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We use specialized chiropractic techniques, including NUCCA and activator methods, to get you the " Specializing in specific upper cervical care with NUCCA.

We also use activator and drop techniques. No popping, cracking or snapping of the body framework.

Operating as usual


Seventeen years ago tonight, thousands of people in this country went to bed with their loved ones for the last time. Some were excited, looking forward to the trip they’d be taking in the morning. Others were perhaps dreading the usual commute to work. How many of them were rushed the following morning? How many didn’t make time to kiss their kids or their spouses? They mumbled a quick goodbye and headed out the door…not knowing it would be the last time they’d see their loved ones.
Tomorrow is promised to no one. Take nothing and no one for granted. Tell him or her that you love them. Forget the diet and eat the cookie. Make love. Stay up late. Apologize, even if it wasn’t entirely your fault. Forgive, even if they don’t know what they did was wrong. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Go for a walk. Find shapes in the clouds. Do something nice for someone. Let someone do something nice for you. Stop waiting for things to happen. Get off your ass and enjoy life. While you’re at it, help someone else enjoy their life as well. ~Jim Cobb
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Well two months since last procedure and I feel so much better. The drs have put me on several meds that may be helping as well (those who know me know I am not happy about popping pills all day long) but I am actually having some NO headache days.🎉

However, except from doing some fun things with some family and friends, I haven’t gotten back to bending, lifting and twisting so there is still a questions if that will set off a headache (as it has in the past). Duke Drs. still wants me to wait a little bit before I stress the surgical site with those movements.

But I am happy to report that I think I have followed the path and think I am close to the end of this arduous trip! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!


On May 31st, I had another procedure done. After the first few weeks adjusting to the new medicine, I am slowly starting to feel better. The road to full recovery appears to be taking longer than I hoped.

I am fighting to get better and listening to my dr and his recommendations very closely. He thinks I will be out of the office for an extended period of time. Of course, I am disappointed but know I can’t keep living in pain.


Well, Dr.Burd’s next procedure will be May 31, 2018. Our hopes are high that this one will be the one to plug this spinal sac hole for good. This will mean significant down time and return to work is currently postponed for now. Prayers are always accepted. Thank you!

Please continue to either Drs. Travis or Blackiston ( # in prior post) for care while Dr. Burd is gone. Know she misses all of you and eagerly anticipates a return.


Well, unfortunately, I will be out longer than expected. I was not able to maintain my repair. I am speaking with the drs now and trying to figure out if surgery is necessary or to try another blood patch.

If you need to see someone during my absence, please call Dr. Art Travis (North Wilmington) at ‭(302) 475-1267‬ or Dr.Heather Blackiston (Perryville, MD) at (410) 642-9110.


Happy April!

I’ve had several people mention that I haven’t posted an update about my health lately.

It has been about 5 weeks since my last procedure and I am happy to announce that I feel the best I have felt in almost 11 years (when this all began).

I have been laying low this first month as directed by the Dr. but now the true test begins as I slowly return to “life”, including my arch nemesis BLT (bending, lifting and twisting). I have instructions from dr. no exercise for a year and to limit BLT during this time. Even yoga is out but gentle walking is fine!

I ask that you still continue to pray for me as I can feel the strength and love and this gets through the rough patches ( which there are still days- but the dr assured me this is normal)

So fingers and toes crossed, I may be at the end of this very long journey🤞🏻🙏🏼🤩


Must be feeling better... fifth day in a row I made my bed! It’s the small things

Tomorrow is 2 weeks post blood patch


Wanted to give you an update.. though not the one I was hoping for.

Well they discovered that I was still leaking CSF ( the fluid that supports your brain) at the S4 location (in my butt). This happens to be the place I had surgery on in May... feeling frustrated.

Have to stay in bed (laying down for 4-8 weeks)...ugh. No bending, lifting or twisting during that time.

The dr said I was a medical marvel. He has never seen a case like mine. —- lucky me I’m the special one!

Anyone recommend good books or movies?

Thanks for all the prayers, I know they help me relax and felt at peace throughout the testing and procedure.

I will not be allowed to return to work for at least two months to allow this to heal. If it doesn’t than surgery is probably likely. Sorry for the bad news. Remember Dr Art Travis and Dr Heather Blackiston are able to see you in my absence!


February hours will be shortened due to seeking testing and hopefully treatment at the end of this month.

DOVER (Tuesday only)
Feb 6 10-2
Feb 13. 10-3:30
Feb 20 10-1 (Leave for Duke in the evening)
Feb 27. Recuperating

Feb 2 Closed for school conference
Feb 7. 2-6. Wednesday
Feb 10. 9-12. Saturday
Feb 16. 9-1. Friday
Feb 21-23. At Duke

March possible hours depends on recommendations from Duke doctor. I will post as soon as I know.


Still waiting to hear from Duke about going to see their doctors for testing and treatment. Sent records before the holidays. We (CA neurosurgeon and I) believe I started leaking again in new location😢

Still working part time hours. This month hours include (subject to change according to Duke’s schedule)

Call 302-419-4323 for appointments

Tuesdays (except Jan 2) 10:00-3:00

Friday Jan 5 9:00- 1:00
Wednesday Jan 10 2:00-6:00
Saturday Jan 13 9:00-12:00
Friday Jan 19 9:00- 1:00
Wednesday Jan 24 2:00-6:00


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... and the end of the year! Come in before your benefits start over again.

