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An afternoon at home with Dolly and momma. 💞 Such a gift watching my friends shift and grow into new versions of themselves.

Kim Reece Readings
I want to study at Waltham college will you help me
Did Kelsey match the Capricorn-themed cocktails for today to her hair and dress? Maybe. Come down and try some at our GOAT Rising Capricorn Celebration featuring music by Magic Domdi, cocktails by yours truly, foods by Bamba Eggroll Co. (they’re braving this weather for you!) and numerology readings by Kim Reece Readings! A portion of the proceeds from cocktails and Kim’s readings go to FAMM, so come down and celebrate safely with us AND support a great cause! It’s warm and toasty in here (and it’s only going to get hotter eyoooo)! 🔥💫🐐🎉✨
Life Lately by one of our favorite Capricorns, Magic Domdi, drops tomorrow — come celebrate this release with us and all things Capricorn this Sunday from 2-6. Dom is spinning, Bamba Eggroll Co. is slinging their amazing foods, and Kim Reece Readings will be here for all your astrological intuitive needs. We’ve got an amazing Capricorn-themed cocktail menu on all weekend and $1 from each cocktail goes to FAMM. 🐐🧡💫

As always, all COVID-19 guidelines are strictly enforced. Book a private room if you want to ensure a spot for you and your q-crew!
Capricorn birthdays often get overshadowed by the holidays, but not this year! We’re devoting a special day to our favorite Capricorns, and celebrating all things SeaGoat — perhaps the greatest of all signs?! PERSISTENT! DRIVEN! PRACTICAL! SENSITIVE! THE MOST AMBITIOUS! We love a Capricorn, and we know you do, too. 💫
We’re hosting an iconic Cap, Magic Domdi, as we celebrate his release of LIFE LATELY, dropping 1/15! Bamba Eggroll Co. will be serving up all your favorites, we’ve got an incredible Capricorn themed cocktail menu, and Kim Reece Readings will be joining us for all the astrological vibes and intuitions.
Kim will be doing 10-15 minute readings that will cover the current Personal Year and how that works with or against the Universal year we’re all in for 2021. Capricorns are analytical and like traditions, so Kim will crunch the numbers and connect these important placements using Numerology, which is a tradition that’s said to be 2,500 years old.
Because Caps like to be prepared and plan, are pragmatic and work hard to meet their potential, going over these placements will allow each person to do just that - plan and make use of the energies that are present for them so they can meet their full potential in 2021.
$1 from each Capricorn cocktail will be donated to FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums), an organization that advocates for incarcerated individuals and their families. This charity is chosen by our very own , who celebrates a birthday on Sunday, too! Because 13 and 4 are said to be lucky numbers for Capricorn — Kim’s readings will be $13, with $4 from each reading donated to FAMM.
1/17 - 2-6PM. See you there! ✨💫
When you host a party the last thing you should worry about is trying to take photos too. Lemme help get them details for yaaaaa. Also NoraeBar is a open for private party bookings! ✨
1st photo: Kim Reece Readings
Behind the scenes of every event, there's a group of dedicated people and businesses making it happen! Thank you to Four Roses Bourbon Barrel Loft at BBC for the beautiful location, V-Grits for providing vegan nacho cheese, DJClubSeth will be bringing sweet jams all night, is designing and executing the sash/crown for Sunny's Supreme Sweetheart, Kim Reece Readings for not only being on our sweetheart committee but also providing her specialty "love" cleanse throughout the space, Quinton Thomas Photography who is setting up at the photo booth all night, Play Louisville where the official after-party is taking place (free entry with a sweetheart dance ticket), our incredible volunteers, the silent auction donors (we've got some really cool stuff ready for ya) and of course the amazing court members who have been raising funds in the name of Saving Sunny!

There's only two days left to get your tickets at presale pricing! We cannot wait to see everyone on Friday!

Get your tickets here:

Through psychic connections and mediumship, I can help you discover answers and connect with loved o




Have you been interested in trying a past-life regression but haven’t yet for one reason or another?

This is a great opportunity to try out this experience in a low pressure, emotionally safe, more cost-effective way!

I’m hosting two Group Regressions this fall and would love to have you join me! One is in person at my office in Louisville, and the other is virtual. Both will be in very small groups, set up to support you on your soul journey.

Book your spot here ⤵️



Learn more about Past-Life Regression here:

Message me if you have any questions or if the price is not attainable for you. We can chat about different options to make this accessible.



Doing a group Past Life Regression today at Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center LLC!




This is the first of three crystals this big girl crawled to and held or touched today, all at her own will and without any guidance from me.

This one is selenite from It sits at my back door (under an awning - selenite doesn’t hold up when wet), and she crawled to it and picked it up this morning. As she held it, she watched the wind blow through the tree above her. 🥲


Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 08/04/2022

Today’s readings were all about the dogs! Dogs who my clients deeply miss and also dogs who are presenting as spiritual signs and guides for others. Wow, every single one today had a strong presence of dogs.

