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Lunchtime Tuna Salad Sandwich!!•••••Q&A about Omega 3’s:Q: What are omega 3’s? A: Omega 3’s are a type of unsaturated fa...

Lunchtime Tuna Salad Sandwich!!

Q&A about Omega 3’s:

Q: What are omega 3’s?
A: Omega 3’s are a type of unsaturated fatty acid. It is different from a saturated fatty acid, by its unique chemical structure.
Q: How were omega 3’s included into this sandwich?
A: Fatty fish, like tuna, are a great source of omega 3’s.
Q: What are the healthy benefits of implementing omega 3’s into the diet?
A: Omega 3’s are used by the body to help control inflammation, in heart health and also in other inflammatory conditions.
Q: How did you make it?
A: Combine canned tuna, light mayonnaise, chopped celery, and spices to taste (pepper or dill are fan favorites) in a bowl. Cut up your favorite veggies (here I had fresh spinach and fresh tomatoes) and toast your favorite bread (shown is my favorite oat nut bread). Spread your tuna on the bottom of the bread and place the veggies on top!
Enjoy :))

Tips for Choosing a Nutrient-Rich Diet


Because nutrient-rich foods are familiar, easy to find and represent the five basic food groups, achieving balance and building a healthier diet can be simple and stress-free.

City Fare Registered Dietitian

Older Adults in New Castle County ... Get to Know City Fare's Meals on Wheels Dietitian!

Registered Dietitian Intro - Get to Know Me!


Looking forward to a 2021 filled with hope, happiness and good health.

If you are considering resolutions, be kind to yourself and make sure they are achievable!

May self-care be a priority!


Are Your 2021 Resolutions Realistic?

* Spend some time thinking about what you really want to achieve this year and allow yourself ample time to complete your 2021 resolutions.

* Think of what "shifts" you can make this year, rather than a drastic change. An example would be to plan to take a walk for 30 minutes four times a week as opposed to completing an intense work out at the gym for three hours every single night. These shifts must be attainable and complement your current lifestyle.

* You are still you. Throw that "New Year, New Me" mindset out of the window. You will still have a sweet tooth, cravings, preferences, habits and patterns. If you know you have a hard time sticking to a strict diet or intense work-out regimen, do you think the beginning of a new year will change anything? Make realistic resolutions and be kind to yourself.

* YOU are doing the best YOU can! Have patience and grace!


New Directions Early Head Start is the beneficiary of November’s Round Up at Newark Natural Foods!

When you ‘round up’ your purchase at Newark Natural Foods during the month of November, the proceeds go directly to New Directions Early Head Start to help provide pregnant women, infants, toddlers and their families with quality care and family services.

Please consider ‘rounding up’ at Newark Natural Foods this month!

Microbial View of My Plate

Thank you Dr. Whisner!

Corrie M. Whisner, PhD, Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Arizona State University is an expert in gut health and the microbiome. This video is a visual re...


Perfectly said! Thanks Heather!

🎤 My work here is done! Today, I’m in the Washington DC area speaking to over 200 school nurses at their professional development training day. While I was asked to speak about childhood obesity, that was not the focus of my presentation. Instead, I shared why focusing on bodyweight is not the answer.

School administrators, nurses, teachers, parents — we all can play a role! It’s time to change the topic & title from “Childhood Obesity” to “How Schools Can Help Grow Happy, Healthy, Fit Kids by Bringing Wellness into Schools. Underweight & healthy weight kids can be under-nourished too. It’s not about weight!

It’s going to take a team to tackle this topic but for this dietitian, that fight starts with getting schools to realize it has nothing to do with bodyweight and everything to do with prioritizing health, nutrition & overall wellness. Parents need tips, not a sheet that reports their child’s BMI. I’m sharing these tips and strategies on my blog today. {Link below}

🌱Has your school district done something great to promote health and wellness and schools? Share it in the comments below.

🍎 Read More—

The LIMO Guy At-Large

Start a conversation ....

It’s Determined Delawareans Andrew and Aubrey Shearer - they completed a 24-Hour endurance run for Su***de Awareness...check it out!

Please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), if you need to talk...please don’t hurt yourself - someone loves mean something to many....never give up!

Who benefited?
Rebuilding Warriors
The Mental Health Association in Delaware

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Mindful Home Care, Inc.

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The LIMO Guy At-Large

Congratulations Andrew Shearer and Aubrey Shearer!!

We sponsor LIMO GUY at-LARGE for a number of reasons (he is my husband)....and he only covers positive people, like Andy and Aubrey....what a great event!

It’s Determined Delawareans Andrew and Aubrey Shearer - they completed a 24-Hour endurance run for Su***de Awareness...check it out!

Please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), if you need to talk...please don’t hurt yourself - someone loves mean something to many....never give up!

Who benefited?
Rebuilding Warriors
The Mental Health Association in Delaware

Thanks to my sponsors:
Sherm Porter (Sherm's Catering)
MOT Roofing LLC
Splash Designworks
Cheetah Tree Service

Mindful Home Care, Inc.

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‘Let food be thy medicine ... ‘

Kim Westcott, MS, RD, CSO, longtime friend, colleague and mentor proves once again that nutrition therapy is both an art and a science. Please be sure your nutrition advice is provided by only licensed and credentialed professionals. Thanks Kim for always giving your best to each and every one of your patients.

