase of human breast milk from an accredited milk bank. 03/20/2019

FDA approves the first drug designed to treat postpartum depression The FDA has approved the first drug for postpartum depression, which affects hundreds of thousands of women a year in the United States. 03/10/2019

In San Francisco and New York, Doulas Connect with Low-Income Mothers - California Health Care Foundation Stories That Caught Our Attention This Week: In California and around the nation, expectant women of color prefer that doulas help them before, during, and after childbirth -- and public agencies are launching programs to make it happen. 03/09/2019

Surgeons who pump: #ILookLikeASurgeon If you follow trends on social media, you have seen the viral tweets and pics from women surgeons who have copied the New Yorker magazine cover showing three women leaning over an operating table. … 03/09/2019

‘Ladies, find your person. Not the cutest diaper bag. Not the sleekest car or the fanciest preschool. Not the car seat that is also a stroller that is also a high chair.’ "Find the person that will come hold your baby when all you need is a shower. Find the person who your teenager can call when they have a problem they’re not yet ready to discuss with you. Find the person who is ready to drop everything for queso and margaritas after a hard day, no questions asked... 03/08/2019

The Duchess and the Doula | DONA International Meghan Markle hired a doula for her upcoming birth (and, hopefully, postpartum). We are delighted that she is making DOULA the word heard round the world. The Duchess is just the latest expectant royal to set the pace for other birthing families around the globe. 03/07/2019

Why Every Black Woman Deserves a Doula New York’s plan to make sure every woman has access to a doula, like I did, is a good idea. But will it work? 02/18/2019

WHO declares 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” In honour of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, WHO has declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”. 02/09/2019

10 Convictions About Labor and Birth from a Christian Worldview

I believe being a doula is a calling on my life and I take it very seriously. Loved reading this fellow doula and mama's biblical perspective on Childbirth. Gloria Furman offers 10 convictions about labor and birth from a Christian worldview. 02/09/2019

Evidence on: Doulas

Is hiring a doula for you? I say yes and here is why: A birth doula is a companion who supports a birthing person during labor and birth. What is the evidence for using a doula? 02/04/2019

Foods that help lactation: Diet tips and recipes Women need extra calories and nutrients while breastfeeding to ensure that they are producing enough milk to keep the baby well-nourished. Eating the right foods can help support lactation. Learn more here. 01/29/2019

Advocacy at Work: Doulas Working with Incarcerated Pregnant People | DONA International

Doulas Advocate for all moms. In Olympia, WA, state representatives in the House of Representatives during the new 2018 legislative session found themselves voting on a new law that would mandate state prisons and jails to accommodate pregnant people and make available volunteer midwives and doulas for the pregnant population wh... 01/28/2019

What was the Holocaust?

Never forget Nearly two out of three Jews living in Europe at the time were killed, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. 01/27/2019

Exclusively Pumping Moms Exist Too From a mama who doesn't identify with breastfeeding or formula-feeding 01/26/2019

Proposal Could Cover Doulas Through Medicaid A bill that would provide Medicaid reimbursement for doulas in Indiana was advanced by state lawmakers. Recent testimony focused on how doulas could help improve Indiana’s poor infant and maternal mortality rates. 01/25/2019

Dear NICU mama: Your strength is profound—and unexpected Your experience with your precious baby will be one that, at times, can feel like it is breaking you into a million pieces—but I promise that feeling is just the start of your transformation into a stronger, wiser, humbler version of yourself. 01/24/2019

'Fourth Trimester' Problems Can Have Long-Term Effects On A Mom's Health A woman's health issues related to pregnancy don't always end at the baby's birth. Scientists say complications from childbirth, such as hypertension or diabetes, increase her risk of heart disease. 01/24/2019

Postpartum Depression Can Happen to Any Parent - The Atlantic The baby blues aren’t just the domain of birth mothers: fathers, adoptive parents, and nonbiological mothers are also at risk. 01/24/2019

Even Science Agrees, You Literally Can't Spoil A Baby A ton of research backs up the claim that you literally cannot spoil a baby. In fact, holding babies is vital for their health and development. 01/19/2019

Why We Must Screen NICU Moms for PTSD "There is no tool currently in hospitals that specifically strives to detect PTSD in NICU moms." 12/30/2018

I Had a C-Section or Three and I'm Really Not Sorry

Birth is birth, not matter the method. I'm not ashamed that I had a c-section three times, and I don't need anyone else to be sorry about it, either.




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