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Tickets for Basket #2 are now available! Check this one out -- it has a value of almost $300!

Adventure Bound Books, $25 gift card
Artistry 'N Motion, $20 gift card
Breathe Yoga & Pilates, six-class package (value $60)
doTerra Essential Oils by Optimal Oil Life, $25 gift card
Horn Health Coaching, one hour (value $45)
Mary Kay (bex0194), $20 gift card
Mindful Touch Massage & Wellness, $20 gift card
Paula Brissette, Artistic Stylist/Colorist/Bridal/Extension Certified, $20 gift card
Your CBD Store, $20 gift card
Handmade earrings by Creekside Cottage Studio (value $10)
Handmade basket and a little bit of chocolate (value $30)

All gift cards were generously donated by the businesses that participated in our Pampering Event on January 29. We love

Craft'd is proud to support Southmountain Children & Family Services to raise funds for this wonderful not-for-profit organization. Each month, we will donate a fabulous, themed gift basket, which will be available for a raffle in the shop.

Tickets for this Pampering Basket are only $5. ALL proceeds will go DIRECTLY to South Mountain. The drawing will be held on Friday, March 20. Please stop in and help us support this hard-working, extremely worthwhile organization.

Certified Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach

Operating as usual


Easy DIY Chicken Bone Broth

Bone broth is a super food full of amazing nutrients. The minerals that come from the bones used in cooking are easily absorbed by the body. Some of those minerals are magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Enjoy a cup today!


A little Friday happiness! Who says sweets cannot be enjoyed while following a healthy lifestyle?

One of my favorite recipe bloggers to follow. And while I have not made this cookie, I have no doubt it is delicious.

This bakery-style giant chocolate chip cookie is pure decadence! It’s paleo, egg-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and made with natural sweeteners.


4 steps to change your words, change your life | Tony Robbins 07/21/2022

4 steps to change your words, change your life | Tony Robbins

All the healthy food in the world will not fix a toxic and negative mindset. And did you know that your mental state plays a big role in your physical health?

"By changing your habitual vocabulary – the words you consistently use to describe emotions – you can instantaneously change how you think, how you feel and how you live. When you change your words, you change your mindset."

So, how often do you find yourself using negative instead of positive words to describe your circumstances? You might be surprised. Read on to understand more.

Want to learn more? Send me a message and let's chat!

4 steps to change your words, change your life | Tony Robbins Most of us don't realize how words can inspire change. Discover Tony's secrets on how to change your words to change your life today.

Federal regulations are finally taking aim at the ‘Wild West’ of clean beauty 07/20/2022

Federal regulations are finally taking aim at the ‘Wild West’ of clean beauty

This is so dear to my heart for many many reasons!

1. Did you know your skin is an organ. And it's the biggest organ in/on your body.

2. Anything put on the skin goes right into the bloodstream. There's no filter like when you eat something and your body breaks it down and filters it out through your gut, liver, kidneys, etc...

3. Ingredients found in your everyday products contain harmful chemicals that can disrupt hormones, cause allergies and weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease.

Get educated on what is in your products. Don't trust that your favorite brand has your health in mind!

Want to learn more about skin health? Message me and we'll discuss it further!

Federal regulations are finally taking aim at the ‘Wild West’ of clean beauty The clean-beauty industry is advocating for federal action to ban toxic chemicals and strengthen cosmetics regulations, which haven’t been updated since FDR was president.

Timeline photos 07/19/2022

If you build a strong foundation you can weather many storms ⛈

What we eat greatly impacts how our bodies fight disease, rebuild cells, detoxes and repairs 🔧 So, what tools are you giving your body to do what it needs to do? Processed junk foods or whole foods?

