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Nobody said that it would be easy, but nobody said that you had to do it alone. Hours are typically in the evening and are by appointment.

At one point or another, we've all thought to ourselves, "Jeez, life is hard!" Maybe we say that after failing a mid-term, when considering divorce, when making major life changes, or just when we need someone to talk to who is qualified, who can make us laugh, and who can get us back on track. I also love to work with people with previous experience in the mental health field, either currently o

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Already have an appointment and not feeling good? Stay home. If I don't feel good, I won't be coming in, either.

We can always do sessions via telehealth. It's free for you, nothing to download, and you can use it on your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever runs iOS or Android. It's like FaceTime or Duo except easier.

Remember: You can *tell* me anything, just don't *give* me anything. 🤧


Well with the school year in full swing and the leaves falling, I happen to have some slots open during the day in case you were thinking of taking the plunge* and getting things going on the path you want. Hit me up at Jason (at) JasonLevinLCSW.com

*To be clear, there is no body of water, it's a metaphor

Timeline photos 09/06/2019

Even when it doesn't feel like it, you're always winning.*

*Except for the Redskins this Sunday

Weekend Update: Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi - SNL 02/12/2019

Weekend Update: Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi - SNL

Something I hear about a lot in my practice is how terrible people can feel about themselves and/or their relationships because of what they see on social media. It's hard to remember that whatever is posted online is curated, photoshopped, staged, and only what people want you to see.

In real life, you have no clue what they really look like. Even if it's people you hang out with, it's different when nobody else is around. What you see is what you get, but it's not all there is.

Here's a really good example of how things look in real life. Yes, it's a joke, but not horribly exaggerated.

So when you see everyone posting Hallmark-inspired lovey dovey things on Day-Before-Tons-Of-Chocolate-Is-On-Sale-Day, know that it's just for that moment. Try to keep in mind that what you may be envious of may not exist at all.

Plus this is hilarious. Safe for work except there's an implied s*x joke around the 3:00 mark, but if that's what gets you in trouble at work, then you probably should've gotten those TPS reports done earlier.

Weekend Update: Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi - SNL Nico Slobkin (Mikey Day) and Brie Bacardi (Heidi Gardner) talk to Michael Che about their joint, relationship Instagram account. Subscrib...


Someone recently asked me why I don't post a lot on Facebook. I want to say it's because I'm incredibly busy, so I will.

Anyway, if you've had a hard time getting in touch with me, especially this week, then please don't feel ignored. My kids got sick, which means that I got sick, and there's a reason that "sick" and "suck" are easy typos to make.

I should be able to catch up next week, but I do want to apologize for not being as accessible as I'd like to be.

I'd say it's as fun as a root canal, but I don't want to insult root canals.

Timeline photos 04/18/2018

You've only got one shot, make it count.

Timeline photos 03/26/2018

It's the start of the week and only you get to choose how it goes.


As I was getting ready for bed last night, I thought, "Man, it would be a really mean move to order a pizza tomorrow in this weather. I wonder how many people won't realize how much of a burden it is to get to work, make the pizza, and drive it out in Snowmageddon Part II: Bombo Genesis Easter (or whatever it's called) to give it to someone.

As I always say, I will be writing more about this later. But for real this time. Since we're snowed in tomorrow.

. . . and thank God for DiGiorno!

P.S. Yes, the office will be closed today. My availability personally will be sporadic but e-mail will be the best way to get a hold of me!

Timeline photos 03/21/2018

Just some thoughts with my snowblower being dead, the snow getting worse, and my son getting sick.

Timeline photos 03/19/2018

That's my trophy for losing my fantasy football league this year.

I believe it's very important to be as aware and forthcoming about my failures, like my entire draft, as it is my successes. If I learn from them, then they stop being failures and start being lessons. If I hide or deny them, then they were just wastes of time.

Timeline photos 03/14/2018

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 03/12/2018

Because Monday morning.

Timeline photos 03/09/2018

I know it's been a long week and you don't think you can make it, but you can.

