Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup

Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup


Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup Rocket Fuel Granola is a super fast snack that will keep you energized throughout the day! Try our recipe below & get ready for blast off!

2 3/4 cups rolled oats
1 cup shelled pistachios
1/3 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1 cup unsweetened coconut chips or flakes (not shredded coconut)
1 cup unsweetened coconut chips or flakes (not shredded coconut)
1 tbs salt
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup Dr Bill’s Syrup
3/4 cup dried sour cherries

1. Preheat oven to 300°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. In a medium bowl, mix together oats, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips, and salt.

3. In a small sauce pan, combine brown sugar, olive oil, and Dr. Bill’s Syrup. Bring heat to medium and whisk occasionally until sugar has dissolved. Pour over oat mixture.

4. Spread oats along prepared baking sheet. Bake until lightly golden, about 30 minutes

5. Remove from oven and mix in dried cherries

Enjoy! More recipes at drbillssyrup.com

Oh, my! Sous Vide Pork with D.a.T. Sauce & Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup reduction by the one & only Chef Gason Nelson! This looks incredible. 🚀🚀

Did you know you can have an exclusive virtual cooking class with Chef Gason Nelson through the international The Chef & The Dish? They select top chefs from around the world to feature in their classes, and Gason is the expert on Louisiana cuisines! You can learn from the master himself.
Wonderful visit with Ukulele Jay BBQ and his wife Corinne who stopped by our corner of the Bayou on their Louisiana trip. They visited Dat Sauce and Scott Green’s Bayou Country, and spent a lot of time in New Orleans with Dr. Bill of Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup ~ Jay fell in love with Dr. Bill’s Syrup on a previous trip to New Orleans & became fast friends with Dr. Bill!

Ukulele Jay BBQ has taken his BBQ & cooking adventures all over, and he is a Must Follow if you like great food & creative recipes!
We aren’t fancy up here in Michigan but a nice warm *freezer* waffle on this -2 day hits the spot!
Southern Hoe Cokes with Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup - that’s what I’m talking about!

Hoe Cakes (or Johnnycakes) are a mixture of cornmeal, water, and salt. They were originally baked on the flat of a hoe over a wood fire. Variations can include thicker cakes with added fat, wheat flour, and other ingredients.

👉🏾 Private Booking requests may be sent via chefgason.com.

Tonight! Please Join me here for a special Night of Soul. 8PM/C. Some of my favorites by Etta James, Aretha & more, plus some originals, too. I’ll be backed by a stellar band of Special Guests including Mudbone & The Ruckus. We will be broadcasting live from The New Orleans Room in Patterson, LA, courtesy of William Gil & Valen Productions, and Hal Bruni & Dasahit Publishing and Productions, LLC 💕

* Sponsored by Dat Sauce, Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup, & Legends of Music Row
Dang, give us dat Louisiana bang!
Chicken Nuggets with Chef Gason Nelson’s Bang Bang Sauce 😍 🤤 Made with D.a.T. SaUcE, Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup & Mayo! What a combination. It was supposed to be for the kids but we ate it all first! Try it and blast your taste buds to the moon!

• You can now order our Sweet & Spicy Gift Set for only $19 that features:
Black Wire Basket
• 1- 10oz. bottle of D.a.T. SaUcE
• 1- 12oz. bottle of D.a.T. KeTcHuP
• 1- Royal Blue D.a.T. Koozie
• 1- 7oz bottle Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup 🚀🚀

Order at DatsauceLa.com
Congrats to our customer Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup for winning 2nd Place Booth design at the 75th Annual R&DA - Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging Spring Exhibition. 🥳 Thanks for the kind words!
Wings or wagyu sliders? Why choose when you can have both! These look off-the-charts delicious!

: Atlanta GA
American wagyu bacon cheeseburger sliders seasoned with Neil Sarap tasty bark beef and some wings seasoned with dayum and sauced with D.a.T. SaUcE and Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup done in my Instant Pot vortex. Man, these were so good 🤤
Tonight was the unveiling of the "Kobe Beef" of the pork world. If you haven't heard about Mangalitsa, you have now! Of course, another recipe using Dr. Bill's Cane & Maple Syrup. Enjoy.

How To Prepare and Cook Mangalitsa Tri-Tip -The Kobe Beef of Pork
Today I perfected my new Habañero Salted Cane & Maple Sauce for hot wings.

Extra extra crispy from the air fryer. Finally figured out the extra extea crispy process.

Another recipe done with the fantastic Dr. Bills Cane & Maple Syrup! Featured on http://youtube.com/ukulelejay
Cherry Smoked Habañero Salted Cane and Maple Duck using my newly created Habañero Salted Cane & Maple Glaze with DRB syrup.

