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Valley Roots Family Care


Hi! I don’t know if you’re wearing masks all day, but these little guys are supposed to take the pressure off your ears.

I made these acrylic ear savers to donate to anyone in the medical field who wants them locally. I’m going to drop them off at a contact at the hospital this week, but if you want some I’d be happy to drop them by! Just let me know 🙂

Thank you for all that you do!
Thank you all for everything you’ve always done and everything you’re doing for our community and family members! We’re praying for all of you!
Dr. David is great!!!! The patience are treated well by the staff and they take care of your questions you ask with out trying to rush you out the door. Highly Recommend Dr. David his team is great
#doingit 🤣
The best part of family medicine is actually being treated like family. Gamble enjoyed his sink bath today at Dr. David's clinic! #sodidthetroll
Can you please tell me your fax #? Thanks!!
Dr. Benson approve ear muffs on Wilder! Thought we'd share since Dr. Benson got such a kick out of these things ;)
Hey guys! Is Christina back from her grand adventure yet?!
Voicemail box is full...need script refill and pharmacy has not gotten an okay yet.
Are the phones down at the office? The phone keeps ringing and no answering machine picks up.
Are you guys having phone issues? The phone keeps ringing and no answering machine is picking up. Thank you

Dr. David Benson is a family practice doctor who provides quality medical care to Skagit County's youngest and eldest citizens.

Operating as usual

[06/01/21]   WE'RE MOVING!!!

You may have heard the rumors...and it's true! We've outgrown our lil' building on 3rd street, so we are moving up the road and across the bridge to west Mount Vernon at 617 W. Division Street.

Along with this expansion, we will be changing our name to Valley Roots Family Care.

We cannot wait to show you around the new digs, and we will get that chance starting JULY 1st, 2021! That means, if you have an appointment on or after July 1st, you will need to go to our new location.


Who’s your family doc?

#davidbenson #familydoctor #valleyrootsfamilycare

(posted with permission from momma)

Timeline Photos 03/02/2021

*gosh* we love our patients! THANK YOU!

#feelingthelove #weloveourpatients #valleyroots #davidbenson #obstetrics #spoiled #girlscoutcookie #homemadesugarcookies

*gosh* we love our patients! THANK YOU!

#feelingthelove #weloveourpatients #valleyroots #davidbenson #obstetrics #spoiled #girlscoutcookie #homemadesugarcookies

Valley Roots Family Care 02/11/2021

Valley Roots Family Care

Does anyone like to pay bills online?! This is now available on our website! Try it out now at!

Valley Roots Family Care Medical Care for You & YoursProudly serving the Skagit Valley We value bringing quality medical care to our community while building strong, long-term relationships.Are you looking for a primary care doctor? Do you want a provider who will see you as a person?Our intimate medical group serves Skagit...

Valley Roots Family Care 01/26/2021

Valley Roots Family Care

We have a new website! Check it out!

Did you know that Christina Jepperson is now certified in DOT Physicals and BOTOX??? Check out our webite for more info on our new services 🙂 Also now providing online bill pay through PayPal.

-website designed by

Valley Roots Family Care Medical Care for You & YoursProudly serving the Skagit Valley We value bringing quality medical care to our community while building strong, long-term relationships.Are you looking for a primary care doctor? Do you want a provider who will see you as a person?Our intimate medical group serves Skagit...

Photos from Valley Roots Family Care's post 01/22/2021

We had to...

Vaccine appointments available for eligible Skagit County residents | 790 KGMI 01/21/2021

Vaccine appointments available for eligible Skagit County residents | 790 KGMI

If you are phase eligible and would like to schedule a vaccine appointment at Skagit Regional Health, please call 360-814-6300.

The Mount Vernon Haggen Pharmacy is also scheduling appointments and Island Hospital has started booking appointments for established patients or those who live in the hospital district.

Washington is currently in Phase 1B - Tier 1 of the phased approach and is accepting appointments for individuals 65 and older, or 50 and older if they live in a multigenerational household. Vaccine appointments are dependent upon vaccine availability and weekly shipments of vaccine from the state of Washington.

Vaccine appointments available for eligible Skagit County residents | 790 KGMI Those 65 or older, or those 50 or older who live in a multi-generational household are eligible to receive the vaccine, along with those in Phase 1A


We have received many calls, emails, and other messages regarding COVID vaccinations. Please read below to learn everything we know about vaccine allocation.

Covid vaccines in the state of WA are being given under the guidance of the Department of Health and the CDC. Guidelines list the order people are to receive vaccines and can be found for Skagit County at:
Currently there are very few clinics and pharmacies that are administering the vaccine as the supply is low. These locations are mostly out on the islands or in smaller rural areas with low access to care. We are moving to Phase 1b: tier 1, which includes people 50+ with a health condition, 70+, and now teachers. This begins Jan 26th. Please call the Skagit County Health Department at 360-416-1500 to get added to the list. Or you can go to In addition, there is hope that soon local pharmacies will carry the vaccine as well, but a date is not determined at this time. As more information becomes available we will post to our website. Please check the Skagit county website for updates as they will have any changes noted.


