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Fear is an indulgent emotion!

"I'm afraid" is a false story we tell ourselves to keep from doing something that will lead to change. After all, our system hates change...sees it as threat.

The good news is you have much more agency over your fear than you ever knew.

I help people own their emotions, turn them into assets and step into their immense Personal Power. If you want to be more powerful and less afraid, we need to talk.



Do you believe you can do the impossible? I do.

"Why would you believe such a thing?" you may ask. Well, to be honest, it's pretty easy because I see it happen all the time. My clients set and accomplish "impossible" goals every day.

So...how good do you want to be?

If you want to do the impossible, send me a message.


We just have to try to see the blessings! 💯💯

In what ways are you blessed today?


When you learn to truly love yourself and become THE source of love in your life, everything changes. Your life transforms from the inside out! Are you ready for this self-love challenge? 🤔



I published "Beyond The Bottle" six years ago, which is hard to believe. At the time I wrote it I was strictly talking about literal bottles...beer, liquor, pill, etc.

While I do a bit less addiction work these days I've come to see the bottle as a consistent metaphor. I've come to understand EVERYONE has a bottle of some sort...something that grips them and holds them back.

I talk about moving past your bottle in this second part of my interview with Bot Thibodeau.





Do you love serving your clients but…

Want to have more impact?
Worry about long term burn-out?
Crave more creativity in your work?
Want a higher level of financial freedom?
Strongly desire more balance and freedom in your life?
Crave the challenge of creating something substantial in the world?

We can help!

Melanie Shmois and I are proud to introduce “The Impact and Freedom Series” for Therapists who want to transition to Coaching.

If you are a mental health professional and you want to either fully transition to coaching or add coaching services to your existing business we need to talk. Reach out to Melanie or me for details.


The challenge to being a seeker is finding balance between maximizing growth and being satisfied with where you are and what you have. I help seekers find their superpower so they can feel better, do better, and be better!

Contact me now! 📞📩



If you are concerned with your colleagues "feeling good" you are in your Social Self...big mistake. Show up as your Professional Self. This is where leadership starts.

Your professional self values relationships and authentic connection. Your professional self listens deeply, focuses on serving those around you and creates an energy of confidence.

If you'd like help transitioning from Social To Professional Self at work, I can help. Click below...



The decisions we make play a vital role in our lives. In many ways, they shape our future. You may feel very uncertain about how to make decisions that will steer your career, health, financial situation and relationships in the direction you want.

Here are some effective tips to make better decisions! 😃😀




Stay tuned for some big news from me and Melanie Shmois ...coming tomorrow. 🙋‍♂️


Want to know the secret to success? The secret is...there is no secret.

Success = Sustained effort + Discipline.

Whether you have problems or goals the only way to move forward is to take focused action day in and day out. "Duh" you say, "everyone knows that Clay". Well maybe, but then why do so many people struggle?

It's because we live in an entitled, instant-gratification, drive-thru, delivered-tomorrow, one-click world.

The constant barrage of "it should be easy" makes us believe...well, it should be easy. Therefore sustained effort and discipline, while obvious, are incredibly rare.

If you have a problem you want to solve or a dream you want to achieve I can help you buy creating a permanent mental state that supports discipline and thus success.

If you're serious about winning...reach out to me today...



Personal goals come in every area of life, whether it be deeply personal ones, health-related, financial-related or how to become a better person in society.

What are your goals for 2021? 🤔

Share them in the comments. ⤵️


Part of life is experiencing ups and downs. We want people who understand us and can be depended upon during tough times. We need people who will listen to us and give us honest feedback.

Tag your biggest supporter to let them know you appreciate them very much. ⤵️

I guess you could do life alone...but why would you?


“How To Thrive” is the flagship program from Square Peg Coaching, where we help Seekers find their superpower so they can have more impact on the world.

We believe two things:
(1) You are good and valuable just because you exist and
(2) You have limitless power available inside you waiting to be tapped.

Despite these two facts so many us struggle with life. That struggle is amplified in what I call “Seekers”…those who find growth and challenge exciting and who want to squeeze every drop out of whatever time they have available to them. Often these folks have a lot going for them “on paper” but feel stuck at some point.

“How To Thrive” helps you move past your sticking point, the boulder in your path, receive inheritance of your Future Self. It helps you finally become the next, more improved, version of you.



What is your favorite affirmation? 🤔 Put your answer in the comments. ⤵️


Truth: You have the power within you to create any reality you want. You've only limited by your imagination and willingness to take massive action.

Mind-blowing transformation is available to you...just from intentionally managing your internal experience (your thoughts and feelings).

Remember, you can achieve anything you can think! Like if you agree! 👍


How To Thrive Part 12: Step Into A Sense of Quiet Confidence

The number one goal clients set for themselves is to "feel more confident". I definitely help them with that. But I also show them a much larger world. I show them quiet confidence as a component of THRIVING.

I can help. you feel more confident...and to thrive.

Click here to get started:



How To Thrive Part 11: Claiming Your Personal Power (And Never Giving It Up)

I fully believe you have access to unlimited Personal Power. The problem is one of access. You, like so many of my clients, have let self doubt, shame, insecurity, negative self talk, need for external validation and a host of other false beliefs get in the way of claiming your personal power.

One of my superpowers is helping people find, claim, and step into their personal power. I'd love to help you do the same.

Click this link and we'll get started...



How To Thrive Part 10: Intentionally Creating Your Legacy

in this world is over. But you get the choice...will you let that happen to you or will you actively and intentionally decide what that legacy will be?

