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happy birthday to you in your life and hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and fun with it and have a great day and birthday today and found a poem for you Wishing you all the special joys that life can bring, and always, the best of everything! Happy birthday
happy birthday to you in your life and hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and fun with it and have a great day and birthday today and found a poem for you to wish you every little thing about your birthday, every candle on your cake, every special wish you make, every smile that comes your way, every moment of your day! Happy Birthday
happy birthday to you in your life and hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and fun with it and have a great day and birthday today and found a poem for you to wish you
It's your day, so own it… Savor the joys you so richly deserve… celebrate your accomplishments, both big and small…Happy Birthday.
My daughter and son. Loved the video and I will do my best to try and get there. If not, I'll plan to spend time with you on my way to NY. Will get more details to you as soon as possible. Love you guys and happy 8th!
I'm here again & i want the masses to know,don't lean on ur own understanding because u will be made out to be a fool,u will learn something everyday,so get it right!! Las..
Awesome page! ;)
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Happy Thursday. Inviting everyone to like my page. Will be hosting a chocolate cake pop tasting soon!
Giving Away Free Bids So You Can Win Cool Stuff I am giving away up to 10 in Free bids to all new people who sign up free on my penny auction website. Join now and don't miss this AMAZING deal.
Kim! It was a pleasure meeting you today!

GOOD KIMISTRY is an Image & Branding firm providing image consulting and branding services to creati We represent all creative brands including designers, Wardrobe and Hair stylists, Make- Up Artists, Models,Hosts, TV/Radio Personalities, photographers,venues, boutiques,etc.

We are the industry's one stop source for booking creative talent and obtaining beauty and event services.


in This Saturday! Come to the palace and catch a with us. You can also choose to attend Virtually, Just me for the link! In our We will our goals together, Set Intentions, Meditate, Journal, Sip some delicious herbal tea and eat some Organic Fruit! Limited space so DM for the link to secure your spot #GoodKimistry

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ATTENTION‼️ NEW DATE 🚨 #SummerSocial is going down 6th in & It will be the Hottest Event of the RSVP Required


Summer is officially here. It’s time to rejoice! 🌞 You know brings all the Please join me at my first Annual We are taking it to the streets and having a on the block of 🔥 I have some treats for you all! & so much more! Please!!

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Catch the Wave

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Life is what you make. Make it Good Good!
Is my favorite!

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Today is Good Kimistry Beauty & Wellness’ 1/2 Birthday 🥳 & I am so proud of my brick & mortar baby! 6 months is like 6 years in entrepreneurship! It has been a beautiful & challenging journey thus far and I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish in the next 6 months! Some ppl told me to quit when it got rough but clearly they didn’t know I am a Champion & I never give up! of Me!!! isn’t easy but I’m working on a legacy for my son!


Happy ‼️Today, At The Palace We continue the celebration with & Come catch a in


should be everyday but we will go ahead on give Mother Earth some extra loving next weekend. Join us for a beautiful celebration & pop up shop at Enjoy various selling products. If you came to the last one then you already know the Always &


Join us tomorrow Plantivia] for a Dope doing a Crystal Charge and Have all products for sale. My Girl will have her delightful products there as well. Come catch a vibe. Tickets Plantivia]


Grand Rising! Today is a great day to have a great day! Claim it & Go Win the Day! It’s#Spring so Plant seeds & water them… meaning Have Faith & Take Action towards completion!


If you haven’t heard our 1st was AMAZING! So we are back at it again in celebration of so Lock in Now! This is a 2 day event! 4/22 & 4/23 & We are also celebrating Aligned Vendors DM me for details! Let’s celebrate


FINALLY!! It’s 🌸 🥳😝 TODAY is the Day! Come celebrate the with us at The Palace in Bring A Friend!!

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Allow my Smile to be your sunshine on a Sending & Light to You on this glorious 🌧 Shout out to All of my getting it done today. It’s still & I see YOU… Keeping your family happy while working on being greater than you were yesterday! We are the real life Superheroes! Come out and meet some amazing at the #popupshop THIS SUNDAY! You know I’m all about ! Come Vibe w/me & My creative Friends!


