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Well nourished women can change the world. When Women are supported and nourished, Communities THRIVE

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Photos from Womb and Earth's post 01/09/2023

a mythopoetic journey with song, writing, folklore, animism and plant spirit medicine

If you...

~ Want to learn how to start singing, drumming, expressing your voice to heal from people pleasing, choking down your truth and biting your tongue

This class is for you.

~ If you want to learn rituals, practices, and embodied self care to help you navigate your healing, your deep emotions, your intuitive nature

This is the class for you.

~ If you are curious about working with Plant Spirits and deepening your connection to the land your feet touch

This is the class for you.

~ If your open to gentle, nurturing, intimate healing spaces that allow you to fully blossom into yourself

This is the class for you.

3 days left to join us, this is a virtual class that meets in Sunday's and it will be recorded!



Did you know we offer In Person & Virtual Sessions?

~Women-centered care~

We work One on One with Women to guide them over the sacred thresholds of life with a heart-centered, trauma-informed, earth-based approaches that tend to the WHOLE woman.
Together we may journey through different modalities of healing in an intimate container where you are held with respect and love.

Who is my work for?

Women who want to…

~ Build their Capacity for LIFE through practical life skills and self-care

~ Enter Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum as well-nourished women without nutritional degeneration

~ Expand their Nervous System’s resilience and find peace

~ Support their bodies in healing & come into a deeper sense of self

~ Find the magic in the mundane and joy in Motherhood

~ Feel spacious and safe in their bodies

~ Resource from within with tools to navigate their wounds and trauma

~ Understand the power in their female body & heal Menstrual Cycle issues

~ Learn about Fertility Awareness and how to practice sovereign cycle care without hormonal birth control

~ Find Harmony with their hormones and enrich the deep well within them

~ Understand how to properly nourish their bodies and cyclical nature

Get in touch to book your session today!

Mentorships are also available 🌹✨



Did you greet your baby by belly birth?
Whether you planned for it or it was a surprise experience, cesarean birth is hard on the body and recovery can be intense. We offer customize Womb Healing work with Herbal Castor Oil Packs, Warm Stones, Homeopathy, Reiki and Belly Binding to nourish your body after a belly birth✨ These sessions focus on providing you with support in regaining sensation, healing scar tissue, and increasing circulation to encourage healing. This work is especially important should you decide to have another baby and desire a physiological birth 💕

We serve the Marion, Morganton, Old Fort, Black Mountain and Asheville areas with in-office and inhome visits.

Email [email protected] to find out more!


Happy Sunday!

We are officially taking Reiki Clients for January.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Reiki promotes relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief to improve overall health and well-being. It can:

Bring on a meditative state.
Foster tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery.
Stimulate your body’s immune system.
Promote natural self-healing.
Relieve pain and tension.
Support the well-being.
Assist with better sleep.
Move old, stagnant energy and help with clarity
Support the connection between mother and baby
& more !

Please reach out if you have any questions, our books are open for 60 minute sessions beginning in January.


Morganton, Marion, Black Mountain and surrounding areas, we are now serving your local communities with Holistic Women's Healing & Doula services !

Curious what we are bringing to the area?

~ Reiki & Intuitive Energywork
~ Holistic Women's Health Counseling
~ Postpartum Doula Services
~ Homeopathy & Placenta Remedies
~ Pelvic Steaming
~ Postpartum Healing Sessions
~ Menstrual Cycle Education
~ Herbal Counsel & Products

& more!

You can peek our current offerings at


I believe that well-nourished women ensure the thrival of life .

I believe that when women are nourished and cared for, communities flourish and blossom.

I believe that life is sacred and that when women are at the center of their communities we can come into harmony as a planet.

I believe that well-nourished women become change makers …that they raise well-nourished children …that they tend well-nourished land

I believe their nourishment ripples into everything the touch. That it transform degeneration into regeneration and that through their rest and remembrance they become a life force unlike any other.

Well-nourished women are needed, and it's in this deep nourishment that the new earth comes forth.

Future generations depend on the health and wellness of women.

When women are nourished and supported communities flourish and blossom.

At Womb & Earth we steward the womb with full-spectrum care.




A pre-recorded, archival library of medicine stories, skill shares, and interviews from a counsel of women passionate about seeing you RISE

🌈Sovereign Woman is for you if…

🔥~ You've felt disconnected from you inner power & wild truth

🔥~ You've longed for wisdom to navigate Rites of Passage & the ebbs and flows of modern womanhood

🔥~ You want practical, life-changing tools and actionable steps towards reclaiming your sovereignty and tending to your sensitive, wild body

🔥~ You desire to be in company of medicine woman and mothers who are speaking unapologetically about their experiences and truths, just like you.

