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Nola Soaparie


😍🌟❤️If you have never heard of Nola Soaparie you are GOING to WANT to get in on our live tonight. NO purchase necessary, but if we can get up to 50 views and maintain for at least a minute or two I will be gifting this AMAZING soap (Post Traumatic Fest) as our share prize. *** so make sure you share the video from the page and invite people to watch the video on the page feed.

These soaps are not only ** Globally and Economically Responsibly Sourced. They are amazing on the skin and made from a local small business owner.

❣️❣️❣️but the BEST this is these descriptions.... Y'ALLLLLLL

Post Traumatic Fest:
Unlike your Rolling Stone hopes and your Fleetwood Mac dreams, Post Traumatic Fest Disorder is your faithful friend to help you get your s**t together after another fantastic fun -filled Jazzfest. Since it’s also the 50th anniversary, we got a little extra fancy and added some activated charcoal to the mix and doubled up on the scrubby goodness with chicory coffee AND some ground loofah- because honestly, when I saw Al Green on the lineup along with Chaka Kahn, Bonnie Raitt and Tom Jones, I knew s**t was gonna get real. Let’s face it guys. Even if you didn’t attend the festival itself, we are all going to the after Jazzfest shows and are probably going to partake in behavior where we don't want to either have track ass and smell like fest funk or smell like summer just came and bitch slapped us (which we all know it did). Let's not even start on how many times you festers frequented a porta potty - in sandals - and how many times you hugged someone in the gospel tent or sat in the grass to eat your cochon de lait bec😀ause there were no seats and that grass was a little wet but you decided to not question that for the sake of your sanity. You know I know. And you know I’ve got you covered, boo. Post Traumatic Fest Disorder is a blend of cooling peppermint and spearmint (ahhhh), and fresh rosemary (yes please), CDM coffee to promote circulation and exfoliate (how can that be a bad thing?) and Luffa powder to help scrub any crusty unsavory dry skin business or track funk you may be featuring right now. Made in my own recipe of Olive Oil, Ecuadorian Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and a touch of rice bran oil all blended to absolute PERFECTION and wrapped up by my mama. Hell YEAH.
i need a soap with no chems for my jacked up skin. do you make one with salt?
Like a dream, Attitude Adjuster 2017 ran towards me through a field of wild flowers, lifted me up and spun me around....all in delicious slow motion 💞 Thanks for the intro, Nola Soaperie!

Gourmet Soap Maker keeping It real since 2002


Come see us this Saturday at the Super Saturday art market at st coffee on St Claude!! Releasing a ton of new flavors!! We will also be djing!!


Happy fest in place season y’all! As most of you know I do an annual post traumatic fest disorder soap for all you festers out there getting dirty on the track!!! It’s usually one of my biggest sellers. This years post traumatic fest disorder soap is going to be super special for all of you festers planning to fest in place with WWOZ 90.7 FM New Orleans because we DESERVE IT!

This years bar will feature cdm coffee, rosemary, peppermint, a hint of eucalyptus, and some activated charcoal to draw out toxins and a little somethin somethin to hold us over until October!

Stay tuned and get ready!


Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give an update to all of my awesome soap customers. As you have noticed, I have been on a bit of a hiatus. LOTS has happened around here. From changing spaces, to having to replace most of my base oils due to heat and humidity and lack of temp control in the new space, then moving again (both the space and my apt) then having to re buy fresh base oils on TOP of just being overall busy with my dayjob and DJing.. But Im happy to say, all of my oils have been replaced and I am ready to start serving up gourmet soap for you all starting next week! I want to thank EVERYONE who has basically stalked me and threatened my safety in the name of soap and to the person who sent me the fight club card... throughout this time because yall really remind me why I keep doing this (aside from the fact Im a snob and just love really really good soap). Just like for many of you, I began this journey because it was SO hard to find soap that didnt irritate my daughters skin. So trust me, I get how scary it is when that ONE brand you love goes on Hiatus! Well, fret no more, lovelies! We are all ready and about to rock your showers and baths once again- PLUS I have a ton of awesome stuff planned for all of you so stay tuned. I love you all and thank you so much for all of your continued support! I really have the best customers in the whole world! Im SO EXCITED to hop back into my soap making passion and share it with all of you. Also get ready for fall deodorant so you dont smell like chicken soup during Thanksgiving. LOL!