Timeline photos 03/05/2018

Getting the week off to a good start


In the two-week wake of the Parkland shooting along with a recent murder between a current and former student of a local high school, there has been not only a huge outpouring of mourning and support, but an often-felt, seldom-whispered, virtually never-discussed questioning of, "It didn't happen to me, so am I allowed to be hurt?"

I'll write more on this later, but to those who feel that they have no right to feel sadness and those who feel that they have somehow become the quartermasters of grief, know that a person's feelings can't be wrong. No one has ownership of tragedy, no one has authority over who is affected and how.

Whatever you're feeling is valid, and you have every right to feel it.

Having It All Figured Out . . . I Think? 01/22/2018

Having It All Figured Out . . . I Think?

Well, a while back I talked about a concerning trend with people trying to have everything in their lives figured out and planned, which only leads to crazy disappointment later on.

This is my blog post that serves two purposes:

1) Letting you know that there's no due date for having it figured out, and in fact, nobody ever does.

2) Remembering my blog's password since it's been so long.

Having It All Figured Out . . . I Think? Okay, so initially I wanted to jump on this in the beginning of the school year, but life got in the way as it tends to do. Now that it’s a snow day, it gives me a little more time to putting...


Technical difficulties are difficult more than just technically!

Due to some things being slightly out of whack, all of which were resolved, some e-mails and phone calls from this past week have just shown up. Due to a packed schedule I won't be able to return these calls until Friday.

I just wanted to make sure that nobody felt ignored or like they're not important, because unless you're the Redskins for the remainder of this year, that's just not true!

Me, Too 10/17/2017

Me, Too

Over the years, I've had the incredible honor of having many women share with me their unwanted stories of experiencing s*xual crimes. Yesterday my heart both broke and swelled with admiration for each woman I know, and those I don't, who was able to write those five letters.

It's not a women's issue, though. It's a male one, and we need to stop focusing on women defending themselves and solve the real problem of men giving them the feeling that they need to.

Me, Too Over the past several days, especially on October 16, something wonderful has been happening. People are making the incredibly brave, difficult, powerful, and selfless choice to share with the...


After Las Vegas, Now What?

There aren't a lot of words to describe what happened Sunday night. Really it's, at this point, figuring out where we go from here.

*There are no political leanings in this post

After Las Vegas, Now What? I didn’t want to rush to post something just for the sake of posting something. Words are powerful, and they are often best communicated with some thought as opposed to with pure reaction. Of...


I'll be writing something longer about this later on, but I just wanted to quickly address a small but powerful problem that I'm noticing in my high school upperclassmen and my recent high school graduates.

I don't know why, but suddenly anxiety has spiked in these groups. When we get down to it, it ultimately seems to stem from this idea of, "I don't know what to do with my life." Call me old fashioned, actually don't because my name is Jason, but isn't that the point of these ages? To figure out what you want to do?

I don't like the word "should" or its synonymous phrases ("supposed to" and the like) because it implies that there's some absolute right way to do something. I'm dating myself here (sounds weird, hope my wife doesn't take it the wrong way), but if there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's, then how the hell could there be a wrong way to figure out what your goals are?

Don't get me wrong, I don't advise making stupid decisions like going on a spiritual journey by blowing your savings on trying to find the true value of pi or by doing anything illegal. I just see more success when people make the right decision later on rather than the wrong decision now.

Again, I'll expand on this, but I just wanted to put that out there. Don't feel rushed to figure out your life. That's what the rest of your life is for.

EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: Communication through clarification 07/28/2017

EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: Communication through clarification

Dawn Schatz over at Appoquinimink Counseling Services, LLC gave me another opportunity to guest write for her monthly "Emotional Wellness" segment in the The Middletown Transcript. (I guess she didn't learn her lesson from the first time?) 🤣

I chose to write about the things that I see between couples that can make them feel like communication is hopeless. The good news is that it's almost always due to a simple misunderstanding, and there's a great way to avoid hours of fights (and therapy) just by asking a question.

EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: Communication through clarification Almost every time I have someone send me a message about couples counseling, I hear or read the same thing, “We have problems with communication.

