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North Valley Veterinary Center


Logan and I saw Dr. Chang this morning. (I have been a client for 33 years) This was our first time seeing Dr. Chang. He is great! Very professional, spent the right amount of time with me. I don't know what Logan thought of him, but mostly Logan doesn't like doctors or coming to visit one. He's nice to the doctor and staff (probably because he's scared), but he doesn't like anywhere that is not home.
Worst vet around. Takes no responsibility for a botched surgery. Or fixing the issue they created. My suggestion find a diffeent vet. Customer service is the worst as well.
I will make sure the everyone in AV knows.

Do NOT go to this place. I had an appointment to get my pup check-up at 4pm 9/16/21 made on 9/14/21 with Jennifer. The rep asked "3pm, 3:30, 4, or 4:30". I selected 4pm SPECIFICALLY because I get off work at 3:30pm every single day so to tell me I chose 3pm is an insult to me and flat out lie.

I arrive and check in only to find out I don't have an appointment AT ALL. After some back and forth of me KNOWING FOR A FACT I booked today (9/16) at 4pm, they say they can't help me and can book another day. But WAIT!!!!!

I get to my car and remember they have my pups info in their system! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE IF I DONT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT???

Turns out I DID. I called to ask that very question. How did y'all get my pups info and that's when it was revealed from Jennifer that my appointment was actually for 3pm. HUH??? "Why didn't they tell me that instead of saying there was NOTHING??

I don't miss appointments and I KNOW FOR A FACT it wasn't booked at 3pm. She made it seem like I was in error. Y'all didn't even tell me I had an appointment AT ALL!! Sounds fishy. DO NOT DO BUSINESS THERE. I asked if they can make it right and see my dog, they denied and went on to make me out to be the delusional person. I don't appreciate it AT ALL. Businesses need to start admitting FAULT.
I brought in a little white kitten today that I found injured in the street. Sadly I believe it had to be euthanized but I just wanted to thank you for being so kind. BTW I named him Hercules for his strength and bravery. My heart is broken.
I want to say that the Customer Service is Great and my dog is healing up well from her spay a few days ago. I drove over an hour each way because I felt the care and comfort over the phone and it was just the same in person. Thanks for caring and answering all my questions. 💓🐾
Something that I can see you hanging in the rooms
PLEASE GIVE PEOPLE PROPER INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR SERVICES. On Monday June 22nd, I was given your vaccine clinic flyer showing Thursdays until 7:30 pm. I called your office to confirm this time frame. I arrived at 5:30 and was informed your Covid shot clinic hours were ended at 5pm. WHAT?! Your office sends email and asks us not to be rude, you're doing your best, but 3 months into this and you haven't printed new shot flyers or changed the information on the outgoing message which still says 7:30pm, yes I just checked. Please understand we're trying to comply and we know there's extra stuff you have to do to and it's all appreciated, it is, but help us. People change their work schedules to meet your posted times. Please value our time as much as we value your services.
Your response matters. Health clinics. Fire departments. Schools. Roads and highways. The can and your community. 😊🐾🐾
Many thanks to Dr. Blake and the team at NVVC for taking such good care of Archie today. You are all so awesome!
Her name is Mulan for a reason, she's a fighter! Look at her this morning. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Please ignore the wet potty pad in the back ground, we were just so happy to see her back to her normal self this morning.
North Valley Veterinary Center
Mulan is back from the vets office. Thanks to our amazing vets and staff North Valley Veterinary Center She is still with us.

She could really use your prayers or whatever you do.
You see this little girls heart stopped while she was in surgery. The amazing staff got her going again. Now the next 48 hours we will be keeping a very close eye on her!
Update: Goes back in Friday for more testing.

Update: Being sent home on meds and restricted activity. If no improvement by Tuesday we will take the next step. Today's total was just under $400. We could really use some help with it.

Our sweet Girl B4 needs your help. She is part of one of our feral colonies. We are not sure what happened but she is currently at the vet being seen for in injured front leg. Can you help?
Donations can be called into the Vet North Valley Veterinary Center 661-945-7906 or via pay pal or Venmo any little bit helps.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Will update with an estimate once we know more.

Welcome to North Valley Veterinary Clinic! They're not just your pets, they're also a part of your family. Dr. Bosma and staff welcome you!

Here at North Valley Veterinary Center, we want you to feel like this is the place you belong for your beloved pet's care. We pride ourselves on building solid, lasting relationships with our clients and want you to feel comfortable and confident with the care your pet receives. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, excellent veterinary services to people committed to providing these services for

Operating as usual

Photos from North Valley Veterinary Center's post 12/14/2022

Ethan (Dr. Bosma's grandson) hanging out with Mr. O (clinic cat) and Dr. Hirschbeins cat Charlie. Some of yall may have seen these two kitties through the viewing window into The Cat Shack. :)


We are happy to say we passed an unannounced boarding inspection from the Los Angeles County Animal Control with not 1 single infraction. We work extremely hard to to provide top notch kenneling services and luxury cat boarding. We are glad to have maintained that since we began boarding services 6 years ago. A huge shout out to Jesse and Nino, our rockstar kennel techs that do such an amazing job with all our boarders.


