Calling All You Angel

Calling All You Angel


Tell me exactly how you feel. Tell me why you’ve distance yourself and why the space is comforting? Tell me what I can do to make you feel at home within yourself, tell me what can I do to help you? Tell me what can I do to heal you? Tell me about your wounds, the scars you’re hiding, the ones too sad to ignore, what about the people you have gave to much to and the ones who’ve left you behind after beating you down to nothing? Tell me where would you be if it wasn’t for the sadness you have been packing around? Where would you be if they had left you feeling empty and more confused? Tell me what’s keeping you awake at night? About your horrors and worries. Tell me, you can trust me with all your flaws, tell me and I will show you how you are worthy of love and belonging, tell me, because isn’t it time, someone put you first? You don’t deserve this pain, this terrible search for something that’s not even real. You deserve so much more, and you deserve the space within yourself to be filled with love. To be filled with kindness for yourself, you deserve to know who you are, you deserve you. You have earned the love you have gave away time after time, you deserve to know that who you are is because you truly true others when you should trust yourself more because at the end of this life your journey you are made up by everyone you learned from not hold at bay within your soul. We are soul takes and everyone we meet we take a peace of them with us, the good the bad and the ugly. We hold each person so close that we forget to hold ourselves letting who we are fade away within the noise of others souls. Let go and be who you are, let go and love yourself within the empty parts you have rented out to lingering souls, let go and just want you! You deserve to love yourself outside of others! It all starts and ends with you my friends!
Ladies you will be to much for some and not a enough for others. But don’t let that stop you from being true to who you are. Most of our life’s we are searching for who we are and only running from our true selves. Stop searching for what others want in you. Look in the mirror and you tell me wtf are you running from? Just because you think you don’t deserve the world isn’t the problem. The problem is that your thinking makes you believe that you deserve the things that placed you own your knees. Retail is, your in fear of knowing your true self because you ran from her and let others mode you into a woman you can’t even understand yourself. Stop looking to others in search of who you are because truly most people are still searching for themselves. If you jump on a mimic train your journey is a destination headed no where,and you will be left searching for your way back to who you thought you were. Ride out your beauty in who you are ladies because you offer life just from being true! When ladies come together to make a stand in who we are we recover not just from the abuse from those we loved but from the abuse we feed ourselves. When you stop to see the broken within you stop feeding the dragon and the dragon begins to fade-away just as it did for me in February 26th 2015 and yes my dragon has came a time or two but I put that BITCH TO RISE! Because she ain’t taking who I am any longer! 💜 Ladies recover who you were before the world told you who you wasn’t!

In the making of unity though change of addiction and the darkness within the family.

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April Lynn Patrick thank you for walking this journey with me! You inspire me and so many people on a daily basis, your soul is true, your heart is pure, I’m so blessed to have you by my side!! I love you beautiful lady!


[04/04/20]   Today I am dealing with a lot of uncertainty like most of you all are. Uncertainty in many aspects of my life right now. But I think we must remember that in times of uncertainty is when our faith is tested. And when our faith is tested that's when it becomes stronger. Have faith today that things will work out according to his will. It may not be the way you want things to work right now but God sees the things that we cannot. Theres a rhyme and reason to all things and our faith comes from knowing things will work out the way they need to. Much love everyone. Have a great day and weekend!


She didnt think she was beautiful she never had a dad. Daddy issues from the start and didn't feel beautiful. So she turned to the streets and met a guy who beat her. That's how the addiction started but this isnt where her story ended. From the darkness to the light, one step at a time, one day at a time. From jailhouse to workplace from absent parent to mom. From being lost to being saved. 3 years clean and loving recovery. No matter where you are or how lost you feel know that it's never too late to make a change as long as their is still breath in your lungs and a soul to be saved. For anyone struggling please reach out. We want to love on you. #spreadlovenothate


Recovery is going to have to require you to make a new life. You cant keep your old life with your old friends and expect to stay clean. You have to change people you hang with places you go to and things you do. You have to create that life thats easier to stay clean. You also have to dig deep and find your reasons for wanting to escape and heal those wounds. You need a great support system also. Stand beside one another and stay strong. We can all recover! And we do recover!


