Advanced Spinal Care

Advanced Spinal Care


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Healing comes from within, in fact it is part of the innate ability of the body. We look for and fi There is a correlation between posture and our health.

Optimal spine and posture equates to optimal health. By correcting Postural distortions/imbalances your body is able to heal from the inside out.

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Timeline photos 01/05/2019

Timeline photos

Episode #6: Rise To The Challenge
Visit to listen to our latest episode and be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, and more.
Check out our latest episode part one of a two part series.
Special Guest Dr. Randy Michaux has completed twenty four Spartan races and has made them part of his lifestyle. He shares some great stories of how challenging himself with Spartan racing has improved his life in a multitude of ways.
Listen to the Doctor Dads two part series as we share our experiences with Spartan racing and how it has helped us all grow in multiple areas of our lives.
We dive into the importance of challenging yourself mentally and physically, the payoff of competition, and the process we each take to prep for an upcoming race.



It’s easy to over look the psychological/emotional stressors when dealing chronic illness. According the research I’ll post in the comments, the memory of all stressors on the body are stored in the cell’s mitochondria.


I'm now working at Total Body Wellness Clinic with Dr. Todd Watts.


Today was a first for me. Dr. H stuck needles into my butt today and its never hurt so good. Crazy feeling, as Dr. H said, it is going to feel like you were Donky Kicked the rest of the day but tomorrow it will feel amazing. Those needles were like 4 inches long.

Chiropractic recommendations 06/21/2018

Chiropractic recommendations

Chiropractic recommendations

Chiropractic recommendations

Killing Parasites to Kill Lyme Disease - Dr. Todd Watts Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 06/13/2018

Killing Parasites to Kill Lyme Disease - Dr. Todd Watts Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2

Who is Dr. Randy going to be working with? Dr. Watts (aka. "The parasite guy") is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional wellness expert. He is going to help me take my ability and knowledge to the next level in helping people recover from chronic illnesses. He has been on many of the Chronic Lyme summits because of his expertise in killing parasites to kill lyme disease.

Killing Parasites to Kill Lyme Disease - Dr. Todd Watts Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 This interview is from the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2! For more interviews go to For Mimosa Pudica, go to www.MicrobeFo...


The initial events that led us to Boise, ID.

Moving Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management from Pinch Hitter to Starting Line-Up 05/31/2018

Moving Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management from Pinch Hitter to Starting Line-Up

Moving Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management from Pinch Hitter to Starting Line-Up By: Sherry McAllister DC, MS(Ed)., CCSP To understand how pain is typically managed in America, think of it as a baseball team. The physician is the


The one constant in life is change. Me and my family were presented with a great opportunity out west and we have decided (after much prayer and fasting) to move. Our last day in office will be June 29th.
Please contact us for medical records requests by June 20th.


Do you have bad posture? Here are tips for improvement!

Welcome 05/14/2018


Welcome Breaking the Link Between Cancer and Autoimmune Disease A Free Online Event May 16 - 18 Register Now...It’s Free! You’ll also receive instant access to: The G.R.E.A.T. Life Plan from Dr. Heather Paulson, ND, FABNO How to Make the Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle from Holly Bertone,


Fun facts about your spine.

May is National Correct Posture Month. Celebrate a strong spine with 5 fun facts!

Amazing Reduction of Scoliosis and Symptoms in 1 week of CLEAR Scoliosis Intensive Care 05/09/2018

Amazing Reduction of Scoliosis and Symptoms in 1 week of CLEAR Scoliosis Intensive Care

Amazing Reduction of Scoliosis and Symptoms in 1 week of CLEAR Scoliosis Intensive Care Wheaton Family Chiropractic, CLEAR Scoliosis Center, Dr. Mark Myers, DC


Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Pregnancy?

Great video from one of my friends on chiropractic during pregnancy.

The Gut–Hormone Connection: How Gut Microbes Influence Estrogen Levels | Kresser Institute 05/04/2018

The Gut–Hormone Connection: How Gut Microbes Influence Estrogen Levels | Kresser Institute

The Gut–Hormone Connection: How Gut Microbes Influence Estrogen Levels | Kresser Institute Emerging research indicates that the gut microbiome plays a central role in the regulation of estrogen levels within the body and thus influences the risk of developing estrogen-related diseases such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Read on to learn ab...


Bad posture isn't only painful, but can alter your self-confidence. Chiropractic provides hands-on care to support and strengthen your spine, and help to improve your posture.

Scoliosis Treatment 04/26/2018

Scoliosis Treatment

Great article on Scoliosis and Proprioception.

Scoliosis Treatment Several crucial components are universally lacking in nearly all forms of traditional scoliosis treatment today.

How bacteria are changing your mood 04/26/2018

How bacteria are changing your mood

Yesterday I posted an article linking the gut microbiome to mental health. Here is another article on the connection. Inflammation is body's first priority and when their is chronic inflammation, other processes affecting brain chemistry, DNA repair/replication get set aside. What do you work on first, YOUR GUT.

How bacteria are changing your mood Scientists think "mood microbes" are a new frontier for improving the health of the brain.


Are Your Supplements Safe?

Where do our products come from? Will it work? What's in it? Is it okay to take? These are the questions I hear from people concerning supplements. How do I know that the products I use work, are safe and will benefit you? Dr. Daniel Pompa and Dr. Shayne Morris provide the answers.

