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Ordinary Miracles provides conprehensive pregnancy, labor and birth support, as well as childbirth education and postpartum support to families in Greater Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

http://ordinarymiraclesdoula.com I believe that birth is a natural, beautiful, and transformative process, and that having caring, non-judgemental support is the key element in having a truly satisfying birth experience, no matter where your baby is born or who your birth is attended by. Your birth is your own - it is not my job to tell you how your birth ought to go, but to support whatever decisions YOU make about your care, and to help you have a satisfying birth experience as YOU define it.

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Music for Pain Relief During Labor - Evidence Based Birth®

Just about everyone knows how the right music can elevate a mood or motivate you, but can it actually provide pain relief during labor?


evidencebasedbirth.com In this video, we look at the evidence for listening to music during labor. Does it help with pain relief? What is the best music for relaxation?

James Van Der Beek

A few things I forgot between babies four and five: Dads, when your #newborn has been fed, changed, and is still upset, swaddle them up and hold them. Check in with them. Feel their face on yours. Talk to them. Rub their back, sway gently, hum, make the “swishy” sound in their ear to replicate the sound of Mom’s heartbeat in utero. If they’re still crying and it breaks your heart... that’s fatherhood. If you move past heartbreak into exasperation... that’s fatherhood. If they start screaming and you find yourself wanting to say “Oh, C’MON!” out loud... that’s fatherhood. If you feel helpless and inadequate and like you’re staring at a final exam full of questions you couldn’t possibly have known to study for... that’s fatherhood. And if you push through that... become more present than you’ve ever been, discover instincts you never knew you had, and summon up more love and patience than you’ve maybe ever shown anybody... and they either take it, or get tired, or finally work out that fart that was bothering them and fall asleep on your chest... and you suddenly feel like you beat the system, got nominated for a Nobel Prize and got told “I love you” by the first girl you ever loved... THAT’s fatherhood. Welcome... Glad you’re here. 💙


Dear postpartum body: I want to thank you for growing and supporting my baby. I might have stretch marks and scars but I am powerful. I am beautiful. And I will own this body. 💪❤️

Jillian Harris image credit: Krista Evans Photography and Doula Services

The many ways breastfeeding/chestfeeding looks.

Graphic reposted from @thepregnantdoula.joeigowing

****Edit to add: There have a few 'passionate' comments lately, when we are passionate about something, sometimes we forget about those who may read our comments and whilst we cannot control how others react to what we say, we can be mindful in our language and delivery of what we say...as The Gottman Institute would say, 'soft start-ups'.

Almost everything pregnancy, birth and baby/feeding related can be controversial or trigger inducing for many people. Please try and use the following when commenting:
1. Is it necessary?
2. Is it true?
3. Is it kind?

We can still share our views, opinions, and stories but let's consider those who will be reading it.
Something I like to do if I am triggered by a post or comment, I like to write a reply or comment then wait a while before posting it, re-read it and I almost always edit it as my immediate response is generally filled with strong emotion which could hurt or shame others. This is a safe and inclusive space, and hateful comments will not be tolerated.

Especially if you're pregnant in the summer! 😂☀️😂


Refuge Midwifery

Homebirth midwifery is about birthing strong, empowered families. Beginning with informed choice conversations about pregnancy screening options, to respecting and believing in you throughout your birth process and then a multitude of home visits in your bed (and undies) in the first weeks postpartum - our care centers the bond between parents and their new baby.
Witnessing the immense love and connection families have with their babies is possibly the most magical part of being a midwife - and why the forced separation of parents from their children by ICE becomes more devastating and unfathomable as each day unfolds. FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER AND FREE
Keep protesting and resisting. #keepfamiliestogether
Photo by @lanebphotography

Kristina Kuzmic

Moms of boys! Can you relate?! I have 3 of them, and I was HOWLING with laughter! 😂😲😭

This is a PSA (Pen*s Survival Announcement). #boymom

My friend Cat and I had way too much filming this! One week after we shot it, she gave birth to the sweetest little baby boy. They named him Finn. 😊

Who can relate?!

