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Christian counseling which integrates Biblical truth with the healing process. In addition to counseling, we provide seminars, workshops and consultations.

Agape's mission is to impact the Greater Rochester, NY area by providing excellent professional counseling and effective life coaching that integrates Biblical truth with proven methods of psychological healing in order that individuals find spiritual, emotional and psychological wholeness. Agape in a non-denominational non-profit organization and views its mission field as supplemental to the wor

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours 🎄



The Agape Staff wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 Blessings from our family to yours!


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that Agape is taking extra measures to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere for you and our staff. Common surfaces are wiped down throughout the day and in the evening, we use a long-acting, antibacterial disinfectant on these same surfaces.

We ask that you help us! If you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick, please call us as soon as possible to make arrangements. One option could be a video session we have just put in place. If this is something you would be interested in please discuss this with your counselor.

Our office is ready to answer any questions and work with you on session options. Feel free to leave a message – our voicemail is always on. We will return your message just as soon as we can.

Our normal policy is to waive the late cancellation fee for anyone that is sick; this policy will continue to be honored. We do ask for a phone call as “No Shows” will still be charged a fee.

There is a considerable amount of anxiety surrounding these current events but by taking a pro-active, prudent response, we believe we can limit the impact on our community.


The Agape Counselors and Staff


Happy Friday from everyone here at Agape! A little something to ponder as we move into our weekend....

"The essence of life is in the "little" moments. How many times have we thought, "I'll be happy when...I get that new job/raise/house/vacation." You fill in the blank. We've all done it, but remember what happened when you got that new thing? You were probably excited for a while and then it faded right? Then you were on to the next "thing". These "big" moments are really just a small part of life, and probably not what will mean the most as we get older and look back on our lives. What will mean the most? Here's what I's your baby's first step, holding hands with the one you love, watching a beautiful sunset, laughing over coffee with good friends. These are the moments that really make up life. So how much do we enjoy these moments? Are we fully present in the moment? Or is our mind somewhere else? I have definitely been guilty of not being fully present and soaking in these moments. So here is what I have learned after almost 55 years on this planet...embrace that precious moment! Soak it in! Let it fill your soul, and above all, be incredibly thankful in that moment/ It was a gift from God, and once it's over, it's over. We don't get do-overs. If we can remember each day to live our lives this way, how much richer and happier will we be?
"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice an be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Eileen A, LCSW


Are New Year’s Resolutions a thing of the past?
Something that I have always done as a therapist for the last 8 years is ask my clients if they have made or are planning on making any new year’s resolutions. And every year I receive a resounding “No.” “Why bother. I don’t keep them anyway” or “I can start something new whenever I want. Why wait until January 1st?” I have never gotten a “Yes” to this question. Probably hundreds of clients and not a single yes! And quite honestly, I have said all of these things myself over the years (and maybe even just last week. Shhh.)
But as I thought more and more about this topic, I found myself truly desiring to decide to make changes in this new year. Is it the tradition? Societal peer pressure? A hope that maybe this time I could lose those pesky 10 pounds or kick sugar addiction to the curb once and for all? And if I start it on January 1st that maybe there would be some sort of magical quality that would empower me to follow through? How about ALL OF THE ABOVE! Cue Contemplation. Do I really want to set a goal just to meet others expectation for me or even the crazy high expectation that I set for myself and ultimately fail because they were unreachable to begin with?!
With these questions, I found my answer as to why I avoid new year’s resolutions, and possibly why others do as well. The thoughts that go with these questions are so negative. They tout of old failures, I’m not good enough, I’m not strong enough, I can’t even do this SIMPLE thing, People are going to judge me if I fail, etc., etc., etc. So we just don’t set new year’s resolutions, then alone goals at all! All because of fear of disappointment. Now I know that this will not apply to everyone. However, I do believe that I am talking to the vast majority. We are wandering through life without a plan, without goals! And then we wonder as we wander why we feel the same way, if not worse, year after year.
So what do we do? As I thought about all of my past “failures” (which is a great thing to do if you want to feel uplifted, happy and encouraged) I reflected to my four year old little girl at home. We give children so much more grace than we do adults. She is growing and learning and is going to make mistakes, messes, more work for mom, and will need help from me. As her mom, it is my job to teach, encourage, lead, guide, and be gentle with correction. Be Gentle. BE GENTLE! WOW! WHAT A CONCEPT! Don’t I deserve to be treated gentle by the one person that I can’t escape from?! Myself?! If I can do it for her, I think I could do it for myself. It might take some practice because I haven’t been gentle in a long time. But I could try!
Looking at the year ahead, challenge yourself to set some goals. Realistic goals. Save $20 a month by making coffee at home. Eat at least 2 fruits or vegetables a day. Get up 10 minutes earlier so you are not rushing in the morning. Park further away from the door to increase your steps. Drink one more glass of water a day. Drink one less soda, coffee, tea a day, and the list goes on. Focus on ONE LITTLE GOAL at a time. When you accomplish that one goal, you can always add more. The main thing to remember is to BE GENTLE! If you go a week and realize that you have hardly eaten anything healthy, BE GENTLE, and start over! It’s ok! You are human! You are learning! You will make mistakes! Encourage yourself and move on. Literally, look yourself in the mirror and say “It is ok. I forgive you. Let’s try again tomorrow.” And on the flip side, congratulate yourself when you succeed.” Good Job! ““You Did It!” Yes, I am being serious. Let’s bring back New Year’s Resolutions but with a healthy tone of being kind and gentle to the most important person you will ever know.
Your Fellow Human under Construction,
Lauren Ayres, LCSW


