Home Sweet Homeopathy

Home Sweet Homeopathics provides all natural pain relief and healing through our combination water remedies. Each remedy was created using experience from my use of homeopathy with my family and after hours of research combining only the best remedies.

Home Sweet Homeopathics is a home based business run by myself a WAHM of 4. From start to finish, everything is made by myself to ensure the best remedies for you and your family. Each remedy was created using experience from my use of homeopathy with my own family and after hours of research combining only the best remedies. My remedies provide all natural pain relief and healing through my combination water remedies.

[01/20/16]   Due to a family emergency, we are canceling our grand opening and closing down permanently. We will be sending out refunds, if you dont see yours in the next couple of weeks please send us an email with the date of your payment.

[11/14/15]   Due to.difficulty finding a manufacturing space, (you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a space with a sink!) we are getting a new building setup to get remedies going again. For those with a delayed order we are happy to refund your money if waiting poses an issue for you, otherwise expect freebies in appreciation for your patience! Those who won a prize during the giveaway, they will be on the way once we get the new building setup.

[09/12/15]   Our Grand Reopening is being pushed back due to a delayed shipment. For those who've already placed an order, you can expect some freebies for the inconvenience and added wait! :)

[08/17/15]   Grand Reopening Giveaway Official Rules and Terms

[05/16/15]   Eek! Found a couple new suppliers for bottles for my remedies ( thanks Valerie Wingate Zack for your generous donation and getting my mind refocused) and both of these suppliers are cheaper than my initial supplier but with better prices, more reliable AND colored bottle tops to add character to the remedies and make it easier to find the ones you need in the wallet. :)
Hoping to get an order in soon so I can reopen!

[03/04/15]   Ohhhh, my remedies came in the mail today!! Now for the bottles and I should be able to reopen in about 6 more weeks!! Woot Woot!

[02/11/15]   Just placed the order for my new lactose free remedies!!!! One step closer to our Grand Reopening!

[01/12/15]   Life threw my family some curve balls last year, despite the setbacks, we have big plans for HSH this year!

Things to look forward to: a grand reopening which will include many giveaways, all remedies will be completely lactose FREE, expansion to include lactose free 100 remedy kits of single remedies for those interested in delving further into the art of homeopathy and so much more!

The most exciting thing we will be rolling out in the next few months is our WAHM Remedy Retailer Program!

[07/22/14]   6 mini wallets ready to ship out tomorrow if you pick from remedies in stock and get free shipping! Single small remedies on sale for $5 each.

[05/12/14]   I'm in town once again and have 8 mini remedy wallets ready to ship out, Order one today and get FREE shipping, PLUS a FREE bottle of Cough & Cold or Fever & Flu!!!

Also I'm having a buy 2 get one FREE sale, get the Summer Season Trio: Hay Fever, Allergic Attack and Bug Bites & Stings for the price of just 2 bottles!

Pm me to take advantage of either of these sales.

[05/02/14]   Something new in the works, remedy oils, just roll'em on!

[04/28/14]   Orders all done, took way longer than I'd anticipated. Longing to see my littles, bout to head back to the property.

[03/12/14]   I'm currently in the process of moving to a new state, HUGE life change! Any orders placed in the next month will be delayed. Thanks for your patience!

[02/19/14]   What a beautiful day today. All my sick littles are either mended or well on their way.

We were hit with the current flu that's running around, starts with a runny nose so it seems like a cold then the headache with sensitivity to light hits and then the fever comes on and boy will it go high if you aren't tending it. I was hit first but not in any condition to find myself a remedy, then Jubilee caught it and I didn't even notice she had until my fever had passed and she was laying next to me piping hot. Tried my fever and flu but because this one has the higher fever it needed something more, so the High Fevers remedy was mixed up. The one remedy in the new combo that brought her relief of the intense headache was Muriatcum Acidum, unfortunately because I didn't catch it early with the right remedy she had to go through it but thankfully got instant relief with each dose and was feeling rather chipper and playful after a few doses. The other gals (my niece included) all started getting the runny nose and headache, thankfully because I had the right remedy this time and it was caught in the early stages, it cleared it up within a few hours with several doses.

