A Healthy Escape

A Healthy Escape


One of my clients called for an appointment , she asked for a "Tune Up"
Maybe it is time for your Tune -Up too!
Call me, visit , let me look under your hood and see how I can make you ready for Spring!
A Blessed Easter to all my clients and friends . Find time to quiet your soul and be at peace this Easter season!
I wanted to share this article about the Bemer, which Gayle uses, that can also help pets!
Happy March!
I have been so excited because of new clients experiencing such good results with my protocols for Parkinson.
My client explained that he was anxious to see me because my enthusiasm was contagious!

I researched the side effects of Parkinson's and found the muscles , brain, spine, and nerves are effected by this disabling disease. I also found that it causes a Dopamine imbalance.

I put together a program using the Bemer therapy , The Qunatum Life Biofeedback , and Befe detox .

In the first session, he called the following day with this response: much less back pain, didn't have to sit down like he does most days.
Slept for 6 hours straight, which he usually wakes up every 2 hours.

I am so excited to be a part of his balancing and healing!
This is the last week of February
glad to welcome March and welcome you to visit A Healthy Escape.

Just a quick foot detox will keep you in balance !
And relieve pain and inflammation.

A session on the Bemer will help circulation issues !

One hour on the Quantum Life system, and you feel balanced
less stressed,

Reflexology and hot stone message on your feet and your feet feel light as air.

Give yourself the gift of health!
If you have every compared medicine for treatment , to working with energy balancing, the only side effects are tired and then energised after the session.

There is no guess work when your body has an innate knowing
something is wrong. The Quantum Life system checks 35 screens to determine your reactivity tests.

Most of us have stress , that is just a part of the world we live in.
But chronic stress can lead to more serious problems.
One session of Quantum life takes 1 hour.
The cost is $65.00

I am looking for new clients who have never had balancing with energy.
I have openings this week, call 336-751-2117
It is the second week of the new year
why not think about how you feel and what you can do about it.
If I haven't seen you in a long while, it is time for your tune -up!
Is it time for a Befe Detox???
Is it time for a Reflexology??

Maybe you need 1 hour of Quantum Life Biofeedback!
If you have never done one, it does 7,400 tests in 4 minutes.
It communicates your imbalances to the computer.
I can see where your body needs balancing , I don't treat you,
I balance you. This test also brings up emotions that are out of balance, organs, hormones, bones, muscles, eye, ears.
It can determine where there are cellular imbalances.

Happy New Year to all my clients and friends. 2018 will bring more love, encouragement, and healing to all !
This is a good time to start off your new year with health in mind.

to quote my dear Marsha Burns
" the season of adjustment is upon you, but you will have to mentally and emotionally let go of the things that tie you to the past before you can move forward in my purposes.
If you take this step of faith, you will come into a place of liberty
and fulfillment that you have not known before.

Trust me to bring you through this awkward transition with great grace, says the Lord" All you have to do is be willing!"
A Healthy Escape will be open Wednesday 12/27 Thursday 12/28 and Friday 12/29.
I still have openings available ,
Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful clients and friends, may you enjoy family ,friends, and turkey !
Getting ready for the Holidays?
don't forget to take care of you!
Come in, take time to balance .
A Healthy Escape is a place to recharge,detox, and de-stress

Combat stress and illness through energy management with BEFE Detox, Reflexology, Biofeedback & BEME

Gayle O'Malley Maiden is a gentle soul who has been combatting stress and illness in individuals since 2002. Gayle has the unique ability of combining Bioelectric Field Enhancement (BEFE), reflexology, and biofeedback through the Quantum Life and BEMER systems to identify imbalances within your body system. Then, through a series of treatments, your body is able to heal itself naturally. Most of h

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A mother made a run to Walmart with her young son. While in the store, she turned around and he was gone. She looked all over for him, and was on the verge of becoming frantic when she walked to the front of the store and spotted him.

She was just getting ready to lay some scolding on him when she realized he was doing something very strange. He was kneeling at one of the benches just inside the store and he was praying. She could not understand why he was doing this. Then she looked above him at the huge poster he was facing. It had photos and descriptions of missing children, and it read: “Every second counts.”

So she took a photo of her son doing this and posted it on Facebook. It went viral in no time. And as it did, one Facebook commenter summed it up pretty well, writing: “Whether or not you believe in God really doesn’t matter. This was a child in Walmart who was thinking about others and doing the only thing he could to help. The world would be a better place if everyone followed his example.”

Photo courtesy: 89.5 KVNE

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1939. Kansas Wheat Shared by Annette
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If I could share one secret for this season it would be gratitude. It seems like such a small thing but it actually huge!
I was trained in Divorce and Death for family by the diocese of Venice.
I helped the parents and the children.
I learned to find ways to help them heal their pain, emotionally.
I was thinking about this season of Christmas and you could be suffering , getting through , or excited and hopefull.

One thing we had the children do was make a grateful chart.
You can be happy for the sunshine, or happy for a good day at school, or got to play with best friend. Then they put a butterfly on their chart.

When they could find something to be happy about , they had
fewer bad days .
As adults we struggle just like the children, make up your mind not to miss Christmas. Fidn one thing every day, just look and find one thing to be grateful for! Remember the impossible is nothing with God!

Valeria Pacheco 12/18/2022

Valeria Pacheco


Valeria Pacheco Beautiful diving legend, Valeria Pacheco, is a yogi of the platform, and swift in the air.

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