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Smoking strong ma*****na daily increases risk of psychosis, study finds

Add it to a lengthening list of studies, adolescents are particularly vulnerable!

The research adds to previous studies that have found links between ma*****na and mental health problems​, but still does not definitively pinpoint ma*****na as the cause 03/05/2019

MMR vaccine does not cause autism, another study confirms

PLEASE vaccinate your kids!

New study, 650,000 kids followed, NO Autism Link (vs. one old FALSIFIED study showing a link). A study of all children born in Denmark from 1999 through 2010 concluded that the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine does not increase the risk of autism, does not trigger autism in susceptible children and is not associated with clustering of autism cases after vaccination.


Barbara Farkas, M.D., P.C. 11/20/2017

‘The Cops’: Animators Laid Off While TBS Mulls Fate Of Louis C.K. Series

Sexual harassment is an evil selfish thing with many victims. There is always collateral damage, often far reaching. Here is a reminder of the great human toll the sexual misconduct of prominent Hollywood figures, which is finally being exposed, takes — starting with the victims and trickling down to the do… 11/17/2017

With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, there's a likely culprit

Important read for parents (and kids) According to a new analysis, the number of US teens who felt "useless" and "joyless" grew 33 percent between 2010 and 2015, and there was a 23 percent increase in su***de attempts. 04/30/2017

Psychiatrist: Netflix should remove '13 Reasons Why' immediately

I've been watching '13 Reasons Why' since having a few patients admitted to my unit directly related to watching it. I agree with Dr. Koplewicz, it glamorizes su***de of a girl who had no seemingly significant risk factors (unlike the book).

Moreso, the victim encourages bullying of the people she claimed bullied her. I see no upside to this show except to Netflix's bottom line.

It does not 'encourage a dialogue' in most families as most parents have only recently heard about it and their kids have already watched it. I was one of those parents.

My advice, keep yourself involved in your kids life from the get go, be proactive, know what they plan on watching before they watch it. Parents shouldn't allow their kids to watch the new Netflix series depicting teen su***de, the president of the Child Mind Institute says.


Autism and Vaccines Vaccines work with the immune system to prevent infectious diseases like polio, measles, diphtheria, and whooping cough. As such, vaccines are one of the greatest success stories in all of medicine. Unfortunately, immunization rates have dropped in recent years in part because of concerns about whet...


I'm actually amazed and sickened at how many people are bringing their kids into this, 'my 3 year old is upset about the bad man,' 'my nine year old is crying and scared,' and on and on.

As a child psychiatrist I tell you all this, your kids are a reflection of YOU
They learn respect from YOU
They learn loyalty from YOU
They learn values from YOU
They learn honesty from YOU

STOP scaring them , it does a young child no good, it only breeds anxiety and future visits to someone like me. YOU are their world, the president elect really means very little to them but YOUR reaction means a lot.


The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders There's a reason kids are more anxious and depressed than ever. 12/28/2015

Dr. Leonard Sax discusses new book, "The Collapse of Parenting"

Have kids been given too much power for their own good? Family physician Dr. Leonard Sax explains how some problems unique to American culture are leading to a shift in authority 10/23/2015

Israeli scientists tout new method for battling depression

New way of approaching treatment for depression is on the horizon By focusing not on the brain’s neurons but on cells known as microglia, researchers may have mapped a path to dramatic novel treatments 10/02/2015

It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males

Very well said. The horrible stigma of mental illness. Blaming "mental illness" is a cop-out -- and one that lets us avoid talking about race, guns, hatred and terrorism 08/03/2015

Research Shows Picky Eaters - aka Selective Eating - Should Get More Attention From Pediatricians

This is just in, but while it may mean keeping a closer eye on your picky eater's emotional health, no need for alarms Research-Shows-Picky-Eaters-aka-Selective-Eating-Should-Get-More-Attention-From-Pediatricians > About the AAP > AAP Press Room > Research Shows Picky Eaters - aka Selective Eating - Should Get More Attention From Pediatricians AAP FactsDepartments & DivisionsCommittees, Councils & SectionsCh… 07/13/2015

Review: ‘My Depression (The Up and Down and Up of It)’ Offers Hope to Others

On Tonight on HBO!!! Very insightful for anyone who knows someone with or has depression. Record it if you can't watch it, it's worth it! This HBO movie by Elizabeth Swados is as whimsical a discussion of this condition as you’re likely to find.