How nutrient dense is the food you're eating? Need some tips for cleaner eating? Reach out to me and I can help 🙋‍♀️

Imagine building your house out of rotten wood or disintegrating bricks. Remember the fable about building your house on sand? Or the one about the three pigs? Your structure and foundation matter. Why would you build your body from defective ingredients? ⁣

For example, we need the best quality fats—our brain is 60 percent fat, our nerve coverings are all made from fat, every one of your 10 trillion cells is wrapped in a little fatty membrane. Do you really want to make them from oxidized damaged refined oils in your French fries or KFC? ⁣

We also need the best quality protein. The body makes most of its important molecules from protein including muscle, cells, and immune molecules. Not all protein is the same. The best type of protein to build muscle is other muscle—animal protein. You can get protein from plant foods, but the quality is lower and it has lower levels of key amino acids needed to synthesize new muscle, especially the branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine and also lysine and sulfur based amino acids). ⁣

There are also compounds such as phytates in plant proteins like beans and nuts that impair protein absorption. Rather than being turned into muscle, plant proteins are often just burned as calories. ⁣

If you are vegan, especially as you age, you need to ensure you get these by increasing the overall volume of protein rich plant foods, adding protein powders, and supplementing with BCAA. If you want to eat less meat and include more plant proteins, combining them helps the body utilize the plant protein from beans. Think chili con carne! ⁣

And don’t forget all the vitamins and minerals we need to build tissues, muscles, and bones, including vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, and more. Next time you chomp down on something, ask yourself if you are fine with it becoming part of you for the long term. If not, don’t eat it and find the best quality ingredients you can, ingredients that help you thrive. ⁣

Meat for Babies: 5 Reasons Why It's a Great First Food 03/17/2022

Meat for Babies: 5 Reasons Why It's a Great First Food

Been a hot 🔥 minute since I've posted on here.

We've been doing all things baby 👶...which leads me to this post:

"There is a reason that human milk is high in fat - because babies need it! So doesn’t it make sense to feed your baby high-fat foods to continue to support your baby’s growth and development?" - https://myserenitykids.com/blogs/news/meat-for-babies-5-reasons-why-its-a-great-first-food?utm_source=Serenity%20Kids%20Family&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=%5B3-16-22%5D%20why%20meat%20for%20babies%20%28YzqkZG%29&_kx=S4zY1Q6yH_J3mDb2ipc0I4NyouM8St6-9LHblN2FDtYp7-khafKiVxcr9dSgQol5.UGG8Lm

I don't know why, but it seems scary to feed our little ones meats.

I guess because the norm for so many years has been to feed babies cereals like oatmeal or pureed fruits as first food.

But there's little nutrients in those foods and baby burns through them much faster leaving little to keep them full and nourished.

Give meat a try. It might take several attempts to get it right for your little one to enjoy it, but eventually they will.

SJ gets meats mixed with any combination of the following: Ghee, salt, parsley, carrots, broccoli, chicken broth, squashes, etc...

Checkout this article that gives more information on the subject.

When we know better, we do better!

Meat for Babies: 5 Reasons Why It's a Great First Food When you think of first foods for baby, you might be thinking of soft veggies and fruits, or single-ingredient purees. Or, maybe you’re all about baby-led weaning (for the record, we like both). One food that might not come to mind as an ideal first food? Meat. But we’re here to tell you why it ...

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I love practicing breathing techniques! Helps calm me down, refocus, create sense of security and reduce stress!

Among its many benefits, meditation reduces stress. Think of your brain as a computer, simultaneously keeping many windows and programs going. Meditation helps you close out the unnecessary windows so you can focus on what’s essential. When you do less with more, you enjoy life more and perform at a higher level.⁣

Stress relief might be the most-studied benefit, but meditation also has been found to help reduce drug addiction, relieve anxiety, and boost immunity. ⁣

You might be thinking that meditation isn’t for you, but there are so many forms of meditation and mindfulness. You have to find what works for you. There’s breathwork, mantras, guided meditations, walking meditation, and even coloring or painting can be forms of meditation.⁣
Today I want to encourage you to take a moment to pause and meditate not only because of its mental benefits, but because of its physical benefits too. Right now, we’re living in a particularly stressful time. If we don’t take time to pause, put away our devices, and tune inward, we’re missing out on whole body healing. ⁣

Here’s a simple practice that you can incorporate a few times a day, and it only takes minutes. I encourage you to do it right now if possible. ⁣

That’s it. This is a super simple and effective way to calm your body down and find a moment of pause in your busy day. ⁣


Outside this morning for a walk along the river. So peaceful and beautiful. Just what I needed to boost my spirits and clear my mind.