“Waiting Room Blues”



With the recent COVID-19 trend, we have made some changes to the flow of your appointments. Please bear with us as we navigate our new check-in system. Patience is low and frustrations are high, but if we continue to work as a community through this, the journey will be much more bearable.
With that being said, upon your arrival to the clinic, we ask that you remain in your car as our waiting room is now closed. This is an extra social distancing effort. There will be a sign visable from your parking space with a phone number and parking stall number. Please call the phone number provided (this line will be designated for patient check-in ONLY) and you will reach reception. Your nurse will be notified which stall you are in and come to you to take your temperature and show you into your exam room. Please limit guests at this time and remember that guests accompanying you to your appointment should expect to have their temperature taken as well. Copayments and other account questions/concerns can be addressed by reception at check out. Please remember to keep your mask on for the duration of your visit. We are also still offering telecare. Thank you all for your support and assistance with these changes. ❤️❤️❤️


These girls are DOMIN-ating health care AND Halloween! Well, all except Jamie would confused the tile game with the pizza chain. She tries. (We promise she’s better with medical billing!) Hope you all have a very happy and healthy Halloween.
We hope to “tip into” you soon!

[10/20/20]   We have some fun news! We are now offering BOTOX injections by the lovely Christina Jepperson, ARNP. She has aquired certifications in BOTOX Training & Dermal Filler Training, as well as in Advanced BOTOX & Dermal Filler. We will now be arranging appointments for treatment with BOTOX for:

-Muscle Spasms
-Fillers (lips, chin, jaw, etc.)
-Facial Wrinkles (crows feet, forehead, frown lines, bunny lines, lip lines, marionette lines, etc.)

We are so excited to be able to offer this to our patients and to the community (we will accept customers whom are not established as patients) in a safe, clinical setting with a licensed ARNP. Prices for BOTOX injections are $12 per unit. Fillers will be based on tube product usage and range between $550-$700. Please call now with any quesions or to schedule! Be prepared to pay your $100 consult fee/appointment deposit. This is non-refundable, but will be credited toward your treatment.



Hello! We have adult flu shots in! Call the office for a time slot, or just stop on by and we will work you in to the schedule. Can't wait to see you here 🥰 07/23/2020

Check out David B. Benson, MD, PLLC.

We've been nominated, wow THANK YOU! We love serving and working with our community! Skagit's Best 2020 is LIVE! Nominate and vote today!


Hi there! We've gotten a lot of calls about these little bad boys. Be very cautious of ticks while you're out soaking up the sun in thick grass and forest lands. Wear appropriate clothing and check yourself and your little ones when you come back from adventuring! Stay safe you all! Remember, we are open if you need tick advice, or anything else!



Come meet Coralie, you’ll love her. We are very excited to add her to our team. She fits right in!
She’s contracted and ready to take on patients with private insurance. If you’ve been on our wait list for Dr. Benson or Christina Jepperson, consider establishing with Coralie!
Call us at (360)428-1884 to schedule 👩🏻‍⚕️☺️


We did a small Benson, MD, PLLC photo shoot to celebrate the addition of Coralie Meslin, ARNP to our clinic!


David Benson, MD & Christina Jepperson, ARNP


Hi, all! We hope you are all doing well during this rocky time. Our doors are still open, and we are still doing telecare.

We'd like to take a moment to spread some GOOD news! We would like to welcome CORALIE MESLIN, ARNP to our small, tight-knit team here at David Benson's clinic!!! Hooray!!!
We understand that we've had limited availability so far this year, and we are taking steps to limit our patient need to utilize urgent care. Thanks for hanging in there with us! 😊
You may have seen some other new faces, as we've hired in reception and nursing as well this year. We are thrilled to have a few more hands on deck to assist in caring for our wonderful community of patients and friends.

Read below for a brief bio on Coralie Meslin, ARNP:

"I grew up in the area and love to play outside and take advantage of all the goodness that our corner of the world offers. As a family nurse practitioner I am committed to working with families across the lifespan and am looking forward to serving the community as part of the team at David Benson, MD, PLLC. My background is in harm reduction, which is all about meeting patients where they are at and working in partnership with them to restore function, build resilience, and live their lives to the fullest. I am creative and flexible, and committed to using shared decision making and evidence-based practices to inform the journey that my patients allow me to participate in. On a community level, I believe deeply in social justice and access to health care, and I volunteer my time both locally and abroad in order provide care and do my tiny part to tip the scales towards equity. For the last two years I’ve had the good fortune to participate in an annual trip to Nepal, working with a group of Nepali and Western clinicians as part of the Nomads Clinic, where we trek into remote areas and set up clinics for villages that don’t otherwise have any access to health care."