Mobile Uploads 05/01/2015

Children with ADHD more likely to have eating disorder

Interesting link between ADHD and Eating Disorders- for kids and adults Researchers have found that children with attention-deficit hyperactivity are considerably more likely than other children to have loss of control eating syndrome. 03/04/2015

Children Are Probably Getting the Right Antipsychotics A study suggests that antipsychotics are being prescribed appropriately for children and adolescents. Follow-up care, however, still needs work. 01/08/2015

Childhood Guilt, Adult Depression? New research shows differences in the brains of kids who show excessive guilty behavior, which may put them at risk for a host of mood disorders later in life. 11/12/2014

When the Message on Ma*****na Is Still 'Just Say No'

It's not the benign thing most kids and parents try to make it out to be. Ma*****na causes lasting brain damage. The end. While some families may approach it differently, there remain excellent reasons for taking a ‘Just Say No’ stance on ma*****na use and teens — without expecting that to end the conversation. 04/10/2014

If Your Friends Ever Say They Have ADHD, Just Show Them This.

ADHD in easy to understand descriptions: Click To Enlarge


Westchester Magazine

Westchester Community High School rankings

And the Westchester County public school with the highest average SAT score is... 03/21/2014

Anti-Vax Jenny McCarthy Asks Twitter a Question, and Gets the Answers She Should Have Seen Coming See more funny on


My Depression

New film coming to HBO, informative and a pleasure to watch despite being a difficult subject matter for many people. Yes, I consulted on it :)

My Depression (The Up and Down and Up of It) is an animated, musical and humorous, short film documenting a woman's journey through a bout of Depression. 03/14/2014

This Is the Best Argument for Eating Cupcakes for Dinner [VIDEO]

Never underestimate how much your young child hears and learns from you. This kid is a great mimic of someone in his family. A 3-year-old boy won't stop arguing with his mom until he gets a cupcake for dinner.


I am now officially certified to help Tourette's Syndrome and Tic Disorder patients with CBIT. This is the newest, non medication, treatment. Call for an appointment or consult.


I will be offering fee free psychiatric services for any kids in need who were affected by the hurricane. Please call my office at 914-925-5276. I will travel to you if need be.


Once again I'm looking for donations for the kids on my unit. We need clothes (sized for ages 12-18, boys and girls), Toiletries (even the the little hotel soaps, shampoos, creams, etc..), Journals, Art supplies (esp. chalk), Electronics, Games and Game Consoles. But, Anything At All would be VERY greatly appreciated. Write me here or call me if you can help: 914-925-5276.

The last batch went within hours! Thank you all so much for helping! 08/02/2012

Pets May Help Kids With Autism Develop Social Skills - US News and World Report

My other passion...Animals. They help with children who have many different problems. Now being used to help kids with autism develop social skills. Study found if animal came into home after child was born, communication improved


Mets Consider Adding Quiet Section for Fans with Autism | Child Mind Institute

via the Child Mind institute... The Mets is considering adding a quiet section in the stands at Citi Field for kids with autism and their families.


Looking for donations for the kids on my unit. We need clothes (sized for ages 12-18, boys and girls), Toiletries (even the the little hotel soaps, shampoos, creams, etc..), Journals, Art supplies (esp. chalk), Electronics, Games and Game Consoles. But, Anything At All would be VERY greatly appreciated. Write me here or call me if you can help: 914-925-5276. Thank you all so much!


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