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It was such a blessing to be in community with our New York Children's Defense Fund this summer. The tremendous brilliance of our young scholars is a blessing to behold and is undeniable. Children's Defense Fund-NY thanks the Partnership with Children for your partnership.
PIX11 🎥 recap of Harlem Health & Wealth Fest 2022 w/

Partnership with Children Children's Village
Harlem Children's Zone Safe Infant Sleep Foundation New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Boricua College

Electric sliding into Harlem Health & Wealth Fest 2022 🕺🏾

Thank you to CV ChildrensVillage Partnership with Children for having DJ OCROSS 😎

The scholars and staff Partnership with Children’s P.S. 248 site were AMAZING!

Children's Defense Fund and Children's Defense Fund-NY are grateful for your partnership. Thank you for helping our scholars to know they have .
To God Be The Glory: There is no school like !

cc: Children's Defense Fund Children's Defense Fund-NY Partnership with Children
Children's Defense Fund, Children's Defense Fund-NY, and Partnership with Children believe that ALL children are AMAZING!

I am grateful for how helps our children to see themselves as the amazing humans they are with power to and to .
Shoutout to

➡️ Meredith Sherman of Partnership with Children
➡️ Paulina Mohamed-Ocasio of Van Cortlandt Park Alliance
➡️ Brianna McCaffrey of Bronx Lacrosse
➡️ Gerard Senehi of The QUESTion Project
..for sharing pictures on Youth INC's Mental Health Is Health Mosaic! There are over 100 images of people supporting and normalizing the conversation around mental health.

Click here to participate:

In case you missed it: PIX11 stopped by to cover the Health and Wellness Fest in Harlem that we hosted with Partnership with Children. Attendees got to enjoy a day of free health resources, food, music, and fun!
CV and Partnership with Children hosted a Harlem Health and Wellness Fest today at our Drew Hamilton Community Center. Attendees enjoyed a day of music, food and games but most importantly received free health resources. Several vendors showed up today to share information about free programs accessible to the community!
TaShana Pace, Drew Hamilton Program Coordinator and Gregory Griffin, Partnership with Children Beacon Program Director(pic #1) organized an amazing event.

“Health in the community is more than just what we eat or how often we get outside. It’s about coming together at events like this! Checking up on each other is what makes us a healthy community”
-Gregory Griffin
Thank you, Cordell Cleare For NY, for stopping by!
Thank you, Con Edison, for attending fest, looking forward to partnering with you at future events!
Are you passionate about arts education, social-emotional learning, and social justice? The Center for Arts Education, now fully merged with Partnership with Children, is hiring! Click the link below and apply today.

For more information or questions regarding our current openings, email Harleny Vasquez at [email protected]
Introducing our Robin Hood's 2021 Heroes: (pictured left to right with Robin Hood CEO Richard Buery) Marcus Pass of Partnership with Children; Yahaira Moore of NPower; and Derrick Nkosi Cain of Touchdown NYC👏

Every day, thousands of New Yorkers who are living in poverty overcome enormous challenges to build better lives, often with help from Robin Hood’s community partners. The Robin Hood Heroes Award is given annually to a select group of individuals who are remarkable examples of that work and the organizations that make their fight possible. Their stories are a reminder that we have the power come together and create better futures for our families, our neighbors, and our city

Stay tuned over the next few weeks on our social channels as we share their stories.
Educators across the country use social-emotional learning (SEL) standards to prepare students for success in both school and life. Check out how Partnership with Children uses a mix of creativity and data to support students when SEL matters more than ever.
Check out this Daily News article featuring Meredith Sherman, LCSW, of Partnership with Children on the power of the arts and art education.
The Center for Arts Education

This holiday season, your support of NYC students, who are fighting through the trauma of the pandemic, is more critical than ever. CAE and Partnership with Children are continuing to provide for these students’ needs and long-term recovery. Please consider making a year-end tax-deductible donation by clicking on this link:
Congratulations to our affiliate Partnership with Children who was selected as one of four finalists for the 2020 Nonprofit Excellence Awards! 🎉
Global Kids is excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for Nonprofit New York's 2020 Nonprofit Excellence Awards!! Congratulations to fellow finalists Chicken & Egg Pictures, exalt youth, and Partnership with Children! It's an honor and a privilege to be included with you all!!

PWC strengthens the emotional, social, and cognitive skills of children in New York City so they can

In the effort to reform our public schools — arguably our country’s most critical challenge — Partnership with Children is truly making a difference. Our program changes the trajectory of our students’ lives, their families’ lives, and entire communities…by changing the climate of our city’s highest poverty schools. Partnership with Children brings teams of Master's level social workers into the m

Timeline photos 11/17/2022

Timeline photos


At Partnership with Children, we work to address the stressors that impact our students' mental health and the communities we serve. Being hungry impacts students' ability to focus and function in school. PWC directly supports students that experience these types of stressors by providing food pantries in multiple community schools.

