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Dee Dunn, MA, LPC + With over 30 years of experience, I offer creative and effective mental health services to teens and

I am licensed in both states of Virginia and Texas and provide online services only at this time. Specializing in treating Trauma, Depression, Anxiety and other impediments to successful living, I am certified in a wide range of treatment modalities - because you are unique and your journey will be, too. Some insurances accepted, and I will submit claims on your behalf if you have out of network benefits.


I hate 4 a.m. It is the hour when your brain chemistry is in transition, which means you can't sleep and you don't have enough brain online to be rational. Your thoughts get on a tear and you can't do much about it. And there is something about being in the dark with 1/2 a brain which doesn't go so well either. It sure makes me appreciate dawn as never before. I'm not sure coming onto the computer at that hour is a wise idea. Plenty of opportunity to make a fool of myself, or read just enough to get wrapped around the axle, as the phrase goes. So I'll try to shift the direction of my mind by listing things that remind me of something positive. Times I felt loved. Times I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Nature. Times when I felt the Loving Hand of my Lord shaping my life... Pick something meaningful and write (with your hand) your list. Once you get started, you'll realize the many lists you can start. Write down those titles so you can do the same tomorrow. Because there is a 4 a.m. every day. And you can turn the darkness into light.

Grief is more than just hard.
Losing a Parent Changes Us Forever. There's Proof.

Grief is more than just hard.

Grief is both real and measurable. Scientists now know that the death of your father or mother will forever alter your brain chemistry and may also have physical effects.


Just finished reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. While it deals with WWII themes I would recommend it to teens who think they are stuff and more - a nice reality check about life and purpose.


Isn't it interesting how you can line up all your perspectives, facts, and reasons and be RIGHT. And the other person can too. We can all be RIGHT.

Being KIND is the greater challenge.

Please read! The standard thyroid checkups do not pick up the subtle changes that can have a serious impact on the body'...
Head injuries in childhood are being linked to cases of depression

Please read! The standard thyroid checkups do not pick up the subtle changes that can have a serious impact on the body's ability to function well. Please read this and know what to ask for!

Katie Hughes, 49, from Cornwall, discovered the cause of her heart palpitations, sudden weight gain, nausea and depression was a fault in her pituitary gland.

Arg.  This model shows a 54% chance for 6 inches of white stuff on Thursday.  Anyone scheduled for an office visit can o...

Arg. This model shows a 54% chance for 6 inches of white stuff on Thursday. Anyone scheduled for an office visit can opt for an online session by going to my website contact page and registering on the secure portal.

Might be time to take this storm a bit more seriously. The European model last night continued to improve showing accumulating snow and sleet for a good part of the day Thursday. Also shows more snow early Friday morning thanks to a strong upper level low swinging through. This map shows the probability of 6 or more inches of snow/sleet for the dc metro. If the trends continue...I would say delays and cancellations are a strong bet Thursday and maybe even Friday.


Beautiful, healing


It is better to polish your reputation than your ego.

One Thing All School Shooters Have in Common

Please watch. The children who have little parental involvement and essentially raise themselves do so by learning from their peers. Remember the book - "The Lord of the Flies"?

Without appropriate models and coaching, children do not develop the social, cognitive or emotional skills they will need to be successful as adults. This is especially dire for boys because they have so few close, directly responsible, successful male role models in our culture.

Effective parental relationships require TIME and DIRECT INTERACTION, not "Quality time" which is a euphemism for "not now, I have other interests to attend to and you are not one of them".

The brain learns by trial and error, which means lots of tries and many fails until the brain has honed the information to be reliable and repeatable. Negative outcomes, well employed consequences makes us stronger.

Programmed successful experiences just doesn't cut it. 30 minutes here and there of parental attention just doesn't cut it. While we seem to think we can "learn it all" on youtube, but the reality is, we need to be taught by the people who love us.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for fathers teaching their sons. The direct, hands on, side by side, get down and dirty, over and over again kind of interaction.

We need to start listening to what our angry children are really telling us.


Hard time of the year for a lot of people. Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste might save someone's life.

Please consider sharing this post with your friends. YOU might save a life. ***deawareness

Excellent article.  Hard truths.
The silent tragedy affecting today’s children

Excellent article. Hard truths.

“Here is my new blog post. I encourage every parent who cares about the future of his/her children to read it. I know that many would choose not to hear what I say in the article, but your children need you to hear this message. Even if you disagree with my perspective, please


Loss doesn't kill you.
Heartbreak doesn't kill you.
Rejection doesn't kill you.
Bankruptcy doesn't kill you.
Failure doesn't kill you.
Trauma doesn't kill you.
Bad sh*t doesn't kill you.

Death. Death kills you. The rest we can come back from.


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