The Balanced Athlete

Reiki is a light-touch, energy therapy that is used in part of an integrative approach to wellness.

This energy works directly on the nervous system to help people with stress reduction to chronic health issues such as Fibromyalgia, etc. Stress is one of the leading core causes of physical and emotional ailments that plague us today. Reiki energy goes to the root of the stress in the body and allows the body to recharge and heal itself. Reiki is used to treat:
*Pain and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


The FORT - connect and grow strong together

I am honored to be a part of this amazing event! Check out some of the magic that happens at The FORT!!

The FORT is a community space where teens connect and grow strong together through resiliency based workshops and experiences. Provided by the Ryan Bartel Fo... 06/07/2018

Five Peaks Kids Yoga Allow your child to discover the pure joy of mindful movement and connection. Our theme-based classes and programs incorporate games, books, songs and age-appropriate postures to take kids on a journey through movement, breathe and imagination.


Five Peaks Power Yoga

We are so excited to feature a guest post by one of our very own members (& current Yoga Teacher trainee!) Melissa Beaver. Read on to learn more about Melissa's work as an energy healer. --- I often do not reveal that I am a Reiki Master and practitioner to many people, as they often have no idea what Reiki is! [ 676 more words ] 03/14/2018

ryanbartelfoundation | THE FORT

So excited to be offering yoga sessions again ath this amazing event this Sunday ! There is still time to register. THE FORT


MAC PT Group on Twitter

Check out my classes offered at MAC! “Did you know we offer yoga and pilates classes? Read more about them and check out the schedule here.” 02/07/2018

Bartel Foundation Launches THE FORT for Teens The mother of a Woodgrove High School student who took his life in 2014 is continuing to provide a lifeline for other young people. Suzie Bartel, who launched the nonprofit the Ryan Bartel Foundation, is launching a community space called THE FORT. It could be described as a pop-up teen center th


Yoga-Pilates Fusion Workshop -

Come check out my free workshop!! Your body will thank you! "Tuesday, November 14, 2017 | 11am-12pm The Yoga-Pilates Fusion Workshop is designed to demonstrate how to integrate the stretching benefits of yoga with the strength and core conditioning of Pilates. You will discover how holding certain poses for balance and stretching (yoga) will allow for a grea... 09/13/2017

Why Everyone Needs Core Training

A great article on why conditioning your core is so important for everybody! Core conditioning helps to create balance in the body and prevents injury.
Want to condition your core and creat a balanced body? Check out one of my Balanced Athlete classes or contact me for other options! There is a lot of confusion about core stability, exercise, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. This is probably due to statements and opinion from people who have never measured stability. We have performed many experiments on stability mechanisms together with trials on pained patients...


MAC Physical Therapy Group LLC

The Balanced Athlete comes to MAC Physical Therapy! Come check out the new classes, and add a Reiki session to enhance your results!

Do you love exercise classes such as Pilates, barre, yoga, and more?? We've got you covered! Starting today, Monday, September 11th, MAC PT will be offering group fitness classes taught by personal trainers! Join us tonight at 6pm for The Balanced Athlete, which is a mix of yoga and Pilates, for a full body workout!

Get more information and register for classes on our website now! 08/30/2017


The Balanced Athlete
comes to
Ferraiolo Fitness (Crescent Place)

This unique class blends yoga, Pilates and dynamic movement to enhance the athlete’s training regimine for the young or young at heart. The exercises and poses are designed to fill in the blanks of the usual training routines, focusing on core strength, balance and flexibility. These components are vital for balance in every body, especially the athlete. This type of training not only aids in recovery, but will reduce the chance of injury at any age!

Classes offered in an 8-week session beginning the week of September 10th - November 4th for $180.

*Thursdays at 7am and 6pm
*Saturdays at 10am

Please contact Melissa Beaver with any questions and to register.

The Balanced Athlete
703.932.1404 Home


Last week, I took The Balanced Athlete classes to the young athletes participating in the ColdRush hockey camp at the Ashburn Ice House. A huge thank you to Wendy Marco and her staff for having me!


Studio BE Pilates

"Around 80% of men will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. And men who are between ages of 45-54 are at greatest risk."

Author Joe writes what lead him to become a Pilates Man. 06/21/2017

How Pilates Helps Me Cope with Chronic Pain & Fatigue.

As someone who suffered from Fibromyalgia, I can attest to the power of Pilates! I continue to use many of these principles in my training, and when training others. At the time of my diagnosis, I was at the end of my tether. I couldn't see a way forward. Every day was a struggle; I heaved myself out of bed in


Teri Gentes

Great at article brings attention to fact that many pains in the body can have emotional ties.

Your pain is related to your emotional stress. Learn the language. Thank you Kate Keville




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