Haven't I already done enough? 🍰

Find me at www.instagram.com/common_wild


Early-morning births are genetically programmed

Mine were born at 8:40PM, 5:45AM and 2:55AM. When where your babies born?

economist.com The small hours provided an evolutionary advantage

La Leche League USA

Before pumping a freezer stash, it's important to recognize why you might need it.
+ Are you looking to pump because you are returning to work or school?
+ Are you going to be away for a trip or extended separation?
+ Are you donating human milk to a friend or organization?
If you have no specific reason for pumping, but instead feel like you MUST have a freezer stash, it's important to note that most breastfeeding parents only produce as much as their babies need. While some people are able to produce much more through a combination of factors, they are outliers. If you do not have a freezer stash, that's okay!
Note: Before going back to work, it helps to have 3 daycare-days worth of milk in your freezer to act as a cushion. Once you start working, you will be pumping milk for the following day rather than pumping for the freezer. For example, any milk pumped on Monday will be given to baby on Tuesday and so on. Creating a freezer stash is generally not necessary. Not sure how much milk is enough? A general rule of thumb would be 1-1.5 oz per hour apart. While some parents find comfort in having extra frozen milk, it is important to keep in mind why you are pumping and have an idea what you will be doing with the milk once it’s accumulated.
Have you gotten carried away with pumping? How do you make sure you feed baby not the freezer?
#feedthebabynotthefreezer #pumpingtips #workingparent #freezerstash
Are you struggling to pump enough? Are you worried that you don’t have enough milk to go back to work? We can help. Find local, individualized support in your area through lllusa.org
[Image: Blurred photo of a freezer door full of expressed milk. Text: feed the baby, not the freezer.]

It's a Southern Thing

For the grandparents-to-be!

Choosing the perfect grandma name is tough! 😂

Refuge Midwifery

#Repost @taprootdoula
THIS IS AMERICA. @andrearoussos - “Midwives and homebirths should be covered by medicaid, paid six month minimum maternity/paternity leave should be mandatory everywhere, organic veggies should be subsidized instead of gmo corn, soy, wheat, meat and dairy, and breastfeeding must be supported in underprivileged communities. Black mothers are dying due to racism and classism in the medical industrial complex, and few mothers escape it’s misogyny without trauma. Medicine shouldn’t be an industry, and raising your own child shouldn’t be a privilege.” #americathebeautiful

Jill Krause

"We're all just walking each other home..."

I read this quote one beautiful summer day when I was on route to visit some family. It actually took my breath away because I felt like it was the very definition of what humanity was meant to be; us, taking each other's hands... and holding space for one another in this emotional adventure we call life.

Sometimes it's hard to see it though.

With too many headlines and anonymity and a world that often feels like a very scary place... it's hard to remember that we're all in this together.

Until one night, it happens. A text comes through:

"My water broken."

"Contractions are happening."

"We're on our way."

I arrived and simply stood back in the corner while a miracle happened...

One woman; whose life journey took an unexpected turn and left her unable to have children. But also left her with the undying desire to be a mother.

One man; in equal pain... equal suffering... equally wanting to start a family with his wife.

Another woman; who could carry their child and give them - quite possibly - one of the greatest gifts another human being could offer.

And just like that, a child was born. Not in a world of "yours" or "mine"... but in a world of "us" and "ours". A child so loved. A child so desired. A child whose bonds will cross an ocean.

That night, through tear soaked eyes, I had the immense privilege of documenting the most unique bond... the most incredible relationship... the most amazing gift;

The humanity of walking each other home...


Thank you so much to Genevieve V Georget for allowing us to share her words and her incredible photo. Sometimes you see a picture and it hits you right in the heart, sticking with you forever. This is one of them.