Inflammatory biomarkers responses after acute whole body vibration in fibromyalgia. - PubMed - NCBI 04/10/2018

Inflammatory biomarkers responses after acute whole body vibration in fibromyalgia. - PubMed - NCBI

Whole body vibration has many health benefits including lowering inflammatory biomarkers. This is one of the reasons we use this therapy as part of our spinal correction process.

Inflammatory biomarkers responses after acute whole body vibration in fibromyalgia. - PubMed - NCBI Braz J Med Biol Res. 2018 Mar 1;51(4):e6775. doi: 10.1590/1414-431X20176775.


I haven't taken a medication in years for any reason. Have I had injuries, yes! Medication is typically never on my mind to help with pain. So what things are in my tool box.
-First is always chiropractic. It may take me a week to get there, but that's first.
-Nutrition is huge and there are several great products we use that help reduce inflammation, pain and initiate healing.
--Peppermint oil
--Specific supplements for joints, muscles, blood flow and oxygenation
-Foam rolling of whatever area is affected
-MLS laser therapy
-Massage therapy
-Stretching (my wife says I should do way more than I do and she is right)
-Energy work - I can't tell you how many times I've used energy work to clear different stressors that are associated with the pain
-Vestibular disc (sitting on one currently) for active range of motion throughout my spine
-Walking (outdoors)
-Meditation and Prayer

Sometimes I'm doing all these some times a few of them. And there is a reason I have not taken a pain med in years even though I've had multiple injuries over the past few years (back, ankle, shoulder, neck and wrist to name a few.)

Medication is not your only choice and the more its used the greater the problem becomes because it is not and will never actually get to the cause.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain call us. We have and are helping so many with pain and much, much more. 571-258-1352

Emergency department visits for opioid overdoses rose 30% in all parts of the U.S. from July 2016 through September 2017. There are safer pain management options before prescriptions.

Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment 03/29/2018

Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment

There is not enough credit given to the power contained in the nutrients of food. This is the future of mental health and it starts with proper digestion. The problem lies in inflammatory gut conditions caused by hidden infections, toxic metals and chronic stress.

Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment A growing body of scientific evidence is making clear the connection between good nutrition and good mental health.


Do You Believe?

Spinal Surgery Doesn't Cut Painkiller Use 03/28/2018

Spinal Surgery Doesn't Cut Painkiller Use

Many people go into back surgery thinking it will solve their pain problems. This is not the case. Research shows that even after surgery, many continue to take pain meds on a regular basis. Why, because the surgery does not correct the condition.
The key is to maintain or regain a healthy spine through corrective chiropractic. Getting adjusted, improving your posture and making some life style modifications will help you feel better and be better. Call us 571-258-1352

Spinal Surgery Doesn't Cut Painkiller Use Most patients who take prescription opioids for chronic pain before spinal surgery continue taking them long-term afterward, a new study suggests.


Friends shouldn't let friends develop "Text neck." It sets the stage for neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and even low back pain - but WORSE, these problems become CHRONIC!!! How? The body learns and adapts to this daily repetitive posture such that new muscle and ligament patters are programed into your nervous system. CALL US AND STOP THE SPREAD OF "TEXT NECK"

Did you know that staring down at a mobile device places 60 pounds of pressure on your neck? Ouch!

Scolio-Pilates on CBS 03/27/2018

Scolio-Pilates on CBS

Scolio-Pilates on CBS Wow, this is exciting! Did you see the Scolio-Pilates television interview? Here it is! Another giant step forward for creating awareness and helping those find the help they need. Thank you, CBS!


The miracles we saw in our family was a direct result of chiropractic. It is why I became a chiropractor.

Seeing a chiropractor has many health benefits from reduced stress and better sleep to alleviating back and neck pain naturally.


Spinal Health made easy at your office.

An easy and effective way to take care of your back at the office. The active rehab chair is the Rolls Royce of wobble chairs, don't have that, no problem. You can use a wobble cushion that you can purchase from walmart or amazon. Why? Listen in.


Neuro-musculo what? This is the connection/communication between your nervous system and your muscular system. Injuries are more likely to occur when imbalance, misalignment or subluxation is present.

Chiropractic improves communication pathways and helps restore proper function, helping people of all ages and abilities.

Patients receiving chiropractic care report improved neuro-musculoskeletal function.


13+ years ago I started my journey into chiropractic. Dr. Dennis Woggon has been a mentor to me and a leader in the field of scoliosis. You may ask, why I'm holding a ball and what does that have to do with scoliosis. I'm demonstrating and he is teaching the relationship of the head to the body. As the ball or head shifts forward "text neck or forward head posture" more strain is put on the body - 15 lbs for every inch forward. The CHRONIC stress is the one of the main 3 main causes of chronic INFLAMMATION leading to the DISEASE process. I can't believe its been 10 years. The time has flown by.


We have seen this repeatedly in infants. Chiropractic care enables the body to do the healing because the body always knows best.

One visit to a chiropractor could make a big difference! Learn more:
Find an ICPA trained pediatric chiropractor:

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Spinal Health made easy at your office.
Can chiropractic care help infants?
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