Meet Piper! Our newest receptionist! Piper comes to work with mom quite often and just couldn’t resist helping out :)


Sputnik is enjoying the view of Pet Nutrition Centers from his luxury cat condo at The Cat Shack!


We are now carrying Hills Veterinary Diets. Located at Pet Nutrition Center!

We are now carrying Hills Prescription Diets! We will be stocking the main veterinary formulas but for special orders please call us at 661-488-7300. We also deliver!


We will be closing early tomorrow at 3pm and closed Thursday. We will resume normal hours on Friday. We will not be having our ER hours tomorrow orThursday.

Have a safe Holiday!

Photos from Love Leo Rescue's post 11/18/2022

Y’all remember Clover? 🍀 she’s the pup brought to us covered in paint and in terrible condition. She is now ready for adoption! Please reach out to Leo Rescue!


Have you had a good experience with us? We are looking for some honest and good reviews to help grow our online footprint. We would be very grateful if you took a moment to share the experience you had with us via one (or both) of the links below.

We really do appreciate you all and thank you for trusting us with your pets healthcare needs.

Thank you!

- NVVC Team


We are starting the Christmas vibes off early this year!


The crew today is the cast from Shrek 😂 Let us know what y’all think!

Photos from One Dane At A Time, Inc.'s post 10/29/2022

Another Dane saved!


We hope everyone has a safe weekend! We are open all weekend long for any emergency or urgent care needs your pet may need over this hectic weekend. Call or text us at 661-945-7906 with any questions or to make an appointment. Stay safe!


Dr. Bosma Circa 2015.

We are grateful that Dr. B had a vision for NVVC. To bring compassionate, quality care to the Antelope Valley. Being here since 1984 there has been so many ups and downs, stories and relationships made. We are grateful for those experiences and excited to keep the standards that he started NVVC with over 38 years ago alive and well.

Thanks Dr. Bosma!



We will be closed tomorrow, Sunday 10/23/22. We are celebrating our wonderful staff and going on an excursion. The team here is truly a dedicated group and we are blessed to have them all.

We will be back to our regular hours Monday 10/24 at 8am.

Picture of Dr. Bosma's cat, Sputnik for attention! :)

One Dane at a Time, Inc. on Instagram: "Spays and neuters are something we do A LOT of! The majority of the dogs we get are intact. Between THAT, food (approx $60/bag no and we go through about 25 bags/week), the medicals, the training, misc... 10/22/2022

One Dane at a Time, Inc. on Instagram: "Spays and neuters are something we do A LOT of! The majority of the dogs we get are intact. Between THAT, food (approx $60/bag no and we go through about 25 bags/week), the medicals, the training, misc...

We see a lot of One Dane At A Time and we always love meeting the pups she is saving and finding homes for. ❤️

One Dane at a Time, Inc. on Instagram: "Spays and neuters are something we do A LOT of! The majority of the dogs we get are intact. Between THAT, food (approx $60/bag no and we go through about 25 bags/week), the medicals, the training, misc... One Dane at a Time, Inc. shared a post on Instagram: "Spays and neuters are something we do A LOT of! The majority of the dogs we get are intact. Between THAT, food (approx $60/bag no and we go through about 25 bags/week), the medicals, the training, misc supplies and gas... it's no wonder we're bro...

Photos from Antelope Valley Animal Hospital's post 10/06/2022

Our prayers are with the Nyholt family and the staff at Antelope Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Nyholt was a very respected and well known veterinarian in this community. He dedicated over 30 years to the pet owners of the AV and provided truly great care to his patients. He will be missed.


Lilly Rose realllly didn't want to be the patient today. She kicked the owner off the chair and made took over the chair 🤣 Thankfully, Dr. Youssef made the exam and treatment quick and painless and she is onto doing what labs do best. The owners said she always is on the furniture at home, so it is no surprise she is wanting to do that with us.

Physical exams are such an important thing to help keep your pets as healthy as possible. It also allows our doctors to catch things early before they become more serious down the road. For a annual physical exam call or text us at 661-945-7906

Photos from North Valley Veterinary Center's post 10/03/2022

It was a wonderful this year. We did our low cost vaccine clinic for the third time which has been such a great experience. It is such a great thing to be there and help educate the community and help keep those pups safe by getting them vaccinated for things like parvo, kennel cough and rabies. A huge shout out to the crew for help making this happen and of course Dr. Youssef for coming out.

We have a regular vaccine clinic every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5:30pm. No appointment is needed!


If y’all remember Clover, the pup that was covered in paint that we treated, here is an update! 😊

Some of you may have wondered where Clover is. This good girl is doing a foster to adopt trial. Along the way she started exhibiting some fear-based behaviors that we wanted to work on before we finalized the adoption. After everything she’s been through, we cant blame her for being scared of new people and places sometimes.
She’s been hanging out with and making great progress. We’re so proud of how far she’s come!