This week, we are highlighting Ps 194 Countee Cullen's amazing Fresh Finds Food Pantry! Fresh Finds' motto is " From Our House to Yours." Fresh Finds provides accessible, healthy food to all family members and community members. "We seek to address and mitigate food insecurities in our community and create opportunities for all members of our community school from Tuesday to Friday from 10am-4pm" Camille Gill, Community School Director, PS 194.

Examples of the Effects of Mental Health Stigma 11/07/2022

Examples of the Effects of Mental Health Stigma

Examples of the Effects of Mental Health Stigma Stigmas and discrimination against those with mental health conditions are common, but people are becoming more aware of them. Let's discuss:


The barber will be here tomorrow!!! Sign up with Ms. Rachel

Photos from RSA, MS 377's post 10/31/2022

Photos from RSA, MS 377's post


Chronic absenteeism affects one in ten students nationwide. Regular attendance is vital for students academic success. Taking action to engage students and families is essential for combatting absenteeism, enrollment declines, and educational inequities. Partnerships with Children helps remove obstacles that students might face so that they can be more engaged. As obstacles look different for each school and family across NYC, we partner with our students, their families, and the school community to meet their specific needs.

In honor of this month, we have highlighted a few PWC initiatives that help encourage our students to come to school below!

Food pantry & Coat Drives: Families can pick up food and any pantry items that they might need. Our coat drives help remove any obstacles students may face as we approach winter.

Home visits: PWC conducts home visits for students who have been absent for a long time and we are unable to reach their families.

Attendance Award Parties:
Rockaway Collegiate High School Attendance team has a monthly attendance carnival for students who have a good attendance record.
PS 284 has monthly parades where the school team would parade around the school to celebrate classrooms with good attendance records with certificates as well as trophies.


Photos from PS 38 Roberto Clemente Learning Complex's post 10/28/2022

Photos from PS 38 Roberto Clemente Learning Complex's post


Information Bank! It’s that time a year middle school market where you shop for all your middle and get all the news about what going on and information about what to do to get ready for middle school 🏫!

Photos from Partnership with Children's post 10/25/2022

Partnership with Children is hosting a virtual job fair TOMORROW from 5pm-7pm! We are currently searching for full-time Social Work Directors, Social Workers, Family Outreach Coordinators, and more! Scan to RSVP!

Photos from Partnership with Children's post 10/24/2022

On - and every day - we must unite to raise awareness that racism is still alive in our world and must be confronted.

At Partnership with Children, we intentionally include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our program design, our work in NYC public schools, our hiring and retention practices, and our personal and professional development.

Swipe to hear more from our Chief Equity and Strategy Officer, Travis Rodgers, and click the link in our bio to join our team!

Photos from Partnership with Children's post 10/17/2022

In honor of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month, our amazing Community School Director, Camille Gill, organized a fun and lively event for our students at !

Students and staff enjoyed food from different Hispanic and Latinx communities, live performances and dance lessons by professional samba dancers and drummers, students' artwork was on display honoring different heritages, and everyone went home with books by Hispanic and Latinx authors!


In honor of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month, our amazing Community School Director, Camille Gill, organized a fun and lively event for our students at PS 194!

Students and staff enjoyed food from different Hispanic and Latinx communities, live performances and dance lessons by professional samba dancers and drummers, students' artwork was on display honoring different heritages, and everyone went home with books by Hispanic and Latinx authors! Thank you, Camille for planning and coordinating this event!

Photos from Partnership with Children's post 10/05/2022

Partnership with Children helps create a culture of wellness, kindness, and support in our school partners. PWC rooms and offices in schools are an inviting and supportive space for our students and staff to decompress and rejuvenate themselves so they can bring their best selves to the classroom! Swipe to see how our school-based staff decorated their spaces.


Hyde-Brooklyn is excited to welcome Ms. Ashlyn Williams to the Family Education Department, working alongside Ms. Barbara High. They have some awesome events and plans for our Hyde-Brooklyn families this school year.

Photos from Partnership with Children's post 09/23/2022

In honor of Community School Coordinator & Director Appreciation Week, Partnership with Children is highlighting one of our inspiring and hardworking Community School Directors, Brittney Barclay! Brittney has been a CSD at GJS 284 for almost a year. Swipe to learn what she is looking forward to this school year, her favorite part about being a CSD, how she recharges, and more! Thank you, Brittney, for impacting students' lives! We are honored to have you on our team.

Photos from The Center for Arts Education's post 09/19/2022

Photos from The Center for Arts Education's post

41% of NYC students were chronically absent last school year 09/19/2022

41% of NYC students were chronically absent last school year

"Last year’s chronic absenteeism rate was the highest the city has recorded in decades, according to figures from NYU’s Research Alliance, and also the highest rate during the pandemic."

Partnership with Children works to improve attendance in the schools we partner with. In SY18-19, 75% of our chronically absent students increased their attendance, with an average gain of 8.5 percentage points. 63% increased their attendance to 90% or above so that they were no longer considered chronically absent.