The Age

This baby isn't breathing, but nobody around him is particularly worried. Read more: https://bit.ly/2IZ0zJ9

Refuge Midwifery

Why are toilets a great place to push a baby out? Because it’s the only place in our lives where we let our pelvic floor relax when we 🚽💩. And we use the same muscles to poop as we do to birth a baby.
I love suggesting my clients try sitting on the toilet at the beginning of pushing. It’s a good place for first time birthers to get the hang of all the new sensations and get coordinated pushing efforts on your own terms. I’ve yet to catch a baby on the toilet, but have had a number of right next to the toilet squatting and on hands and knees bathroom catches.
#pushing #2ndstage #labor #birth
#postpartum #pregnancy #naturalbirth #midwife #empoweredbirth #laborandbirth #laborpositions #birthwithoutfear #homebirth #homesweethomebirth #thisishomebirth #homebirthmidwife #phillymidwife #newjerseymidwife #southjerseymidwife


Most mothers start to feel their baby's first movements between 16 to 25 weeks of pregnancy. [https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb97RpOhH-l/]

Doulaville - Philadelphia

"I wanted to feel positively about my body. I wanted to give birth without fear. I wanted to give birth without pain (and did!). I wanted my child and myself to be perfectly healthy and safe. I wanted to feel confident that regardless of my birthing outcome, I’d be able to make the best choice for me and my baby. Hypnobabies gave me the tools to achieve all of those goals. What surprised me was that re-training my mind in such a manner profoundly affected every aspect of my life, far beyond birthing. I now have this incredibly positive outlook on life and know that if I want something, I need to create the space for it to come to pass."


Why Does Our Culture Focus So Much on Childbirth and So Little on The Time After?

filmsforaction.org Kathleen Kendall-Tackett examines how other cultures protect new mothers’ well-being.

Refuge Midwifery

4TH TRIMESTER SUPPORT: Sharing my postpartum door sign that I give to families following birth. While ✨everyone✨ is soooo excited to meet the little person you’ve brought into the world, the first few weeks are about supporting parents resting and bonding with their baby. This sign is a reminder that if your friend/uncle/neighbor wants to stay for more than 10-15 minutes, they can (and should) help! Postpartum doulas can also make a world of difference in these early weeks. Simple things like doing the dishes make a world of difference to help you care for your #baby
I posted a similar version of this form earlier this morning that I had adopted from another midwifery practice. Once it was up I had an oh shoot moment when I realized it wasn’t #genderinclusive. So I took it down, made my own, and am posting it back up. Gender inclusive changes to midwifery practice language are simple but takes a little bit of thought and practice. Even though I’ve been doing transcare in various capacities for 4 years I still make mistakes. So I acknowledge it, amend the mistake, and keep going and showing up for this work.
#lgbtqprovider #inclusivemidwifery
#postpartum #4thtrimester #takebackpostpartum #postpartumdoula #postpartumsupport #postpartumrecovery #thisishomebirth #homebirth #birthwithoutfear #homebirthmidwife #phillymidwife #newjerseymidwife #southjerseymidwife #homebirthmidwife #optionssupportrespect #birthstory #whynothome #normalizebirth #thebirthhour #peaceoneartthbeginswithbirth #birthisforfamilies #justborn #welcomebaby #naturalbirth #transinclusive #transparent

The LaBrant Family


Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-CH0epzZpD_ARhxCx6LaQ

Evidence Based Birth

Aromatherapy - the use of essential oils to enhance well-being - can be used on its own or with other non-drug methods as an alternative to pain medications during labor. This practice aims to decrease pain and manage anxiety, and also to create a greater satisfaction with the childbirth experience.

So - how effective is this method? What are the risks, and what does the evidence say about its impact on pain and anxiety? Which - if any - of the essential oils are useful during labor?

Find out in week’s blog post 👇


Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories

Do you have your tissues? This is SUCH a powerful and moving film. There's nothing as powerful as watching a woman become a mother. Happy Mother's Day! Compiled by photographers from Birth Becomes Her 💗

Story of This Life

Happy Mother's Day

"With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood" -Isadora Duncan

What a reward, Happy Mother's Day 💜


New mama: You’re allowed to feel what you feel—even if it’s messy

"...this isn’t just about my postpartum body. It’s about my postpartum life. Just like my stomach, it looks different than it used to and I’m honestly still learning how to live in it."

mother.ly As I run on the familiar trails near my house, it feels like I’m getting over a nasty cold: my legs are heavy, my lungs are tired and my spirit is low.But it wasn’t a cold that knocked me off my feet. I’m still recovering from having my second baby a few months ago. The fact is—this just isn...