A tastier, healthier vitamin fortified blend of all-natural syrups. A tastier, healthier blend of All-Natural fortified syrups

Operating as usual


Starting off 2023 with Pear Crepes and Dr. Bills Syrup!
📷 🚀🚀🚀

Shop our store locations along the Gulf Coast or order direct via our online store at drbillssyrup.com ~ we ship Nationwide.


Ringing in the New Year 🍹 Old Fashioned with a little Dr Bills twist. Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you 🙏 for all your support in 2022. Wishing you a year of many blessings!


We are in Foley, AL! 🚀🚀 Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermans Market in Foley is all stocked up with Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup. Bill E from BILL E's SMALL BATCH BACON checking it all out. 😊 Pick up some of that cane & maple goodness today!

Made in Louisiana, our uniquely flavored, all natural syrup is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite syrup!


Good morning ☀️ Starting the day with that Cane & Maple magic is the way to a fantastic day! How about this delicious Ciabatta French toast with Dr.Bills Syrup from our friends in Texas? 😍 🚀🚀


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and holiday season filled with laughter, joy, love and treasured memories for years to come. Much love from our families to yours.

Photos from Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup's post 12/15/2022

By request, Chef Gason Nelson is sharing his recipe for Pecan Pie made w/ DBS. It’s a hit with his clients and it tastes absolutely Out of This World! 🚀🤤

Dr Bills Cane & Maple Syrup Pecan Pie 🥧

• 1 unbaked 9-inch pie crust, frozen for at least 30 minutes
• 2 c pecans, coarsely chopped
• 3 lg eggs, slightly beaten
• 1 c light corn syrup
• 1/2 c brown sugar
• 2 tbs Dr Bill’s Syrup
• 4 tbs unsalted butter, melted
• 2 tsp almond extract
• Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a medium bowl, vigorously mix eggs, brown sugar, corn syrup, Dr Bill’s Syrup, melted butter, almond extract and salt. Mix together until smooth.

Spread the chopped pecans over the bottom of frozen pie shell. Pour the filling over the pecans.

Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. Then tent the pie loosely with aluminum foil to prevent the crust and pecans from getting too browned. Bake for another 35 to 45 minutes until the filling has set. The pie should be a bit wiggly in the center. Remove from oven and let cool completely.

Note that the pie will be puffed up a bit when you first take it out of the oven. It will settle as it cools.
Enjoy! 🥧 🚀

🌲Save 15% off with our Holiday Sale now through January 3 at drbillssyrup.com!


Just what the doctor ordered for the Holidays, delicious Cane & Maple happiness! A must for the breakfast table, and a perfect gift of Louisiana goodness for your friends or family. Order now at drbillssyrup.com! (Link in bio).


Blasting off breakfast with 🚀🚀🚀

The Cane & Maple way is how to start the day! Our delicious, all natural syrup is such a unique blend, you’ll never want any other syrup. Proudly Made in Louisiana 😍🚀

For a list of all our locations, visit drbillssyrup.com.


Langenstein's in New Orleans, Metairie, & River Ridge all carry Dr. Bill's Cane & Maple Syrup! Langensteins is the "go to" spot for food lovers since 1922, offering prepared New Orleans delicacies, gourmet items, and everyday grocery needs. They also ship nationwide.

• Dr Bill's syrup is now available at multiple store locations along the gulf coast. It's all natural, Vitamin D fortified. with A Taste That's Out Of This World! 🚀🚀🚀

• Made in Louisiana •


Good morning from the greatest city in the world! Start the day off right with a Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup Breakfast! We are in several store locations along the Gulf Coast. You can see our website for our store locations or order Direct from us at drbillssyrup.com!


📷 Chef Gason Nelson ~ be sure to follow him to keep up with his culinary adventures!


Dr. Bill enjoyed some time catching up with friend Bill E of BILL E's SMALL BATCH BACONthis past weekend in New Orleans, sharing some good times & good food, of course. Bill E was just featured on the Weekly Radio Show and Podcast, What’s Working with Cam Marston, talking about his bacon and Dr. Bill’s Syrup! Check it out: https://cammarston.com/whats-working-with-cam-marston-podcasts/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ

Dr. Bill’s Syrup & Bill E’s Bacon are a match made in foodie Heaven! 🚀 🚀🚀


How about this 7oz Latin Spicy Blackend Duck breast brushed with Papaya Hot sauce, Bourbon and Dr. Bill’s Maple Cane Syrup by Dine In Foodies]? 😋 It looks so juicy and tender. Cooking w/ Dr. Bill’s unique flavor is a game changer! 🚀🚀

Be sure to Follow Dine In Foodies] for updated content ✨️


Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🙏! We are grateful for all who have connected with us, supported us, and become part of the Dr. Bill’s Syrup family. Have a wonderful day!