Is winter weather killing your skin?
We got you

Not only are we gearing up for the holidays, but right now we have three flavors of moisturizing skin loving soap in stock- and they are cured to perfection. Wash of shame (coffee soap with CDM coffee scrubbies), Green Monster (avocado and ground luffa) and Gluttony (oatmeal and cocoa honey almond)

$7.00 each or 4 for $25.00- Btw- if you are local you can save on shipping and pick up in the Marigny or CBD. If you are out of state, shipping costs are $1.50 a bar. 09/24/2018

Soapárie by Soaparie

Just dropped Wash of Shame, Gluttony and our famous Deodorant Paste in the etsy shop. Ready.. set.. GO! You searched for: Soaparie! Discover the unique items that Soaparie creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting Soaparie, you’re supporting a small business, and, in turn, Etsy! 09/24/2018

The Pitts Natural Deodorant Paste - orange, cybilla, white tea and ginger

Heads up Natural Deodorant Paste is back on the Etsy! A bunch of you asked me for more deodorant paste because it was such a hit.. here it is! Stock up! New Orleans Summertime Tested! The Pitts was developed for those of us with sensitive pitts that are weaning off of the chemical horroshow that is commercial deodorant. Made with soothing shea butter, bentonite clay and a teeny bit of beeswax to firm it up.. this formula has been tested in


Surprise!! Im on music and fortin street slingin soapy goodness listening to anita baker right now- come by and get soap to wash off that fest funk properly and say hi! I accept cash, cards and white chocolate bread pudding as a form of payment.


SECOND WEEKEND OF JAZZFEST YALL.. get yours before I RUN OUT! Let me tell you.. this right here is the JAM after a long day at the track! Trust! I will be at the vortex tonight.. and MIGHT actually be at a spot near the track this weekend.. details soon to come.


$8.00 per bar

ATTENTION: LL Cool J is playing Jazz Fest this year. I repeat. LL Cool J is playing Jazzfest this year. This is not a drill. Please plan accordingly. Seriously. The organizers of Jazzfest were not fooling around when it comes to talent. Anita Baker, Common, and the longest relationship I have ever had even if it’s just in my imagination --- I mean --- and LL Cool J are just a few of the fantastic musical acts scheduled to perform so we all need to come to terms with the fact that there is no amount of mango freezes, water-mister-thingies, frozen daiquiris or rose mint teas that are going to cool you down after that lineup or prevent the inevitable track funk from finding its way into every crease of your body while you shake it hard and hug random sweaty people in the gospel tent (we all do judgment, but let’s be honest...that’s gross) and don’t even get me started on the porta-potty and the state of your feet if you wore any kind of open toe shoe. (Insert dry heave here.)
Thankfully, I’ve been attending Jazzfest for most of my life, my mama has been attending since BEFORE my life, and I am also a neurotic germaphobe who just so happens to have been making soap for 15 years (Yes. I started when I was 5). And we are here to help. Post Traumatic Fest Disorder is a blend of cooling Peppermint (ahhhh) and fresh rosemary (yes please), CDM coffee to promote circulation and exfoliate, and Pumice powder to help smooth out any crusty unsavory dry skin business you may be featuring right now because you MIGHT run into LL Cool J (Hey! It’s a small city). Made in my own recipe of Olive Oil, South American sourced Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Ricebran oils to absolute PERFECTION and wrapped up by my mama. Hell YEAH.


Thank you for the shoutout NOLA MIX Records! 04/20/2018

Soapárie by Soaparie

You asked.. we listened.. for those out of state.. we are now listing again on Etsy!! Go shop! Browse unique items from Soaparie on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.


This Sunday! I will be here! Come by and get some cool stuff and maybe even a few bars of soap!


Ill be here this sunday.. and will bring some soap with me! Come on by!


My old school customers.. Remember Fo Yo Privates yogurt castile soap? Im making that this weekend. Get ready for the silly ad to resurface..



I often tell people about where I source my ingredients from because in that regard I try to be as responsible as possible when buying ingredients. In the cocoa industry there are huge human rights issues coming from the cocoa industry in the Ivory coast- the epicenter for so much cocoa we consume here in America.

My story with this company started many years ago while at a birthday party with my then 5 year old for one of the kids at her daycare. It was her daughters birthday and as the universe would have it, we gravitated to eachother very quickly and wound up sitting at her table until the late hours long after the party was over like we had known eachother forever. As two single moms we quickly hit it off and on top of becoming one of my ride or die homies seeing me through many of life's crazy moments, turned out she and her familly were in the cocoa industry for two generations now, starting in Ecuador. This company has very close relationships with small farms in Ecuador where cocoa is obtained responsibly, farmers are paid fairly, and as a result they maintain super high quality standards. Talk about the Universe hooking a girl up!

