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Dr. Aaron Daluiski Hand surgery specifically for children's hand problems including congenital differences, fractures,

Great story covering Josh Abzug's article….
Sloppy Splinting Can Make A Child's Broken Arm Much Worse

Great story covering Josh Abzug's article….

A pediatrician who specializes in fixing broken bones in kids and teens says about 90 percent of the fractures he treats have been splinted improperly in a community ER or urgent care center first.

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Michelle PaoneI had bilateral carpel tunnel surgery Feb 15, 2011 with Dr. Daluiski. Two weeks later, I was back to work, using my newly pain free hands! My family, friends & clients could not believe & were impressed with my recovery time. His highly skilled hands changed my life! Everyone at HSS wa…

Dr Edelstein and his group are fantastic!  He takes care of our kids!
Pediatrician - Manhattan - Doctor Gary Edelstein, Staci Bodner, Kathryn Snyder

Dr Edelstein and his group are fantastic! He takes care of our kids!

Dr. Edelstein received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. He completed his pediatric residency at Babies and Children’s Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. After residency, Dr. Edelstein was a ge…

Info on 'Claw hand'...   goo.gl/XSn7fv
Your iPhone Might Be Ruining Your Hand. Here's How To Prevent It.

Info on 'Claw hand'... goo.gl/XSn7fv

Got text claw? It might not be an official medical diagnosis, but anyone who's spent enough time on a cell phone can likely attest to feelings of soreness and cramping in the fingers, wrist and forearm after too much tech use. Any sort of fine...


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