📷 by the amazing , The glaze she made used rub, butter, soy sauce, sriracha, Dr. Bill’s Syrup & Swerve golden. 🤤🚀🚀

Photos from Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup's post 11/21/2022

Start your morning with Kindness with the Bill Es Bagel, served at KIND Cafe in Fairhope, AL, featuring BILL E's SMALL BATCH BACON slow cooked in Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup, blended with cream cheese, and served on a fresh baked bagel. That’s our KIND of Breakfast!
😍🚀🚀 🥓

Kind Cafe is located at 108 North Section Street in Fairhope, AL 36532.

Photos from Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup's post 11/18/2022

The best Brussel Sprouts, ever! Served at Bill E S restaurant in Fairhope, AL, they are specially made by Bill E himself with Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup, creator of BILL E's SMALL BATCH BACON.


The one & only Chef Gason Nelson cooking up some Sweet & Spicy Wings made w/ Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup and Dat Sauce at the World Food Championships at the Natural Tableware and UnLtd Ventures booth ~ Best Wings Ever and 💯! We are looking forward to Louisiana being a State Partner next year! 🚀🚀


Happy Veterans Day to all who have served our country. We are grateful for your service. 🚀🚀🚀


Seth Barish of Fire and Rescue in Fort Lauderdale’s Downtown Engine #2 - proudly representing!

Dr. Bill’s Syrup T-shirts are so comfortable, and so Rocketship cool! Men and Women’s sizes available. You can get yours at drbillssyrup.com 🚀🚀🚀


Fantastic dessert idea: Grilled Pineapple Glazed with Dr. Bill’s Syrup with a roasted plum relish by .create 🍍 😍 🚀



Wing Wednesday calls for Habañero Salted Cane & Maple Almond Blossom Honey Wings by Ukulele Jay BBQ
🚀🚀 🤤🤤

The unique flavor of our Cane & Maple
blend makes Dr. Bill’s Syrup a game changer when it comes to deep flavored wings!

Order at drbillssyrup.com


Monday morning Buttermilk stack ready for blast off! 🚀🚀 Not only do kids love the amazing taste of our "rocket ship syrup", but our incredible Dr. Bill's Cane & Maple Syrup is all natural and Vitamin D fortified!

See our store locations at drbillssyrup.com


Dr. Bill loves this wing recipe 😍! Once you make them, we bet they’ll be a favorite in your household, too! They are made with Dat Sauce & Dr. Bill’s Syrup using the easy recipe by Chef Gason Nelson (see our website), and these wings are absolutely incredible! These wings were done naked and entirely in the air fryer so quick and easy!! 🤤🤤

🚀🚀 Recipe at www.drbillssyrup.com


Sweet and Salty BLT Bites, please! These bacon, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese bites by Ukulele Jay BBQ are a killer appetizer for any time day or night.

Using the finest quality hickory smoked small batch bacon from BILL E's SMALL BATCH BACON along with fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and fresh blue cheese, then drizzled with Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup, this is a winning combination. Bet you can’t eat just one!

• Follow Ukulele Jay BBQ🇺🇸 for more great recipes!

Photos from Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup's post 10/26/2022

blasting off breakfast with his son! Mickey Mouse Waffles, a Short Stack, and Dr. Bill’s Syrup, of course!


The next time you’re at the popular Commissary, pick up some Dr. Bill’s Syrup and take home that delicious cane & maple flavor!

The Commissary is located at 634 Orange Street in Nola, with a wonderful Kitchen & Market. 🚀🚀


Hooray for Friday ~ Rise & Shine! ☀️Eggs, BILL E's SMALL BATCH BACON, pancakes, & Dr. Bill’s Syrup, perfect way to start the day!
📷 Ukulele Jay BBQ


How about this Cajun Footlong with Chorizo Chili??!! 🚀🚀 Now, that’s blasting off some flavor!

Louisiana Locavores:
I can not express to you how exciting this one was to pull off! This made for a super easy and fun weeknight meal. We took some of our homemade beef chorizo, cooked it down with tomato sauce, our hot sauce and a touch of local Dr. Bill’s cane & maple syrup to make THE best chili! This would have been good on anything, but we piled it onto our favorite venison sausage and made ourselves a chili dog! Served on local foot long hot dog buns, topped with smoked goat feta, our own Sweet Heat Kraut Relish and chives from the garden. Yall, this was so so good!


