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So what happens once you make that decision to consult with a urologist? Okay, you've finally found the nerve to see a urologist maybe just for a check-up or you saw some blood in your urine or you're having some flank pain. Maybe you're just tired of getting up 7-8 times at night to go to the bathroom. Maybe you're urinating too much during the day or are losing urine on the way to the commode. You've made the what? As a new patient you will come in and be asked to fill out some forms. What's a doctor's visit without forms? We will ask for basics such as your health history, previous surgeries, medications you are taking (good idea to bring a list) and men will be asked to complete a prostate health "scorecard". Before you see Dr. McGovern you will be given a sterilized plastic cup and be shown to the restroom where you will be asked to leave a urine specimen. Next, our nurse will call you into an exam room where she will go over your forms with you, ask about medications and allergies, take your blood pressure and most likely draw your blood for a PSA and creatinine. She will also ask about your present urological complaint. After this, she will bring you to another exam room while she informs the doctor about your vital statistics, present urological complaint and gives him the results of your urinalysis. Dr. McGovern will come into the exam room and go over everything with you once again. Next, you will be asked to take everything off from the waist down (you can leave your socks on) and Dr. McGovern will leave while you disrobe. When he returns he will examine your genitourinary system and do a digital re**al examination to check your prostate. He will also scan your bladder to determine your post-void residual. This is the amount of urine still left in your bladder after you urinate. When he's finished he will ask you to get dressed and meet him in his office. Once in his office, he will discuss his findings with you and outline a treatment plan. This plan may include imaging studies (done at an outside radiology center), or perhaps some in-office procedures such as a cystoscopy or prostate sonogram. This is also the time when you can ask Dr. McGovern any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. We allow 1 hour for a new patient appointment but you will never be rushed out of his office until you have every question answered. Lastly, you will speak with our receptionist who will assist you in making any necessary appointments. Now that wasn't so scary, was it? Fear of the unknown is no longer an excuse to not picking up that phone and making an appointment.

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New York, NY

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Monday 10am - 3:30pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9:30am - 5:30pm

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