What’s everyone else doing this morning?


When you know what’s inside it should make your food choices easier! Don’t stick your head in the sand and ignore it.

Make a change!

Nutella is the weakness for many, but when you see it broken down it really makes you think about what you are putting in your body. There are many organic hazelnut spreads that might fill that craving in a much healthier way.




The definition of mindful - "Conscience or aware of something; having in mind, aware heedful."

On today's Mindful Monday, lets chat about dental health.

Other than scheduling that checkup with the dentist every 6 months, how mindful are we of other things we should be doing for optimal dental health?

If you're just thinking about brushing and flossing, you could be overlooking some major components to the health of your mouth and your pearly whites!!


🤩 Friday Fun Facts 🤩

There are SO many more benefits to exercise and movement than just weight-loss and building muscle 💪. The mental health benefits should not be overlooked and can be a better motivator as they have internal benefits!

Think outside of the gym for your exercise and movement...just get doing something! 🧘‍♀️🏊🚣‍♂️🚵

There are other factors that can be at play as well, it's rarely a one size fits all approach. If you want help looking more into this, please message me, I am here to help!


Functional Medicine....is it legit? Why bother?

The definition of functional: "Relating to the way in which something works or operates."

We want our medicine to work right? So shouldn't all medicine be functional medicine?

Want to learn more about how this can work for you? Send me a message.

Timeline photos 06/02/2021

So true! The symptom is not the lack of a man made drug. There is a deeper root cause that should be addressed!

Thats functional medicine!

I sat down with Dr. Todd LePine on The Doctor’s Farmacy to discuss the Functional Medicine approach to treating heartburn and reflux. Together they discuss how to find the real causes of reflux and heartburn, get rid of them, and use the right foods, nutrients, and lifestyle therapies to heal the problem.⁣⁠
Listen here: https://bit.ly/3fqzw71


Many of these foods are best avoided all the time!

I disagree with the red meat part. That should be enjoyed, and in large quantities, IF it's grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. Red meat is an amazing source of many great nutrients such as iron, B12, selenium, vitamin D, DHA and EPA. All essential for good health!

Dairy can be added back in after an elimination diet, but it's bet done as raw. Otherwise it is void of most all nutrients from the pasteurization process.




The definition of mindful - "Conscience or aware of something; having in mind, aware heedful."

Together let's explore the power of being mindful and what that looks like.

On today's Mindful Monday, lets chat about the blessing of work. Good old fashioned physical work. It's a blessing easily overlooked, but there are benefits of work.

So what is a physical task/activity that you'd consider work that you can find a way to be grateful for? Let me know in the comments below.


🤩 Friday Fun Facts 🤩

Do you suffer with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)? Heartburn, burping, nausea, or regurgitating your food? Not pleasant! 🤢

Standard medicine teaches us GERD is cause by an over production of stomach acid and the fix is to neutralize the acid. But research is starting to show that it might be just the opposite...too little stomach acid which is leaving the food improperly digested, hence the symptoms and diagnosis of GERD.

One of the major culprits of GERD is the standard American diet (SAD) with the overconsumption of processed foods and refined carbohydrates lacking real nutrients and beneficial digestive enzymes to help break down food proteins.

Overtime, (and time is relative to each individual person) a poor diet damages the gut, preventing it from acting as it was designed.

There are other factors that can be at play as well, it's rarely a one size fits all approach. If you want help looking more into this, please message me, I am here to help!

Here is an article from 2018 that goes into more detail about the science, anatomy and research of GERD: https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/modern-diseases/gastroesophageal-reflux-disease/


When your health (and finances💵) are a priority, you make decisions ⚖️ you don’t always love. I had an appointment today with my midwife at 11:30 and wasn’t going to be able to get lunch at home due to errands needing to be done after.

