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A World of Grief - Mindful 07/06/2021

A World of Grief - Mindful

A World of Grief.

A World of Grief - Mindful There's no wrong way to grieve. For many it arises as anxiety or fear, but we can move through that grief and emerge feeling safe again.

Timeline photos 03/26/2021

Want to Listen Without Getting Defensive?

Try the following from The Gottman Institute.

When something you said (or didn’t say) hurts your partner’s feelings, there’s a strong impulse to interrupt with, “That wasn’t my intention. You’re misunderstanding me,” even before your partner is done talking.

Unfortunately, when you, the listener, reacts to what your partner is saying before they get the chance to fully explain themselves, you both are left feeling misunderstood. While it’s important to complain without blame and state a positive need to help prevent the listener from flooding or responding defensively, in a healthy relationship it’s also vital for the listener to learn to self-soothe.

Ditch the defensiveness and discover how self-soothing can allow you to maintain yourself and the connection with your partner during conflict on the Gottman Relationship Coach. Get started today: https://bit.ly/3ci5PUO


A little reminder during these times.

You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited too. Take a breath, step back and walk away.


Just a few signs to be aware of. Be well, friends.

Just a few of the signs:

Timeline photos 07/22/2020

Something to remember. We are all struggling in some way or another.

Yesterday I shared about a personal experience with sensory overload, but today I want to talk about how living during a global pandemic can impact sensory overload.

Given the restrictions that have been put in place, the lack of support, and being around our partner + children more than usual, we likely are feeling overstimulated. We may not have access to the same support that we previously had. This can leave us feeling helpless.

The truth is, we can still create space to recharge during these times. Our efforts will take creativity. Our efforts will also look different than they did pre-Covid, but they are still worthwhile.

I tell parents to do what they need to create room for pause.

This may look like:

✅ Allowing your kids to use technology while you take quiet time
✅ Practicing quiet time as a family in separate spaces (if safe and age-appropriate)
✅ Using nap time as a time to recharge rather than finish a chore
✅ Setting up a quiet activity for your kids that will allow you to sit down and rest
✅ Telling your partner or support person that you would like scheduled time each day to be alone (even if you’re in another room)
✅ If you’re up for it, waking up before everyone else

Are you struggling with this? How do you take time for pause?



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Shift your mindset during these stressful times.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Stay home. Wash your hands.

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A friend posted this on her page. I thought it would be helpful during these difficult times.


These are very stressful times.

A lovely infograph on how to manage the Covid-19 anxiety.

Be safe and well friends. Wash your hands. Limit your interactions with people. Socially distance. Self-isolate. Breathe deeply.

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A gentle reminder for when times get tough...


Happy 2020 all!

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To a wonderful and prosperous new year. May all your hopes and dreams come true.

Happy New Year!!!

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As we end 2019, something to remember. We all need rest. Take the time to say to the things that no longer serve you, to disconnect, read a book, enjoy a hot cup of tea, watch the rain/snow. Take the time to reflect. 🖤 Remember to rest.


Something to ponder during the holidaze. ♥️


Something to remember this holiday season or any season honestly...


Self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing.

It is making a spreadsheet of your debt and enforcing a morning routine and cooking yourself healthy meals and no longer just running from your problems and calling the distraction a solution.

It is often doing the ugliest thing that you have to do, like sweat through another workout or tell a toxic friend you don’t want to see them anymore or get a second job so you can have a savings account or figure out a way to accept yourself so that you’re not constantly exhausted from trying to be everything, all the time and then needing to take deliberate, mandated breaks from living to do basic things like drop some oil into a bath and read Marie Claire and turn your phone off for the day.

A world in which self-care has to be such a trendy topic is a world that is sick. Self-care should not be something we resort to because we are so absolutely exhausted that we need some reprieve from our own relentless internal pressure.

True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.

And that often takes doing the thing you least want to do.

It often means looking your failures and disappointments square in the eye and re-strategizing. It is not satiating your immediate desires. It is letting go. It is choosing new. It is disappointing some people. It is making sacrifices for others. It is living a way that other people won’t, so maybe you can live in a way that other people can’t.

It is letting yourself be normal. Regular. Unexceptional. It is sometimes having a dirty kitchen and deciding your ultimate goal in life isn’t going to be having abs and keeping up with your fake friends. It is deciding how much of your anxiety comes from not actualizing your latent potential, and how much comes from the way you were being trained to think before you even knew what was happening.

If you find yourself having to regularly indulge in consumer self-care, it’s because you are disconnected from actual self-care, which has very little to do with “treating yourself” and a whole lot do with parenting yourself and making choices for your long-term wellness.

It is no longer using your hectic and unreasonable life as justification for self-sabotage in the form of liquor and procrastination. It is learning how to stop trying to “fix yourself” and start trying to take care of yourself… and maybe finding that taking care lovingly attends to a lot of the problems you were trying to fix in the first place.

It means being the hero of your life, not the victim. It means rewiring what you have until your everyday life isn’t something you need therapy to recover from. It is no longer choosing a life that looks good over a life that feels good. It is giving the hell up on some goals so you can care about others. It is being honest even if that means you aren’t universally liked. It is meeting your own needs so you aren’t anxious and dependent on other people.

It is becoming the person you know you want and are meant to be. Someone who knows that salt baths and chocolate cake are ways to enjoy life – not escape from it.”
~Brianna Wiest


Just a funny meme for your Tuesday!





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