41% of NYC students were chronically absent last school year

Photos from RSA, MS 377's post 09/19/2022

Photos from RSA, MS 377's post

Social Work Director | Partnership with Children 09/16/2022

Social Work Director | Partnership with Children

Partnership with Children is currently recruiting Social Work Directors for opportunities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

If you are interested in:
· Being at catalyst for change,
· Providing mental health services to students of color
· Working for an organization that believes in pushing equity and anti-racism forward, apply today!

Social Work Director | Partnership with Children Partnership with Children works in New York City public schools most impacted by the effects of poverty and trauma, to provide critical social and emotional supports for the hardest-to-


Welcome back to school! Today, over 30,000 NYC students return to schools that Partnership with Children supports. As we start a new school year, PWC remains committed to providing trauma-informed mental health services and social-emotional support to our students all year.

Wishing our students & their families a great first day of school and a year full of learning, growing, fun, and adventure!


As came to a close, our families came out to support their scholars’ participation this summer. Each of our sites held a finale event on August 11th in which scholars shared all the things they learned this summer – We all can make a difference in ourselves, our family, our community, our country, and our world with hope and education and action.


Partnership with Children's CEO Wesner Pierre recently participated in the panel, "Adapting to the Future of Work," hosted by JobsFirstNYC. Wesner engaged in conversation with Dr. Michael Baston and Reuben Ogbonna, who work every day to create a more equitable world for our youth.

Wesner spoke about PWC's transformational work in the lives of young people across New York City, specifically through our mental health services in schools and trauma-informed practices. Thank you, JobsFirst NYC, for creating the space to have these meaningful discussions!

OPINION: Community schools promote equity: We need more of them 08/16/2022

OPINION: Community schools promote equity: We need more of them

"Community schools become hubs for students and communities. Often open evenings and over weekends and summers, they bring together families, students, teachers and local organizations to identify and provide health, social and out-of-school-time support."

OPINION: Community schools promote equity: We need more of them Additional education funding is a step in the right direction, but there is far more that must be done


Hyde-Brooklyn welcomes you to apply your child for this upcoming school year. There are still open seats available in grades K-8. We continue to serve students and families who are English Language Learners and we support students with Special Needs. If you’re looking for a school that is: ✅ Nurturing and Safe ✅ Develops your child’s character and supports them in finding their unique potential. ✅ Family Engagement ✅ Rigorous Instruction and Challenging Environment Apply at (All families who apply now will receive 2 student uniforms, at no cost to you)


We’re so grateful to UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealthcare Empowering Health for a $275,000 grant that will allow Partnership with Children to infuse the healing power of the arts in our schools. With their support, we will reach children in 11 school-based mental health programs citywide and also be able to offer trauma-informed arts programming. Thank you so much, UnitedHealthcare!


Partnership with Children remains dedicated to ensuring Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students and their families across NYC have access to quality mental health services. PWC mental health services will continue to be critical as the communities we serve experience trauma from housing and financial insecurity, systemic racism, and loss from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This month serves as an important reminder to focus on the mental health and well-being of our BIPOC students, teachers, staff, and community members.


Last week, the Partnership with Children & The Center for Arts Education team developed a Professional Development opportunity for Teaching Artists to see their classrooms through the lens of Trauma Informed Practices and Social Emotional Learning.

As of October 1, 2021, The Center for Arts Education has officially merged with Partnership with Children. We look forward to exploring these intersections further together!


Partnership with Children is excited to announce our new Chief of Staff, Jerry Hyppolite! Jerry has over 15 years of experience overseeing personnel, logistics, compliance, and operations across NYC, a deep understanding of youth development programs, and is a proud mental health advocate. Welcome to the PWC family!


CAE's Parents as Art Partners program offers families the unique opportunity for students to express themselves creatively while deepening their connection with each other.

This past month, one of our talented Teaching Artists, Charlotte Gapp, lead our PAAP program at PS 194. Charlotte focused on the connection between visual arts and mindfulness/social-emotional competencies. Students and families were able to learn more about the human mind while engaging in the arts together! See some of their finished work below!


This week, the Supreme Court issued two devastating decisions that will severely impact the communities Partnership with Children serves as well as members of our team. Partnership with Children is committed to supporting the rights of the women on our team and in our communities. These rulings are incredibly disheartening, but we will never stop fighting for equity.

Photos from Youth INC's post 06/28/2022

Photos from Youth INC's post


Congratulations students! We are so proud of all of your hard work & the incredible PWC Social Workers, Community School Directors, Family Outreach Coordinators, Clinical Directors, and Teaching Artists who make our work possible. Remember, Partnership with Children will be here to support our students & their families all summer long!


Happy Juneteenth from Partnership with Children!

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“The Gift,” a film produced by the scholars at Partnership with Children’s (PWC) After School Program at P.S. 194 in Har...
The Gift (Shot, Written, Directed, & Music by Greg Griffin)




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