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Q-Care Affordable Medical Care, PLLC Providing affordable primary medical care for adults and children in Elmhurst, NY. We provide basic gynecological services - PAP tests.

We are a family medicine office that provides care to infants, children, teens, and adults. We provide travel vaccines and other routine vaccinations. We do draw blood on-site and send to major laboratories in NYC - Quest, LabCorp, BioReference.


Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine and is one of the most in-demand specializations. After all, heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in the country with nearly two persons succumbing to it every minute.


Are you having a problem with drugs or alcohol? Talk about it with your doctor. He or she can examine you and explain the impact substance abuse is having on your body, and then recommend appropriate treatment programs.


Even if you're just a weekend warrior, it's smart to work closely with your doctor to get the greatest benefit from your activities. Don't hesitate to ask questions about performance, limitations, and long-range training in order to achieve your goals.


What are physician scientists? These are MDs who have chosen to devote their work to research instead of clinical work. These professionals are among the most important in medicine as their work is what drives innovation and propels the medical field forward.


A physician who chooses to become a reconstructive plastic surgeon may opt to sub-specialize in different aspects of the field. Depending on what holds his or her interest, such a doctor could get into trauma, breast reconstruction, hand and limb surgery or even aesthetic surgery.


While a general practitioner will be able to treat your child's cough, they will have to point you towards a pediatrician if the case turns out to be more serious. Given a GP's training however, they will be able to give detailed descriptions of the issue, thus giving the pediatrician a head start.


Children are special so they require a different set of medical professionals to treat their illnesses. Pediatrics is the umbrella these MDs fall under and within it are specialties like oncology, pulmonology, critical care and psychiatry, among others.


One of the most important steps you can take to maintain your health is to have an annual physical to identify any potential problems before they become serious medical issues.


What is internal medicine? According to one source: "Internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Physicians specializing in internal medicine are called internists."


A doctor who chooses to focus on enhancing aesthetics is known as a cosmetic surgeon. To become one, a physician would need to go through many years of training in reconstructive surgery as well as pass tests that are given by the medical board that controls the practice.


While most college graduates earn their degrees and join the workforce, aspiring doctors won't be able to until many years later. In fact, the four years of pre-med is just the tip of the iceberg as there will be four years of med school and several years more of residency and specialized training to follow.


What is a family doctor? Often mistaken as general practitioners, family docs are actually specialists, too. To become one, an aspirant will have to go through a multi-year internship that rotates through different fields such as obstetrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine, among others.


If you're experiencing difficulty breathing, there's no better doctor to see than a board certified pulmonologist. These physicians have spent a lot of time training to identify and treat respiratory issues so they would have the most knowledge about these conditions.


Cardiologists are experts in diseases of the heart and circulatory system. As such, they are able to accurately identify their patients' medical issues and provide them with effective medical solutions as well as management strategies.


If your little one is sick, the best doctor to see would be a pediatrician. These doctors have devoted themselves entirely to the study of juvenile diseases so they will have the most knowledge when it comes to treating whatever your child has.


If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms, it would help to keep a diary. Here are some things to note: the description of the symptoms, the frequency of occurrence, its duration and the things that alleviate and aggravate them.


With the coverage of internal medicine being so wide, doctors pursuing it will most likely specialize in fields that hold their interest. Gastroenterologists for instance, will concentrate on diseases of the digestive tract while a cardiologist will focus on the heart and the circulatory system.


A person dealing with digestive issues will need to see a gastroenterologist to be able to manage their condition effectively. Such doctors are experts in disorders of the digestive tract and will be able to render accurate diagnoses and dispense appropriate medication.


What is an oncologist? This is a medical doctor whose primary concern is the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. There are three types —medical, surgical and radiation— who perform different procedures to achieve the lofty goal of beating the disease.


An individual pursuing a dream of becoming a doctor will have to face the fact that the process is a long and arduous one. As such, passion and determination should never be in short supply as the journey towards a medical degree isn't something that should be undertaken lightly.


