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Non-diet Registered Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Coach, helping people ditch the diets and make peace with food and their bodies.

Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS, is a registered dietitian, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and the owner of Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness. She helps people who are frustrated with dieting rediscover the joy of eating, learn to honor their hunger and fullness cues, and trust themselves around food again. Through guided nutrition coaching, intuitive and mindful eating behaviors, personalized meal planning, and weekly support you’ll develop long-term, sustainable lifestyle habits, no deprivation required. As a freelance writer, speaker and spokesperson, she consults with a variety of companies and frequently appears in national media including NBC Nightly News, ABC News, Prevention, Health, SELF and Women’s Health. Interested in working with Alissa? Learn more at or by emailing [email protected].

Banana Bread Oatmeal Recipe | Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness

#ad It’s blowing my mind that I’ve been craving hot oatmeal in the springtime but alas, here we are. The recent 45-degree temperatures and non-stop rain in New York City mean that my winter oats are sticking around for a while longer. I’ve been making a version of this Banana Bread Oatmeal recipe for years, and am finally getting it up onto my blog! It tastes like fresh banana bread in a bowl (yes really!) and is one of my go-tos when I’m craving a warm breakfast. Even better: it’s super quick and easy to make (y’all know I’m all about those simple recipes!), and you probably have most of the ingredients already on hand.⠀

Instead of using water, I made the oatmeal using Quaker's new Vanilla flavor Oat Beverage. It’s super smooth taste and texture makes the Banana Bread Oatmeal even creamier. It also adds more fiber to the recipe: each 8oz serving of Quaker Oat Beverage contains .75 grams of the soluble fiber beta-glucan, which is the active component of oats that may help reduce blood cholesterol levels. Studies show 3 grams or more of soluble fiber daily from oat bran, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. And it’s a great lactose-free, plant-based option that’s fortified with calcium and vitamin D. ⠀
So until spring finally decides to consistently show its face, I’ll be over here eating allllll the Banana Bread Oatmeal. Full recipe link is below :) his Banana Bread Oatmeal recipe tastes like fresh banana bread in a bowl (yes really!) and is one of my go-tos when I’m craving a warm breakfast.

Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Eating Food On Instagram

Have you ever realized that we very rarely see photos of real women eating real food? Last month I realized that when you google "women eating", ALL that comes up are images of thin, white women eating freaking salads 🤬 So a fellow intuitive eating coach and I started the #womeneatingfood....and Refinery29 wrote about it 😍

We started the #womeneatingfood campaign to encourage all women - of all shapes, sizes, colors, abilities and identities - eating real food. Real, yummy, delicious, messy food. Without explanation, justification or apology. We are trying to move away from what society and the media typically showcase (i.e. not actually eating but just 'posing with' food) and instead normalize real eating. Because women DO eat!!

When we started the campaign a month ago there were only 3 photos using #womeneatingfood, and we are now up to over 500 posts! You can check them out here:

I'd love to have you join in and share your photos over on Instagram - post and use #womeneatingfood + tag me (@alissarumseyRD) so I can see it and share! Photos of women eating in the media often include salads and laughter. But this dietitian wants to change that with the hashtag, #WomenEatingFood.

How to Explain Intuitive Eating to a Friend | Alissa Rumsey Nutrition

Do you struggle explaining intuitive eating or the non-diet approach to friends or loved ones? Are you tired of dealing with food and diet talk, and aren't sure how to shift the conversation?

Brenna O'malley, the other dietitian with Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness, is on the blog today with some suggestions, resources and tips on how to handle these conversations! How do you explain intuitive eating to a friend? Includes tips and examples of how to explain why you're not dieting to a friend, coworker or partner.

[#ad] Have you guys tried Quaker’s new Oat Beverage?! I’m always on the lookout for new products to try and share with you, and this one gets 👍🏻👍🏻 I’m loving the super smooth taste and texture 😍 I’ve been putting the Original version in my frother and adding to my coffee (because y’all know I’m obsessed with my lattes!). You can also drink it on its own or add it to smoothies or cereal – it comes in Original, Original Unsweetened and Vanilla flavors.
👉It’s a great lactose-free, plant-based option –and offers an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D (per 8 oz. serving), which is a must in my book when you’re picking a dairy alternative.
👉AND it’s a good source of fiber from oat bran and chicory root 👌🏻
👉Plus it’s heart healthy too: studies show 3 grams or more of soluble fiber daily from oat bran, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Oat Beverage has 0.75 grams of soluble fiber per 8 oz. serving 🙌🏼

How to Stop Overeating (It's not what you think!) | Make Peace with Food

Is there really such a thing as food addiction? Is it possible to keep your trigger foods in your house and not overeat them? Read below to find out how to conquer your trigger foods and stop overeating (hint: it’s not what you think!). Dieting is actually the cause of overeating (yes, really!). Learn to stop overating by giving yourself unconditional permission to eat.

