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I am a board-certified adult and child & adolescent psychiatrist. I've been in private practice since 2003. I see patients in my office in McLean, Va and via tele-medicine. I am a weekly contributor on NBC News4 Washington.

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Barbara Harrison

Be sure to check out this new series. I’m excited to be involved. It’s a lot of fun working with these kids.

Hope you will all check out the first episode of my new series on YouTube. It's a conversation with kids of all ages from around the world. We discuss the Coronavirus pandemic with Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Alexandra Corriea. Our gallery of kids ask questions and share their thoughts and experiences.

It was all done on ZOOM and we're just getting the hang of it, so don't look for perfect sound and video quality. Ignore the fact that I need a haircut...but do notice how great the kids are!

For more information and learn how kids can participate, check out the website:

Anxiety? Try Lavender Oil

Studies show the effectiveness of oral lavender oil in treating anxiety. Have you used lavender oil for anxiety? Share your experience. Essential oils have been used for healing purposes for centuries by other cultures. Western cultures, particularly the US, have been slower to investigate and embrace the use of essential oils in m…

What You Need To Know About ADHD Medications

NEW BLOG POST — There’s much misinformation out there about ADHD stimulant medications such as Adderall and Ritalin. In a nutshell, here is what you need to know:
✔︎ They are generally safe.
✔︎ They work well for pretty much everybody.
✔︎ Appetite suppression happens to pretty much everybody so you need to be prepared to address it.
✔︎ There are rarely serious side effects that can’t be addressed.
I find treating ADHD to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice because these medications can make such transformative changes to people’s lives.
If you have ADHD and are not taking medication, I think you should consider it. I encourage you to see a psychiatrist as they will have the most experience in helping you find the right medication at the right dose for you.
For more information about ADHD medications including more information about side effects, the potential for abuse, and alternative/complementary treatments, checkout my new blog post. There are two main types of medications used to treat ADHD. Stimulant medications (all of them are either a form of Adderall or Ritalin) and non-stimulant medications (Strattera, Kapvay, Intuniv). …

In my experience, most tweens and teens who suffer from depression also suffer from social anxiety. If you can treat the social anxiety, the depression improves. Do you know someone who suffers from depression who might benefit from treatment for social anxiety?

Intranasal Therapy Fast-Tracked for Social Anxiety Disorder - MPR

Are you one of the 20 million people who suffer from social anxiety disorder? There is a new nasal spray under fast track review by the FDA—the first on-demand treatment for the disorder.

If the treatment lives up to its promise, it will be a non-sedating, fast-acting, on-demand treatment. This is a significant improvement over current treatments which involve cognitive behavioral therapy and long-term use of SSRI medications.

Even with a fast track FDA designation, the medication is still months to years away, but if approved, will be an exciting new treatment for the many suffering from social anxiety disorder. Stay tuned. The FDA has granted Fast Track designation to PH94B (aloradine; VistaGen Therapeutics), a central nervous system neuroactive nasal spray for the on-demand treatment of social anxiety disorder.

If you’re like me, giving up my coffee is not an option. The good news is that coffee isn’t as bad for you as once thought. In fact, more recent studies have shown a variety of potential health benefits for your mind and body including:
✔︎ Improvements in cognitive and physical performance
✔︎ Lowering the risk of depression
✔︎ Reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes
✔︎ Slowing age-related cognitive decline
✔︎ Lowering the risk of Parkinson’s Disease
✔︎ Lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
So go ahead and drink your coffee. Add cream. Drink a bullet. But, skip the sugar.
And be aware that for some people, coffee can increase anxiety. If you notice increased anxiety after drinking coffee, this could be why.

What Trait Do Happy People Have In Common?

NEW BLOG POST - What trait do happy people have in common? The ability to deal with negative emotions. What exactly does that mean? Check out my post. While there is no single key to happiness, there is one trait that most happy people have. It allows them to make good decisions resulting in positive outcomes that feed into happiness. What do the…

Sunshine has been vilified in recent years. While you should definitely avoid a sunburn, more recent studies have shown that exposure to sunlight brings many health benefits including elevating your mood, boosting your immune system, increasing your energy, and improving your sleep/wake cycle. And these benefits are not just from vitamin D.

If you are lucky enough to have a bright and sunny winter day, go outside and enjoy the sunlight. Preferably at midday when the sun will be the brightest.

Will you go outside today?


Thank you, Don, for initiating such an interesting conversation. The topic of active shooter drills has been prominent in the press lately. This is a great idea for a future blog post, and I look forward to more extensive research into this. But, let me share my current opinions here.