🔥~You want to come into deeper relationship with your body, your family, the earth and your power

🔥~ You want to learn how to take charge of your fertility, birth your babies and creations freely, nourish yourself in a way that truly builds your capacity, stand firm in your boundaries, walk your path wildly, soak in your pleasure and speak your truths.

🔥~You are interested in Plant Medicine, Holistic Body Care, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, Herbal Contraception, Intimacy, S*x, Gathering in Circle, Maternal Lineage Tending, Ritual, Self-Care, Folklore, Earth Stewardship, Menstrual Cycle Reclamation, Vocal Soul Healing and more..

This pre-recorded bundle of wisdom and medicine has over 22 hours of classes, bonus gifts and meditations AND its 50% off until the 13th with code SOVEREIGN

Join us inside of the well✨



Comfrey growing in the Womb & Earth garden!


A sneak peak at something coming soon!

Photos from Womb and Earth's post 12/12/2021


When practiced everyday, Herbal Body Oil is an incredibly effective tool for healing and nourishing the body, recovering from stress, grounding and relaxing. Some people report better sleep, calmer states of mind, less anxiety and more presence within the first week of body oiling. Herbal body Oiling , especially with a focus on Lymphatic massage , helps to increase circulation, detoxify the lymph system & boost our immunity, bring warmth to stagnation and nourish our internal organs. Herbal Oils hold potent medicinal benefits and directly deposits them into the body via the bloodstream. By applying herbal oils to your skin, you receive the benefits of a healthy fat ( the oil base) and the medicinal properties of the herbs infused in the oil.

Healthy Fats are a necessity for creating a “ padding “ around the nerves, a protective layers which allows for optimal function and better interaction with the environment around you. Herbal Body oiling is a highly effective practice that can yield quick results for an overwhelmed body and mind.

Body Oiling requires you to tune into your physical body with touch which helps us learn ourselves more intimately and form deeper relationships with our intuitive centers. It also increases our sensual energy & physically awareness of the space we occupy.


Pump a quarter size amount of oil into your hands and begin massaging your Body in small circular motions. You can start with your ears, working your way down. Focusing on key spots that retain extra energy such as the neck, breasts, belly, womb & feet. Express your gratitude for your body temple, for it houses your soul and often goes so long without tender love.

If you are short on time, massaging your ears, neck & feet can be highly effective . The Ears & Feet contain many meridian points that are connected to organ systems in the body. The hands do as well, but since you are massaging the oil in with your hands, the job is getting done!

Do you know the magick of body oiling??

*Pictured is our Deep Devotion body oil available in the shop for this winter 💫

The Ancestral Womb 07/07/2021

The Ancestral Womb

The Ancestral Womb The Ancestral Womb is a 3 part class exploring Healing, Ritual, Embodiment, Ancestral work, Connection with your Guides and Wild Magick.


::The Ancestral body ::

The body holds the stories, the somatic memory of all lived experiences ( even ancestral ones)

Sometimes these stories have been passed down through generations. Unraveling and rippling through lines, a lineage wound that continues until one conscious being turns to face it.

Sometimes we have no context for our triggers, our struggles, for what holds us back from stepping fully in with a holy yes.

Are you ready to Re-write these stories?
Do you feel them coming to the surface?

Let me take you on an exploration...

Into the Ancestral Womb

A place of mythic, non-linear time and infinite healing.

If you are ready to:

🔥 Release the hold the old stories have upon you
🔥 Connect with Well-Healed Ancestors, The Loving Grandmother's, Your Past lives
🔥 Activate your Raw, Primal, Womb Voice and use it to Heal
🔥 De-Armor to open and receive more fully
🔥 Rebirth yourself into the Present
🔥 Awaken to the Well of Wisdom Within
🔥 Remember the Old Stories, The Folklore, The Magick of Water
🔥 Dance with the multi-layered versions of yourself and raise your Frequency

...then The Ancestral Womb is for you 🌈🔥

Through this journey back home to the Motherland, to the Ancestors, to the multidimensional versions of YOU you will receive:

~ Ritual, Guided Journeying, Somatic Body-Based Practices, Folklore, Ceremony, Daily Practices, Magick & Connection to your ancestors to support your journey

You will leave this Circle feeling :
~ Tapped in
~ Confident
~ Connected to your truth
~ More Aligned with your Soul Work
~ Powerful
~ With Tools to help you cross all Life's Thresholds
~ Embodied & Infinite

If this resonates with you, follow the Link in my bio to learn more.. payment plans are available.


Registration Closes July 1st 🌈


:: The Wounded Maiden ::

::A Series ::

Who is the Wounded Maiden?

She is the unmothered, fumbling in the dark calling to the Great Mother to care for her.
To be unmothered is to be untethered, unrooted, disconnected from our foundation and longing for a guiding light to hold us.

The Maiden wants to be seen, heard and held by the Great Mother and ultimately the Mother that resides within her.