Dr. Bill spotted making House Calls! Our unique Cane & Maple blend was created by Dr. Bill Accousti, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans, and our syrup is made right here in Louisiana. 😍🚀🚀

Order some today at www.drbillssyrup.com


October morning vibes has us dreaming about these Cane & Maple Pumpkin Fritters by 😍🤤

Check out Ukulele Jay’s Featured Page of recipes on drbillssyrup.com!

What’s your favorite thing to make with Dr. Bill’s Syrup? 🚀🚀

Photos from Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup's post 10/03/2022

Dr. Bill’s Syrup isn’t just for breakfast! Spicy Jalapeño Balsamic Dr. Bills Maple Cane Syrup grilled Beef Filet Mignon seasoned with Mesquite Smoked Kosher salt and Beef Rub by 🤤


Rise & Shine, Nola! ☀️ Blasting off with Banana Bread Pancakes w/ Dr. Bill’s Syrup, Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Sausage from

• Visit Drbillssyrup.com for a list of our store locations or to order direct!


Boudin - it’s what’s for Breakfast!

If you haven’t dipped your boudin in our delicious Cane & Maple Blend ~ you’re missing out!

Visit drbillssyrup.com for a list of store locations, or to order directly from our website.


Happy National Pancake Day! 😍😍

Perfect stack alert! 🤤 Beautiful pancakes by , with fresh fruit, cream, and your favorite syrup! Dr. Bill’s unique blend of all natural cane and maple syrup not only has a taste that’s out of this world, it’s fortified with Vitamin D! What a great way to blast off breakfast for you and your family! 🚀🚀🚀


Oh, Yeah! We’d like to double down On this Bacon double cheese crumpet-burger with and Dr. Bill’s Syrup! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, it works for it all!

Have you tried Dr. Bill’s unique Cane & Maple flavor on your burger? 🤤🤤



Take your Chops to next level with some brazen glazin’ with Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup!

Look at these beauties by the one & only Ukulele Jay BBQ🤤🤤


Homemade Vegan Blueberry Waffles topped w/ Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup from ~ 🧇 😍🚀

Be sure to Tune in Saturdays at 3 p.m. and Mondays at 8 p.m. for Louisiana Eats! Hosted by Poppy Tooker.

Louisiana Eats! is a radio show for people who cook and people who love to eat well—all with a Louisiana point of view and Poppy’s distinctive Louisiana voice.

Don’t miss it!


Have you ever tried Wingin’ it with Dr. Bill’s Syrup? These incredible wings created by - made with rum, bacon, maple butter, waffles, and Dr. Bill's Cane & Maple Syrup. How's that for an amazing recipe?
They look out of this world! 🚀🚀🚀


in Metairie is full service family owned and operated grocery with Hot Line Specials & Catering! And, best of all, they’re stocked up Dr. Bill’s Syrup! 🚀 🚀

Dr. Bill’s unique Cane & Maple blend has A Taste That’s Out Of This World! Made right here in Louisiana. Pick up some today!


Happy Sunday! Who is grilling out for the holiday? Drop a comment & let us know what you’re cooking up! 🚀🚀



Try this recipe from Chef Gason Nelson ~ so delicious! Dr Bill’s Cane & Maple Granola Parfait:

* ⅓ cup of your favorite yogurt
* ⅓ cup granola
* 2 tablespoon almonds, chopped
* ½ cup berries of your choice
* 2 tablespoon and some more of Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup

* Drizzle maple syrups in bottom of class then spoon yogurt on top.
* Add a sprinkling of nuts and berries, and drizzle a little more Dr Bills Cane & Maple Syrup on top.
* Serve immediately.

What is Dr. Bill’s Syrup?

A magical blend of 100% pure organic maple syrup and all-natural Louisiana Cane syrup. A rich golden brown blend of North and South that will leave your tastebuds looking for more. Nothing but pure goodness in these bottles.

It is great on pancakes and waffles of course but this is the perfect compliment to a bowl of hot oatmeal or cream of wheat cereal. Use it in place of maple or simple sugar in cocktails or recipes. Drizzle it on ice cream or use it as a desert topping. If you know what boudin is then you have to try dipping it into this stuff.

Why give your kids artificially-flavored high-fructose corn syrup products when they can have some of Dr. Bill's Cane & Maple Syrup for just a little more per bottle. Each serving contains a full day's supply of vitamin D to boot.

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That @chef_gason laugh is contagious! 😍🚀 Dr. Bill’s Cane & Maple Syrup is now available at select @rousesmarkets - pick ...
Fried Bananas by @seattlebutcherswife
Seared Duck Breast made w/ Dr Bill’s Syrup




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