If you want to leave the world a better place for your children, we need to talk. I can help you do that.



Manifestation is the bringing of a desire from your inner realm to your physical realm. Transmuting a want of yours into a tangible thing. The ability to manifest your dreams and desires is completely attainable! 😀


I help seekers find their superpower so they can feel better, do better, and be better...whatever "better" means for them!

Check out the following link and read more details:



"How To Thrive Part 9: Have More Impact On Your World"

"How To Thrive Part 9: Have More Impact On Your World"

Thoroeau wrote that "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation". That's been consistent with my experience. But, my experience also shows me that another path is available...the path or THRIVING.

I know because I see people do it every day in my world.

If you would like to choose thriving over quiet desperation, reach out.



"How To Thrive Part 8: Doing The Impossible"

"How To Thrive Part 8: Doing The Impossible"

Can you do the impossible? In my world we do just that...every...single...day! In fact, we actively look for impossible goals, impossible accomplishments, impossible outcomes.

Here's the secret...to grow you MUST do the impossible.

This video shows you how.

If you want to accomplish the impossible, we should talk. Click below...



You alone control your thoughts and the words you say to yourself. Why not be grateful for what you do have and plant positive seeds of gratitude into your life? 🤔


How To Thrive Part 7: Feeling On Demand

"How To Thrive Part 7: Feeling On Demand"

Thrivers are experts at creating the feelings they want to feel using their own internal resources. They don't rely on external tools to manage internal states..which is always a slippery slope.

If you are ready to become a master of your feelings...if you are ready to THRIVE, we need to talk. Click the link below to get started.



Life is all about growing, improving and moving ahead. Staying still means life will pass you by and you’ll have to catch up. Whether it’s your career, relationships or life in general, it is about compassionately and gradually improving your position. 😃💯

Contact me today to get you on the next level:



Question: What's preventing you from being the best, most evolved version of yourself?

That's not rhetorical...I actually know the answer. The answer is...you! Even the most successful people I work with have a tendency toward critical self-talk and a toxic self-image...all in the service of "motivation".

But, you deserve to be the best person you can be! 💯 I am here to help you! Contact me today for more info! 📩


How To Thrive Part 6: Creating a Powerful Perspective On The World

"How To Thrive Part 6: Create a Powerful World Perspective."
It's so easy to get pulled into dirty little details of the world...to lose sight of the forest while staring at the trees. Thrivers learn not to allow themselves to be distracted.

Truth is, when we take our eye off the prize, our chances of winning plummet! Thrivers develop an inner calm that allows them to intentionally put their focus where it most needs to be.

More in the video...


How To Thrive Part 5: Know Yourself At Increasingly Deep Levels

"How To Thrive Part 5: Know Yourself At Increasingly Deep Levels"

How many times have I had a client ask me some version of "how can I not know myself at x years old?" in my career? It must be in the thousands by now.

Being disconnected from our most authentic selves actually makes sense for a number of reasons...cultural, technological, spiritual, emotional and psychological. The good news is we can become reacquainted with our truest selves...and do so on a continuous basis.

More in the video...


You don’t need anything from outside you to change to design a life you love.

You don't need your wife/husband to be more attentive.
You don't need you kids to be better-behaved.
You don't need your boss to give you a raise.
You don't need the slow drivers to get out of the left lane.
You don't need 1 more client to sign up.
You don't need "a few more hours in the day".
You don't need more information.

Building a wonderful life is something anyone can do! No matter what your life looks like right now, you can still create a life you love! ☑️💯


How To Thrive Part 4: Creating Relationships That Serve You

"How To Thrive Part 4: Creating Relationships That Serve You And Others."

Thrivers have happy relationships that are close but boundaried. Their relationships involve clear communication and lack anger and pointless bickering.

Thrivers are more interested in being connected...than in being right.

Want better relationships? I can definitely help!



Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life. Goals also help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery.

I am here to work on your goals! 😀

Learn more here: https://claycutts.com/


How To Thrive Part 3: Mastering Emotions

"How To Thrive Part 3: Mastering Emotions"

Emotions can be either our greatest asset or our worst enemy. I help THRIVERS learn to tolerate strong emotions rather than avoid them with alcohol, food, technology or work. We do this so they can build a tolerance to those emotions and, therefore, not be as impacted by them when they show up.

I'd love to hear what you do to manage your emotions.


We all have them: powerful capabilities bestowed by some freak accident that give us the power to vanquish evil and save the world. All human beings have amazing abilities. 🤗

Let me help you find your superpower!

Contact me! 📧


The challenge to being a seeker is finding balance between maximizing growth and being satisfied with where you are and what you have.

I help seekers find their superpower so they can feel better, do better, and be better! Contact me now! 📞📩


How To Thrive Part 2: Existing on a Higher Plane

"How To Thrive: Part 2"

A huge component of learning to THRIVE is allowing your perceptions of yourself, the people around you and the world to evolve. Some would call this insight. But, in my experience, insight doesn't quite get us there. It's the start, but it's not the solution.

Instead, Thrivers actually think, and eventually exist, on a higher plane. Check out the video. I lay it all out there.


The three states of mind are wise mind, emotion mind, and reasonable mind. 😀 What kinds of experiences bring out your inner “rational” and “emotional” minds?

How strong is your Wise Mind? 🤔

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How To Thrive Part 12: Step Into A Sense of Quiet Confidence
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