The Maiden is in transition between, she is on the edge of becoming, she is learning to part the mists to the otherworld and rise in her power.

She is also learning to hold this power, to stand in it and feel how she expands around it.

The Patriarchy seeks to infantilize the maiden, to keep her a girl-child even well into her womanhood.

Maidens who are disempowered will not rise in their medicine and therefore will not shift the course of the world.

The Maiden seeks external beauty validation, though this is unacheivable because the beauty she seeks does not come from within. She is the Damsel in Distress, the classic fairytale heroine who waits in her tower for her prince to rescue her when really she ought to gaze upon the mirror and see how only she can rescue herself from a life unlived.

In these moments she is in a space of "becoming" still longing for someone outside of herself to save her, mother her, and help her cross over the threshold.

Over the next few days we will explore deeper in this Archetype as we prepare to Enter the Ancestral Womb.

In our Online Journey we will be exploring our Inner Maiden, both in our life and how her wounding has appeared in our lineages. We will learn to hear her, hold her and guide her towards the Threshold that leads to Mother.

If your interested, peek the link in my bio for more! Or stay tuned over the next few days as we unpack the Wounded Maiden & How we can Tend to her.




Part 2

The Maiden may find herself disillusioned because of the world around her and how it fosters her growth. She is not yet sovereign of her realm and may not realize that sovereignty is for her to claim if she wants it.

The Maiden may function from an insecure root and may take unsafe risks that leave her burned out. She is prone to over-giving because she may not have established boundaries and know how to say " No".

She may people-please because she is afraid to speak her truth as the world has told her to be nice, play nice, be soft and make others happy.

The Maiden who stays a maiden well into her life will come to resent everything about herself and the world she has created. She has never left the tower, she still waits for the prince to come and carry her away and because of this disillusion, she is distraught with the course of her life and does not know how to change it.

She has forsaken and forgotten her powers of shapeshifting.

She has forgotten that she is Red Riding Hood and She is also the Wolf.

She has forgotten that she is Rapunzel and she is also the Wild Witch who cast herself there.

Throughout mythic folklore, we see the themes of how the world wants to shape the maiden. But these are not the true folklore, these are the fairytales spun by the spindle of a sick, power-hungry society.

The true tale lies in the deep forest, with a shapeshifting woman who bows to no one and nothing.

The real story is how the Woman is the Dragon whose fury and rage can destroy the world and whose love and compassion can heal it.

There is a deep well within that we must remember is accessible to us.

The door to our power is not locked, it's simply been closed.

On July 3rd we will be diving in deeper to juicy realms of Magick. Explore the Divine Feminine archetypes, Water Spirits, Rebirthing Ceremonies, Self-Marriage rituals, Ancestral Healing & Spirit Guides, Somatic Body-Based Healing, P*$$y Power, Mother wounds, Heart Medicine and so much more.

Will you join us?


The link is in the bio, payment plans available 🌈


Time to Nest, Rest and feel our best

The official " nest energy" is settling here here at Womb & Earth and we are feeling the call if the Crone to stop production and just be.

There is a stocked shelf of books calling my name and a two week long haitus beckoning to me before I even consider jumping back in.

Winter is the time for self-reflections, nourishment, listening, and stillness. Nature knows this well, but us humans are in need of gentle reminders to take our dose of medicine and curl back in bed.

And so I shall!

So many of you are new here and to close down production for a while feels super scary because my work here is really starting to take off.. But I'm reminding myself to trust that I am where I need to be and that all will be as it is meant to. Rest included.

There are only TWO DAYS left to our holiday sale & for shipping! After the 17th we will be shipping all order out after the New Year. We may try to squeeze in a random shipping day ( because face it I'm a workaholic in love with sharing medicines with you ) but we can't make any guarantees..

So that being said, if there was something you were hoping to scoop from our Apothecary, the last day to ship out is Thursday!

I look forward to greeting you all in the New Year!

***Take advantage of our 20% off sale!!

We won't be having another for a long time 🔥💓🌈

Many Blessings,

Rest well


Primal Activation for the Modern Woman



A mother to two wild boys, Womb Whisperer, Herbal Alchemist, Sensuality Doula, Women's Healing Arts Teacher, Certified Womb Steam Facilitator, Reiki Master & Writer. Jillian is dedicated to serving the feminine and passionate about creating a Sisterhood among women. She helps Women + people with wombs heal themselves through Plant Medicine, Empowerment, s*x & body positivity, Reconnection, and Healing arts. She is a Sacred Witness and guide in remembering feminine nature and providing safe, supportive environments.

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Comfrey growing in the Womb & Earth garden!
PostPartum Care
The Ancestral Womb
She has forgotten how to shape shift. That she is the dragon.But the door is not locked, it's simply closed.And she can ...



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