So important things to note here:

*If you don't have the High Fevers remedy when the flu hits your house, it can be relieved with Muriaticum Acidum.

*Catch it early and you can usually kick it right quick with the right remedy.

*Dose OFTEN, when fighting an illness the body must be given a dose each time the pain or symptoms begin returning, so dosing 4-6 times in the first hour may be crucial to kicking it. Once the body is strengthened you'll notice the need for the remedy is less and less. For example, you'll dose 4-6 times in the first hour (could be more, could be less depending on your child or self), the second hour may be 1-3 times, 3rd hour could also be 1-3 times until around the 4th hour where you may see the body finally strong enough to dose once an hour then every other hour. Again this will vary depending on the pain level, or illness. When the pain level is high, it tends to take 2-3 doses in the first 10 minutes alone to bring it under control. Whenever there is illness, it is quick to attack the body so you must be swift with your action and dose as often as needed.

*AVOID CAFFEINE, particularly if you've got a sick nursling, you need to avoid all sources of caffeine as they will inactivate the remedy in your babe causing the illness to regain control. It tends to take 30-60 minutes for caffeine to stop its action on the body and will generally take 4 hours to affect your milk after consumption and will remain in your milk for about 4 hours. You can see how this can be problematic!

[02/04/14]   7 packages went out today and 4 more going out tomorrow, keep any eye out for your goodies, don't let them sit in your box and freeze!

[02/01/14]   New remedy mixed up this morning! The stomach bug that's been going around made it to our house. Seraphim began throwing up last night after bed. I thought perhaps it was tummy upset from food so I gave her the Nausea Vomiting remedy and she went back to sleep. She vomited a few more times, every couple hours and when the food in her tummy was gone and she threw up bile, I knew it was a bug. Gave her a spoon of raw honey (finally found it!) and sat down and put together a new remedy for the stomach bug. She got that one dose of honey and about 5 doses of remedy, got some much needed rest, hasn't thrown up again and has been happy and chipper ever since!

[01/29/14]   Moments that make all this work worth it... My nephew has come in two mornings in a row telling me how he hasn't needed his inhaler since he's been using the new remedy, the excitement in his face is so precious!

[01/27/14]   Just thought of another remedy creamy I MUST do, chapped lips!

[01/26/14]   A post shared by another momma this morning,

"Ok I think my son is a little obsessed! I just realized what a new word is he has started saying! It's remedy! Lol. It's not perfect but my not even two yr old will say remedy lol! I had my wallet to give zed a remedy and Niah goes nuts! I'm like dude what are you saying lol. I thought he wanted a mint. No he says nemany nemany. While he's pointing I realized he is saying remedy lol."

[01/16/14]   Very excited to announce that I'll have some remedy pocket wristbands available soon!! $7.50 one size fits all as they're adjustable, what fits on my wrist also fits on the baby's ankle. :)

Why a wristband? When my kiddos are sick I like to keep the remedy on them through the night, as this helps them to stay balanced longer between doses. One issue is that my remedies tend to go missing this way, more particularly when I've got several kiddos in need of a remedy. This way, everyone has their remedy on them through the night and they WON'T get lost!

[01/15/14]   So a glimpse at some of the new remedies I'm currently workin on:

Zitz Remedy Cream
Irritable Momma
Tendonitis Cream
Bye Bye Facial Hair Remedy Cream (this will be in a testing phase first)
Light Sensitive Headache
Mute Button (for snoring : )
Brain Fog
OCD (hand washing obsession)

An entire new wallet devoted to teeth, something for discoloration, cavities, hollowed out teeth, different types of teeth pain, etc.

The much awaited Vax Free Roll. :)

Plus a Family Roll 3!!
In this so far I'm planning to have:
Middle Ear Infections
Aches & Pains
Spider Bites
Chronic Cough
Itchy Rashes
Canker Sores
Strep Throat
Stye in the Eye
Eye Strain Headache
Stomach Flu

Plus 3 more... What are some remedies you'd like to see made/included in the Family Roll 3?