My understanding is that more and more school jurisdictions and individual schools are implementing active shooter drills for high schools and even for grades as young as kindergarten. These drills run the full spectrum including active shooter dramatizations complete with fake bullets, self-defense instruction, practice building desk barricades, and education and conversation sessions.

I believe it is imperative for teachers, administrators, and all adult employees at a school to have thorough training in how to deal with an active shooter scenario. The adults at the school should have the information necessary to make good decisions quickly and provide optimal direction in an actual emergency.

My current opinion is that active shooter drills for students should be avoided. These drills can provoke reactions from mild to extreme anxiety. Given the very rare occurrence of active shooters in schools, I believe these drills place an unnecessary emotional burden on students and on the teachers, parents, administrators, and counselors that will have to deal with the fall out. Well-trained adults in the school can provide the necessary direction to students in the event of an active shooter. Even independent-minded teens will look to the adults for guidance given such a situation.

Additionally, it is my opinion that active shooter drills for students are a sub-optimal use of valuable school resources. I personally believe that school resources would be better spent on topics much more likely to impact our students such as bullying, anxiety/depression, suicide, etc.

Do any of you have kids who participate in active shooter drills? What was their experience? How did they react? I am interested in hearing firsthand from families who have gone through this.

Do you have a different opinion of active shooter drills?

Please comment and share your thoughts.

Hi, Dr. Weiner. I heard about this recently on NPR, and I'm interested in your perspective. I no longer have school-aged children, but I find the topic very interesting.

Are you stressed out? I’m sure you know the symptoms--difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, headaches, stomach aches, heart pounding, that sense of anxiousness. How can you manage your stress levels? Things won’t change unless you change them, so you need to start by taking stock of how you are living your life.

Identify your stressors. Take a look at your schedule, your kids’ schedule, your household, your job, your relationships... Everybody’s stressors will be different. The important thing is to think about it and make a list.

Why do these things cause stress and what can you do to change it? Divorce yourself from all feelings of guilt, obligation, and commitment when thinking about this. Banish all thoughts of “I can’t”, “I don’t have time”, “what will people think”. Find things you can change. Pick one or two to start.

When making changes, remember:

Learn to say “no” to others and learn to say “no” to your own sense of obligation, guilt, and perceptions of what you “should” do.

Teach others how to treat you. Set boundaries. Be clear. Don’t be apologetic about wanting fair treatment. Don’t enable their behavior by indulging it.

Remember the basics--eating, sleeping, and exercise.

Don’t let fear of change prevent progress. Fear of change is ok. Embrace it and be proud of yourself for overcoming it.

Stressed out? Want things to change?

You are the change agent for your life. What changes do you need to make?

Stressed out? Here are some tips to manage it.

Take control of your stress, don't let it control you. What do you do to help manage your stress?

-video from NBC4 Washington News

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Joshua A. Weiner, MD

Can Probiotics Help With Brain Health?

Probiotics and fermented foods do more than aid digestion and boost your immune system. Find out about how they can impact your mental health. It's well known that so called 'good bacteria' in the stomach can promote overall health, and now there's a growing belief that it may be good for the brain.

Did Prince Die From Painkiller Addiction?

Good article about opiate addiction and treatment. Deaths from overdosing on opioid painkillers surpass those from illicit street drugs. Musician Prince appears to be yet another victim of the opioid epidemic.

Dr. Weiner Talks About Transgender Bathroom Directive

Public schools must permit transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity, according to an Obama administration directive issued amid a court fight between...

Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Not getting good quality sleep? Here are some helpful tips. There are a number of things you can do to get better sleep at night. Dr. Joshua Weiner shares some tips.

Will Obama's Proposed Changes for Mental Health Work?

The future of mental health in our country. Dr. Joshua Weiner offers insight on Obama's proposal to allocate $500 million for mental healthcare. He says two of the biggest challegnes is the shortage of mental healthcare professionals and how insurance companies decide to cover -- or not cover -- mental health treatment.

[10/12/15]   I talked about a variety of topics with Barbara Harrison during Mental Health Awareness Week--ending the stigma of mental illness, Asperger's Syndrome and the Oregon shooting, and anti-depressant use in adolescents.!/news/health/Ending-the-Stigma-of-Mental-Illness/331094391

What to Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder--know the signs and what to do about it.!/news/health/Seasonal-Affective-Disorder--What-to-Watch-For/330124761 Dr. Joshua Weiner discusses the signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how it can be treated.