So I packed my lunch 🥗 and ate in the car 🚙!

Would I rather have stopped and gotten something out and treated myself 🌮? Absolutely! Would it have been the best choice, nope!

It’s not always fun or glamorous but it was the best decision and I am glad I made it!

How have you prioritized your health this week?




The definition of mindful - "Conscience or aware of something; having in mind, aware heedful."

Together let's explore the power of being mindful and what that looks like.

On today's Mindful Monday, lets chat about time. How mindful are we of our time. It's something we cannot get back or ever make more of. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so what can you do today to more minful or how you use your time?

On a scale of 1-10 how mindful are you of your time? Let me know in the comments below.

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🤩 Friday Fun Facts 🤩

Importance of Staying Hydrated 💧💧

Our body needs water more than just to survive; it needs water to THRIVE. Your goal should be 1/2 your ideal body weight in ounces of water a day. If you're at a healthy weight, then 1/2 your current weight in ounces.

And no, coffee, beer, ice tea or other drinks that contain water, do not count!

Are you drinking enough water?


Get to know me

Learn some of the things I believe are important for health and wellness and some of the ventures I have taken and why I am refocusing.


Join me live at 2:00 PM today to learn more about my practice, beliefs and why I stopped selling Beautycounter products!




The definition of mindful - "Conscience or aware of something; having in mind, aware heedful."

How often in life do we just go through the motions? Day to day, same routines, never really stopping and thinking about what we're setting our mind to. 🧠

Are you taking time to be aware of your surroundings? Aware of your behavior, thought patterns and how you respond to different situations and circumstance? 💭

Together let's explore the power of being mindful and what that looks like.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like to be more mindful of.


To continue with this weeks theme of what is health coaching, I wanted to share with you some things you can expect to see working with a coach; and some thing can expect NOT to see.

What I do as a health coach:

1. Help you develop the WHY behind your motivation to get healthy. It's important to have a strong WHY to help keep yourself on track. ✅

2. Get an in-depth health history. I want to know about your current and past health issues, medication history, doctor diagnosed conditions, family history, current diet, environmental stressors etc...✅

3. Help you discover trigger foods and what could be contributing to your symptoms and develop an eating protocol together. ✅

4. Discuss personal lifestyle factors that can be adjusted to improve health. ✅

5. Through education, together we look at the root cause of your symptoms ✅

What I do NOT do as a health coach:

1. I do not diagnose medical conditions or make recommendations regarding your prescriptions. 🚫

2. I don't treat your disease. 🚫

3. I don't shame, guilt, coerce or force you into following any specific protocol. 🚫

Still unsure what this is all about? Wondering what I can do as a health coach that you doctor cannot? Comment below or send me a message, I'd love to chat with you!


What does a Health Coach do?

What is a health coach? But more imoortantly, is working with a health coach something I can benefit from?

Let me take a minute to introduce mysef and what it is I do.

Photos from Horn Health Coaching's post 04/23/2021

Let's end the week on a positive note! 🥰

Tell me one good thing that happened to you this week. Doesn't have to be health and wellness related either, just something positive.

I'll start: I ordered some new clothes from target, and they fit! So exited! 👗


It was been too long my fellow health seekers and foodies! 📅

But I want to start creating content and making this a fun/informative page to follow! 🤩

Over the last year I have been involved in some pretty exciting opportunities that had to take priority over this page that I will share with you over time. But now, I'm back!

I have a passion for health and wellness and helping people get to the best version of themselves. The body is an amazing thing, with infinite possibilities; but sometimes we unintentionally create hurdles to our healing. 🚫

I want to help you remove those hurdles and live a life symptom free! Yes, symptom FREE! It can be done. 💪

Through simple tips, easy to follow guides, and helpful suggestions lets see what the body can do when given the right tools through nutrition and lifestyle choices! 🥑🌳🌞🧘‍♀️

Look for some new updates and information very soon! ⏲


You are the expert of your own life and health. If given the facts, we can make the best decisions for ourselves.

