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Sky Harbor International Airport is often the first and last place people see when traveling to Arizona. Local First has long advocated for local businesses to have prime placement at the airport, and the City of Phoenix, AZ USA has really taken it to a new level, winning awards for their ‘localness’.

This summer, the newest concourse in “America’s Friendliest Airport” will be home to local favorites like Changing Hands Bookstore, Melrose Pharmacy, Pedal Haus Brewery, Mother Road Brewing Co., Wild Tonic, SanTan Brewing Company, RAH Coffee Company and more!

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said, “With local businesses…we will now be showcasing some of the best we have to offer. Placing these organizations in front of global travelers is a great way to accelerate their growth and accentuate the things that make our community such a fabulous place to be." We couldn’t agree more!
Local small businesses in Arizona have witnessed how much the (CTC) benefits their communities. That’s why they partnered with us on our CTC sticker initiative to inform more Arizonans about this impactful tax cut.👨‍👩‍👦

Big thanks to Melrose Pharmacy, Changing Hands Bookstore, Fair Trade Cafe, Feast, and Ike's Coffee & Tea for their support!

From child care to health care costs, the CTC has delivered financial relief to many AZ families. Thank President Joe Biden and Senator Mark Kelly for helping lift children out of poverty.🎉

Even though today marks the last CTC payment of 2021, the framework will expand the CTC for another year! Learn more at

Just wrapped up a press conference with Honest Arizona at Melrose Pharmacy on how the Build Back Better Act will help lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs. The pandemic exposed many of the inequities of our healthcare system, making legislation like this all the more urgent. The Build Back Better Act will help lower premiums, expand Medicare to cover hearing, enable Medicare to finally negotiate drug prices, and ensure Big Pharma can’t price gouge patients on life-saving medication like insulin. I am incredibly excited to see the Build Back Better Act advance to the Senate, bringing with it long overdue reforms to our healthcare system.

Thank you to all who joined today and thank you again to Teresa Dickinson and Melrose Pharmacy for hosting us!
President Joe Biden's framework will expand the (CTC) for another year.🥳

We're partnering with local businesses to inform people on how to claim their CTC.💰👪

If you're in Phoenix, check out Melrose Pharmacy and visit our website:
Natural antivirals Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are better than acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir drugs. See medical journals.
The best antiviral treatments are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. See medical journals for clinical studies. Effective against HPV, HSV, CMV, and EBV.
I just got a phone message from Theresa at Melrose Pharmacy wishing me Happy Birthday. That is such a nice, personal touch. Walgreen's never did that for me! ❤️
Check out the latest Computer Talk issue, featuring us and our client Melrose Pharmacy!
This pharmacy goes out of it(s) way to treat YOU as a PERSON and or a PATIENT and not a number like the large brand pharmacies!! I highly recommend them.😀
I’m surprised to see weapons of war prominently displayed on Melrose’s windows. I thought this locally-owned business stood for something better.
and 😍 Did you know that about 30% of the women who participated in the Chevy Montage All Female build, were total newbies with little to no experience working on cars. Meet Teresa. She’s a Phoenix local who is a pharmacist and owns a very unique and super cool pharmacy, but she always wanted to learn about restoring cars. Teresa came out once or twice a week after work to help out, learn and be a part of the build. Turns out - she’s a natural! Was awesome to watch her confidence grow over the year of the build. And as you can tell from picture 3, after she was done making a truck, she decided to pursue her own dreams and make a baby! Thrilled she chose the montage for the setting of her pregnancy pictures. 🥰
Whether it’s building a truck or finally having the child you always wanted, Teresa is proof that you really can do or have anything in life you set your mind to and are willing to work hard to achieve. 📸 💜
. . .
Melrose Pharmacy
Best Pharmacy by FAR!!! They do so much for the city of Phoenix and the State of AZ. I wanted to help a small pharmacy in my neighborhood however, the owner took the time to know me as a patient and or a person. I am old enough to remember writing and helping get Electronic Medical Record keeping with Newt Gingrich, President Bill Clinton, the USA Navy (as well as the Dept of Defense. I have worked for several government agencies and also started and own corporation(s) world wide doing camera(S), E.M.R. Peace, Love and keep on prospering and doing great things for all of U.S. in AZ and Phoenix PLEASE!!!

