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So sorry for last minute cancel. Family emergency. I’m so sorry. Will post new date soon.


Come on down. Super casual stretch and roll. Come to ask your questions and learn new ways to keep your body feeling great!

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 10/03/2022

El Cajon Mountain 10/1/2022
11.8 mi. 3,500’ elevation gain. Big day for me and Rocco🐾 It’s always a challenging and rewarding day up one of San Diego’s most challenging hikes.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 10/03/2022

Super hike in Palomar Mountains today with a great adventure friend. Was disappointed that we hiked all of the trails in Palomar State Park in about 8 miles. Wish it was bigger. Enjoy the tree covered trails, wild Turkey sightings and leaf/pine needle covered trails. Beautiful morning in the mountains. 10/2/2022


When we can stop and appreciate the beauty around us, gratitude for the simple things in life awakens within us. Where is your most special place on earth? Do you feel more connected to life when you’re in nature?


Inquiring minds want to know! What’s your preference or no preference?

I Always Pause and Look at Students' Feet Before I Teach Yoga. Here's Why 08/31/2022

I Always Pause and Look at Students' Feet Before I Teach Yoga. Here's Why

I wish I was able to write such a beautiful article on how I see the stories in your bodies. I can see not only the tension, the shame, defensiveness, armor, tentativeness but also the beauty, radiance, love, strength, honesty and vulnerability inside. So many clues to who you are, where you’ve been and sometime who you’d like to be.

I Always Pause and Look at Students' Feet Before I Teach Yoga. Here's Why A yoga teacher explains why she turns her gaze downward before the start of class—and it's not for the reasons you might think.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 08/23/2022

Beautiful birthday hike up Mt Tallac via Gilmore Lake. Best way to summit Tallac! My route down was not the best… lots of shale landslides, super steep edges/drop offs and the trail had a tendency to disappear and reappear among the rocks and shrubs. Would do out and back next time.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 08/23/2022

8/22/22 Maggie’s Peak

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 08/22/2022

First day hiking in Tahoe. Even better that my son joined me for this 5 hour 13 mile trek around the lakes, trees and alpine meadows.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 08/16/2022

One of the hardest hikes I’ve done so far. 6am start and straight up was the only direction with a couple flats for a break. A little over 4k elevation gain in 6+ miles. View were breathtaking. Had time to think about John Muir hiking up there. I was done when I got to the peak. Then another almost 7 miles down. Being solo felt great. Only saw a few other people on the trail, actually at the peak. So many ways to summit this peak. Will try another way before winter. Very tired. One thing I did notice was my body was not as agile on the decent. New goals for movement in all directions. Wish I had now!!!
What are your fitness goals before winter?


Practice what I preach! Forced recovery in boots. Feels so good after the morning run. Thank you for hosting us 😍 🌯 ☕️ 🏃‍♀️


#34/52 Jack’s mailbox trail in SLC. Huge incline to the mailbox. Think hiking on your toes most of the way. Beautiful sunrise. Worth the effort!

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 07/14/2022

Rocco and I love hiking here!

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 07/12/2022

Sunrise hike with my dog Rocco. I enjoy the peacefulness of the predawn hours. Hiking into the light was so beautiful. The illumination of the jagged peaks and soft grassy foothills set the stage today for an amazing day!


Well it depends…if we are talking about muscle size I’d argue the answer is no. I’d actually venture out to say that bigger isn’t better when it comes to endurance athletes. I have athletes come in and verbally declare how much they love their firm (rock hard) calves, quads and or biceps/triceps. What brings them in is that they feel like they can dig that deep to access their power. They are strong in a very limited range. This may suit some sports but not all. If you have big muscles that are soft when relaxed, the athlete will have WAY more to draw on for any situation. Picture this… curl up your fingers and lightly squeeze your fist together. Now try to squeeze your fist even tighter. That’s the essential range a chronically tight muscle has. Not optimal when you compare to having your hand totally relaxed and then suddenly close your fist really hard. Much bigger range, yes? This is optimal. So, if you have big muscles that are able to relax fully and engage completely, then bigger is cool. Average muscles that are chronically tight has the same rules. If they are relaxed and can engage, you’re in great shape. What is your muscles are rock hard or even form all the time?? Roll it out or see your favorite massage therapist or even better structural integrator to reorganize those tension patterns surrounding the muscles and patterning that is holding that pattern together.


