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I have known Dr. John for years. I was having back pain that was causing my legs to feel numb and make my ankles weak. It was so bad that I did not think I would be able to continue with my current profession (real estate appraiser) or my ballroom dancing, which I love. My primary doctor referred me to a neurologist who performed a nerve test and took an xray of my back, then sent me to physical therapy for months, two and three times a week. It was not helping, so I decided to go see Dr John, within the first month, I was feeling so much better. I am now able to continue with my profession with no pain and I am back with my ballroom dancing. I am so thankful that I decided to go see Dr. John and will be a life long patient.

Our purpose is to educate and adjust as many families in the Matthews, NC area as possible towards o

As a chiropractor in Matthews NC, we serve patients who desire optimal health and those who suffer from chronic pain. We identify and adjust subluxations of the spine, and treat back pain, neck and shoulder pain, migraine headaches, sciatica, whiplash, fibromyalgia, and more. We care and adjust the entire family, so call today to schedule an appointment.

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New 5.0-star Review: "So far I’ve had such a wonderful experience at Dr. Hanna’s office. He is very caring and his staff are so friendly and make you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend them. He is fixing more than a decade of back issues for me and so glad I found them."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Excellent service, work. Good experience."

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New 5.0-star Review: "The most caring and thorough exam I have had about all of my issues. And I have multiple issues from my neck, head to my shoulder. The X-ray technician, front personnel and Dr. Hanna all attended to me as if I was the only person they cared for. Great communication. Very professional. I left their office having better information and a clearer direction on how to care for my body."

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New 5.0-star Review: ""

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New 5.0-star Review: "From the minute you walk through the door the first time, Dr. John and the entire staff make you feel like they've known you forever."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Best Chiropractor! thank you for your amazing talent! ...Friendly and attentive staff ! Our daughter ‘grew up’ there (from baby to toddler), as My wife was going in to fix her back. Thank you for that! Her long-time back problem is no longer there. We love to brag about this place to everyone. Got a lot of wisdom for daily living from here; posture, exercising techniques, simple encouragement, and much more. Best summary for this office is it feels like home. Please come here if you have questions about your health (migraines, neck/joint problems, or any back-related concerns), you will find answers here."

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New 5.0-star Review: "I arrived in a great deal of pain, and was shocked to leave feeling much better after only one short adjustment."

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New 5.0-star Review: "I've always been the macho man and skeptic of non traditional medicine but getting to know Dr John and his methods have changed my life and my health!! I can feel the relief from sinus pressure, allergies and misalignments after a visit. He has corrected some long term issues that resulted from an old knee injury! Absolutely recommend!"

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New 5.0-star Review: "Extremely welcoming and friendly making you feel valued. Staff are very educated and are passionate about chiropractic work. Treatment plans are thoroughly explained. Adjustments feel wonderful."

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New 5.0-star Review: "I was finally in so much discomfort that I decided that no matter how much I hated to go to the chiropractor, I had to to get some relief from a recent fall I had taken and subsequent immobility in my lower back and upper neck areas. I arrived and the staff grabbed me up and whisked me through the sign-in protocol and gave me a tour of the facility, introduced me to the staff and Doctor, then I waited all of 5 minutes until someone ushered me to begin the evaluation and xray. The next day I returned and was explained the results of my test and xray, and a plan of action was suggested. Financing and scheduling were discussed and I had my first adjustment. I was elated to discover Dr. Hanna does not use the twist and snap method of chiropractic. His gentle and precise table method gave me confidence that he could accomplish our goals for my planned spinal health. This is a WOW experience for me."

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New 5.0-star Review: "The staff at Matthews Family Chiropractic is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. They helped easy my concerns about have my 12 year old adjusted. So far, it's been a great experience."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr. John is amazing in how he approaches your needs. He fully exams and checks everything before he service you, mind, body, and soul. Listen to the healing music and let God do the work through Dr. John’s adjustment style!"

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New 5.0-star Review: "Great Atmosphere, Great people. It's like a big family."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr. John Hanna is extremely genuine and personable. I felt comfortable with him and felt he listened and understood my symptoms. It was a very thorough examination and he explained my x-rays to me so I could see exactly what was going on. I would highly highly recommend him. Very professional!"

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr. John Hanna and his staff exemplify the true practice of customer care.They really listened to me and while there were other patients in their office, they made me feel like I was their only patient. The treatment was very specific movements that were non invasive and not painful. It didn't take long to feel like a part of the Matthews Family Chiropractic."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr. Hanna and his assistant, Laura were so very thorough, kind and professional. The atmosphere of their space is welcoming and relaxing. His first adjustment on my spine after my car accident was gentle and I left feeling less tension and pain than since I was hit the previous weekend. I will keep them as my regular chiropractor. My adult daughters both had wonder results from his treatments and sent me to him after my accident. I am so very thankful for their practice. It is a easy location to get into as well, which is often a huge concern when patients are suffering with a lot of pain. I highly recommend them for your entire family’s chiropractic needs."

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New 5.0-star Review: "I'm just starting my treatments with Dr. John and MFC, but they have been amazing so far. The entire staff has been so welcoming and genuinely caring for my condition. They took time to listen to my story, understand my pain, and prescribe a treatment plan that I feel will cure me."

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New 5.0-star Review: ""

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New 5.0-star Review: "Great experience every time! Dr. John is amazing. Everyone there is always very friendly and helpful!"

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr. John Hanna is great at what he does and the service is amazing as well."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr Hanna is a great person and so knowledge. My daughter scoliosis is greatly improved after just a few visits."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr Hanna helped me tremendously. I wasn’t sleeping well because of pain in my lower back and right leg. Since going to him I have been able to sleep without pain and do my normal every day activities pain free. I highly recommend him. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful."

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New 5.0-star Review: ""

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New 5.0-star Review: "Dr Hannah was able to help me with my back pain. I thought surgery was the only option with the amount of pain I was in. He was able to get my pain to a manageable level quickly and back to my base line. Very positive environment and friendly staff."

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New 5.0-star Review: "You know it's a great place when your very skeptical husband looks forward to his appointments and your almost 2 year old has a huge grin on her face throughout her appointment! We love Dr John and we are grateful that we can all come in as a family. The staff is incredible! Thank you for make us feel like family everytime we visit."

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New 5.0-star Review: ""

Timeline photos 09/14/2019

New 5.0-star Review: "Dr John has been recharging my back since June. I am very happy with my results, no more arm pain and I am walking taller. His staff is like family and I thank them all for their professional service and daily smiles."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Highly recommend Matthews Family Chiropractic! They're so gentle and wise."

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New 5.0-star Review: "Excellent, comprehensive service by Dr. John. The entire staff is friendly and engaging."

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New 5.0-star Review: "They have been great! The entire practice has made my son and I feel like family. This process has been easy for me and I would reccomend them to anyone."

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