We help women with hot flashes, mood swings, low s*x drive, depression, memory lapses, weight gain,

Operating as usual


Winter is officially here!


Grab a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite blanket. No need to head out into the cold this winter when you can sign up for RX Delivery!


Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Show off your festive sweater in the comments below.


Melt away the holiday stress and cozy up for better sleep with a daily dose of melatonin. Talk with us about adding this supplement to your daily regimen!


What's on your holiday bucket list?


While mass-produced medications suffice for some, there are others that require out-of-the-box solutions. Whether you have allergies to certain ingredients in your medication, need a different dosage form or strength, or simply want to experience the difference customization can make, we compound your medications for your specific needs. Call or visit us today to learn more!


It's National Influenza Vaccination Week - a great time to get your flu shot if you haven't yet this season! Don't forget that there are other vaccines that adults need to get regularly besides the flu.


Impactful ways to support our local small business this holiday season!

✔️ Like, share and comment on their posts
✔️ Give them a shout out on your social media
✔️ Leave a positive review
Tag your favorite small businesses below to show them some love, and don't forget to ❤️


Prioritize your physical and mental health, even during the holidays, by practicing these habits.


Medicare Part D Open Enrollment can be a confusing time of year, with so many options and things to consider. So, where do you start?! Give us a call to book a FREE Medicare Part D review! We will help you evaluate your option, so that you choose the coverage that is best for YOU and your needs. Don't wait, open enrollment ends DECEMBER 7!


Our community is strong - let's help it grow even stronger. Give to a local nonprofit, volunteer, or do an act of kindness to another. Every act of generosity counts and each means more when we give together.


Happy Small Business Saturday! Thank you for choosing to with us and other small businesses in our community this holiday season!


So thankful for our wonderful patients + this community. Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving!


Antibiotics help in reducing the chances of infection, but sometimes they can hurt the body, too. This is why we often recommend taking a probiotic supplement during antbiotic treatment to help reduce the negative impacts on your gut and help boost your immune system in response. Talk to us about when antibiotics are and are not needed, and what probiotics we recommend for you!


Trust our community pharmacy to put your health FIRST. We know your medications. We know the industry. Our trusted team will make sure you have all the info to make the best decision for YOU and your needs. Call us to book your Medicare Part D review TODAY!


Being smokefree improves your chances of a healthy, longer-lasting life. Don't wait for next week to get back on track. Go smoke free today. Visit for free resources!


Answer: To check for prediabetes. Blood sugar testing may be recommended every three years or so for those at higher risk or have a family history of diabetes.


No need to leave your furry friends home alone when you can sign up for Rx Delivery! Let us bring your meds to you. Call today to get started.


Honoring all who have served this and every day.


Give a cheer for all the caregivers you know in the comments below to show them some extra love and appreciation for everything they do.


Managing your diabetes can be overwhelming, but we can help!
Our team takes the time to answer your questions, thoroughly explain your meds, and provides you solutions to better manage your condition. Visit us today, or click below to learn more about type 2 diabetes!


Friendly reminder to get your clocks ready, because we FALL back tonight!


Stress can cause wear and tear on the body that can lead to physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms such as headaches and poor sleep. Learn more about how to recongize and manage your stress symptoms:


Who has time for runny noses and coughing fits? Not you. Get your annual flu shot TODAY!


Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Timeline photos 10/26/2022

The statistics on breast cancer are staggering. More than 300,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer each year — and more than 40,000 women pass away from the disease each year. Here are three ways women can take charge to reduce their risks.

