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Grief usually feels pretty rotten, especially when it’s the holidays and you remember that you are celebrating without your loved one. But you can also see the potential for as your grief matures and you develop a new, more realistic bond with the deceased. Your heart may hurt at first, but as you allow to be there, you allow for more room in your heart to love more deeply, appreciate more strongly, and trust in your capacity to feel without being overwhelmed by the emotions that emerge.

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do | Heal from Grief & Trauma 12/21/2022

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do | Heal from Grief & Trauma

Saying goodbye is never easy when you invest in relationships. (Photo by Mario Wallner on Dear Readers, I appreciate your following my site for however long you have. However, I have not had much success with the site business-wise. Therefore, I am sad to have to say goodbye to you all, but I have decided not to renew this site in 2023....

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do | Heal from Grief & Trauma As of 1/17/23 I am sunsetting this site, but saying goodbye to you is hard to do. I hope you visit my other site,


Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it! May the miracles in your life be recognized, appreciated and celebrated. May you trust that and that the light within you is eternal.

Lisa Larsen on Instagram 12/17/2022

Lisa Larsen on Instagram

Do you have a young LGBTQQIA person in your life? Please make sure they feel safe, loved 🥰 and respected.

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Lisa Larsen on Instagram 12/17/2022

Lisa Larsen on Instagram

Traumatic loss can come from a variety of causes, not just death.

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Lisa Larsen on Instagram 12/17/2022

Lisa Larsen on Instagram

Curious about how can help your mental health improve?

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Lisa Larsen on Instagram 12/17/2022

Lisa Larsen on Instagram

The holidays can be hard for mourners and trauma survivors. Feeling like you have to spend time with people who have hurt you in the past, or who remind you of the deceased, can be very painful. If you choose to get together with family or friends, here are some ideas to make it more bearable.

Lisa Larsen on Instagram Lisa Larsen shared a post on Instagram. Follow their account to see 311 posts.


The way we communicate with our children has a big impact on their development, and so we strive to send positive messages to them about themselves and set boundaries with compassion and reason. At the same time, we might be overly concerned that if we cry in front of them when we’re it will somehow damage their minds. It’s okay to express sorrow if we’re of someone we love (within reason), because it gives us permission to be human and shows them that they can express their feelings in a safe, validating environment. Riding the waves of grief can be tricky because we don’t want to drown in sorrow but we also need to confront our grief.


I think this warning against goes for neurotypical people as well. I thank the author for pointing out how we all experience the events in our lives in our own way. What’s normal or tolerable for one person can be and difficult to move through for someone else. So why don’t we try to use for others and ourselves and not get caught up in the pointless contest of who had it worse? There’s plenty of love and understanding to go around for everyone! ❤️

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The bright and cheerful pepper tree


Where did the word “horny” come to be associated with s*xual desire? I sure don’t know. But I do know it’s a powerful force for many people, and it can be both healthy and harmful, depending on how it’s handled. If you had unhealthy models of how to experience s*x and relationships, it can lead to suffering. Especially if your early experiences of s*x were non consensual or you were exposed to s*x before you knew what to do with it, you might have a dim view of it. However, as many of you know, it can be a glorious experience and way to express your love for yourself and others. You can revise your views and prior programming with so you can enjoy *xuality❤️ in a healthier way, with partners with . *xlife *xtraumarecovery


What kind of did you have with your caregivers as a child? You may wonder why this matters in your current life, but it influences many aspects of your psychological well being— how you deal with emotions, stress, with others… and if you weren’t fortunate enough to have a good enough attachment, a secure attachment bond with your parents, it could be harder to get along with other important people in your life. Luckily, can help you repair some of the limitations of an and give you a chance at better coping skills, relationships, and happiness.


Who’s going to carry you through the world 🌎, or do you want to rely on yourself more? Relational trauma can make very confusing. If you had to be a parent, friend or surrogate spouse for your caregiver, you might end up with an later on. You may depend too heavily on others or pick friends, lovers, or coworkers who under-function, leaving you to for them. No matter how much you love them, it gets heavy doing that! So when will you change the pattern? Envision for you and your loved ones.

Living with Disappointment - Dharma Wisdom 12/02/2022

Living with Disappointment - Dharma Wisdom

I like this explanation!

Living with Disappointment - Dharma Wisdom In becoming an adult you learned how to cope with disappointment, or else you wouldn't be able to function at all. Yet, the conundrum remains: If you've learned to live with disappointments, then why does it still take so much of your energy to cope?


Complicated grief can narrow your focus to only the loss of your loved one and make it hard to appreciate the positive aspects of the deceased person’s life. It’s not your fault if you feel stuck on the awfulness of the loss. This can happen to anyone. And it can also be healed by addressing the blockages to the natural … things like sudden death, stigmatized illnesses, death by su***de or homicide, or . You have a right to feel your grief, and you also get to feel better sometimes too!


