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Board-Certified OB/GYN offering excellence in women's healthcare! Currently offering medically-supervised weight loss management. Also offering innovative anti-aging skincare & wellness products. Telemedicine available!

Welcome to Women's Wellness and Cosmetic Laser Center of Loudoun, your provider of exceptional women's health care. We are currently providing gynecologic care in addition to medically supervised weight management and cosmetic laser services. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a relaxing yet professional atmosphere. Equipped with the latest technology, we can perform many procedures in our office rather than in the hospital setting. Our transition to a gynecology-only practice equates to a less hectic environment and allows for a more personalized approach to your healthcare needs. You can also expect to be seen in a timely fashion and take comfort in knowing that the doctor will not be called away for a delivery!

Operating as usual

Have you gained the COVID 19??? For the month of September we are offering 20% OFF our weight loss program🎉This 12-week medically-supervised plan is guaranteed to get you back on the right track. No shakes, prepackaged foods or injections involved. Average weight loss on the program is 25-30 pounds😱Weekly weigh-ins can be done via Telemedicine. Click here to learn how your brain chemistry affects your weight loss ➡️ https://spdiet.com/serotonin-science/ Get yourself back on track today. Complimentary consultations available☎️

Have you gained the COVID 19??? For the month of September we are offering 20% OFF our weight loss program🎉This 12-week medically-supervised plan is guaranteed to get you back on the right track. No shakes, prepackaged foods or injections involved. Average weight loss on the program is 25-30 pounds😱Weekly weigh-ins can be done via Telemedicine. Click here to learn how your brain chemistry affects your weight loss ➡️ https://spdiet.com/serotonin-science/ Get yourself back on track today. Complimentary consultations available☎️


Chadwick Boseman and changing landscape of colon cancer - STAT

Colorectal cancer doesn't get the attention it deserves especially in the African American community. As we mourn the passing of Chadwick Boseman, it's important to bring a few things to your attention.

- Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in both African American men & women
- African Americans have the HIGHEST rate of colorectal cancer of any racial/ethnic group in the United States
-African Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer at a YOUNGER age than other ethnic groups
-African Americans with colorectal cancer have DECREASED SURVIVAL compared with other ethnic groups.

Basically, we get colon cancer at a younger age, the disease is often advanced by the time we get to the doctor and we're more likely to die from it. The American Cancer Society recommends that ALL people at average risk of colorectal cancer start regular screening at age 45 (this is a change from the previous recommendation of starting colonoscopy at age 50). ➡️My gastroenterologist takes it a step further & recommends that all African Americans begin screening at age 40 (and maybe even younger if you have a family history).

While I'm not a gastroenterologist, I can refer you to great one if you live in the DMV.

As we approach the election, pay particular attention to the candidates' platforms on healthcare. Racial disparities such as what we're seeing with colon cancer also exist with COVID19, maternal mortality and breast cancer #vote

statnews.com The death of actor Chadwick Boseman at age 43 is reinvigorating discussions about the rising incidence of colon cancer in young Black people.

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Prolistic® Skin-Balancing Lotion is Back!

Why is this my favorite lotion? Prolistic is lightweight, non-greasy & goes on smooth. It exfoliates your skin, provides 24-48 hours of moisturization & has probiotic technology. Great for those dry hands that come from frequent hand washing and hand-sanitizer use. Excellent for dry,rough areas including lips,knees, heels and elbows. Inbox me to order

***Limited Time Offer. Inventory will go fast ***

Is it time to reevaluate your birth control method? There are lots of options besides birth control pills ...... many are a lot easier, last longer and don't require taking a pill everyday at the same time. Schedule an appointment today to find out what's new & to decide what's right for you. Convenient online scheduling & Telemedicine appointments available. Visit our website (www.womenscenterofloudoun.com) to set up a time to talk☕️

The new normal. Who would’ve thought we’d still be here?
Eye Protection✅

Our office will be closed this week for enhanced cleaning & disinfecting. Telemedicine appointments are available. Visit https://patientportal.advancedmd.com/112959/onlinescheduling/existing to schedule. We will be back in the office Monday Aug 10th

***JULY SPECIAL*** Firm up and flatten with this tummy-tightening combo featuring TWO bottles of Firm Body Contour Cream and a FREE box of Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins. FREE shipping & GUARANTEED RESULTS. It’s a WIN-WIN.