Hit the trails!
We want to see your pics and hear your stories as you enjoy the outdoors this summer. Share them with us and use . Read the Beacon magazine online:

The LIMO Guy At-Large

Thanks for inspiring us Dr. Arianne Missimer's Movement Paradigm!

As you can see, Arianne is living proof that when nutrition, fitness, motivation and perseverance meet, the impossible can be achieved.

Need motivation? Click the link below.

Nothing short of AMAZING!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Arianne, at her local gym (iCORE Fitness)...what an inspirational/transformational/motivational force....thanks Doc for spending time, with the little ole LIMO Guy At-LARGE!

Doc can be found on a TedEx stage near you, or on American NinjaWarrior (Season 8).....I don't know about you, but I need to up my game.

Keep it up Doc, stay motivated and thanks for motiviating this Guy, with your Instagram's you.

Follow Dr. Arianne Missimer, if you dare! (if you can...only do what you can....she'll do the tough stuff! ;)....)

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Story of Your Dinner 2017

Food Safety is a priority for all of us!

2017 SOYD video. Sponsors Cargill, Costco Wholesale, Frozen Food Foundation

Food Waste: A Solvable Problem

Thank You Donna Martin!
1200 calories per day wasted.

A study published in the July issue of the Journal by Academy member Marie Spiker, MSPH, RDN, senior analyst at the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins University, and her colleagues found that Americans waste the equivalent of more than 1,200 calories of food per day, including signif...

Blue Banana Smoothie Recipe

Thanks Kids Eat Right !

Kids love smoothies! Jazz up this Blue Banana Smoothie with your favorite nutrition-enhancing 'boosts.'


Thank you to the Wilmington Fire Department and Inspector Frank Maule for teaching City Fare's Senior Nutrition Program kitchen managers about fire safety and the proper use of fire extinguishers. So informative and interactive!


Don't forget about Food Safety this summer!

Fifer Orchards

A fun family activity that promotes healthy living!

Vitamin C, fiber, potassium! Enjoy!

Farm Market features fresh, local produce, bakery, hand-dipped ice cream, unique local specialty foods, U-Pick crops and seasonal festivals.


A healthy lifestyle IS achievable.

This kale dish took minutes to cook, and it is PACKED full of flavor.

Don't know how? Ask us for assistance - you can do it....we can help!


So proud to be a part of something special! Thank You Governor John Carney and Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long for recognizing National Nutrition Month and Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist Day with the Delaware Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. RDNs are the experts in food and nutrition in health, wellness and the prevention of chronic disease.


Wishing all friends, family, clients and co-workers a happy and healthy holiday season.

Enjoy time together, reflect and relish in all there is to be thankful for. May God bless you all!


Looking for something warm and filling tonight? Gearing up for the holiday weekend?

Why not try Runners World's 'One-Pot Wonder'?

This was published years ago and I often return to this easy, tasteful and nutrient dense Vegetable Stew for a satisfying meal on a cold, blustery day!

Simmer 2 teaspoons canola oil in a large pot. Cook 1 diced onion and 1 sliced carrot for 5 minutes. Add 2 15-ounce cans rinsed and drained black beans, (1) 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, 1.5 cups vegetable broth, 1 cup sliced roasted red pepper, 1 tbsp. Chipotle pepper, 1 tsp. Cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer 20 minutes - or all day in the crock pot - like I do! :)

Stir in zest of 1 orange, fresh thyme just before serving.


Photo Credits: Runner's World Magazine

Soda Taxes Make Clean Sweep at Ballot Box in Four Cities

Focusing on nutrient density and limiting empty calories ...

Voters in four U.S. cities showed their clear support Tuesday for taxes on sugary drinks, despite tens of millions of dollars in spending against the ballot measures by the beverage industry.

Food Loss and Food Waste

Today is World Food Day ...

The world aims to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030 .... what can you do to help?

Up to one third of all food is spoiled or squandered before it is consumed by people. It is an excess in an age where almost a billion people go hungry, and represents a waste of the labour, water, energy, land and other inputs that went into producing that food. Food loss and food waste refer to th...


Enjoying the sights of Boston with fellow friend and delegate, Reyna Franco, RD ... No better way than on foot!

Happy Birthday !


Join us September 26 - 30, 2016 for the fifth annual Malnutrition Awareness Week. Go to for more information and to sign up! See you there!

America, Let's Do Lunch! | Meals on Wheels | Ad Council

It is better to give than receive ..
Acts 20:35 (KJV)

Seniors in your community have stories to tell.
Deliver a meal, start a conversation.

Get started at and Let's Do Lunch!

When you bring someone a meal, you show that you care. Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver 1 million nutritious meals to seniors every day. Volunteers also pr...

Saving School Nutrition - Georgia Organics

'Saving School Nutrition', outlines the 'Hunger Games' and the threat of dismantling the 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act despite all of the progress made in the past several years. Along with other colleagues from the Delaware Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I will be visiting with our national leaders later this month to advocate for the health and well-being of our kids.

Very well written, Briana Dumas!
Thanks to all of our School Nutrition Dietitians, for the work you do every day for the children you serve!

By Brianna Dumas I’m not sure about you, but as a child growing up in public school, the last thing I would have ever seen on our lunch line was chili lime hummus. But that’s what PreK-2nd grade students at Waynesboro Primary School unanimously chose to add to our cafeteria menu next year, following...


Timeline Photos


Middletown, DE


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