Please call 302-419-4323 (please note, this will be the only number as of the first of the year.)

Dr. Burd will be seeing patients on now through the end of the year on :

Nov 28- Dover 10:00-2:00. TUESDAY

Nov 29- Newark (Christiana) 2:00-6:00. WEDNESDAY

Dec 2 - Newark (Christiana) 9:00-12:00. SATURDAY

Dec 5- Dover 10:00- 3:00. TUESDAY

Dec 8 - Newark (Christiana) 9:00-1:00 FRIDAY

Dec 12 - Dover 10:00-3:00. TUESDAY

Dec 13- Newark (Christiana) 2:00-6:00. WEDNESDAY

Dec 19- Dover 10:00-3:00. TUESDAY
(may have to cancel for school event for child)

Dec 22 - Newark (Christiana) 9:00-1:00 FRIDAY

Dr. Burd will be off all Christmas week to spend with her children and other family!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays from my family to yours! May it filled with blessing of joy, health and happiness!


Office hours for November 2017

**Please note that Dr. Burd is recovering from Pneumonia and all hours are tentative due to how she is feeling.

Dover location ( Tuesdays)

Nov 7 10:00-2:00
Nov 14 10:00- 2:00
**OFF Week of Thanksgiving
Nov 28 10:00- 2:00

Christiana/Dover location

Friday. Nov. 3 9:00-1:00
Wednesday. Nov. 8. 2:00-6:00
Friday. Nov. 17. 9:00-1:00
**OFF week of Thanksgiving
Wednesday. Nov. 29. 2:00-6:00

Saturday December 2. 9:00- 12:00

Please call 302-419-4323 for all questions including scheduling appointments.

Thanks you!


October office hours for Dr. Deana Burd are:

Dover location :
Tuesday(s) October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 from 10-2pm

Christiana/Newark location:
FRiday(s) October 6, 13, 20 from 9-1pm

Wednesday(s) October 18, 25 from 2-6pm

Saturday October 28 from 9-12pm

Please call 302-419-4323 for appts or questions.

Thank you!


Drum roll please🥁🥁🥁

Dr. Burd is coming back to work (part time) starting Tuesday September 5 in Dover and Friday September 15 in Newark. See schedule and times below. Myra unfortunately is not able to return to the office (she has another job) 😔 but Dr. Burd will try to schedule her own patients until she figures out what to do.

Please call 302/419-4323 if you would like an appointment. IF no answer, leave preferred time. I'll try and fit you in the closest time and call you back. Spaces will be very limited as I slowly return.

September 5 Dover: 10-2
September 12 Dover : 10-2
September 15 Newark: 9-1
September 19. Dover : 10-2
September 22. Newark: 9-1
September 26. Dover : 10-2
September 27. Newark: 1-6
September 30. Newark: 9-1

This is a tentative schedule and may change depending on how I do.

Excited to see all of you!


Going in for a Brain MRI tomorrow. Headaches are back at full force. First step in surgeon's plan to figure out what went wrong😔



Dr. Burd is working on her third day with either a mild or no headache. Hopefully the patch is finally adhered. Please keep praying, it is definitely helping


3 weeks since surgery and feeling pretty good. Some pain at the incision and still recovering from the allergic reaction to the steri strips they used. Expected date of return to work early August! Yay!!!


Dr. Burd had her surgery last Tuesday and is already feeling remarkably better from the repair and subsequent rest. Let this repair be the last piece in this ongoing puzzle.


So true... thanks to all you great moms out there that keep the day moving along! Happy Mothers Day.


Dr. Burd's surgery is scheduled for May 16. Please keep her, her family and her doctors in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


Update on Dr. Burd:

Contacted the Neurosurgeon in California and is hoping for a mid May surgery.


Waiting to hear from my surgeon in California. Not how I wanted this to go😢


Happy St. Patty's Day

Continuing to heal and make this toast a reality. Fighting my way back to health and happiness!


Off to healing yoga at Liberty Yoga in Newark. 4th class...slowly working my way back to health and to the office!


Timeline Photos


Update on Dr. Burd: Well it looks like the procedures were successful. We just need to see if the area can hold the repair and heal properly. Dr. Burd is grateful for all the prayers! Keep up the great work.


Tomorrow, Dr. Burd goes in for her third of 3 procedures in a week. She is feeling better especially after the second one. Let's hope the third is the charm and surgery can be avoided.


Dr. Burd will be back in the office on Wednesday January 4. Happy to be back and help you on your health care journey.


Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah to all my patients. You have been a true blessing this year. My wish for you is peace and health for the coming year!


Thank you for playing a special role in my life. Thank you for letting me help you on your journey to health. I am truly blessed from knowing you.


Thank you for all who serve and served. We value your personal and family sacrifice. God bless you, your family and the USA.


Guess who gets an extra hour of sleep this weekend... That's right, you do! Fall back 1 hour this weekend.


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Well Dr. Burd will be out of the office for the next two weeks. She had a procedure yesterday that identified a spinal fluid leak in her low back and it was repaired. time will tell if it re-opens. Rest and prayers will get her though!




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Saturday 9am - 12pm

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