We are excited to again be offering our low cost vaccine clinic at this years Bark at the Park. It is a wonderful community event and is so fun to see all the pups. .av will be there with a booth with lots of goodies for your furry friends!


As Dr. Hirschbein said it’s a “bucket of love” and we agree!


This is animal from animal control. We repaired a fracture yesterday for them and he is now on the road to recovery. He seriously is the sweetest boy ever. Whoever gets this guy will be extremely lucky!


We are excited to be at the Bark in the Park for the 3rd rear doing a low cost vaccine clinic for our community!

We are Barking, Barking, Barking out thanks to North Valley Veterinary Clinic and Pet Nutrition Center ! They will be offering vaccines again at the Bark!
"The basis of good health is good nutrition". With Saturday emergency hours and the Pet Nutrition Center next door to the center, all your pet's needs are met. Visit their friendly staff at 43619 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, CA


For our cat people! 🙌😅


We can now text message with our clients with our main number! You can request an appointment, prescription refill, records or ask any question you may have. Our number is 661-945-7906, we look forward to hearing from you! 😃


They need our help. Please adopt if able!


My dad (Dr. Bosma) loves this picture. He had it tucked away for many many years with the intention of getting it up in the lobby for our clients to see and appreciate. Im glad he kept this print for all these years as it’s now in our lobby for the world to see. - Andrew B. Painting by Debi Fitzgerald from 1987 61/500


This is who we are calling Cat #2. This one was also saved from euthanasia and desperately needs someone to save her. She loves just looking out the window of the cat ward and seeing whats going on. The staff decided to give Cat #2 a bit of swag and we have to say it fits her well. If you are interested stop by for a visit and say hello!


This is a great throw back picture of Debbie (far right), Omar (right), Dr. Bosma (middle) and Kami (left) working on a Goat with dystocia (difficulty with the birthing process). Picture is from at least 10 years ago!


Prepare for the 4th of July with CBD oil to help keep your pets calm. 25% off at .av for a limited time!


Say hi to Lexa ❤️ she came in for her first set of vaccines and is on the way to a healthy life! We have our low cost vaccine clinic 3 days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5:30pm. No appointment needed!


This is Toto, and toto is up for adoption! This 10yo kitty is as sweet as can be. Originally brought in to be euthanized but we had different plans for her. She is now completely healthy and happy. Come on by .av to meet her anytime. Please share and spread the word!


UPDATE: Clover is recovering well and her wounds are healing. 🙌

Clover. 🍀♥️
This tiny girl (30 lbs) has made a beautiful recovery.
When we first rescued her, covered in green paint we had no idea the damage that lay beneath. But she soldiered through like a true pitbull and never complained. She has turned into a sweet, happy little girl who loves playing with her foster friends, going for hikes and snuggling in her bed. She is officially adoption ready and we would love to find her the perfect home. A medium active home with another dog would be ideal. She loves going outside in the backyard and sunning herself so outdoor space would be a bonus.


Nothing like a wagon full of chocolate lab puppies coming through our vaccine clinic to brighten up your day! 😍❤️🐶


Clover is back with her rescue! We are so happy she is progressing so well and feeling better! We are sad to see her leave though, as the team was really starting to attach to her. 🥰

Clover is enjoying her time with the other dogs. She loved her first walk today and is eating well and getting lots of rest.💚🍀

Photos from North Valley Veterinary Center's post 05/26/2022

Y’all remember Clover? This is the pup that was found with paint poured all over. Thanks to for taking on this pup. This one has loved hanging out in the managers office, just seeing everyone walk by and stop to give her love. Still a lot of recovery to go but we are thankful this one has a second chance.


We really cannot comprehend why people are cruel to animals. Cut up and a bucket of paint poured on her is unreal. A big thank you to this rescue for stepping up and getting this pup the proper care. 💔

Thank you to everyone who stepped up today and helped us pull off this last minute, Sunday afternoon miracle.
Clover💚 is at the vet and everyone there has fallen in love with her. They’re excited to spoil during her stay .av 😘


The brainiacs are hard at work today! (Dr Y on the left and Dr C on the right)



NVVC was founded in 1984 by Dr. Larry Bosma and was originally located on Ave L and Sierra Hwy before moving to this location at Ave K and Sierra hwy in 1989.

NVVC is still family owned and operated to this day.

That our doctors are NOT on production (lots of places run this way). Lending peace of mind to our clients that they are only being recommended what is necessary.

We are open 7 days a week, with emergency walk in hours Wednesday-Sunday.

We have a low-cost vaccine clinic 3 days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5:30pm. No appointment is needed.

What else would you like to know about NVVC?


This is Maverick, one of Dr. Hirschbeins acupuncture patients. A cute little guy isnt he?! 😅 Very food motivated as you can tell!

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This is animal #A5496795 from animal control. We repaired a fracture yesterday for them and he is now on the road to rec...





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