Don't be afraid to press your physician for all the information, good and bad. Informed consent needs to be taken seriously.

Ask questions. Do the research. At the end of the day no one cares more about your health than you.

Personalized information is empowering! We, as doctors, do not decide what is best for you!


And to do that, you need to be presented with all the info in the context of your individual needs.

Yes, if you get in an accident and are unconscious or it’s an emergency then that’s a different story.

But in the context of the decisions women face regarding their health, there needs to be a partnership.

We change women’s medicine for the better by educating and empowering women to make the best decision for themselves.

Thank you Natural Cycles for sharing this!

Tag a friend who needs these words!

77 Heirloom Seed Companies To Grow Your Own Non-GMO Garden 06/02/2020

77 Heirloom Seed Companies To Grow Your Own Non-GMO Garden

Great resource for ordering seeds to start or grow your garden. Remember the health of your plant will impact the nutrients it can supply to your body.

Keith and I use Seed Savers Exchange for our supplier.


77 Heirloom Seed Companies To Grow Your Own Non-GMO Garden Grow your own non-GMO garden this year by investing in seeds from one of these 77 heirloom seed companies. Your body will love you for it!


If you're struggling with food choices and what to cook. It starts before you even get to the kitchen.

Make a list of foods you want to start cooking, trying or experimenting with BEFORE you go to the grocery store. It's important to plan as much as possible when you're cooking your meals. If you don't plan, you're going to fail. But failure is a great teacher 👨‍🏫 So if you do fail, don't worry, you're in good company and tomorrow is a new day ☀️

Start looking at healthy recipes and talking with your family about ways you can begin to incorporate healthy food choices.

Once you have a good foundation of food choices and recipes, then it's time to start cleaning out the kitchen of the old not so healthy choices! If you have something healthy to replace them with, it will be easier to throw them out or stop buying them all together.

Start with one meal a day. What can you do to start swapping out your lunches for healthier choices? Can you replace your potato chips with crunchy carrots 🥕 and almonds? Instead of bread for your sandwich can you make a lettuce wrap?

Change doesn't happen overnight so don't feel like you have to throw out everything in your kitchen before the end of the day to see results. Set up small goals for yourself to accomplish today to build momentum going into tomorrow 🎉

Timeline photos 06/01/2020

We are one body, so we need to take a holistic approach to health! How you treat one area of your body will impact the other areas.

Your food 🥦 choices impact your skin, not just your stomach.

Your sleep 🛌 patters impact your digestion, not just your energy levels.

Your exercise 🏋️‍♀️ patters impact your mental health, not just your muscles.

Your mindfullness 🧘‍♀️ and relaxation impact your hormone health, not just your stress levels.

What you do to your body, you do to your brain. Treat your body and you treat your brain. ⁣

Eat fat + protein + slow carbs. ⁣
At least 75% of your plate, by volume, should be filled with colorful plant foods. These colorful superfoods come loaded with brain-boosting stuff like phytonutrients. Enjoy an array of colorful plant foods like blueberries and dark leafy greens like kale, Swiss chard, spinach, watercress, and arugula. Also, eat plenty of fat. 60% of your brain is made up of DHA—an omega-3 fat that you get from algae and fatty fish. My brain worked pretty well before but embracing fat pushed my mental clarity through the roof. Also, optimize protein. We need about 30 grams of protein per meal to build muscle. When you lose muscle, you age faster and your brain takes a huge hit! Eat protein at every meal, including omega-3 eggs, protein shakes, nut butters, or even fatty fish for breakfast.⁣

Stop poisoning your brain. ⁣
Eliminate sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, food additives, and preservatives, all of which poison your brain and disrupt your biochemistry. If it’s not real food, don’t eat it.⁣