[01/13/14]   I've got lots of new remedies coming up pretty soon! I've placed 4, no, 5 orders for remedies overseas, these I cannot get from anywhere in the states but my friends over in the UK (who use homeopathy much more than our culture) have all kinds of single remedies which are key to making the perfect combos!

[01/13/14]   Workin on a remedy for snoring. :) This one's for you Lindy!!

[01/11/14]   Since waking this morning, Seraphim has been walking on her foot all through the house!!! What an amazing sight to see!!!! Praise God for such speedy healing!!

[01/10/14]   Have you tried my remedy creams yet? They work amazingly fast and are perfect for skin troubles that need the help of a remedy for an extended period. For things like burns, the cream is far better than the spray cause it usually requires one simple application and you've got pain relief in a matter of minutes along preventing the area from becoming hypersensitive which usually happens in the first 24 hours following a burn.
I also mixed up a remedy cream for warts and heard back tonight from the momma that used it on her daughter beginning on Thanksgiving and all the warts she'd been suffering from are already gone!
Need one of these wonderful remedies in cream form? Need something customized? Send me a pm, I'd love to help and mix up just what you need!


Baby + Milk + Remedy = Sleep! | hshomeopathy

Did you know I have a blog now? Here's my recent post about how to get your little one off to sleep so you both can rest!


homesweethomeopathy.com I hear lots of mommas chatting about how their babe won't sleep through the night or wakes several times and this prompted me to share the why's and how I am ab...

[01/09/14]   Most orders have gone out and the rest are packed up to ship tomorrow! Thank you so much for being patient with me during this trying week! You should all see your goodies in the next few days. :)

[01/07/14]   Another update for those following Seraphim's injury...
Today she hasn't needed any remedies thus far. The swelling is still minimal, she has some dark bruising that has appeared down just under her ankle. The greatest news for today, she can move all her tootsie toes without any pain! She's also showed us just now she can flex her ankle and even apply pressure to the bottom of her foot, all with no pain!! Woohooo! Thank you Jesus for amazingly fast healing and natural medicines that help my kiddos feel better!

[01/05/14]   So update on Seraphim and her leg.. Thus far she's only had one dose of motrin and that was last night. I was pretty sleep deprived at the time and unable to keep up with her need for remedy changed and/or hourly if not more frequent dosing. The swelling has remained a minimal amount and the bruising that began after the incident went down quite quicly and only a minimal amount remains. She could not move her leg without help until a couple hours ago and we've actually kept the splint off because she complains that it hurts worse with it on. It's actually really amazing to watch how quickly her body is healing. I'll have a remedy workin on her for a couple hours then she'll be downright uncomfortable if not in pain until her leg is moved to a new position, I'm tellin ya, I know it's her body's way of healing it just right. It heals what it can in one position then changes for more healing and again for more. Aside from the pain relief and reduced swelling and bruising it was hard to see any other signs of healing until tonight when she picked up her leg and moved it in SEVERAL positions, all different all on her own and not so much a grimace about moving it. She developed quite the itch at this point however, so intense she couldn't sleep because he desire was so intense. HEALING, it's healing so quickly and that's what that itch signals, how awesome! So I go looking and find veratrum album is great for bone itch give her a dose and boom, out like a light!
This gal has kept me on my toes! Her need for remedies has changed several times especially in the past 15 or so hours, so lots of looking up, reading, muscle testing dosing, etc, going on. So hankful my baby has the pain relief she needs, that healing is taking place so quickly and I'm glad to be able to witness what God's medicine can do!

[01/04/14]   Goodies were not shipped out yesterday or today.
I was tending hubs who was fighting off a flu all yesterday, then this morning slipped on the ice at the office then got trapped at the office (the driveway is very steep and we couldn't drive out, kept sliding on the ice), slipped on the ice coming in the house, then my water pipe burst in the bathroom and if all that wasn't enough, just as I was getting orders packed up my 5 yr old daughter fractured her leg! *sigh* the life of a mom! Thankfully my hubs is well today, my daughter has a splint and thanks to the remedies is actually in quite the chipper mood and we did eventually escape my office. hahah! Hope your day was better! *Hoping* to get stuff packed up to ship out tomorrow but due to the short day they may not all make it out til Monday.

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