▶️Firm helps smooth and tighten your trouble spots for a more toned overall appearance

➡️Prolistic helps ease digestion, reduce bloating and curb cravings. It also supports a healthy immune system

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Let’s talk about 🔥HOT FLASHES🔥. In my next VLOG, I’ll be addressing these annoying “summer moments”. Be sure to get your questions answered by sending me a direct message

I may never been seen as equal in these United States but I will not give up hope❤️

Loudoun County will host free, drive-through testing for COVID-19 at Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park, 42405 Claudia Drive in Leesburg, Wednesday, May 20, 2020, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The testing is open to all and will occur rain or shine.

No appointments are necessary. There are no age or residency requirements. A person does not have to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 in order to be tested. No prescription is necessary.

Anyone who is tested will be asked to provide contact information for the test results, which should be available within a week.

Weekly Q&A with Dr. Angela Bess

Check out my first Vlog! Today’s topic is long acting reversible contraception (LARC). I hope it’s informative! 🩺👩🏽‍⚕️ Also, please follow my professional Instagram page! @dr.angelabess

We’ve all been at home resisting the urge to color those roots peeking out. Introducing the ProLuxe Hair Care System that works to support your right to show your roots - or not - by maintaining and improving color retention and brilliance! ✨

Featuring innovative and proprietary ingredients - IntelliGrey to restore natural hair pigment and IntuiTress to nourish hair - ProLuxe Hair Care System is a professional-level, four-part intelligent hair care regimen that is color-safe and addresses all signs of aging and damaged hair, such as:
☑️ Loss of shine and texture
☑️ Decreased strand size
☑️ The appearance of greying or whitening of hair
☑️ Loss of color retention

All of the products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, good for all hair types, dermatologist tested, non-GMO and free of DEA, gluten, parabens, phthalates, silicone and SLS/SLES.

Get ready for stronger, shinier, smoother, healthier, younger-looking hair. Contact me today!
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LARC’s are safe, effective & convenient contraceptive options for most women. In my first Instagram Vlog this Saturday I will be answering all your questions about them. Please private message me with your questions, they will be kept anonymous.

Ask the Gynecologist! Introducing a weekly forum to answer all your women’s health questions.👩🏽‍⚕️


Neora Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Check this out if you need last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas for yourself or a loved one. Online gifting is the way to go this year. Isn't it time you tried some new products? Treat yourself, you deserve it. I'll cover the shipping and I'll send you a *free* Marine Collagen Sheet Mask. These rejuvenating sheet masks supply concentrated, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides directly to your face & neck to help your complexion look smoother, plumper, healthier and more radiant! Truly a spa-quality treatment in the comfort & safety of your home. Message me for details


neorablog.com May 10th is Mother’s Day! For every type of mom, there’s a gift set perfect for her. Mom deserves it.

Mom has always been your hero, but these days moms everywhere are achieving superhero status. From tackling new unexpected challenges in a single bound to maintaining the health and well being of their families — moms not only adapt, they always rise to the occasion. Better than a superhero, she is Mom. To celebrate the many different types of moms who are as unique as the special bond you share, we’ve curated a collection of gifts that can help every mom look and feel her best — with results proven to get even better over time. Message me to order🌺

With the expiration of Governor Northam's Executive Order, our office will be reopening on a limited basis Monday May 4, 2020. Telemedicine remains the most convenient and safest way to be seen if a gynecologic exam is not required.

While many things have changed over the last few months, one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to your safety. Please be aware of the infection control procedures we have implemented in our office to keep patients & staff safe.


Wear a mask. Every patient & guest visiting our office is required to bring their own mask or face-covering and wear it for the duration for the visit.

Arrive at your appointment time. Please do not enter our office prior to your appointment time. If you arrive early, wait in your vehicle. Your appointment will be cancelled if you arrive more than fifteen minutes late. There are no exceptions.

Come alone to your appointment. Our goal is to limit the number of people in our office at any given time. Family members/guests will not be allowed to wait in our reception area. Patients under the age of 18 may be accompanied by one parent/guardian.

Sanitize your hands. Please clean your hands upon entering our office. Use your own hand sanitizer or use our supply which is located at the check-in window.

Reschedule your appointment if you are sick. Cancel your appointment if you are experiencing fever, chills, runny nose, sore throat, body aches or shortness of breath.

