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A 2015 spiritual awakening marks the genesis of Melanie’s lifelong study of energy, the chakras, and spirituality. Through daily meditation and study, Melanie has cultivated a profound understanding of these subject matters. Her reiki practice began in 2017 at Swan River Yoga under the tutelage of Michelle Baker where she received the highest level of training as a level 3 reiki master. Melanie ut

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Photos from Art of Melanie Eyas's post 04/09/2022

Photos from Art of Melanie Eyas's post


Message or e-mail to schedule appointments.


I’m now scheduling sessions in Gilroy, Ca March 30 - April 10. DM or e-mail [email protected] to schedule.


The Power of Words - “This is the crystal for Hope. If you could see the six well-balanced branches grow, you’d definitely feel that having hope is wonderful.” - Masaru Emoto

HOPE - Does the beauty in this water crystal give you hope?

Please join us in April 11 for a global Water Ceremony for Peace and on April 22 Earth Day Water Ceremony & Water Crystal Experiment - Join Free

To learn more about our schedule, experiments and published research please visit




From University of Metaphysics Bachelors Degree Course by Dr. Paul Leon Masters.

MEDITATION: How Does It Work? by Molly Steele 09/20/2021

MEDITATION: How Does It Work? by Molly Steele

My partner, DJ, and I are Unitarian. There’s a Unity Spiritual Center 45 mins away (San Jose) and two that are an hour away (San Francisco & Monterey). We’ve been traveling a lot lately so we watched the Monterey service from our pyramid / home temple space. It was such an amazing service that I feel compelled to share it.
The message begins at 1:01:01 and includes an extremely powerful guided meditation by Molly Steele. She also demonstrates how to feel your energy body the way I was taught and how I teach it. 🌈

MEDITATION: How Does It Work? by Molly Steele MEDITATION: How Does It Work? by Molly SteeleUnity of Monterey BaySeptember 19, 2021


Are you mindful of yourself, the patterns of unaware consciousness?

I do the inner work. I strive for heighten emotional intelligence and physical awareness daily. Leveling up is my JAM. Moving past triggers without blaming someone else is part of the mastery of self awareness.

I love facing myself. I no longer hide from what my inner child was afraid of. I challenge myself while also nurturing my mind and body because I know it's not all "ME". The patterns of experience and physical feelings get stored in the body and can ignite an out of control flame if it continues to be ignored.

My higher self asked me many years ago, "Why are you afraid of you? Why are you afraid of your own feelings and voice?". A light bulb went off and my response was, "Oh yeah....why would I be afraid of "Me"?. Because it's not me, it's the programming that I was floating around in, unconscious of it all, thinking I knew.

I've humbled myself and been humbled so many times and I no longer revolt against it, no longer needing to be in defense mode, angry at the world for reflecting my dysfunction back at me.

Now, I am open to receive. I tear down the walls of boundaries and expectations, no longer needing to protect myself because my will power is love. I no longer need to hate, judge, or discriminate against myself anymore. Because I love me, the wounded me, the healed me, the empowered me. I take it all, not pushing away parts of myself to feed an ego that I didn't write.

Freedom comes from choice, internal choices, verbal and physical choices. I wanted to create a better world around me so I started with myself while I learned to activate true empathy and compassion for others. I felt possessed because I was covered up by fear, hate, abuse, drugs, alcohol, fake foods and ideas that I didn't realize I agreed to.

There is no need to fear the self, it's evolving everyday. The struggle happens due to fighting against the higher self, the truth of what is right and NOT engaging in what is wrong.


I got to experience surround sound gongs in a sacred merkabah at Summer Camp Fest! Such a fun time and amazing experience! 🌈👽

Photos from Reiki Energy Healing with Melanie's post 08/11/2021

Solar Plexus Wednesday!
Wearing yellow for color therapy and eating pineapple & tofu fried rice to help balance our 3rd chakra. Everything is energy, colors have vibrations & frequency & those vibrations can help to balance our energy centers which brings balance into our life. This chakra is related to will power! 🔥Fire is the element so having a bonfire or staring into the flame of a candle can help balance this energy center as well as yellow stones such as citrine.


Make sure you eat watermelon when in season.

Make sure your watermelon has SEEDS and is therefore natural.

Seedless watermelons are unnatural, acidic and nutrient deficient.

A seeded watermelon has a diploid (2 sets) chromosome structure while a seedless has a triploid (3 sets) chromosome structure - so technically a seedless watermelon is not even a watermelon.

Everything nature provides is beneficial, natural and compatible with our organic bodies.

Everything man has created is acidic, nutrient deficient and contains levels of insoluble starch, which later becomes carbonic acid.

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Sound healing for the heart chakra! Keynote F, frequency 341.3hz, & sounds of wind blowing.



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