7 Diet Words This Dietitian Wants You To Stop Using

As a dietitian, I’ve heard it all. But if I could pick a few things that I wish people would never say again it would be these seven diet words. As a dietitian, if I could pick a few things I wish people would never say again it would be these seven diet words (cleanse, detox, diet).

All Your Intuitive Eating Questions Answered | Alissa Rumsey Nutrition

Intuitive Eating is gaining more and more popularity and recognition in the world of nutrition. With more awareness comes more questions and curiosity. Check out part 4 of my Q&A series where I address more intuitive eating questions about the different types of hunger, how to continue to be successful in your intuitive eating journey, and where exercise fits in with intuitive eating. Part 4 of my Q&A series answers intuitive eating questions about different types of hunger, how to be successful in your intuitive eating journey and more.

Why You Should Eat Dessert | Intuitive Eating Dietitian

A dietitian's view on "Why It’s Important to Eat Dessert" Do you craving sugar and sweets? If so, you may need to actually eat them more often. Here are four reasons why you should eat dessert.

Banana + peanut butter is probably one of my fav food combos ever 😍 Who’s with me?! It’s the one thing I can eat no matter what. And guess what: this photo is of me eating a banana-peanut butter BAR 😍 I’m obsessed with these new granola bars from @bobsredmill’s and we were so lucky to have them on board as a sponsor for the spring Dietitian Entrepreneur Mastermind Retreats! The bars come in a bunch of other yummy flavors too (peanut butter-coconut was the overall Retreat attendee favorite!) 🙌🏼 Thank you to @bobsredmill for your support of dietitian entrepreneurs!

What to expect working with a non-diet dietitian

Check out this great article by Rachael Hartley--
What it's like working with a non-diet dietitian As a non-diet, private practice dietitian, there’s a lot of misconceptions about what we do, and I think a lot of those misconceptions can make people afraid to reach out for help. Will you be told what you can and can’t eat? Will you be judged for your weight or eating choices? Will you be lect...

23 Ways To Measure Progress That Aren't Weight Loss | Intuitive Eating

I often have clients ask me - if they are no longer going to weigh themselves, how can they gauge improvements?

To help answers this, I came up with 23 ways to measure progress without ever stepping on a scale If you’re not weighing yourself, how do you know how you're doing? Check out these 23 ways to measure progress that aren't weight loss (never step on a scale again!).

Why You Need To Stop Weighing Yourself | Alissa Rumsey Nutrition Intuitive Eating

If you’re like most people, stepping onto the scale is a part of your regular routine. But chances are, it’s doing you more harm than good. Here are five (science-backed) reasons why you should stop weighing yourself and get rid of your scale – for good If you're like most people, stepping onto the scale is a part of your regular routine. But chances are, it's doing you more harm than good. Here are five (science-backed) reasons why you should stop weighing yourself and get rid of your scale - for g

The Latest Diet Trend Is Not Dieting

"Dieting and food restriction are such ingrained parts of American culture that even doctors can have a hard time delineating between healthy and harmful practices, which is where intuitive eating’s potential power lies" “Intuitive eating” encourages people to eat whatever they want. It might be great advice.

How to Shift Your Mindset to Move Towards Intuitive Eating

A huge part of moving towards intuitive eating is shifting your mindset from one of restriction or scarcity to one of unconditional permission and abundance. In this post, I share more about ways that you can create an abundance mindset for yourself as you move through your intuitive eating journey.

What is your motivation for working out? Making the shift in mindset from viewing exercise as a way to compensate for eating, or as a way to change your body, to doing it for the positive health and mood benefits - this makes a HUGE difference! Exercise becomes more enjoyable, less stressful, and ends up being something you look forward to, rather than dreading it 🙌🏼

I had a bad relationship with exercise for years. I was motivated by losing weight or getting a certain body shape. I over-exercised, pushing my body too far, not resting enough. If I missed a workout, I'd feel guilty and would obsess over it.

Over time I built a better relationship to exercise - more rest days, more listening to my body, way less guilt. But there was still a part of me that viewed exercise as a way to manipulate my body size/shape. Then a year ago, I started having shoulder & hip issues. Neither were major, but I started going to physical therapy and was told I had to rest. I was only allowed to do PT exercises and walk - no other exercise.

For the past 8 months, for the first time in over 15 years, I stopped working out altogether. This was a true test for me, as fitness has always been a huge part of my life. But it was an amazing learning experience in letting go and - in the name of self-care - not exercising at all. It came easier than expected. I didn't feel guilty for missing workouts and, as I watched my body change, I was able to work on body acceptance while reframing and minimizing judgment.