[03/12/20]   Hi folks!

We wanted to update our patients about how we have been operating with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

We are still seeing patients here in clinic. We are a low volume clinic and have been taking extra measures for keeping our building clean. We welcome all patients coming in for routine checks and physicals, OB appointments, etc.

If you are having any cold or flu symptoms at this time, we welcome you to call our office at (360)428-1884, as we will be offering TELEMEDICINE. You will be able to speak to a nurse or provider over the phone and receive diagnosis, meds when needed, advice, etc.

Remember we are open, we are available by phone, wash your hands, and cough into your elbows! 03/10/2020

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 (March 8, 2020) As the Department of Health responds to the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State, we get hundreds of questions each day.


Hello dear friends!

This is a post from the CDC and Sedro Woolley School District.:

Please help stop the spread of germs.

We coordinate with the Skagit County Health District in protecting children from certain symptoms of communicable diseases. If your child has any of these symptoms, please keep them home, or make appropriate child care arrangements.

• APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOR – unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, difficult to wake, or irritable. This is sufficient reason to keep a child home from school.
• EYES – red with thick green or yellow drainage may indicate a bacterial conjunctivitis.
• FEVER – child should remain home with TEMPERATURE OF 100 DEGREES Fahrenheit or higher. Child must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine. Greenish nose discharge, and/or chronic cough – please contact your health care provider for a plan of action.
• SORE THROAT – especially with fever or rash. Children with possible strep throat should be seen by their provider.
• DIARRHEA – watery stools in past 24-hour period especially if the child acts or looks ill.
• VOMITING – within the past 24 hours.
• RASH – body rash, especially with fever or itching.
• EAR PAIN – student with drainage/pain/fever need to be seen by a health care provider. Student does not need to be excluded unless discomfort interrupts the learning process. Untreated ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss.
• ANTIBIOTICS – If your child has an illness that requires antibiotics, please check with your provider as to when the child may return to school.

Bringing a child to school with the above symptoms puts other children and staff at risk of getting sick. While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, in the long run, this means less illness and fewer lost workdays for parents.

Please call your student's school to excuse the absence due to any of the above symptoms. Students showing any of the above symptoms will be sent home per district and state policies.

You can help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses like Coronavirus Disease 2019. Follow these simple daily precautions.



We weren’t the only ones with Halloween spirit yesterday! We LOVED seeing all of your costumes, and we were able to snag some pics of a few of them! Aren’t they just the cutest??
*posted with permission from their mummies*


We channeled our inner emotions here at the clinic and dressed as characters from INSIDE OUT!

....heavens, Jamie, will you ever be on the same page??? *characters* from Inside Out, not *literally* inside out...




It’s almost HALLOWEEN and we want to see all of your costumes tomorrow!! Remember to come to the clinic for trick-or-treating and to see what we are up to this year...

[10/24/19]   Here Ye, Hear Ye!

We've been getting a lot of calls about insurance for 2020. Exciting times.

Here's what you need to know...
We are NOT contracted with the following for 2020:

-Humana (unless it's a PPO)
-UMP Plus (this is a current option for school district & state employees)
-Kaiser Permanente Medicare Supplement (we are contracted with stand-alone Kaiser)

If you have further questions, give the office a call and ask for our billing expert, Jamie!


David Benson, MD & Christina Jepperson, ARNP's cover photo

[10/11/19]   ***PSA***

Hi friends 👋 We have decided to do some team building this weekend!!! As a result, our clinic will be closed Monday October 14th and will resume regular business hours on Tuesday October 15th.

Hope you all have a good weekend, and remember to visit urgent care or the ER if there is a emergent medical concern.


Barbies are in recovery. Progressing well. Visiting hours today are from 1:40-4:30. ❤️


Molly the puppy mangles Barbie hands. Super official and sterile procedure for amputation entails. We’re here for all your medical needs. Updates will follow.


Hi friends! 👋 Get your votes in for our lovely Christina 'Peterschick' Jepperson. Election day is November 4th!


David Benson, MD & Christina Jepperson, ARNP's cover photo


Introducing Molly- our new Primary Care Puptitioner. (posted with permission from mom)

[02/04/19]   Good morning, all!

Our clinic is open this morning with a skeleton crew, due to the weather. If you have an appointment today, please drive safely. As of 7:15am, the roads were not great, but drive-able if you're comfortable driving in the snow. If you're not comfortable, please don't go out. Give us a call and we will reschedule you to a different day!

❄️❄️❄️Enjoy the snow! ❄️❄️❄️

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Molly the puppy mangles Barbie hands. Super official and sterile procedure for amputation entails. We’re here for all yo...
We celebrated with each other yesterday at a Great Gatsby themed soiree at Dr. Benson's house. Check out this kickin' re...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful patients! We are grateful for your kindness and support, espe...




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