At any rate, here are some pictures from where the cocoa butter that you find in your soap comes from during her recent trip to Ecuador to visit the farms. Side note, whenever you eat delicious chocolate desserts at my house, they are always made with their cocoa powder which honestly is no joke, and next level amazing. If you need to buy cocao or cocoa butter or cocoa powder, THIS is where you want to get it. Tell them Wifey Maria sent you.


Yesterday we made smokey black jasmine activated charcoal soap with pumice powder in our fancy new space with our new soap equipment. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Fun Fact: NOLA Soaparie is a family run business. I started making soap for my daughter (who is now about to be 21) over 15 years ago when she had skin allergies. Now, my mother and my brother are all parts of my grand plans for world soap domination. :D


Yall Im wearing one of the new deodorants I made this weekend and HOLY SWEET MAMA its good. Black amber and lavender and smoky black jasmine (which is an awesome blend of bergamot and cassis with rose, neroli, and jasmine). On sale tomorrow. This batch is essentially the same recipe as the first in terms of having all the awesome clays and butters but I added a LOT more solid oils/butters so it is very much a smooth awesome paste of deodorant goodness. I cant stop smelling my pitts $10.00.


Nola soaparie is now at mardigras zone!


Black Amber and Lavender
Activated Charcoal and Oatmeal Soap

Think back to Mardi Gras 2017- do you really think some basic ass soap washed that away?!?! I know many of you personally and the answer to THAT is no! 2017 was a tough year for many of us so this year, my 2018 resolution soap is all about the detox to get you purified from last year’s stress and sins and ready for upcoming Mardi Gras season where we are all sure to collect some more shortcomings to “resolve” to change for a few weeks next year! Activated charcoal is the stuff dreams are made of and is said to draw bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin where soothing oatmeal gently polishes it away while helping soothe and moisturize. Scented in an amazing blend of black amber and lavender that will calm you down and chill you out so you are less likely to spend Mardi Gras in OPP and more likely to start your new year like the grown ass adult we all know you are trying to be. You can thank me with Manchego Toast from Mimi’s and a Pims and gingerale from Big Daddy’s.

Local Delivery and Pickup Points in the Marigny and Bywater.
DM Me for Details


I am super excited about our new soap packaging. Hired a great local printer/designer to create and print the custom wrap stright out of the bywater. Its gonna be fly, yall. I have also hired a professional designer to work on my labels. Also, online ordering coming soon!


OPEN SLAY: will be packaged and ready for pick up/local delivery (Marigny/Bywater) TOMORROW. Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay and Cafe Bustelo coffee scented in an amazing blend of pine, fir needles, cedar bark and eucalyptus and topped with another fabulous dusting of coffee because.. coffee. :D $7.00 each.


Holiday Soaps are being dropped next week. Open Slay is making a return this year (awesome blend of pine, fir needles, cedar bark and eucalyptus blended with activated charcoal swirls and green bentonite clay and scrubby pumice powder) AND another favorite of mine that Im making for selifsh reasons (because its my fav and i need more for me mememememe).. Black Amber and Lavender (havent named it yet.. lol) - A really deep rich beautiful scent blend of lavender, vanilla, soft musk and patchouli with activated charcoal and organic cornmeal.The bar is really dark. Almost black.


Thank you to everyone who came out and saw me at gretna fest! Saw some old friends and met some new ones! Hope your Monday was a little happier with your new fancy soap In your showers!! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️


Don't get caught out there


This Saturday and Sunday


Wrapping soap bars and listening to this week's soap is brought to you by great hip hop.


A sneak peak at our super luxe dry shampoo jars.. aren't they cute? Wait till they are all labeled and pretty!! Good hair day in a jar right here!!


It's hereee FINALLY after months of testing and tweaking I'm Proud to announce that I am just about to label up my super adorable jars of my super Luxe dry shampoo! This stuff is exactly what you need to keep your hair clean and fresh in between washes and my ingredients are SO MUCH BETTER than the stuff you buy in stores.. I tested it on my oily roots but super processed hair and y'all, this stuff is AWESOME!! Great for blondes and brunettes because I'm magical like that!