How Young Can Kids Be Diagnosed With ADHD?

Diagnosing young kids with ADHD. How young is too young? What can a parent do?!/news/health/How-Young-Can-Kids-Be-Diagnosed-With-ADHD-/326090801 Kids 6 and younger are being diagnosed with ADHD -- but Dr. Joshua Weiner says that age 6 is often too young to make that diagnosis. He shares what to look for in both boys and girls.

Will a Later Start Help Kids Excel in School?

Common but little known reasons why some teens can't get up in the morning.!/news/health/Will-a-Later-Start-Help-Kids-Excel-in-School-/231763291 Montgomery County schools are considering making the first bell for high school students later in the day. Dr. Josha Weiner and Barbara Harrison examine what a later start in the day could mean for your child.

After rescue, how can abduction victims move forward?

After the rescue, how can the Cleveland kidnapping victims recover? See my clip from Hardball on MSNBC.

Video on Hardball guest host Michael Smerconish talks with Dr. Josh Weiner, an adult and child psychiatrist, about the Cleveland kidnapping case, and how the victims can move forward with their lives after this harrowing ordeal.

[05/10/13]   The Cleveland kidnapping victims. Will they recover? I'll discuss my thoughts tonight on MSNBC's Hardball.

Arias on suicide watch as sentencing phase begins

The psychology of the death penalty. Here are my thoughts from MSNBC's The Cycle.

Video on After an interview Wednesday night in which Jodi Arias said she preferred death over life in prison, Arias is on suicide watch as sentencing begins. NBC’s Diana Alvear reports from outside the courthouse, then The Cycle hosts talk to psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Weiner and legal analy...

[05/01/13]   What impact will Jason Collins coming out have? I'll discuss this today on NBC News4 Washington Midday at 11:45.

[04/17/13]   The Boston Marathon tragedy and your mental health. I'll talk about this today on NBC News4 Washington Midday between 11:30 and noon.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Boston Bombings - 94.7 Fresh FM - Today's best hits, without the rap

How to talk to your kids about the Boston tragedy. Hear my interview with Tommy McFly. Dr. Joshua Weiner, a child psychiatrist in Virginia, shares with The Tommy Show some thoughts on how to talk to children about the tragedy.

[04/03/13]   Does treating ADHD in teens increase the likelihood of substance abuse? I'll be discussing this today on News4 Washington Midday between 11:30 and noon.

[03/27/13]   Do kids with gay or lesbian parents have more mental health issues? I'll answer this question today on the NBC News4 Washington midday show in just a minute and on The Cycle on MSNBC at around 3:40pm.

[02/13/13]   Catch me today on NBC4 Washington Midday. I'll be talking about Christopher Dorner and the mindset of a killer.

Improving Access to Mental Health Care

Today I talked to Barbara Harrison on NBC News4 Washington midday show about President Obama's proposals and improving access to mental health care.!/news/health/Improving-Access-to-Mental-Health-Care/188117321

Dr. Joshua Weiner says that President Obama's efforts don't nearly go far enough.

Imminent Danger - JSOnline

The legal standard of "imminent danger" which is required for state-mandated mental health treatment (involuntary commitment) allows too many people to fall through the cracks. We need to relax this standard so that people who suffer with severe mental illness (and usually refuse treatment) can get the help they need. Watch this eye-opening video on imminent danger. A 40-year-old case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, Lessard v. Schmidt, rewrote the standards for when a person can be committed to a mental institution against his or her will.(1)

Questions to keep in mind when treating mental illness

See how I think Obama's anti-gun violence plan impacts mental healthcare in my clip from MSNBC's The Cycle.

Video on Dr. Josh Weiner joins The Cycle hosts to talk about the medical perspective of mental health and its role in the gun control debate.

My Story

My mission is two-fold. Through my practice, I help my patients live better. Through media, I share knowledge and start conversations to help promote awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

I am a board-certified adult and child & adolescent psychiatrist. I’ve been in private practice since 2003. I see patients in-person in my office in McLean, VA and via phone or video conference. I am a weekly contributor on NBC News4 Washington and a periodic contributor on the Today Show, MSNBC and NBC Nightly News. I am beginning my journey on social media.

Please understand that I cannot provide individualized psychiatric advice through social media. Please call my office at 703-288-9545 for all matters related to my practice including appointments, medications, and all specific psychiatric concerns.

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Stressed out? Want things to change?
Stressed out? Here are some tips to manage it.




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