Dr. Tiffany Young

Dr. Tiffany Young


We look forward to seeing you Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 4pm via Zoom👑💕 You don’t want to miss this Session!

We will have a very special guest Dr. Tiffany Young coming to inspire and educate our ladies on Anxiety and Depression. We will learn how to cope after high school.

Dr. Tiffany Young
We hoped you learned as much as we did from . Thanks for listening. Be sure to follow Dr. Tiffany Young and let us know if you want to hear more from her!
Balance doesn't always mean physical. You have to keep your mind centered too and many times we forget that. Join us tomorrow for the episode Balance with Dr. Tiffany Young
Mental Health IS regular therapy. We use our minds at rapids speeds 24/7. Many times we need to slow down & give our minds some good TLC. Interested? PS Mental Health Professionals help w/ everyday life not just specific parts of it. Dr. Tiffany Young
is . explains the differences and defines the variations of Mental Health Care. Join us this Friday with Dr. Tiffany Young.
, do you know who she is? Dr. Tiffany Young is also a best selling author of Amaiya and Friends See a Counselor. We are honored to have her on our show this Friday.
Meet a Black Mental Health Professional.
Thank you to everyone that attended tonight. Avalaura Gaither, Morris, Alexander, Robinson, Harper Rutledge and Dr. Tiffany Young

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I am beyond proud of the women in my life!! Their stories and journeys are so amazing 🥰😍😘😘💜🦋🦋

Check out the tips, skills and method used to help with anxiety!! Dr. Tiffany Young
Hello Dr. Tiffany, in celebration of the National Minority Mental Health Awarness Month, I would be honored in you joined me for a live discussion ( on facebook) on whatever topic or sspecialityyou would like to discuss. Please inbox me if you are interested. Thank you so much!Awareness

Executive Anxiety Therapist | Helping You to Be High Powered & FREE

The mission of TYMHC is to provide an exceptional client experience while addressing your specific mental health needs in a competent environment that stands for the culture and fosters healing through education, advocacy, and empowerment to help BIPOC individuals, businesses, and communities bring mental health to the forefront

Operating as usual

Prepare 2023 | Dr Tiffany Young 11/15/2022

Prepare 2023 | Dr Tiffany Young

Dr. Young will be out of the office 11/14/22-11/27/22 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

If you are inquiring about an appointment I am not accepting new clients at this time. The current therapists in my practice with availability are listed below and they will be happy to assist you!!




Inquiries about the Prepare 2023 Vision Board Experience will be answered upon my return or you can register here


Thank you and have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Prepare 2023 | Dr Tiffany Young


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TEXAS it’s time to put ACTION to your words!! It’s Election Day!!! Vote like your mental health depends on it!!



It’s National Stress Awareness Day!!!

Stress manifests itself in so many different ways in our lives and can drain us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically

What are your personal signs that you’re stressed???



Happy Friday!!!

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I am intentionally selecting and curating vendors to help you immediately implement action on your 2023 goals!!!!

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Dr. Young will be out of the office 10/13-10/17


We’re ready to grow!

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is for education, advocacy, and awareness of mental health around the world...

We can all agree that these last few years have been unlike any other and mental health must be in the forefront now more than ever!

It is my pleasure to do my part and stand in the gap for my community educating, advocating, and bringing mental health to the forefront! I’ve enjoyed the realness, rawness, and creativity of my clients in taking on their own mental health in this unprecedented time.

It is so important that mental health become as normal a conversation as the common cold. On this world mental health day I challenge you to make the decision to take control of your own mental health or advocate for someone else to get the help they need!


Q4…head down finish strong!!!!

Check your vision board
Check your goal sheets

What do you have left?
Make a plan and get it done! Let’s go!!!


Show up as yourself…they will deal!


Here we grow again!!!
Welcome Xanthia!!!!

LPC-Associate who is passionate about working with children!!!


Save the date! After a 2 year hiatus it’s baaaaaackkkkk!!! IYKYK!!!

A vision board experience like you’ve never seen it before!!! I’m excited to put a unique twist on your ordinary vision board party and CAN’T WAIT to reveal the details to you!!!!

VIP Tickets go on sale 10/1/22!!!


My individual session slots are booked but I’d love to have you join my Anxiety Goals Group specifically for High Powered Women struggling with Anxiety…

You’ll get the same me AND a community of women just like you!