IDK about you but I’m Happy AF that is officially less than a week away! WooHoo! Come celebrate the with me & Catch a Vibe as you Shop, Listen to Dope Music, Experience a Healing Sound Bath, get a tarot reading, & More!
#GoodVibes #2022


Are for My mind is always going A mile a minute. However I love taking a moment for self reflection, so That I take the proper steps in order to what I want next. Life isn’t always easy But Easy isn’t we’re you grow. The tough times bring you to the most rewarding moments. Take a moment to be for where you are today. It will only bring more reasons to be Grateful in the future! 💫



It’s the Month of 😘💋❤️ …
Oh &


It’s A Fresh New Week… A new opportunity to live in our purpose, To Love on yourself just a little bit more, To Just BE! To Shine Bright because you ARE the light! 💫 To Spread Joy because you deserve to receive joy and you get what you give. tapping into my greatness this rising and I hope that you consider doing the same. Cleanse your aura with a nice sage bundle today and #Love#Light#Blessings


It’s So taking a Spiritual bath with my delicious aromatherapy herbal bath salts. The smell is literally like no other. I love creating products that help us to relax & live on ourselves and moisturize our sexy bodies! DM me to purchase yours!


Just a #Queen in full #Vibes during


Start 💡


Kueens & Kings. is our birth right. I Choose to Align with the forces of nature that are here to serve me. expecting miracles DAILY! I am at in this present moment after an amazing #Meditation & All is I invite you to carry a state of bliss with you as you go about your day today. & 💥 Comment “I expect Miracles” if you feel me!


in ♑️ got me feeling like 🌚🐐💰 #abundance#peace#love#harmony#dope#vibes#GoodKimistry


Feather Leather neck & arm pieces designed by Myself & for available at Good Kimistry Beauty & Wellness Palace


Here We Are!! 🥰🥳I have 1 question for You? What do you want to in #2022 ❓ 1 thing below. I WILL manifest in All areas of my life #Wealth#love#peace#prosperity How about ?


It’s been… 🤔🤯🥳😒🥺🤷🏽‍♀️ Ha! to be here tho! 📠 Keep those AND that & if we have I’ll see you next year! 💥 and in #2022

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The Light! 💡


Be The Light. ☀️


Your 💥 🌊


Happy x The 1st step to ur greatness is to raise ur so Burn some Sip some & Trust 🙏🏽💥✨

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It’s and is almost here! We have a few spots left! DM or email me today!

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is almost here & We are doing it bigger than ever!! It’s gonna be a please follow instructions on the 2nd image. Spread the word to your fellow Sip, Shop and Partaaay! Ayyye!


definitely getting better daily! is my birthright!

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Just ‼️ is REAL! Thanks to every person who came to support & All who sincerely wishes me well. 🥳


Ahhhh 💥🥳🤩 Happy #1111 We are starting at 1:11pm today! See you then! Thx in advance for all the love and support!! Let’s goooo

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I still can’t believe I actually manifested my Dream of having a luxury palace to heal and beautify the masses! A True Dream come true! Come celebrate with me & Catch A Vibe! #share#HealthisWealth 🥳🤩


Happy Where all my Dope A$$ at? Promise me you will the Day?! Type “Promise I will” if ya wit meh! 👊🏽😜

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Type YES to Affirm!! It’s #November We Claim #Wealth#newopportunities#Success#Money#Love#Peace#Happiness#Joy Because it is our Birth Right! Don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT!!! We not taking NO Shorts NO more! &


Treat. You don’t even have to ask. 🎃


Just let your Soul Glow… Just let it Shine Through. 🤣🤩 🌻 🌞


She IS a work of


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Literally mesmerized by Lady Luna. This pic does No justice. nights are my fav. A time of reflection & opportunity to tap in with the supreme forces of nature. ur space, release what no longer serves you & Claim & NOW! Click on my IG store and get your smudge bundle! And it’s #1111


TONIGHT! I’ve got something to share bcuz it’s a ! The journey is never easy, but the real reward is just Staying on track!

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We are all about good vibes and Good Kimistry! We are currently re-branding. Stay Tuned for the new GOOD KIMISTRY!!! Peace, Love and Many Blessings!

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#GrandRising Kueens & Kings. #Abundance is our birth right. I Choose to Align with the forces of nature that are here to...
Your #MiamiVice 💥 #GoodKimistry 🌊
Just let your Soul Glow… Just let it Shine Through. 🤣🤩 🌻 🌞  #GoodVibes #GoodKimistry ****#sunflower #sunnyday #farm #fal...
She IS a work of #ART ****#artofinstagram #artist #dope #dopeart #style #Goddess #Queen #ladyinred #peace #love #vibes #...
Oh! I’m just out here Manifesting Dopeness on this #ManifestMonday 🧝🏼‍♀️#GoodKimistry #Summer2021 #ByeSummer
#Stillbite is a rather unknown loving crystal. It literally brings joyful, healing and uplifting energies into your spac...
Use Code: HAPPYEARTH on my Good Kimistry site Today for 22% off!
Because It’s #Spring and your Home & Aura need to be FULLY cleansed! 🌸Our gorgeous custom Chakra Smudge Bundles are on #...




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