Do you get caught up in trying to control things you can’t, like other people’s opinions of you or whether people do what they’re “supposed to?” If you’re confused about what is in and what isn’t, you are not alone! Many people grew up in homes where there were so few people really know what is and what is. Therapy is a good way to learn how to distinguish the two for yourself and free yourself from unnecessary stress. 🙏


Trauma survivors often can muster immense for others but not so much themselves. And yet how can we really give water from an empty well? If we don’t give ourselves that compassion it blocks the reciprocal flow of compassion for all. This let’s remember to show ourselves that same for ourselves as well as others, and to truly embrace our since fills the well from which we give to ourselves and others.


When is the last time you spoke kindly to yourself? Wait, what?! Okay then, you are in the right place! When you are you have enough love for others, and if you share the love with others you are making the world a better place for yourself and everyone else. It’s inherently reciprocal— what you offer to others comes back to you. But if you are secretly hoping for others to love you when you feel inferior and insecure, guess what? It’s not a winning strategy. So you don’t have to choose one of these but you need something to make you feel better about yourself and it needs to come from within. Got it? Good! 🌸 🌎


It’s easy to support and show your love for your kids when they are little and more obedient, or when you approve of their choices. But what about when they show different ideas from what you’re used to, or they act in ways you don’t understand? Instead of seeing and thinking for themselves negatively, see it as a sign of your success in helping them become their own people. Rather than forcing them to to what others approve of, allow them to explore their identity and preferences. In the long run, they can become stronger and more independent than kids who are too afraid to color outside of the lines. 😍


Annie Lamott is quoted as saying that her mind is like a bad neighborhood, and she tries not to go there alone. I would hope that you can go to your own mind for solace and comfort as needed, and that your mind can be a refuge rather than a . But it’s up to you to create a better environment inside, and your work on your own limitations or challenges will help you enjoy your more reliably. Hypnosis and EMDR therapy are some of the tools I use to help clear out the and traumas that hold you . You don’t have to stay anymore.


Why do we wait to show love and shower praise on so many people when they die? Why not appreciate them while they still live? The can be a confusing and mysterious experience, and we might feel alone with the complex that accompanies . We need to be able to connect with those still living while finding a different way to remember the in our lives. If you need help with this, can give you a safe space and support to confront your in a healthier way.


Many people are afraid of their anger and the anger of others. Yes, it can be scary to be around pure but it’s there for a reason—to protect us from danger or intrusion. How do you use your and when do you express it? How do you use it for your benefit, and for the greatest good for all? This is a practice that takes conscious effort and lots of to develop and refine. You don’t need to suppress your anger but you also don’t want to be a seething volcano all the time either. If you need help with these distinctions, could help, especially and .


Antisemitism is the epitome of lovelessness and dehumanization. You can’t love yourself or anyone else when you stand in lovelessness. Antisemitism in all forms is violence. It corrodes what connects us as humans.


I don’t know who wrote this but it’s pretty accurate. I have heard that is a terrible use of the imagination. That’s why it’s so important to be a nonjudgmental observer of your own thoughts, so you can evaluate correctly whether you are having a realistic or imaginative . Some things that help you develop this ability are (especially the by ), or and . If you want the assistance of an experienced, compassionate psychologist please call 661-233-6771.


How do you tell which people are safe to be around emotionally and which ones are ? It takes a lifetime to learn how to tell the difference and it varies depending on context and situation. But here are some suggestions for telling them apart. The healthier you become, the healthier people you attract. The people who are less than mature and responsible might not feel comfortable with you when you bring your A game. What better reason to and do the work to become more conscious of your hurt places? That way you become a safer person to be around as well!


Our culture places undue importance on women’s bodies and overall appearance. As a result we have and running rampant among not just teens and grown women, but also little girls. I know it’s more complicated than I could possibly explain in an but it’s not okay that so many people are dissatisfied with themselves because they don’t look like or movie stars. We internalize this weird obsession with beauty and it’s hard to get away from, but we all have the opportunity and responsibility to redefine as something deeper than what you see on the surface.


What makes you smile? What makes life worth living? Do you hold yourself back from that in order to fit in, to belong? If you feel the need to suppress your so others can accept you, is it worth it? Do you want to belong to a group of people who would reject the real you? ❤️


So many people mistake for working on a problem for a solution. But what does worry actually accomplish? Usually it’s really just a way to ruminate or program yourself for failure. If you want to troubleshoot a dilemma, it’s better to think about how you have solved problems in the past and remember your strength and resources instead of predicting all the ways you can fail in the future.

We can get through this together!

Licensed psychologist working in Lancaster, CA. I provide psychotherapy specializing in trauma and grief and I am EMDRIA-certified in EMDR therapy. Website:; blog: I also offer clinical hypnosis for anxiety, insomnia, and stress reduction.

If someone you know needs my assistance and they are in the State of California, please contact me by phone or email and I will be happy to assist them whatever way I can. I accept Blue Cross, Beacon Health Options, Blue Shield, Aetna, and Magellan, as well as fee for service. Please call or write to me at [email protected] for more details. Thank you!

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