Invest in the results you want and let’s get to work!


Omg! It’s my 7th Doctorversary!!!! Today 7 years ago I defended my dissertation that launched me on this amazing journey as an Executive Anxiety Therapist!!!

I get to help Executive Women just like me be High Powered & FREE from the chaos that is anxiety by helping them to overcome crisis mindsets, limiting beliefs, and lingering traumas.

My clients come to me because I’m THAT therapist that understands various anxiety and trauma responses, supports their goals, doesn’t let them make excuses, holds them accountable, and pushes them to solutions so they can get on with living their best life!

They would say I don’t let them get away with ANYTHING! And don’t! 🤣

When you come to me we have work to do and that means getting you out of your own way so you can see the results you want!!!

Happy Doctorversary to me!!! Cheers to the weekend!!!! 🥂


Anxiety Goals Tip: LOSE THE CAPE

We all have enough on our plates

Every time there is a problem to be solved doesn’t mean YOU have to solve it!!!

High Powered Women tend to be extremely task and accomplishment oriented and when we don’t have something to do we can get bored easily and start minding other people’s business 🥴

We create our own anxiety by getting out of our lane



Keep acting like you can do it yourself….
Keep playing “strong”….
Keep repressing your authentic self….
Keep letting anxiety win….

The longer you will continue to feel the way you feel… 🤷🏾‍♀️

Make the decision…
Get the help…
Change your life….


Every 40 Seconds someone makes the decision to take their own life and every 8 minutes someone succeeds

Today is World Su***de Prevention Day

Will you check on someone you know is struggling someone who has been distant lately someone who doesn’t speak much

The biggest warning sign is no sign at all

***depreventionday ***depreventionmonth

Obituary: Raven K Jackson Reportedly Died Committing Su***de 09/08/2022

Obituary: Raven K Jackson Reportedly Died Committing Su***de

How to support High Powered High Achieving Women

💚 Recognize when their achievement battery is running low

💚 Give them the space to talk and voice opinions, ideas, concerns without talking over them

💚Acknowledge accomplishments with enthusiasm…even the small ones

💚 Help develop & Respect boundaries

💚 Give Clear Expectations as High Achieveing Women aRe often over thinkers

R.I.P. to this young lady

Obituary: Raven K Jackson Reportedly Died Committing Su***de Raven K Jackson Death – Raven Jackson reportedly passed away after commiting su***de. It was further revealed that raven has been battling with depression for a while now. Raven K Jackson death was…


September is Su***de Prevention Month

Every 40 seconds someone MAKES THE DECISION to take their own life…at this point their mindset has shifted to a critical point...

every 8 minutes someone succeeds...



I will be out of the office 9/1-9/5….
See you soon!


And let me say this…
Most of these battles will be with self not others…..

We spend a lot of time angry with others when we can’t change them but we can change our response, our thoughts, our actions…

Photos from Dr. Tiffany Young's post 08/29/2022

As a High Powered/High Achieving Woman I truly value my breaks, vacations, and time away and the thought of coming back to something I HAVE to do is daunting at times

This is where what I call post vacation anxiety and even depression comes in. It can cause you to withdraw, avoid, and rebel against responsibility

For me a month ago I was in the Bahamas living the LIFE and when I came back I avoided continuing my health journey…

This is my Peloton and I rode it yesterday for the first time in a month!! You’re allowed to break but eventually you have to get back to it!!!

Have you dealt with “post vacation” anxiety or depression???


Paws for the cause!! It’s National Dog Day!!!

This is Harley my 18 week Rottweiler this cutie is helping me overcome my fear and anxieties about dogs which I’ve been terrified of my entire life!

Isn’t she sweet! 🥰🥰🥰
Happy Friyay!!!


“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone should have one about you”

Stop fearing other people’s opinions of you. Embrace them, Learn from them, Grow from them.

TY Mental Health Consulting

TY Mental Health Consulting specializes in mental health training, business consulting, counselor supervision, and concierge therapy services that educate, advocate, and empower individuals, families, communities, and businesses to bring mental health to the forefront.

Dr. Tiffany Young is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Expert Mental Health Consultant who is passionate about eliminating the stigma of mental illness in the African American community and pushing her clients to achieve their greatest potential.

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Happy Birthday to me!!!!!
via ripl.com So a few things have happened!! We are having to move due to reaching capacity and more requests to attend!...




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