Suffering: when your experience doesn’t match up with how you think things should be going. Actionable Suggestion: give yourself permission to just GO. See what happens when you allow yourself to complete the event or training without expectations. Have you ever not felt well, when out for a race or for training with the goal to just complete it and find you actually felt really good and felt successful? I’ll cover why this may be so in future posts. For now, go out and play with this idea. Any questions or comments 👇🏼

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 06/27/2022

Filled with joy to explore a new area with my 17 year old son. The hot springs were more beautiful than imagined. The water felt so good. The hike was solid- plenty of up to get the gorgeous views. Beautiful morning, especially spending quality time with my son. 💕

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 06/23/2022

3 mindset strategies to practice for a great race! 1. Focus on what you want! Visualize how you want it to go, see yourself racing and crushing it! When you start negotiating with yourself or negative thoughts creep in… replace with a mantra on repeat. I’ve said the word GO for over 2 hours! Words are powerful. How we talk to ourselves is powerful. Now go have a great race!!!

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 06/06/2022

Seems like it’s been awhile since our last hike! Rocco and I headed to Mount Laguna today. Temp was perfect with a cool breeze. The wildflowers are still in full bloom. We saw maybe 4 people on the trail. Moderate hike only because it was close to 11 miles. Not much elevation gain >1400’.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 04/30/2022

Sunrise hike up to Morena Butte. The butte is a huge granite slab. Thank goodness for cairns along the way. Hard to find the trail over rock. Gorgeous wildflower sightings, finally. Highlight was meet a couple gals from Tennessee who were a week into their PCT adventure. Next stop for them…Canada! Very inspirational. Another great day in San Diego’s backcountry.


I’m going!! Who’s coming with me?! Should be a fun, action packed day.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 04/26/2022

This hike in our local desert was full of amazing surprises. With a name like Domelands, I had no idea what to expect. Wind caves, slot canyons, seashells and velvet mountains. Bring a map, very easy to get off course and turned around out there. Starting to get warm as well. Highly recommend. Please be respectful of all the treasures on this special hike.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 04/11/2022

The benefit of being a runner is being able to explore a city before it really wakes up. What a beautiful city. Loving exploring Boston.

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 04/09/2022

Getting ready for the riders. Todays mobile office courtesy of and a privilege to work with and


Love my Early Bird runs at 5:45a on Thursdays. Great way to round out the week and ring in the weekend vibe. Led by our fearless leader 🙌🏼




Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 04/03/2022

Oakzanita Peak was a pleasant surprise! The morning was cool and crisp, there were very low clouds and it rained on the way out. Low expectations on arrival. My friend, geared up with her birding binoculars, was thrilled. With low to zero visibility the birds were very busy chirping and flying around. Fun to learn how to identify the birds by call or song! Also had an opportunity to learn about the different plants and see how the selection changed as we headed up the peak. Super great opportunity to focus our sights on the birds and plants versus the view. Pleasurable morning for sure on the lightly travelled trail👍🏼. backcountry

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 04/03/2022

My most favorite hike so far!! Loved being in and among some pine trees, soft pine needle floor and an amazing 360 view at the top. Can’t wait to do it again. Perfect clear Saturday morning in the mountains.


Best luck to the Oceanside 70.3 athletes!!
Race hard. Recover well!


Have a sore or stiff neck and no amount of neck massage or stretching is helping? Try this!!

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 03/26/2022

#23/52 Monument Peak in Mount Laguna. Always a treat to trek the pct if only for a few hours.


Roll It Out: Adductor (inner thigh)
The adductor plays a role in hip flexion and extension in addition to other movements. This area is often neglected when doing self care/recovery from our sport. Add in these foam roller techniques to your other foam roller routines. What I anticipate you will feel is a lightness in your legs in addition to a feeling of effortless movement. Release the tension patterns that are creating more work for your body. Move with more ease and grace.
What other areas of your body are you finding difficult to rollout or work on?
Let me know and I’ll create a video!
Stay healthy my friends.



Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 03/14/2022

Back in San Diego and return to hiking. Rough morning after Spring forward time change and o’dark thirty hike time. Always worth it!! Viejas Mountain in Alpine had a very rock and steep ascent. 2000’ of climbing in about 2 miles. Bun burner for sure. Glorious day. Show me a picture of your weekend activity!!


Such a great experience to learn a brand new sport: skate skiing. Challenging my balance, learning new techniques and starting again with beginners mind was an enlightening experience. I haven’t learned a new sport in a really long time. Fun to challenge my body and mind in new ways. When was the last time you learned a new sport and what was your experience?

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 03/01/2022

#21/52 Turtle Rock - a gem of a hike with the trailhead hidden away in a residential area. We were greeted by 2 nice sized coyotes who were eyeballing my dog for a snack. Not on my watch Coyotes! The trail has some rock scrambles, flat tree tunnel sections and exposed narrow dirt trail for a majority of the hike. Gorgeous scene of atop the Turtle Head Peak. Great for a super local train I’ve seen 100x but never knew how to get there. Now I know😉 #backtonature

Photos from San Diego Athlete Massage's post 02/21/2022

#20/52 Goat Peak 🐐 this hike is named correctly because it takes goat-like skills to get to the top. Very steep rocky sections. Fun quick hike nestled in a neighborhood.

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