Dogs are truly incredible beings. We are so lucky to experience them. They have such an impact on us that feels impossible to accurately put into words.

In honor of all of the wonderful dogs who came through today, I wanted to share some photos of me with my Ruby girl, a very special dog who has spent many lifetimes with me. This angel with fur and paws is turning 12 in a couple of months. I adore and appreciate her beyond words my brain can find!


It’s World Breastfeeding Week!

Breastfeeding has been the biggest challenge for me in becoming a parent. My entire life revolves around it, and it’s work to keep my supply flowing.

It’s been a beautiful experience getting to know my body in such a new way. It’s cool to witness my baby in ways no one else can and to hold her so close and hear her little sighs of relief as she fills her belly with food my body made.

It’s also been an emotional maze to navigate this beauty and joy alongside the sexualization and fetishization society has placed on breasts, which at their very core exist merely for the purpose of feeding babies. In the very beginning I had to make conscious efforts to not feel weird towards my newborn who was stimulating my ni***es while eating. She wasn’t doing anything weird; she was an innocent little baby who was eating!! Society is weird and disgusting for telling ME what my body is and isn’t.

Probably one of the most frustrating moments in recent memory was when I stayed at happy hour longer than expected with friends and I ran out of milk in bottles for Dolly. My body already had all of the necessary tools at my disposal to feed her, and I was surrounded by friends in a familiar, casual setting. I decided to breastfeed her. And a handful of men could not seem to manage to look away. One even approached our table. It was maddening! I was feeding my little baby, engaged in one of the most vulnerable, innocent activities, and these men were falling all over themselves to get a glimpse of a b**b, part of which was inside my infant’s mouth.

In a country claiming to protect babies, we aren’t doing what’s necessary to make that a reality. Parents are heavily pressured to breastfeed, while simultaneously having little to no access to the support they need to do it - paid leave for all parents, access to lactation experts after the hospital and a safe, supportive society in which to do it, to name a few.

All ways of feeding a child are important and valid. 💜 There are several privileges I have in life that contributed to my ability to breastfeed. Let’s strive to make this country safer for babies and their birthing parents. 📷 .amburgey


Early this morning my Otto visited me in a dream. I had been up feeding my baby, and my husband had just laid her back down to sleep.

I laid back down in bed and finally fell back asleep and had such a clear, vivid dream about him. I woke up right after the dream, and I’m so glad I did. Otherwise I may not have remembered it.

It felt like a message about my updated, healed identity that I’ve been working hard towards the last couple of years and how that’s replacing my old identity, which was full of self-betrayal and other peoples’ voices. A person who is closely related to me but has caused me a lot of pain and is no longer part of my life was knocking at the door to get in, but I did not open the door.

My steady Otto was there with me, strong, beautiful and wise. It’s such a gift when our loved ones show up to support us and remind us we’re going in the right direction.

Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 07/10/2022

This weekend I hosted a Numerology workshop at Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center LLC and loved every second of it! Teaching others how to use the tools that I find so much validation from is so fulfilling.

During the workshop, I showed each participant how to calculate their own numbers and sent them home with resources to continue to play around with Numerology and to calculate numbers for their own loved ones, if they wish.

It’s important to remember that these spiritual tools are not mine to own; they are for all of us to use with care and to enjoy.

I look forward to heading back to Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center LLC in September to host a group Past-Life Regression. Learn more or register for a spot here:


“I say it with a sad sense of disparity between us. I am not included within the pales of this glorious anniversary. Your high independence only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which you this day rejoice are not enjoyed in common. The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity and independence bequeathed by your fathers is shared by you, not by me.

The sunlight that brought life and healing to you has brought stripes and death to me. This 4th of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice. I must mourn.” Frederick Douglass


It’s been very hot, humid and dry where I live! My mom suggested leaving some water outside for the wildlife - what a fantastic idea!! It’s so hard for them to find it when it’s hot and dry. 💧

Something is better than nothing, of course, but if you have a container that’s glass or another sturdy material that isn’t plastic or won’t get too hot, that would be ideal! Also try to choose something wide and shallow so that the birds and shorter four-legged critters can access it!! 💦

Stay cool, y’all!! 💙

Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 06/06/2022

Yesterday Dolly got to attend her very first Pride parade and festival. Not only that, she got to walk in the parade alongside the float my mom, her Nana, was in charge of creating for her church! I am so proud of my mom for taking on this role to be sure her church participated in this important community event.

I’m so grateful to get to bring my daughter into a space that’s as welcoming and accepting as Pride. The more she gets to see other people presenting as their full, authentic selves, the better. It gives me hope knowing that she will know there’s a community out there who will accept her no matter what.

Thank you to everyone who has paved and continues to pave the way for Pride to happen. 🌈

Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 06/04/2022

Somehow 😭 I’ve had this girl here in my arms for 7 months already. Seven months ago today I labored, screamed, cried and welcomed this incredible soul back into this beautiful, scary, messy world as my child. I’m grateful, tired, and generally just always in awe of it all. Thank you, my Dolly girl, for doing me the greatest honor by letting me be your mom.