Yes to all my ladies out there! You are more than the worlds definition of beauty cause let's be honest the world has some messed up definitions of a lot of things.




“Change the world by being yourself”


Hi! My name is jodi and I’m in recovery! My life growing up wasn’t easy, I had lots of worry and hardships in life. But one thing I did have was a love like I can’t explain, we are a close and tight family. We had our fair share of problems that for sure but we always stuck together through it all! I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 16, 30 years together and 27 years married were still together. I thank god for that man every day! He’s my true angel! He stuck by my side when I was in the madness, I don’t know why, he could have, probably should have at times left , but he stayed. He would tell me all the time that I needed help, but I couldn’t see that I did. We have 2 daughters, they are my world, and I was there for them but I wasn’t, and he would tell me to look in their eyes and I could find the will, and strength I needed to stop. But it wasn’t enough for me to stop, after 20 years of being in the madness, I woke up one day on a Tuesday morning, I’ll never forget that day, it was the best day of my life, the date was 10/17/17, a feeling came over me that it was time to stop! It was my spiritual awakening! My higher power told me it was time! I called my husband and told him I had to stop. He was so proud of me and we got the help I needed. I have a grand baby that my daughter adopted and her walking in my life turned it upside down for the best! That little girl is my life! I knew I had to change for her. I couldn’t do it for my own children so I had to do it for her! Today I am clean I am a wife, a mother, and grand mother. Sobriety is a beautiful thing!

[02/22/20]   #AdminMelinda

It is so easy in life to get overwhelmed and stressed out because most of the time in our lives we feel like we must have it all together right now. We need to do everything that needs done right now. We need to be what we want right now. The right now of it all is the problem. We dont have to have everything done right now. We dont need to live our biggest dream in one day. Not only do we not need to we cant. Sometimes you have to slow down and take it one step at a time. Sometimes we have to lower that bar of our expectations. If all you have done today is stayed clean you won. If all you have done today is live another day you won. We cant expect our highest expectations everyday and expect them to all come true in one day. Take time to breathe, take a day off, or just relax if even for a moment. It will make all the difference in the world. Lower that bar so you can meet your expectations. Dont raise them so high that you disappoint yourself daily.


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[02/20/20]   #AdminMelinda
Good Morning everyone! Graditude is such an important aspect in our lives not just in recovery. It forces us to start to change our mindset from negative thoughts to a positive outlook. Let's begin this day with a gratitude check! Name one thing you are grateful for this morning! I'll start.... today I am grateful to wake up and have another day with my children.



Yes you can 👼

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( I Know I Can ) KC Makes Music X Jordan Meyer

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Trent Shelton


Steve Harvey


When you imagine things, it's actually God showing you a preview of a coming attraction he has for you. The biggest dream killer is telling small minded people what's in your imagination. Wondering why your friends or family shot down one of your best ideas? Because God gave it to you and not them.

The things that have been in your imagination... you have to start working on them. These are the gifts that God has for you.

Practically everything we use or purchase started out as an idea in someone's imagination. Your cell phone, your car, etc. The things in your imagination aren't there by chance. You have to act on them now.