The PERFECT blend of Bentonite clay, rhasaoul clay, arrowroot powder and imported South American cocoa powder help to keep oil and dirt off of your roots and boost volume.. blended with orange, lavender, pine, patchouli cashmere and musk packaged up in the most awesome little two ounce jars. Smells so amazing. You can either use your fingers or you can clean a blush brush, dip it in and apply on your roots. For all my soaparie veterans, this is scents in the same scent as my incredibly popular mic drop soap.

TALC FREE 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Pics soon to come! Yeay!



It's hereee FINALLY after months of testing and tweaking I'm Proud to announce that I am just about to label up my super adorable jars of my super Luxe dry shampoo! This stuff is exactly what you need to keep your hair clean and fresh in between washes and my ingredients are SO MUCH BETTER than the stuff you buy in stores.. I tested it on my oily roots but super processed hair and y'all, this stuff is AWESOME!! Great for blondes and brunettes because I'm magical like that!

The PERFECT blend of Bentonite clay, rhasaoul clay, arrowroot powder and imported South American cocoa powder help to keep oil and dirt off of your roots and boost volume.. blended with orange, lavender, pine, patchouli cashmere and musk packaged up in the most awesome little two ounce jars. Smells so amazing. You can either use your fingers or you can clean a blush brush, dip it in and apply on your roots. For all my soaparie veterans, this is scents in the same scent as my incredibly popular mic drop soap.

TALC FREE 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Pics soon to come! Yeay!


Some of you have asked me how I began making soap. so here is the story of Soaparie as you know it.. I began making soap 16 years ago when my daughter who was in pre school at the time had severe skin allergies. We didnt know at the time exactly what she was allergic to and even stuff that was branded as "natural" and "fragrance free" irritated her skin. We were living in NJ at the time and harsh winters and drying radiators made it worse. Back then we didnt have Etsy. We had ebay. So I began buying 100% olive oil goatsmilk soap from a woman who had a goatfarm. We would buy her soap in bulk and her soap really helped. She stopped making soap- and was kind enough to reach out to me because she knew I was a single mom and knew why I was purchasing her soap. She led me to a soap making group and it began from there. Being able to control every ingredient in our soap helped us to try to figure out what Gabby was allergic to. We learned it wasnt fragrance- it was foaming agents. Friends and family would ask me for extra bars and since I was making batches, I would give them away. 5 years later I met Leila aka "wifey maria" who's family has been in the cocoa industry in Ecuador for two generations. She would give me really high end cocoa butter sourced from small farms in Ecuador at cost. I began to incorporate the butter into my bars. I spent years adjusting my recipe to get it exactly where I wanted it. Super moisturizing, but rinsing clean. Lathering but not drying. So the soap you buy now is truly a 16 year journey. This is why you will never see bright un natural colors or foaming agents in my bars of soap and why so many of our customers are those with skin allergies who had before us pretty much given up on having a luxury soap their skin could tollerate. Our focus has always been on INGREDIENTS first. This is why I get hunted down at bars when I run out of soap. So thats Soaparie's story. Gabby is 20 now and the best soap tester ever.


Come see the B52s and buy some soap at Gretna Fest September 29-Oct. 1! We will have a booth and we will have ALL the top selling soaps AND our new haircare line will be making its frist appearance Also, you just KNOW Im formulating some special edition B52 themed soap!


This soap is summer in nola level peppermint realness. Ill be at Circle Bar on Saturday, Big Daddy's on Friday and in the hood all week. I can also accept Venmo and Square Cash and can ship for $1.00 a bar.

The Cool Kids
Activated Charcoal Soap with Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Peppermint with Organic Cornmeal

My dad always lays down the 3 golden rules for Summertime in NOLA:

1. Wear light, loose clothing;
2. Walk slow; and
3. Powder your privates.

Well, I'm adding a 4th because as far as I’m concerned if you live in New Orleans and you don’t have a good peppermint soap in your shower during our seemingly endless Summer, you are a New Orleans newbie. Those of us in the know realize that not only does a good peppermint soap cool you off and calm you down, but (big plus here) bugs hate it too! THIS bar is the mother of all peppermint bars. Blended in my bad-ass recipe of olive oil, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter with fresh peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus to cool you down in the hot swampy days ahead of us. Organic cornmeal is added for extra lavish exfoliation to help you handle your sandal scandal. Added bonus? Its beautiful deep gray color comes from activated charcoal for all of its skin soothing and purifying benefits. So rule number 4. dont be basic with your summer soap usage. Stock up on some peppermint goodness from your friends at NOLA Soaparie.


