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Golden Lady Wholistics Offering courses and workshops for Komyo Reiki, Colour and Sound Therapy and more.


Old Minnewaska Trail
Kerhonkson, NY


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Our Story

Jackie Pearce, known to many as The Golden Lady began her own healing journey at the age of 11. She was in a car collision with her mom. About 5 blocks from their home, Jackie tightened her seat belt, which when she put it on at the house was loose. A voice told her to tighten it up. It wasn’t any good loose. So she tightened it up. About another ten minutes or so, and their car was side swiped by a vehicle attempting an illegal left hand turn. Impact was right where Jackie was sitting. If she had not tightened her seat belt she most certainly would have hit the windshield upon impact.

Although the collision wasn’t overly damaging. It left Jackie with a torn ligament in her neck, a twist in her spine / pelvis, TMJD, a sprained ankle and whiplash. She had daily pain for several years. Migraines every day, less play and mobility and terribly quality of life. She was told to live with the pain and that this was her life. Even at 11 years old, Jackie knew this “death sentence” was junk. She decided for herself that she would get well and heal.

It took many years, she saw many Western Doctors. She got some relief but was still in chronic pain and depressed. One day her dad gave her a book on lucid dreaming to read. She read it, and began to change her mindset and heal. She continued to read books on alternative healing and continued to progress with her healing.

By the age of 15 Jackie had cured herself from the chronic pain, was able to be more active and was beginning to lead a normal life again. She cured her Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder completely - something to this day her dentist at the time remarks as impossible!

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