Benefits of Hydration During Pregnancy

Did you know that, by the time you actually feel thirsty, you are already slightly dehydrated? As we move into the warmer months, it's especially important for pregnant people to make sure they are getting enough water!


baby-chick.com In addition to forming the placenta and enabling your baby to receive nutrients during pregnancy, water is also used to form the amniotic sac during pregnancy. There’s no denying the fact that hydration during pregnancy a very important role in the healthy development of your baby.


The Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Announcements

Ready to make the big announcement?! Here are a few tips to consider before you share your exciting news with the world!

baby-chick.com Congrats! You're pregnant! Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider before your pregnancy announcement to let the world know about your new bundle of joy.

Kristina Kuzmic

"I'm gonna have to call my wife and ask her."

I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. how I balance all the parts of my life so perfectly. The answer: I don't! I never have. I never will. So I'm calling this video: "Screw Balance!"


Dear husband: Let’s not wait until the kids are grown to make time for us

Making time for your partner when there is a new baby in the house is sometimes challenging, but it's so important to the health of your relationship.

mother.ly My darling, I wanted to tell you...One day we are going to wake up, and our kiddos are going to be adults.Can you even imagine these perfect little bodies turning into full-blown adult-size women with jobs and big responsibilities?I mean. I want them to, of course. But still. It’s a little trippy ...


How to Make a Sensory Hula Hoop - C.R.A.F.T.

Wouldn't this make a fun craft project, or a great gift for the friend who appreciates handmade? I think it's adorable!

creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com How to make a sensory hula hoop for your baby!



Breastfeeding a newborn can feel like a full-time job that challenges you to your core. These marathon days will eventually fade away but your love and bond will always remain. 🤱🏻

Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/y87ytuB

I bet this is delicious over ice!

Healthy Blood Pressure Herbal Tea: I made myself up a pot of healthy blood pressure tea this morning. This is a blend I recommend to my clients to support blood pressure staying in a normal, healthy range during pregnancy (also it's somewhat tasty). It contains Hawthorne Berry, Hawthorne Leaf, Linden, and Passionflower, which combine cardio-tonic properties with stress relief to lower blood pressure and anxiety.
Two handfuls of dried herbs in a quart of boiling water, steep for 20 minutes, strain and enjoy.
#herbs #herbsforpregnancy #herbalmedicine #pregnancy #birth #homebirth #midwife #homebirthmidwife #midwiferycare #phillymidwife #newjerseymidwife #PIH

Laughing Moon Midwifery

Vernix Caseosa.

Did you know that this incredible substance serves so many purposes?!

💕 it is a white, creamy biofilm that appears in the last trimester produced in part by fetal sebaceous glands. It is unique to humans!

💕 It acts as protection for the baby’s skin. It’s akin to Shea butter in texture. (Could you imagine soaking in water for 9 months? This stuff creates a barrier between the water and the skin. Genius!)

💕 It acts as an insulator, keeping in warmth.

💕 when left on the skin to be absorbed, helps the skin transition to a land environment by providing moisture and reducing the rate of skin dehydration.

💕Often seen in babies born before 40 weeks but that is just the average, some babies have little to none before 40 weeks and some babies are frosted at 42 weeks.

💕 It has its own microbiome! It contains oils and antibiotic peptides. An anti-microbial barrier of sorts! Plus, it is seeded by beneficial bacteria from the birth canal.

💕The vernix within amniotic fluid when swallowed by the fetus has potential effects on the developing gut!

I’m not even kidding. I had to stop adding brilliant facts about vernix because Instagram said no more room. There are loads more magical facts all about vernix! I’ll add the link to an amazing NCBI article that surmises them all in the link in my profile! Happy reading! 📸: this image stopped me in my tracks! That little face, vernix covered, hugging mama!! Incredible capture @h2o_sonya !!!

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