Move your body. ⁣
You don’t have to hit the gym every day. I definitely don’t, but I do make time for movement and play. Yoga, tennis, bike rides, whatever you love, do it. Exercise improves memory, learning, and concentration. Exercise creates brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is basically miracle grow for your brain. When you exercise, your brain becomes more elastic. Exercise also helps to improve your mood, boost your energy, and reduce overall stress in your body and mind.⁣

Relax and calm the mind. ⁣
95% of all illness is caused or worsened by stress. Stress hormones damage the hippocampus—the memory center in the brain—causing memory loss and dementia. Learn how to ACTIVELY relax. To engage the powerful forces of the mind on the body, you must DO something—you can’t just sit there watching television or drinking beer. Try meditation or learning something new.⁣

How to heal hormonal acne holistically in 6 easy steps 05/22/2020

How to heal hormonal acne holistically in 6 easy steps

Getting to the root cause of your hormonal acne can be a real struggle. But learning about your body, cycle, hormones and what serves you best along the journey, is so rewarding.

For too long we have trusted doctors to heal us instead of learning how our bodies were designed to heal themselves.

These six steps doctor Brighten talks about are certainly not the only 6 steps to take, but they're a GREAT place to start.

I have been using the Flo App to learn more about my cycle and what my hormones are doing throughout the month and before that, a good old fashioned notebook. I will be looking into the MyFlo APP for sure as I like that it has a functional medicine foundation to it.

How to heal hormonal acne holistically in 6 easy steps No pills or prescriptions necessary.


Several years ago I was introduced to some research that discussed ingredients used in sunscreen and the possible harmful effects they can have. I decided to discontinue my use of those products and have since made the switch to using mineral sunscreens. What's a mineral based sunscreen you might asked? 🌞

Sunscreen that uses minerals, such as zinc, as their Sun Protection Factor (SPF), create a physical barrier on the skin that stays on the surface of the skin, instead of being absorbed into the skin, and reflect the rays away from your skin. Products that are absorbed into the skin have shown a connection to health problems, such as hormone disruption. ⚠️

These type of sunscreens are just as effective when used properly and do not pose a threat to our health. 🥳 They are water resistant, protect from both UVB and UVA rays and safe for use on your face and body.

At Beautycounter we have an entire line dedicated to sun protection. An SPF 30 lotion, mister and stick. All formulated with non-nano zinc and California Poppy, an ingredient added for it's antioxidant properties which help to reduce age spots and other skin damage from the sun. 🌼 We also offer an after sun cooling gel and a tinted mineral sunscreen mist for those early days out in the sun when our skin is still winter white :-)

While the government and FDA are researching the safety of chemical based sunscreen ingredients, do yourself a favor, take action now for your health and make the switch to mineral based sunscreens!

And for your first order, Beautycounter is offering 20% off!

Shop at Beautycounter.com/triciahorn

What I do as a Health Coach

As a Health and Wellness Coach it is my desire to come along side you in your health journey and see you accomplish your unique goals as it relates to YOUR physical and mental health. If you are trying to make changes in any area of your life, from stress management, sleep, movement and exercise, reducing toxic exposure, diet and nutrition, or a specific symptom or condition that just won't get better, I can help. Through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and my own personal health journey I would love to partner with you and help you overcome your health challenges through a root cause approach. By being informed, educated and encouraged the sky is the limit to what you can overcome if you're willing to make the necessary changes to see it become reality.

The functional medicine model takes a very different approach than modern medicine (which I completely believe has an important role in our life and should not be discarded all together). Instead of treating a symptom I want to encourage us to look deeper and get at the root cause of the symptom. Your symptom did not develop overnight and will likely not go away over night either. This is where I think it gets exciting. You get to play your own private investigator (insert Magnum P.I. theme song here) and discover the root cause of why you are not living and feeling your best. Through looking at lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, self-regulation, relationships, stress, exercise etc. you can start to see what serves you and what hurts you. And once you have that knowledge, you have the power to make the changes that only you can do!

If that sounds like a path you are ready to start on, I would be honored to come on that journey with you as your health coach. Today can be the beginning of something new, but only you have the power to take that step.

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