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I want to appreciate Doctor Adogah for what he has done for me and my family. I was passing through terrible things. The problem started when my man return back from work and I discovered that his character has changed and few months after he said he is no more interested again in the relationship and I love my man, all my effort to bring my man back was aborted. I have concluded that my man can never come back to me again. But I saw people comments on net about Dr. Adogah. that he has helped them in various ways and then my hope of getting my man back increased and I contacted Dr Adogah about my issue and he said it is a small thing, I should relax my mind that within 48hours my man will by his self come home and after Dr Adogah has casted the spell,I saw my man from the window and I rush-out to meet him and he was crying that he never knew what came over him. I was very happy and I promise to tell people about great and powerful DOCTOR ADOGAH Spellcaster who has returned my joy back to me.
I promise to share this testimony, you may also need his help,
WhatsApp +2348069060309
Email: [email protected]
Stressed about upcoming holidays? Family tension? Too much food and alcohol? Traveling? Join me tomorrow at 11am when I interview Stress Management expert, Sharon Plover when she will teach us how to best manage our stress during the holidays or anytime.
Stressed about Thanksgiving holiday with family? Join me to learn simple stress management tools when I interview the fabulous Sharon Plover, Stress Management expert here at 11 am tomorrow!
SINGLE? LOOKING FOR LOVE? Are you too much of a giver? The road can be long, lonely and incredibly frustrating. Let me help you learn the power of receiving as I guide you to attract your soul mate faster and more effectively with my Empowerment to Love webinar on October 2, 2017 from 7-8:00PM EST. Click here to register

Spiritual Coaching for rebel women in hiding ready to have a kick-ass life! Are you a rebel woman in hiding?

Time to get out of the closet and create the kick-ass life you know you were meant to live! Spiritual Coaching to connect with your intuition and inner truth to make choices that let the REAL YOU shine. Online 1x1 coaching and group programs will wake you up, build your confidence and get you step out of the darkness and into the light. Mind/body therapy for those in the Boston area brings you to contentment, purpose and energy with yoga, hypnotherapy, reiki energy and shamanic healing.

Operating as usual


Need some sacred time and space just for you?
Join me for a deeply nourishing meditation teaching and practice tonight at 7pm right here


The Secret Powers of Meditation Revealed! Have you always wanted to meditate or deepen your practice? Join me for this free thirty minute mini meditation course where we will get right to experiencing the mind, body and spirit benefits of this ancient practice


The journey of life has so many twists and turns. If only we could all drop the “shoulds!” Learning to know, understand and accept who you are is an integral step in personally transforming from darkness to light, from struggling to peace, from eternally DOING to BEING. This allows you to be present in your moments and to experience living more deeply and consciously.

I love guiding, and walking beside, others on their journeys. It is truly a gift and a blessing to me. As I have grown, particularly through the challenges I’ve faced this past year, I appreciate this even more. I know I have needed support and guidance and I have learned even more acutely how to give that to others from the ways that I have received. It’s a pay-it-forward kind of deal. What could be better?


What brings you joy?

A friend asked me this incredible question the other day and it opened me up to focusing on those moments that I could easily miss, and that make life so precious: my dog, Jasper, running through long summer grass, floating on a raft at sunset at the pond near my house, the first taste of homemade humus from a rubber spatula, scooped out from the food processor.

What about you?


Wisdom of the day!


Your darkest times can lead to the greatest growth.

Many of us have heard this and perhaps even believe it theoretically but what to do when you are "in the thick of it" in your life? How do you cope and then max the growth potential once the crisis has passed?

Today I will share with you the 3 steps that will take you from despair to hope, from pain to learning and from anxiety to peace. The three steps are 1. noticing, 2. accepting and 3. using this information to make changes or learn from it. Personal transformation is all about moving through the steps and allowing time for this process to complete. Rushing it doesn't work, so patience is necessary to allow each step to unfold.

When times get really tough, you may not want or be able to go it alone and that is what I am here for, to offer therapy and spiritual coaching.


Wisdom of the day!


We have the tools to help! Check out


Tapping into your intuition is a skill, let us help teach you by visiting


Finding Purpose In Life

Get the skills you need to make the best life decisions. 04/18/2019

Word Art

Clients have shared with me the many benefits they have received from our work together in therapy and coaching at The Wise Woman Path. All this is possible, and more. What resonates with you on this growing tree? Share in the comments what are you most wanting in your life? end me a PM if you are ready to stop just thinking or talking about it and want to take the next step to get yourself there Word cloud art created with


What challenges will you tackle this week?


Wisdom of the day. 💭


Be in charge of your own life, be true to who and how you are and create your own path to connect with spirit.


Why not try meditation this month? See my last video post.


Learning To Meditate

A few reasons why I absolutely LOVE meditation.


Fall in love with the inner person, looks can be deceiving.



For more tips on finding real love visit


Quote of the day 🙌


Your INTUITION! What is it, why should you listen to it and how can you use this inner guidance as a light to shine your way in your life?

If you are on the spiritual path and want to live deliberately and aligned with your purpose, it is imperative to learn to recognize and listen to your intution. It is so important that it is the very foundation of the spiritual coaching I do every day!

Watch and learn and add your comments about when you did, and didn't listen to your intuition and what more you want to learn about it.

PM me for more information on The Wise Woman Path Spiritual Coaching Program.


Finding Hope Through Life's Challenges

How do you find hope? There are always times in our life when challenges make it very difficult to get in touch with hope. I have learned that during the most challenging times, it is when I need it most but it is the most elusive.

My clients have shared that going through challenges with support and guidance, when hold the hope and remind them it is still there, is one of the most valuable aspects of our work together.


Your dreams don't have an expiration date.


Quote of the day. 🌱 ✨


Thought of the day.


We all make mistakes in our dating life and that's ok! Use your wisdom to get on the fast track to a better love life!
Here's more info:


An equal exchange of love and positivity benefits all. 💜





Don't be misled by society's old myth.

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The Secret Powers of Meditation Revealed! Have you always wanted to meditate or deepen your practice? Join me for this f...
Your darkest times can lead to the greatest growth. Many of us have heard this and perhaps even believe it theoretically...
Finding Purpose In Life
Learning To Meditate
If you're ready to have a similar and transformative experience, go here to schedule an appointment: https://TheWiseWoma...
Your INTUITION! What is it, why should you listen to it and how can you use this inner guidance as a light to shine your...
I'm sharing the one EASY thing you can do to identify REAL love. For more tips like this visit
Finding Hope Through Life's Challenges
We all make mistakes in our dating life and that's ok! Use your wisdom to get on the fast track to a better love life! H...
Working With Devorah (Testimonial)
Relationships Aren't Necessary For Happiness




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