The purpose of the UG Intensive Workshop is to walk with Women/Spouse's through the pain of the past in a loving, safe environment to a place of healing & peace. Our 3-DAY INTENSIVE is equilivant to 6 months of counseling for a 1/3 of the cost. These workshops assist Spouse's/Women in understanding WHY they struggle with bitterness, unforgiveness and hurt as well as HOW to heal & recover from the choices of others. Professional therapists provide a Clinical/Christian approach using lecture, small group and individual reflection to break the bonds of Trauma & Abandonment. Click this link to sign up


Agape is looking for motivated, energetic counselors!


4-person scramble, $100 per person/ $400 per team (dinner only- $30) Includes 18 holes of golf, cart, lunch, dinner & prizes!

Visit to register your team, or call 585-385-6030
for more information!


Agape Counseling Associates, Inc's cover photo 10/22/2015

Lauren Ayres, LMSW

Join us in Welcoming Lauren Ayres to the Agape Counseling Staff! Agape provides counseling and therapy services for individuals, couples, and families in the Rochester, NY area. We are a Christian counseling agency that integrates faith into our professional psychotherapy model.


Calling all Pastors and Ministry Leaders!
Join us for an Open House.
Stop by on October 27th between 6:30 and 8:00. Feel free to call our office with any questions. (585)385-6030 09/25/2015

Anxiety Fact Sheet

How is anxiety impacting you? How can you decrease your anxiety? How is anxiety impacting you? How can you decrease your anxiety?


Kathy Mose is Agape’s Client Services Administrator. She bridges the gap between the client’s first call to Agape and their first appointment with a counselor. She is the voice that most new clients hear as they maneuver the process of getting started here at Agape. Kathy has been working with Agape for three years. Her experience and knowledge of insurance and employee assistance programs has helped a countless number of our clients.

Kathy is originally from Kentucky, and has been a faithful fan of University of Kentucky basketball, even since her family’s move to New York over 20 years ago. She enjoys watching the Bills with her husband, reading, being involved with her church – Webster Baptist, and being entertained by her grandchildren. A Bible verse that has resonated with Kathy over the years is Isaiah 41:10.

Call us and speak with Kathy about getting started with a counselor that best fits your needs. Kathy would love to hear from you. (585)385-6030 04/01/2015

No More Shame

Hot of the presses! Take a look at our April eNewsletter. My dog knows that tone of voice. That tone that comes out after she chews up something she is not supposed to. That slow deliberate tone when I ask her, "what-have-you-done?" The tail gets tucked up between her legs, her head goes down and she slinks slowly to her crate. I imagine that in her mind t… 03/30/2015

2015 Faith Communities Mental Health Conference

Registration is now open! Early Bird pricing is available now through April 10th. Don't miss out! Dr. Antonelli is a Certified Marriage and Family       Temperament Therapist   specializing in Crisis Marriage and Pastoral Counseling. He is founder and president of Life Counseling Center Inc.


It is finally here!
Save the date for the 2015 Faith Communities Mental Health Conference! April 24th 2015

Frustration 03/04/2015

March 2015

Our March Newsletter is ready!

Frustration After growing accustomed to the relaxed pace of rural Niagara County, whenever I have to wait more than one cycle of a stoplight I get frustrated. Life spins faster and faster and time keeps on marching on. Frustrations come in many forms. From constantly misplacing keys to finding a way to get ahea…


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Important thoughts about preparing for married life. 02/05/2015

Are You Ready to Say, "I Do"?

Check out this special article written by Byungil Kim!
Byungil is a master's student from the University of Rochester who is working with Agape for the semester.

Important thoughts about preparing for married life. What should a young couple expect as they prepare for married life? Married couples have a connection that is very different from unmarried ones. Unmarried couples have more independence and opportunities for self-determination, while married couples have a type of connection that is not just legal,…


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If love is in the air, why don't I feel it? 02/04/2015

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Our February 2015 e-Newsletter is ready!

If love is in the air, why don't I feel it? Valentine's Day. That time of year when we are supposed to remember the ones that are most dear to us. For many women, this means flowers and chocolate. For many guys, it means standing in the card isle at Wegmans for hours. I remember as a kid receiving that special valentine card from a classmate… 12/02/2014

Agape Counseling Associates | ROC the Day

It's not too late! Help us as we help others Agape Counseling Associates- offering hope and healing to individuals, couples and families.


It's that time of year again! Are you ready to ROC THE DAY with us on December 2nd??


Agape Counseling Associates, Inc 11/07/2014

Our November newsletter is hot off the presses! Click the link to join our mailing list! Apples, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes - the grocery list that sounds like a Thanksgiving celebration! As the growing season ends agriculturally, the chefs begin their work to create masterpieces of culinary delight. All the visual cues of abundance and blessing appear in everything from Hall… 09/29/2014

Our October E-newsletter is available now! Check out articles and photos from our counselors- reflecting on the changing seasons and the artistry of God!     Isn't God's palette beautiful? The changes in the environment around us this time of year can be breathtaking. Like all good works of art, the scenery holds a message, but the interpretation of the message is left to the observer. Some will see the colors of the leaves and bemoan the evidence th…

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