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Suffer from terrible migraines and need a solution?

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Suffer from terrible migraines and need a solution?

Dr. Frye adjusting outside today in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Beginning of adjusting outside in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic!

What Frye Chiropractic did yesterday for their patients in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.

How Frye Chiropractic is protecting their Decompression patients.

Frye Chiropractic is responding to this Coronavirus Pandemic

How Frye Chiropractic is dealing with The Coronavirus Pandemic.

What Dr. Frye is telling her close friends and family right now.
Dr. Frye has been getting a ton of questions. What to do. How to build the immune system. These are the instructions ...

An important message from Dr. Frye. Share this with your friends and family.

The right treatment after an accident makes all the difference
Bad weather = Slippery roadsSlippery roads = AccidentsAccidents = WhiplashWhiplash = Frye Chiropractic Message us for a...

Arm Pain
Pain is often not where you think it is. Sometimes the source of pain is really not where the pain is located. You mig...

Motocross and Dirt Bike Riders love us
What is it with Motocross riders and Cowboys? Tough crowd! Love their sport enough to beat the $%^#$ out of their bod...

Another Total Makeover story from Frye Chiropractic
Linda Olson was Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The condition was so bad she could barely walk. Shortly after she...