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Kara experienced her awakening in 2014, literally overnight. Kara is part of the sentinel soul group. The sentinel soul group is the second wave of souls that experience awakening very rapidly. Since her awakening she has worked with people all around the globe teaching the principles of unconditional love and how to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels within their own beings. Kara's purpose for being here at this time is to assist those currently on the path or just waking up to overcome obstacles in a very quick manner. Utilizing various energetic tools she assists and supports the rapid expansion of your own awakening and ascension process so that you may step fully into your own mastery. Bringing humanity back into the Golden Age that is now upon us. Services currently offered include: Amethyst Biomat Sessions in our brand New Crystal Room! Bio-field Tuning a proven method that utilizes sound frequency off the body to support with relaxation, anxiety, depression and many other physical symptoms. Intuitive Life Coaching provided by Kara D. Goss who can read energetic patterns and get to the root of many problems you may be experiencing in your life and provide you with tools to overcome challenges and create more positive change within. Meditation Coaching provided by Kara D. Goss- Can't get your mind to turn off but you want to meditate? Schedule a Coaching session today! Our gift store Angel Gifts & Mohr also offer high quality organic supplements, high quality essential oils, healing stone lamps, all natural lotions, perfumes, Top of line make up from Germany, healing crystals of all kinds, Jewelry, and so much more!

Kara Goss

Lots of truth spoken here.

Kara Goss

Spirituality Vs. Religion My viewpoint

Why my spirituality is not a religion, It’s not that I don’t accept the religions, but at least in my direct experience with my own walk I have learned all religions at their core are sharing the same exact story.

The story that others shared of their own inner experiences as they awoke to the higher presence of the all that is, call it god, source, universe, god mind, cosmos, etc...we know the direct innner spirit to lead us to this higher connection.

It’s through that connection that we know exactly what Jesus was teaching, Buddha and so many more.

We know no matter what religion, those books are guides, manuals if you will that are encoded with deep secrets and the ability to continue in the climb, for those who have eyes to see.

We know that Holy Spirit, and kundalini energy are all the same.

We also know that each person has their own way, their own path but in the eyes of god source presence everyone is loved and accepted and when you embody this divine energy you are blessed with grace, peace, and mercy, you are healed. You realize you are sovereign and free!

So you see spirituality isn’t a walk away from religion or a shunning of such, it’s an understanding that all religions hold truth, all beliefs are true, including those who choose to have no belief at all, because this isn’t about a belief, it’s a direct inner experience. everyone in this planet has set out to have their own experiences. And just like trees in a forest we all look the same from above, but we are all different and require a different path, a different way.

Not everyone wants to awaken, others missed their chance.

But in truth,

It’s about living in spirit, connected to your I AM presence, the divinity that is held within you. And no one, not even me, can tell you how to get anywhere.

But the people who have walked through heavens gates while still standing on this earth hold a light, an energy, a way and our lives are always dedicated to serve everyone with love and compassion.

Personally, if you ask me all of this religious warring that has occurred for thousands of years is really just a battle over which way is the right way for people to meet this universal “god” aspect, every way is the right way, everyone is that spark of god already, so why would you have so little trust that god doesn’t know what is being done to bring another person into their greatness if that person is truly seeking to find it...

We always feel the need to help and fix because we know at the core of our being that person in struggle is also you.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna were all teaching the same way, how to return home to the “god” aspect that has always resided within you, and external to you.

We are given our people to help us, and for us to help them.

There is no judgment, no right way, no wrong way there is only the way. We are all children of whatever name resonates for you God, Source, The Universe, Christed Consciousness. We are human and by nature we must give things a name so that our human mind can attempt to understand what is unknown, so we can share and discuss. It’s all the same.

“For those who have eyes to see, let him see”

And if this triggers something emotional within you, that’s okay, love yourself enough to find a judgment that your holding because after all, Jesus said we must become an empty vessel

I’m not asking anyone to believe anything that I’m saying, I’m just sharing because this has been my direct inner experience so take what resonates and leave the rest

Kara Goss~ 10/17/17

Kara Goss

This change feels amazing! Breaking fear, leaping and trusting my wisdom ❤️

Ascension News: Why Is Our World So Volatile Now?

This holds so much truth!! Happy to see others speaking on this matter as well ❤️

This is an extract from a live talk in Central London earlier this year. It addresses the reasons why our world is so volatile, the power of the 2012 Trigger...