Sarah Lomke | Overcame Anorexia, Depression and Anxiety | INNER WARRIOR 06/26/2017

Sarah Lomke | Overcame Anorexia, Depression and Anxiety | INNER WARRIOR

One of my favorite jobs (okay, my favorite, but don't tell my boss because he'd get mad) was working at Camp Airy. I went there when I was 16 and 17 and then was a counselor from 2002 - 2008 (with a break for a mandated summer field placement in 2007). I worked in the theater department, and I had the time of my life working with these incredibly talented campers who have grown to be even more amazing adults.

One of these people is a girl I've known since she was 15. She's great on stage and even better off of it, so it was no surprise when she told me that she did a spot in front of a camera. The topic, though, is incredibly important: Eating disorders.

I am not the right person to talk to if you have an eating disorder. I can work with issues surrounding it, but it's something that needs a specialty that I just don't have. Of course, it would be relatively easy to get that certification. Sarah, on the other hand, has been on the other side of it, battling it for over a decade. She has shared this quick (under ten minutes) expression of her story, and I have her permission to share it. She talks about her own experience with anorexia and her incredible strength and bravery she developed and used to overcome it.

I am so proud of you, Sarah, and thank you for allowing me to share this.

Sarah Lomke | Overcame Anorexia, Depression and Anxiety | INNER WARRIOR Inner Warrior! We're all warriors! Turning pain into positives! If you have a story you'd like to share please email us at [email protected]mail.com "You look like ...


Just a heads up about insurance:

It's almost open enrollment for a lot of people, and this is just a quick reminder that I'm covered under any Blue Cross Blue Shield plan (as long as it includes mental health). This includes Highmark>

If you're not with BCBS, you can ask your insurance company about reimbursement protocols and I can give you the paperwork necessary to get that done. I can also accept HSA cards.

Let me know if you have any questions. Or brownies. Preferably brownies.

In Response to the Falling of a Hero 04/27/2017

In Response to the Falling of a Hero

The community's loss of the hero that was Cpl. Ballard hit us on multiple levels. A Facebook status didn't seem appropriate, but silence seemed even worse.

In Response to the Falling of a Hero It was around 2:30 yesterday afternoon when I got a text from a friend, a group text with a bunch of guys in the neighborhood.  I assumed it was just about the NFL Draft, but when I read that it...

'13 Reasons Why' sparks debate on teen su***de 04/25/2017

'13 Reasons Why' sparks debate on teen su***de

This is a pretty fair article on the debate regarding "13 Reasons Why" and its impact on our children.

One common problem I see replicated day in and day out is people, like the writer who talks of his own su***de attempt, using their own individual stories as expertise in subject. This is as empathetic as it is irresponsible. "When I was your age" doesn't mean that you understand anyone's but your own experience. The motivation is wonderful; its implication is dangerous.

Victims of su***de have their reasons. They're valid and they're real. However, depictions in this series can give people the idea that su***de is a statement, a revenge, or someone else's responsibility. It's not.

Su***de means you're dead. That's it. No stories, no TV show, no "lesson" learned by whoever your note/note equivalent may be aimed at. Your su***de will not solve your problems, it will not get back at your tormentors, but it will hurt those who care about you. Think about that: The ones who hurt you won't get hurt, and the ones who love you will feel immeasurable pain.

If you feel that you want to kill yourself, then talk to someone. What's the worst that can happen? You'll kill yourself twice? No. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain while those who love you, no matter what you may think, have everything to lose. You matter.

If you think that your friend or child or anyone else wants to hurt her/himself, then say something. Don't shy away from the conversation, and don't think that you'll be putting the idea in her/his head (you won't be). If your child is watching this show, then talk to them about it. If it's just out of curiosity, then this is a great time to have a discussion about su***de and experiences she/he may be having. If it's because she/he can relate, then it's a great opportunity to get to conversations beyond grades and chores.


1) Validate how the person feels. You don't have to agree, you just have to listen and understand that their feelings are real regardless of your opinions.

2) Repeat 1.

3) Contact a professional (I know a guy who has the same name as me and is me).

4) Repeat 1.