What is a radiologist? This medical professional is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating patients using medical imaging equipment. These doctors are very adept at reading results gathered from xrays, CT scanners MRIs and ultrasounds and coming up with diagnoses.


There are three different types of oncologists (medical, surgical and radiation) who all work together to ensure that the cancer plaguing their patients is well and truly beaten. A surgeon for instance, will cut out the tumor while medical and radiation oncologists will come in later with chemo and radiotherapy.


Many doctors choose to specialize but there are those who opt to further their expertise by sub-specializing. An orthopedist for instance, may choose to train in pediatric orthopedics and focus their practice on that discipline.


In the field of orthopedics, there are quite a number of sub-specialties that a doctor can choose to pursue. Depending on what holds his or her interests a physician may choose to receive further training in total joint reconstruction, spine surgery and surgical sports medicine, among others.


Did you know that the skin is the body's largest organ? As such, it has its own field of medicine which is known as dermatology. This specialization deals with issues concerning the skin which include everything from a mild rash to skin cancer.


If you're suffering from pain in your ears, a bad sore throat or painful sinuses, the doctor you're going to want to see would be an otorhinolaryngologist. Also known as ENTs, these doctors specialize in issues concerning the ears, nose and throat and can offer effective solutions to manage them.


While popping an antacid will work if your stomach juices are acting up, you may want to see a gastroenterologist if you find that you're doing this more often. Chances are, there's something that needs to be addressed if your condition is to be resolved.


While a general practitioner can diagnose and treat a lot of common ailments, they typically do not have the training needed to treat more complex cases. However, they do play a very important role as they can quarterback your treatment by referring you to the appropriate specialist.


Within the field of oncology, there are different options that doctors can take to fight the disease. The medical route for instance, sees medical oncologists making use of treatments like chemotherapy and immunotherapy in order to bring their patients into remission.


A surgical oncologist removes cancer from the bodies of their patients. Their methods are particularly effective for solid cancers, although patients who've undergone cancer surgery may also receive multi-modal care (i.e. radiotherapy and chemotherapy) to ensure success.


Bulging tonsils and adenoids can force people to breathe through their mouth instead of their nose, which can cause gums to dry out and contribute to tooth decay and periodontal disease. If your child has more than four tonsil infections in a year, talk with your doctor about what can be done.


Did you know the word pulmonary comes from an ancient Greek word that means “to float or swim”? This is because the lungs are the only organ that doesn't sink in water.


As we age, old injuries might reappear. Not only can these be bothersome, they will also add to the other aches and pains we may be experiencing. As such, regular medical consultation is crucial so that doctors can track your condition and find ways of improving your quality of life.


Treatment options for urinary incontinence or other pelvic floor disorders may include lifestyle changes such as getting in shape, making dietary changes, retraining the bladder or exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.


If you are planning to start working out after an extended lay-off, work closely with your doctor to develop a program that fits your needs and goals and to prevent injuries from occurring.


Arthritis can afflict anyone of any age or race or either gender. However, while both men and women can suffer from it, there are certain types of arthritis that are more common in one than the other and treatment needs to be adjusted accordingly.


Everyone has probably heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It can apply to just about any situation in life but the meaning stays the same. That is, it is easier to nip bad situations in the bud than to fix things when they go wrong.


An incarcerated hernia, (aka obstructed hernia) is a non-reducible hernia. With these, tissue of the intestine has become trapped and can lead to strangulation. It needs immediate treatment.


Cigarette smoke, whether directly inhaled or through second-hand inhalation, leads directly to heart disease. If you smoke, takes steps to quit as soon as possible. Then have your children examined to check for any problems they may have developed.


Do you have Marfan syndrome? If so, there is a strong chance your children will have it as well. Early diagnosis and treatment plays an important role in limiting its impact on the heart and blood vessels and in controlling complications.


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