The Atlantean Ascension Center

Today at 2pm!! $20.00 at the door! 😍

You guys asked for it and it’s finally here!!

This Saturday at 2pm Lauren from Blue Dragonfly Connection and Kara Goss, Spiritual Healer will be discussing ”working through the mental chatter during to gain the most from meditation.”

Tickets are $20.00
Register here or pay at the door!

Meditation- Quiet My Mind | The Atlantean Ascension Center

You guys asked for it and it’s finally here!!

This Saturday at 2pm Lauren from Blue Dragonfly Connection and Kara Goss, Spiritual Healer will be discussing ”working through the mental chatter during to gain the most from meditation.”

Tickets are $20.00
Register here or pay at the door! Meditation has numerous beneficial effects for the body, mind, and spirit! Yet, many are under the false belief that they cannot quiet the mind. Join Kara Goss and Lauren Minuim as they discuss the myths about quieting the mind and invite you to discover that meditation is actually an easy process!

Kara Goss

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What can you do when you have received your soul calling yet those around you are in total disagreement, think your crazy, unsupportive and attempting to keep you caught in fear?

This was the topic that came forward tonight...

4 Benefits of Meditation 4 Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life for the Better Kara Goss • September 6, 2018 If you’re reading this article, you probably know that meditation is good for you. Maybe you have even tried it once or twice. While getting

[09/27/18]   Phone line is now fixed so you guys can now resume calling the office 😁

Evening Meditation Energy Clearing Evening Meditation Energy Clearing Kara Goss • September 4, 2018 Let’s face it, life can be challenging at times. From hectic work schedules, interactions with others, and the normal everyday duties of life. Everyday and with every interaction we can absorb a

[09/25/18]   Hi everyone! Just a heads up we are still having trouble with our phone line here at the center so please just reach out here if you need anything.
Love and Blessings,
Kara 💕

[09/21/18]   Spots filled

4pm taken 5pm still open

⭐️ Two appointment times just opened up for today at 4&5 PM. First come first serve. PM if you want the spot⭐️

You Are Never Too Much, Shine Your Light

No matter what, you’re never too much! Never let anyone make you feel you cannot accomplish something or that you are too much for them. Be you and grow! Shine your light ❤️

Intigrating the Shadow Aspects of The Self

As many are integrating deep rooted “egoic” aspects of their journey are this time. I felt compelled to put out a reminder of being kind and loving to all that is arising at this moment. Much is being purged from the metal and emotional bodies. And let’s face it, healing these aspects do not feel like a walk in the park for many. For many, it’s deep seated pain that is arising and so I wanted to repost this message as a reminder for those who may need the message...

So much love and light to all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

This is my perspective on the integration of the egoic self and how I personally have worked through many of my "triggers" and "egoic structures held within"...

The Atlantean Ascension Center

Making a comeback! Animal communication & Intuitive Energy Healing Services are up online!
Available in office and just as effective no matter the distance!

Have a behavioral or physical problem with your animals and unsure of what their needs are? Uncertain if they are going to be accepting of another pet in the home? Whatever your questions may be Kara has the ability to communicate directly with your animals to get the answers your unsure of! No matter the distance Kara can connect and assist your pets!

Energy clearing/repair services are making a return because so many have requested that I bring these back!

Intuitive Energy Clearing-
Kara, A Master Level Energy Practitioner has an ability to see and perceive the entire energy field and certain patterns that lay within the physical body. Using her pure connection to source she assists and supports you by clearing stagnant energy, blockages, or anything lodged within the energy field that supports you on your journey to return to wellness. She has taught hundreds to maintain a strong energy field to create a more harmonious and balanced life!

Chakra Clearing and Balancing & Cord Cutting-

Everything that we are is comprised of energy! But when energy becomes stuck or stagnant pain and illness can be created or life just doesn’t feel good. Keeping your energy in a state of flow keeps your life in flow. No matter the distance energy clearing is highly effective! Try it today with our Master Energy Teacher Kara Goss

Check these and other services out here! Please note that all appointments must be made in advance. If scheduling outside of the US and unsure of currency exchange rate please email before schedulin...

July 2018 New Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Pillar Of Light Expansion

Happy New Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse And Friday The 13th!!! Let’s take advantage of these energy flows!

Lots of love,
Kara 💕

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