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Dr. Justin D'Arienzo I am a relationship, business, forensic & board certified clinical psychologist. I have more than tw

After serving six years active duty as a lieutenant & clinical psychologist in the U.S. Navy, I decided to leave the Navy & utilize my unique experiences & expertise to develop a comprehensive clinical, forensic, industrial and organizational psychological practice in Jacksonville, Florida. D'Arienzo Psychology has grown to become one of North Florida's top psychology firms.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health & relationships, follow me!! I strive to deliver the best content daily & get to know y’all through direct messages and/or comments!!!



The holidays are a time to gather and celebrate with family, friends & loved ones. They're also a time when people make new connections — with co-workers, local businesses & even total strangers. Be bold & try to make a good first impression with the people you meet over the next few weeks.


It's the holidays, and there's a lot to do — especially when it comes to making a good first impression. Follow me for tips on how you can look great this season!!!


Be bold & try to stop using absolutes like “never” & “always” during an argument!!!


The word “gaslight” is thrown around a lot now-a-days and it’s important to be able to recognize what it truly is & how to deal with it. Save this video to look back at whenever you’re feeling unsure.


Be bold & speak up!!!


If you feel like you or your partner may be suffering from relationship OCD, call D’Arienzo Psychology at (904) 379-8094 to get the help you need today!


I know social anxiety can feel unbearable at times but there are techniques … and t-shirts … you can use to help!!!


It might feel weird at first but be bold & give it a try!!! If you’re still feeling anxious about the upcoming holiday events, buy a “talk to me” shirt … you’ll never have to initiate a conversation again!!!



Remember - it's okay to put boundaries up with you or your partner’s relatives!!!


The holidays are approaching fast & you need to be prepared for whatever is thrown at you!!!


Psychological studies show the benefits of not jumping into bed with someone on the first or second date but at the end of the day, all that matters is you honor YOUR own timeline!!!


Everyone’s timeline is different & it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of it, I’m just hear to share the research so you can make a more informed decision!!!


How many times did you slam the door on your parents as a teenager?! 🤣👇


Don't give them coal for Christmas if they aren't listening - they've just hit a new developmental milestone!!!


If you’ve been considering a breakup, this is your sign to let them go before the holiday season!!!


You might've made it through Thanksgiving but will you make it through the Christmas season together?!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!! 🦃✨••••

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!! 🦃✨


Remember - you have to respect the traditions of the house no matter what!!


Save this video to reference when you’re heading to a holiday event with your partner!!!


Remember - if they’re serious about a future with you, chances are you will get an invite!!!


It’s the age old question & there is no right or wrong answer but be aware that whatever you decide … and how your partner responds … shows a lot about long-term relationship success!!!


Remember - sometimes relationships run their course & that’s okay!!!


Speaking to an expert will help you figure out what the best situation is going forward. If you’re interested in couples therapy or individual psychotherapy, call (904) 379-8094.


Be bold & talk to your partner about what going “on a break” means before it happens!! It is vitally important to be on the same page - especially if y’all want to get back together one day!!!


What do you think?! 👇


Remember - a kiss is never just a kiss!!!


There are obviously outliers but it’s important to know why men & women kiss differently!!!


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