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Teaching you how to expand in your life with some of the best teachers on the planet. Their voice.

Build better relationships between you and the animals around you through BodyTalk, BodyTalk for Animals and Animal Communication. These modalities are used together to balance health, emotional, and behavioral issues, repairing and strengthening the human-animal bond.

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82. Pet Communication with Kris Scanlon — Past Lives & the Divine 09/28/2021

82. Pet Communication with Kris Scanlon — Past Lives & the Divine

I was on a podcast earlier this September. We had a lot of fun talking about animal communication and a variety of other things. Here is the link to listen to it:

82. Pet Communication with Kris Scanlon — Past Lives & the Divine Kris and I cover how she came into knowing with her gifts, how she used to be afraid of animals, and how she works with clients and animals now.


A must watch- cutest cow ever



We all deserve to be respected with our lives


Animal Connection & Healing Tip: There are many times I read status updates about animals who are ill and their humans are told there is nothing left they can do, or they don't have an answer as to what is even going on. Because we are so deeply connected with the animals in our lives use their behavior or health issue as a reflection and see if you can identify a correlation. Example: your pet is showing signs of aggression and seems unsettled (has a hard time calming down). Where in your life are you either really angry and can't express it or extremely frustrated in life? Identifying things within us help the animals heal.


Animals know.


If you could ask your pet one question, what would it be?


Hello! I apologize as I have not tended to this page for quite some time. That is going to change as I shift my focus from what I was doing to doing more of what I love, which is engaging with animals and the people who love them.

Connecting with animals is a passion of mine. I love helping people learn how to connect with them as well.

Over the next several weeks you will start to see more posts that ask questions and look for your engagement. Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer. I will also be offering mini readings and doing them for donations.

So, if you have any interests, or would like to learn more about a particular area, then please let me know. I'm open to topics and suggestions!




"These animals are extremely aware and conscious beings for what they have to do in this world.

Be with the magic that is taking place between me and you in this moment.

Maybe you can just be who you are. Because we all have this self-narrative of who we are.

But, like any story, we can change it.

We have the power of the pen which is our consciousness.

We have the power of re-writing our own story which is inner work, which is just as important as outer work."


It’s been awhile. I’ve stepped back a bit due to lots of life changes. But now I’m jumping back in and working with more animals! They are truly the home for my heart. What better way to jump back in than to have an animal communication class?!?! Soooooo.....

Saturday, November 16th, 2019 Animal Communication class in Maple Grove, MN

Solidify your relationship with animals and learn how to communicate with them on a different level. Learn how to trust yourself and what you’re hearing when talking with the animals.

We all have the ability to hear and talk with them. We were born with it. It’s just a matter of honing your skills.

Saturday, Nov. 16th in Maple Grove I’m facilitating an animal communication class from 10am to 5:30pm.

Message me for more details.


Want to know how to start communicating with animals?


Something to note

Save the ducks


BARF World Inc

Sunday Funnies!!!






Animal Alchemy 07/10/2019

Wolves Feel Sadness And Grieve Like Humans We have much in common with wolves. Wolves have emotional lives, can experience emotions such as joy and grief. Wolves mourn lost pack mem... 06/25/2019

Meet the Black Mambas, South Africa's Fierce Female Anti-Poaching Unit In Greater Kruger National Park, an anti-poaching unit is fighting back without bullets, and earning hero status for it.


World Wildlife Defense


No Kill Contra Costa County


So funny.....and true.....are your furchildren the same??


I love this! Education is important!

What's your perception of this animal?
We were contacted by a gentleman that had trapped a raccoon. Something was getting in his trash and he wanted to figure out what it was. He asked us to come relocate the raccoon he caught. We explained how relocating isn't actually a humane option, but often a death sentence for the animal. No, we're not nuisance animal removers, but we do try to help educate the public on how to coexist with wildlife.
When Greg got there, he saw that this was a nursing mom. She has babies out there somewhere depending on her! He gave the homeowner some tips on how to secure his trash can lids and explained how the mom wasn't rabid, but coming out during the day because she is having to work harder to hunt and forage for herself and her babies that she's feeding. During the conversation, the homeowner looked at this "nuisance animal" in a brand new light. She's a single mom with mouths to feed! Relocating her would leave babies somewhere to slowly starve to death without her. The homeowner allowed Greg to release her, with a smile on his face. He's going to take simple measures to secure his trashcans, and start putting a little dog food out at the tree line of his wooded property to give momma a little help


sign for a better world


The Epoch Times Canada

There are good people in this world.

This thirsty squirrel casually reached out for a Grand Canyon visitor's water bottle and drank every last drop 😍💦

Credit: storyful


Take My Paw Rescue





The Dodo


Animals make the world magic 💫💫💫


They are sentient beings too.


In The Dog House



In The Know


This non-profit organization is using Llamas and Alpacas as therapy animals to provide emotional support to people with special needs and in nursing homes 💞


Deep Look • PBS

Super cool information.

African elephants may have magnificent ears, but on the savanna, they communicate over vast distances by picking up underground signals with their sensitive, fatty feet.


I have a cat that does this. Anyone else? 😂

Show your love for animals with a FREE Elephant Infinity Scarf!

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Yep. Let them win. It's ok to do that with animals.

If you follow the "Rules of the Skunk" and just walk away everyone wins!!

Shared by Walkin' Wild Wildlife Rescue


Animals are sentient beings. Put yourself in their situation from their perspective. It changes your view and how you respond.

We must stop blaming them, and labeling them .... Instead we need to look inward and try to understand who they see us as, and with what intention. It is we humans who create the response in our horses. It is our actions, attitudes and behaviors which inform our horses as to how they should react.
When Snuggles came here, he was described as "dangerous, unpredictable, crazy" ... but the truth? .. He had suffered trauma and had been abused .... What would you be like?
And now, through empathy, compassion and rehabilitation - this is who he is - this is Snuggles .... He is a Healer of troubled minds and hearts


The Dodo

How could you not love this one?

This stray cat just wanted to be loved, so he showed up at a fire station and moved right in. But the guys were SO nervous about what would happen when the chief found out 🐈 ❤️🔥


Heat kills animals quickly.


Your Wednesday funny.


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What does elephant say about what to do when you have fear? How do you trust again when you've been hurt? What do you do...
What is animal communication about for me? What has it taught me? What brought me to teach others?
Here's another communication tip. The monkeys were helping. Don't forget to sign up for updates on upcoming events and n...
Tip #3 in communicating with animals. These bears were an interesting pair to be around.
What is the first step in communicating with animals? I talk about what you can do to start getting connected.
Mr. Polar Bear wasn't done wanting you to see the playful side of him, along with his graceful and sweet presence.
The giraffes loved answering your questions. Listen to their answers in this video.




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