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Kindness.. such a simple way to tell a struggling soul that there is love to be found in the world.
-A.A Malee

Doesn’t cost anything to be kind to one another.. and it may just cause a ripple effect in this crazy world we live in.

Happy World Kindness Day!


Think about who you are?

The power of your actions...
Are you on the left, or are you that one that can stop spreading the destruction others do? Are you strong enough to do what's right and create a better world?

Things to ponder...




Time to clean house!


"It does not have to be a New Year for you to reroute the direction your life is taking. At any moment you can take the initiative to reevaluate your path and pivot and take a new path. If that new path does not take you on the route you wish to take, then the beauty is that you can then pivot again. Take on each path with the knowledge that you acquired on your journey. Leave behind what does not fit and take with you what does." ~ Nayda Fugee



“Life is determined to introduce you to your true self. Be kind.”
~ Richelle E. Goodrich





Do your thing!





Indeed it is!





Lily Meola - Daydream (Official Lyric Video) 11/29/2022

Lily Meola - Daydream (Official Lyric Video)

Let it make you nervous. You should be living your daydream.

"It is easy for most of to repeat the words "you only live once (yolo)", but how often do you really take these words to heart? Be honest with yourself. Are you scaring yourself to live out your day dreams? Often I was praised for being brave for my adventures. I moved several times just to experience new things, explore our country, and meet new people. Was it easy? Oh heck no. Not at first that is. Then every time I ventured out on a new adventure I realized that most often the only thing stopping me was me." ~ Nayda Fugee

Lily Meola - Daydream (Official Lyric Video) Listen to Daydream on your favorite streaming service!https://lilymeola.lnk.to/daydreamI wrote this song at a time in my life when things were pretty beautif...


Maybe they take don't deserve it, but you do. Their sins aren't something you should live with.


Make the best use of today.


“The first type of people, after doing a deed of kindness to another, is quickly to demand the favor in return. The second type of people are not so quick to ask for a return of the favor, but privately think of the other as their debtor. The third type of people are just ‘like the vine which has produced grapes and looks for nothing else once it has borne its own fruit.'” ~ Jonas Salzgeber



Keep it strong!






I was just having this conversation a few days ago with my friend, Captain Ron, from the LA Sheriff's department.
We were discussing some of my medical issues as he was waiting outside of a surgery room for his beloved. (It went well for her)

He felt bad and said that I must be pretty frustrated. Without hesitation I told him that not really because I do feel that God puts us where we're supposed to for a reason. He gives us what we're supposed to receive with a purpose in mind. I may not always know what that purpose is but that's OK. I know it's there. Then out of the blue just yesterday my blood pressure was extremely high.

I didn't understand a couple of things that were going on or the actions of others that were brought to my attention.

Unfortunately the medical staff kept postponing putting me under anesthesia in order to wait until it went down. It actually went up to a dangerous level before it did go down.

After the procedure I spoke to a friend, who is a representative, of one the organizations that is being affected, I felt so much better.
Then from there I received a feeling of calmness.

A few wonderful incidents happened later on and immediately I found out that I had allowed myself to venture into that realm where I let others sins enter my peace. I sought back my peace and remained intact with my true self.
Some girlfriends brought me my favorite doughnuts and I enjoyed one with a feeling of truly being blessed.

In my life I'm truly surrounded with amazing people. I can never take that for granted. We accomplished so much and will accomplish so much more. So now I'm growing stronger than ever.

I've canceled all for today and will rest to be in an even better position to accomplish more tomorrow.
It's about the mission... the soil you'll leave behind if you concentrate on growing up and continue reaching for the sky.







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