I hope that you enjoy my new "Motivated +" series, I wanted to give you a little more than my regular #Motivated series. Leave me a comment and let me know how you are going to move on the gifts in your imagination. Watch more inspirational videos on



The world of recovery

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This world can get out of control sometimes and you lose your faith, you lose you mind but most of all you lose you-self because the darkness of the world is calling you in. Not knowing it but you slowly become something no one knows not even yourself, having the ones you love look away in fear of death because it was something you forget to tell yourself about this devils game of high and low. But you see so many said we would never come back but let me make this CLEAR for you ....we all are broken in so many ways and we all lay in sin but we drug addicts open our hearts to the lost and lonely because recovery is love in unity and change in the eyes of all sins. That’s where our hearts lay because God called us to see the things in the darkness that you turn your back to in the light of day. We lay our lives down for you to judge but don’t think for a moment that one wrong look will stop God’s army from rising up because it’s only getting bigger and change is on the way! These beautiful angels are holding a light for all that are lost. Reach out because we understand we are your light and we stand together in recovery. ✊👼

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Five Finger Death Punch

Never give up when you have wings on your back of your babies 👼

Excited to share Cory Marks new song “Outlaws & Outsiders” Featuring Ivan Moody along with Travis Tritt and Mick Mars Motley Crue!


[02/19/20]   #adminmelinda

Fear is something I've been dealing with here lately. But what I realize is it all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to will control you if you allow it. Dont allow yourself to be controlled by anything. We are strong beautiful people and we dont have to allow anything to control us. We hold the power. Don't let fear or anything else stand in your way of accomplishing what you want!

[02/19/20]   This is where my wings are 👼 mommy is moving mountains for you!!


Love the life you have!

[02/12/20]   These are my Angels and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! The first picture is without my teeth! I come to love myself in away I never thought I could! People gave me the junkie look and it felt good to hold my head up and just be me because after five years of domestic violence and drug abuse I had lost myself but within that time I came to understand myself with love. I can remember that moment crying out to God to save me because my life was coming to and end and two of my babies watched it all and the other two and I thank God for that even today because one thing I know today no child should have to watch bates after bates because therapy is just not for the woman or men coming out of domestic violence but for the children as well. I’m truly thankful God gave me life because nothing in this world could stop me from making my dreams their understanding in my journey because it is for their destiny that they have the true meaning of hope!

I did not write this song that’s playing just love how much it fits my life story!

[02/08/20]   I would like to give you a little run down on who I am but and foremost I am a mommy and one that’s doing on her own so I know all to well the things me and my Angels are hoping to change and no it’s not going after baby daddy’s. Although that doesn’t sound so bad! No I’m talking about change in way that every one could truly understand. I am a recovering addict and the ladies that are on my team are as well! No we don’t want to sale you a line of bull we just want to give you the understanding in unity and if you don’t understand that then I ask that you look up Gods prayer for what it was that he asked of all of us and that was understanding of all sin but most of each other’s needs. When I say most of my life has been an uphill battle but in my journey God has walked with me even in the darkness he was there it just took me along time to believe. A year ago God gave me a vision and let’s just say me any him have this funny thing going on and when I ask him tell help me understand or give me a big over here sign he does and that’s the reason I’m setting out to give change not just to the addict but the whole family. Let me ask you beautiful ladies a question. What would happen if you or your husband was to overdose what would happen to you beautiful babies or let’s say there was removed because of drugs? Stop and look in to their beautiful eyes and ask yourself what would that be like for you? Me and one other lady on this team know that pain all to wall and we both and tell you it’s hell and the fight to get them back is a pain in witch no just you but you’re babies has to go though. These are my beautiful Angels in life! They have seen things no child should have to see and when my oldest had just turned 11 years old they where took from me not because of drugs but from the domestic violence they had seen me go through and no I was not offered a choice in letting them help me get away from the violence no. I am saying it was because of anyone else that they was removed no I’m not but I do have a better understanding of the things I know to day and that’s giving help to no just the mother but the children as well! Today my girls are 16th and 12 years old but the difference today is I’ve gave them the chance to make a better and know I’m not saying I can’t give to them because I can but I also know that everything happens for a reason and my reason for giving them life is because I truly love them to say I love you but I also know what I want for them. But I can say it doesn’t have to be this way for you or your babies! That’s why I’m setting out for change!

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Love the life you have!




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