📷s by a photographer who has continued to hone her craft in such beautiful ways, who I’m also so lucky to call a very good friend, .amburgey Thank you for documenting these milestones in my life with such grace and perfection.


🌹 Your yearly reminder from my current town Louisville, Kentucky that there is no Derby without immigrants. 🌹

There actually is no … many things … without immigrants.

This image is by LatinxAndLovely. If you’re local, pop into Toza Soap for this sticker. Proceeds benefit La Casita Center. ❤️


“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ~Dolly Parton


Being a mom to a little baby takes up the majority of my focus and priority right now. To be honest, a lot of days I don’t want to do anything but be at home with her, even days I have appointments scheduled with clients.

But every time I‘m in appointments with clients, I find I’m so filled with joy and purpose and am so grateful to be right here doing this work. I remember that I can have both - I can love being at home being a mom to my baby and I can find fulfillment in readings and other healing work with my clients.

Today was one of those days. Dolly is teething, and no one slept last night (literally - I think my partner and I slept a collective 5 hours or less last night). I wanted to stay in bed with her all day today. But I got to my office, meditated and then engaged in some of the most beautiful experiences today with readings.

At the end of one of my readings today, I felt called to turn my deck over, knowing that the card there would have an important message for me. And this was it.

It’s time for beginner mind. It’s a reminder to go back to the basics. Don’t overcomplicate. Keep it simple. My work is fulfilling and so is being a mom. There’s no need to stress. I have space for and need both things. The simpler I keep it in my mind, the simpler it is.

Do you need this reminder today, too? What area of your life are you being called to take it back to basics and keep a simpler mindset?


Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 04/18/2022

🌷 Hoppy Spring! 🐰

What I find so empowering about our own spirituality is embodying what works for you and leaving behind what doesn’t.

In America, many of our holidays rooted in organized religion have become more about celebrating a cultural tradition, with giving gifts and using our imaginations to believe in magic.

Did you know that the Christian Easter Egg and Bunny come from symbols of fertility from Paganism? And feasting and festivals to celebrate holidays are originally Native and Pagan traditions.

The best advice I can give is to follow what feels good for you and let your neighbors do the same with as little judgement as possible. We are all on our own ever-changing journeys.


Or at this link right here:


Today was my first day back at work, and this was the major theme that played out in my client’s Past-Life Regression.

All we have to do is take it one day at a time. It’s as simple as that. 💡

Remind yourself of this when the stress or need to control the future creeps in.

Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 02/22/2022

A year ago today I realized I was pregnant! I could not wait for my husband to get home from work to tell him, so I FaceTimed him and took a screenshot the moment I told him!! Sooo happy I did that - I can still feel all those same feelings when I look at this photo!

And the second photo was taken almost a year to the day with Dolly in the same spot I FaceTimed her dad from!

It was 2/22, and my sweet Dolly girl’s Life Path is #2. She and I are both in #2 Personal Years this year, too. The Two brings energy supportive of healing, cooperating, working as a team and personal growth. Everything with her feels aligned and on purpose.

So much has happened in the last year since this first photo was taken. I had no idea how my life was about to change, how much I was about to change; I was eager and excited but so nervous. Life is about growth and moving forward, and today these two side by side photos are reminders of that for me.


Happy baby with my happy baby 👶🏼 on this happy Vday! ❌⭕️

Photos from Kim Reece Readings's post 02/13/2022

Yesterday I turned 3️⃣5️⃣✨

It was my first birthday as Dolly’s mom, and damn do I feel lucky to be charged with something so significant for a person who’s been here such a short time and is already so cool and fun.

In Numerology, I’m entering my 11/2 Personal Year. The 11 presents itself when we add the Numbers in the appropriate order.

This 11 energy this year will provide opportunities for higher awareness, enlightenment, growth and push me to make choices that are less safe and closer to my authentic self; to further embrace my sensitivity and let go of self-doubt.

The 11 is the higher octave of 2, so I will still also experience the 2’s energy, involving cooperation, balance of my work and personal life, healing, focusing on self-love and making my life more peaceful.

To make things even more interesting and synchronistic, Dolly is a 2 Life Path, and since this is her first year of life, she is also in a #2 Personal Year. 💫

All of these make so much sense with where I am personally and where I’m looking for things to head with my practice this year. A few cool changes are coming at Kim Reece Readings!

Numerology is a fascinating, informative tool! If you’re interested in learning more about your own, visit to check out my options for Numerology readings! You can also learn more about your own Personal Year on my YouTube channel


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Early this morning my Otto visited me in a dream. I had been up feeding my baby, and my husband had just laid her back d...
“I say it with a sad sense of disparity between us. I am not included within the pales of this glorious anniversary. You...
Or at this link right here:
Happy baby with my happy baby 👶🏼 on this happy Vday! ❌⭕️
Last night my little Susie Q rested her paw on my tummy, and suddenly my little baby Dahlia responded. It was so sweet. ...
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