Recently I started noticing something else - my endurance is wayyyy down. Climbing stairs, running for a train - I am getting out of breath so much faster. So recently, when my PT told me I had to start working out again, my mindset around exercise changed. I now look at exercise purely from a health standpoint. There’s no more subtext or subconscious thoughts about how it will change my body. I’m starting to exercise again with the goal of improving my endurance and my strength. If my body changes, so be it. And if it doesn’t, that’s ok too. Because this feels so much for balanced and stress-free.⠀

#intuitivemovement #bodypositive #haes #nondietdietitian

PSA: there is more than one type of hunger 😱 Most people only think about actual physical hunger but there are several other forms and all are just as valid as the physical hunger.

An example from today: the only break in my day was at 12:30-1pm; otherwise I had client calls the whole morning and the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't hungry at 12:30, but I knew it was going to be my only chance to eat. So I ended up make myself lunch and eating it despite zero hunger cues. This was planned hunger that came from a place of self-care - because I knew if I didn't eat at that time, I wouldn't have time to and then I would feel lethargic, hangry and have a hard time getting through my work that afternoon.

A gentle reminder that it is OK to eat when you aren't hungry - and sometimes it's necessary! Be wary of turning intuitive eating into the "hunger-fullness diet", as this just continues the all-or-nothing thinking that is so present in diet culture. What other questions do you have about hunger cues or honoring your hunger? Share with me below!

And if you're interested in exploring this more in-depth, we are taking on new clients, you ca to schedule a free discovery call to learn more here: 🥳⁣

#intuitiveeating #intuitiveeatingdietitian #nondietdietitian #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontherapy #antidietdietitian #nondietife

Exciting news to share with you all - Brenna O'Malley from The Wellful is joining Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness 🎉🎉 Brenna will be joining my practice as a nutrition therapist to work virtually one-on-one with anyone looking to get out of the dieting cycle and improve their relationship to food and their body.

I've known Brenna for years, beginning when she interned with me while she was studying to be a dietitian. She's an incredibly caring and compassionate dietitian (and a wonderful human!) and practices an approach as I do, rooted in intuitive eating, weight-inclusivity and Health at Every Size (HAES).

With her on board, we are able to offer up a variety of intuitive eating coaching packages along with more day and time appointment options. If you're interested in learning more, you can book a free discovery call 💻📅 -

#intuitiveeating #nondietdietitian #intuitiveeatingcoaching #haes #onlinedietitian #ditchthediet #antidietdietitian

How to Apply Gentle Nutrition to Intuitive Eating | Alissa Rumsey Nutrition

A common side-effect of intuitive eating? Food can become less exciting. [ad] That has been the case for me lately, especially when it comes to breakfast. I’ve been struggling to find nutritious breakfasts that sound good, taste good, and are easy and convenient enough for busy weekday mornings. So I decided to take a page out of my own book and apply some gentle nutrition to my morning meal.

First up: adding in a bigger variety of fruit, something I’ve been seriously lacking in my diet this winter. Both whole fruit and 100% fruit juice count towards your daily fruit servings (score!), so I’ve been incorporating Florida Orange Juice into my breakfast meals. An 8-ounce glass of 100% orange juice provides one serving of fruit, an entire day’s worth of vitamin C, along with potassium, folate, great taste, and no sugar added. It’s a super easy way for me to add more fruit servings to my day.

For more tips on how to apply gentle nutrition to your meals, check out the full blog post: Tips on how to add in more variety to your meals by applying the principle of gentle nutrition to intuitive eating. Includes recipe ideas and more.

Does Intuitive Eating Work? How to Know if Intuitive Eating is Right For You

Intuitive Eating is the opposite of diet. It lets you make peace with food and re-discover your ability to just eat normally. But does Intuitive Eating work? I’m delving more into how you can tell if Intuitive Eating is right for you and I’m sharing some of the most common questions I get about Intuitive Eating.

Are you an Intuitive Eater? | Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian

There are several different eating personalities – intuitive eating being just one of them. While intuitive eating is the end goal, chances are you aren’t there quite yet. Here’s how to figure out if you are an intuitive eater and – if not – what type of eater you are right now. Determining this is a helpful step as you work to eat more intuitively. How to figure out if you are an intuitive eater and - if not - what type of eater you are right now. This is a key step as you work to eat intuitively.

How I Came To Be A Non-Diet and Intuitive Eating Dietitian

I’ve been a dietitian for almost 10 years, but only recently started truly practicing Intuitive Eating. Since utilizing this approach I’ve seen a massive change in my client’s success rate. But this journey wasn’t easy for me – here’s how I went from being a weight loss/diet focused dietitian to a non-diet/anti-diet, intuitive eating dietitian. I've been a dietitian for 10 years but only recently started truly practicing Intuitive Eating. Here's how (and why) I became an intuitive eating dietitian.

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