1) Tell them to man up, get over it, grow up, or in any way indicate that they are being weak. To have this conversation takes a strength that most of us will never have.

2) Tell them what to do. The world is telling them what to do, and the conclusion they're drawing is to end their lives. Let them feel some control over the situation.

3) Tell them that their feelings are wrong. Just no, no, no, no, NO, NEVER do that.

If you are a kid reading this who knows someone in this situation, then tell an adult you trust. It's much better to have a friend who's mad at you than a friend who's dead.

Remember: People would rather want to live than want to die. All they need is an ear and a reminder that they matter.

'13 Reasons Why' sparks debate on teen su***de The new Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" has stirred not only important conversations about teen su***de but also some controversy, according to mental health experts.


It's been a while since I've posted, but yesterday's warning of Snowmageddon (or was it Snowpocalypse?) that turned out to be just a dusting and some wind inspired me to think a couple of things:

1) I was way too cocky about my ability to tie down my outdoor furniture.

2) Sometimes we get warnings that turn out to be false alarms, but it's good to know that you are prepared. It's easy to mock this "drama", but if someone reaches out, don't ignore it. This includes yourself.

3) Seriously, my neighbor is going to get a free patio table if I don't get number one sorted out.


Welcome to 2017! I hope that you are all off to a fantastic start. My Washington Redskins sure ARE! . . . not. Not at all. Sigh.

Just wanted to say hello. I know that I've been pretty neglectful when it comes to this part of "the business" (anyone who knows me, except for the IRS, knows that the business side of things is the last thing on my mind!). After getting several notifications that people are looking at this page, one which hasn't been updated since April of 2016, I just wanted to say hi!

I hope that everyone's year is off to a fantastic start, and while 2016 sure did have a hell of a lot of things go wrong, we can make 2017 the best one yet!

I'm, unfortunately, still not able to take on more clients (another reason that I'm neglecting this page), but I truly may bring back some more posts to talk about themes I'm seeing in the world and in my community.

I do hope to have more posts to you whenever I get a break, but until then, remember:

Nobody said that it would be easy, but nobody said that you had to do it alone.

Man Up | By DeAndre Levy 04/28/2016

Man Up | By DeAndre Levy

This isn't just valid during the month of April or when an athlete says it, but this is valid every second of every day.

Sexual assault and r**e are not women's issues or men's issues; they're society's issues. Too often we look at women as the ones responsible for r**e and try to teach them to prevent r**e by not being r**ed, but it's in no way their faults. Ever. It is solely a man's responsibility not to r**e.

Please read this, in its entirety. I've never heard, read, written, or said it better.

Man Up | By DeAndre Levy I want to use my platform as an NFL linebacker to discuss how we talk about r**e and s*xual assault — because not enough men are.


Today I went to grab my winter coat and walked outside. It was warmer than I expected, and the coat was way too hot. While I was used to it being cold outside for the past few months and needing that heavy of a coat, it looks like warmer weather is returning.

The point? Things can get better without any warning (especially if you don't check the weather reports). Consider that the next time you think that your life will be stuck in an eternal gloomy winter.


Well, I've got some good news and some temporary bad news. The good news is that I'm really lucky enough to be working with a lot of amazing people.

The bad news, at least true for now, is that I've reached my maximum in terms of number of people I can work with at any given time. One of the reasons I haven't updated this in 34 days is because I give my people my all, and that doesn't leave time for anything else. As a therapist, husband, and father, I have to practice what I preach in terms of making sure that we're not spreading ourselves so thin that it prevents us from doing our best.

Until further notice, and this really does come as a decision with a ton of hesitation, I won't be able to accept new clients. If you need referrals, then please let me know.

Medication Safety Is The Best Medicine 01/21/2016

Medication Safety Is The Best Medicine

While you're busy making sure that your kid isn't smoking w**d, are you keeping an eye on your own medications? Might want to rethink what you did with that Vicodin from your last dentist visit . . .

Medication Safety Is The Best Medicine I'll start this by saying that I don't endorse any product whatsoever, in fact I had just heard about this a few minutes ago and had a second to post it when I started this entry. Also, this is *NOT...




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