Reschedule your appointment if you are at risk. Do not come to our office if within the past two weeks, you or someone you have been in contact with, have recently travelled to a CDC designated high-risk area, been on a cruise, or have come in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Schedule your appointment online at https://patientportal.advancedmd.com/112959/onlinescheduling. You will need to select REGISTER if this is your first time making an appointment online

Thank You In Advance For Your Cooperation

Family and Friends,
I just made a new professional Instagram business account and was hoping that you guys could follow and support me! I will be posting blogs, Q&A’s, and doing live Instagram sessions on women's issues (health, fitness &lifestyle)👩🏽‍⚕️
INSTAGRAM: dr.angelabess


Your Cell Phone Could Be Causing Skin Damage, Here's How To Protect Yourself

Very cool to see one of the products I promote mentioned in Essence Magazine! I highly recommend that you add Age IQ® Invisi-Bloc® Sunscreen to your skincare regimen. Not only does it protect you from the sun's UVA/UVB rays (SPF 40) but it also provides a protective shield against digital blue light (think about how much time you spend on your smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers). Nice thing about this sunscreen is that it's lightweight, leaves no greasy or chalky residue & it's vegan (you would be surprised at the number of sunscreens that contain animal byproducts ... yuck). Apply over your moisturizer as part of your daily routine. Great product for my athletic friends. Message me with questions or to order #neora #antiaging #vegan #fragrancefree #ultralightweight #protective

essence.com Quarantine may increase your screen time and exposure to harmful blue light, so we've rounded up the best weapons for skin protection.

Schedule your TeleHealth appointment ..... get the same quality care from the safety of your home! Virtual visits are covered by major insurers. Convenient online scheduling is available at https://patientportal.advancedmd.com/112959/onlinescheduling


13 Ways to Cope With Pandemic Stress and Grief - Center for Nutrition Studies

There has been significant loss during this pandemic. Everyone is grieving. Everyone is dealing with a significant shift in their routine. There’s no “right way” to get through this. The uncertainty that accompanies COVID19 is challenging to deal with. This article hit home for me as a parent, doctor, friend & business owner. Check it out If you have a minute between zoom calls, homeschooling & trips to the grocery store😉

nutritionstudies.org Grief and stress come with the territory these days. But we’ve got you covered with helpful ways to deal with all the many emotions and demands during this time.

Leaving this here for my physician friends ☎️

Without a doubt COVID19 is affecting everyone’s mental health. Be sure to step away from the electronics from time to time and get some fresh air. Self care is key during these uncertain times☀️😇

Stock up on FIRM Body Contour Cream! ❗️Free Hydrogel Eye Patches with your order❗️Reduce puffiness & revive your eyes in just 20 minutes. Great to use before those Zoom meetings😍Message me to order #neora #realresults #plantbased #nontoxic #shopfromhome #supportsmallbusinesses

➡️Best Body Contouring Cream out there & my top-selling product, FIRM works wonders by reducing cellulite & dimpled skin in those problem areas. FIRM is clinically tested & shown to help tighten skin as it smoothes & hydrates. What are you waiting for? ✅30-day no question money back guarantee ✅Free gift with orders placed before 11:59pm tomorrow ✅support small business ✅real results


Pandemic Could Spur Longer-Term Gains for Telemedicine - WSJ.com

We will definitely continue utilizing TeleMedicine moving forward. It's super convenient for those appointments not requiring a physical exam. Convenient and effective .... feedback from patients has been positive. Schedule your appointment at https://patientportal.advancedmd.com/112959/onlinescheduling

wsj.com The [rising use of telemedicine](https://www.wsj.com/articles/pandemic-could-spur-longer-term-gains-for-telemedicine-11587115802) spurred by the novel coronavirus pandemic could lift the sector over obstacles and drive more venture-capital investment in the field, according to analysts. “This viru...

It can be frustrating to be told you'll have to wait for an in-person appointment, but our new Telemedicine appointments are working well for many patients👍🏾 What type of appointments can be done as virtual visits?➡️ Appointments to discuss test results, prescription refills/management, menstrual issues, pelvic pain, birth control, preconceptual counseling, menopausal symptoms, sexual dysfunction, UTI, vaginitis, STD screening, infertility, surgery consults & weight loss management. Also, did you know that most major insurance companies are covering Telemedicine during this time of social distancing? Use your time wisely⏰ Schedule your Telemedicine appointment today. Visit

Firm skin is always in! Age IQ Night Cream contains exclusive ingredients, no other skincare company can use or duplicate, to help tighten and firm your skin's appearance. Want a sample? We’ll cover the S&H😉Visit http://angelabessmd.tryneora.com/night #SmartSkincare #Neora #selfcare

Trying to reach us? We are doing our part to stop the spread of COVID19. While we are not seeing patients in the office, Telemedicine appointments are immediately available. We look forward to serving your healthcare needs!

We are OPEN for business. We're doing our best to continue providing our patients with top-notch care. Most visits can be done from the safety of your home. We have limited in-office appointments for more urgent needs. These are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. TeleMedicine is a covered benefit under most commercial insurers. We also offer self-pay rates. Inbox for details. Schedule your TeleMedicine appointment at https://patientportal.advancedmd.com/112959/onlinescheduling

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