MIC DROP ENCORE PERFORMANCE! If you missed out on the last Mic Drop sale a few weeks ago, you TRULY missed out. It sold out after two days. After everyone went crazy over the last batch utter chaos and three custom orders for the entire loaf ensued. SO lucky for you I poured an extra batch and its cured to perfection and ready!! Orange, lavender and pine with notes of patchouli, lemongrass, cashmere and musk with activated charcoal and bentonite and Moroccain clays? YES PLEASE. I accept venmo, square and in person cash. We can arrange pickup/drop off. I ship two days a week. Mon/Fri. Shipping is 2.00 a bar.

$7.00 a bar
Last week I received a request to make a batch of soap that would match a discontinued fragrance from a very well-known bath and cosmetics company, who shall not be named. I was asked to give it the Soaparie makeover of amazing with my superior and awesome ingredients. Because I love any type of battle (breakdancing battles.. dj battles… brass band battles, sewing battles, freestyle battles), in my cocky mind I decided “Hey! I am kind of like what Landry-Walker is to marching bands. What crazy leggs is to breakdancing. That's what I am to soap making (or at least that's what I tell myself). So. Challenge accepted.” This bar is an extra loaf I made of that custom batch.. Scented in a blend of orange, lavender and pine with notes of patchouli, lemongrass, cashmere and musk and made with our natural blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil and olive oil.. blended with morracain clay then then swirled with activated Charcoal that smells fantastic AND I can promise you.. completely annihilates whatever unidentified foaming object you may have purchased from said company… Now. Go run tell THAT. *Mic Drop*


Getting ready to make two soap deliveries at big daddys .. if any of y'all want to pick up some Post Traumatic Fest Disorder rosemary peppermint scrubby soap I'll be there for a few and I'll have a few extra bars on me.


Rosemary Peppermint Scrubby Butter Soap
(with pumice powder and coffee)
$7.00 per bar.

I want you to think back to the Jazzfests of yesteryear. Remember when you ran into that sweaty, beer soaked guy you used to “know” and he just had to give you a twirl at the Fais Do Do stage? Or how about that friend of a friend with the muscle t-shirt and a too firm hand shake that you were introduced to as he was coming out of the porta potty? Did you come home with mud on parts of your body that truthfully for health purposes shouldn’t have been exposed to fest mud? Heck, If you wore some sort of sandal or open toe footware, chances are highly likely that 150 plus years of old horse dung and track tragedy are STILL living on your feet right now (don’t worry we don’t judge). We made this bar for you fest heads who come home muddy, full of race track fest funk, and porta-pottie and hug grime who aim to keep it pushing past Stevie Wonder and on through all of the awesome dance parties afterward. You should know that there is always a chance of rain happening AND there will be Cuban music to dance to. And lets’ face it, if you aren't sweating when you are dancing to Cuban music, you obviously aren't doing it right. Just sayin. Preparation is key here, kids, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Made from scratch by yours truly and scented in a perfect cooling and refreshing blend of peppermint and Rosemary with a touch of thyme and swirled in with some good old café bustello and ground pumice powder to scrub away the sweat and grime and draw out toxins. Blended with my own super moisturizing recipe of Ecuadorian cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oils. Each bar is wrapped lovingly by my mama in the Gambit. The perfect way to wind down before you get back up again to head to that ridiculously awesome after show that you can brag to all of your friends in [insert big city here] about. So carry on, faithful festers, we've got your back (and all of your other festy parts too!).


I want you to take a moment to remember what your feet looked like and what your entire stinky body smelled like when you came home from The track last jazzfest. No worries. I got you. Post traumatic fest disorder is being released THIS WEEK! Cool soothing peppermint and herbal rosemary with a touch of thyme combined with pumice powder for gentle exfoliation and swirls of bustello coffee for extra track grime removal. Made by scratch By yours truly in my own recipe of coconut, olive, sustainable palm and lots of super high grade cocoa butter (like the stuff fancy chocolate makers use) sourced responsibly from
South America.. Here it is freshly poured ... isn't it pretty? Stay tuned..

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Two fresh batches are dropping this week .. Replenishing the soap racks .. Get ready!!!
Get ready for not one but two flavors dropping next week!! Gotta replenish the curing racks!




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