Timeline photos 10/24/2022

Are you taking proactive steps now to help set yourself up for a healthier, happier winter? If not, consider adding these activities to your fall to-do list!

Timeline photos 10/22/2022

Confused about Medicare Part D Plan options? Give us a call! We can help you find a plan that best suits your needs with a FREE Medicare Part D review. Available now — December 7.Confused about Medicare Part D Plan options? Give us a call! We can help you find a plan that best suits your needs with a FREE Medicare Part D review. Available now — December 7.

Timeline photos 10/21/2022

If you have Tricare insurance, you might have received a letter recently stating that as of October 24 you will no longer be able to use Melrose Pharmacy.

Unfortunately, ExpressScripts (ESI), the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) for Tricare has cut out most all independent pharmacies from their network. We are extremely saddened by these developments, and we have enjoyed the privilege of serving your health care needs.

This action will take pharmacy choice away from millions of active and retired military and their families. We encourage you to reach out to political representatives to voice your concerns.

- Submit a complaint about your pharmacy of choice being excluded from the TRICARE network by calling 1-877-363-1303 or sending an email to [email protected]. Also mail a hardcopy of your complaint directly to: Defense Health Agency Pharmaceutical Operations Directorate 7700 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 5101 Falls Church, VA 22042-5101
- Contact your U.S. senators and representative. Look up their contact information here:
- Share your story on social media, tagging , , and in your posts.
- Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Contact [email protected] for guidance on submitting a letter to the editor.
- Ask us about options to purchase prescriptions off of your insurance. In some cases, the cash price may be lower than your insurance copay.

Timeline photos 10/20/2022

Whether your regimen includes short-term meds or has multiple maintenance meds, it's important to have periodic Medication Reviews with your trusted pharmacy. Why? Because Medication Reviews help you get MORE out of your regimen. We help you understand the how, when and why of your regimen and look for any interactions that may be negatively affecting you. Call us today to book your Medication Review!

Timeline photos 10/18/2022

Happy day to all our amazing Pharmacy Techs! Give them some extra love in the comments below or next time you come into our pharmacy.

Timeline photos 10/16/2022

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the optimal time for flu vaccination is by the end of October.
Timing does matter! Schedule your flu shot today!

Timeline photos 10/14/2022

Have health goals? Of course, achieving these goals through diet is best, but busy lives can take a big hit on even the cleanest eaters. Luckily, supplementation can help fill the gaps. Here are 3 supplements to consider adding to your cold weather routine. And, as always, when taking supplements, it’s important to consider the type, amount and whether they may interact with other medications you take. We can help with all this - come talk with us!

Timeline photos 10/12/2022

Today we celebrate all women in pharmacy who are committed to going above and beyond for the health of their patients and communities. Join us in sending them a big THANK YOU in the comments below!

Timeline photos 10/10/2022

There are many benefits to using one pharmacy for all your prescriptions - one being that we have a comprehensive record of your entire med history! Why is this important? Because it can help prevent medication mistakes and drug interactions. Ready to get all your meds filled at one place? Give us a call!

Timeline photos 10/08/2022

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment starts in ONE WEEK! Now is the time to review your options!
It is important to take advantage of this period each year to review ALL your plan options, so that you choose the best coverage for your needs. Call us today to book your FREE review!

Timeline photos 10/06/2022

It is American Pharmacists Month! Help us celebrate by showing some love to our pharmacists in the comments or next time you visit our pharmacy!

Medicare Open Enrollment Part D 10/05/2022

Medicare Open Enrollment Part D

Are you 65 years of age or older and looking for a new or updated Medicare Part D plan? Are you unsure of where to start or who to review with? Medicare Part D covers prescription drug costs, both generic and brand name, and can be reviewed each year during the open enrollment period from October 15 to December 7. Learn more about Medicare Part D Open Enrollment here:

Medicare Open Enrollment Part D Are you 65 years of age or older and looking for a new or updated Medicare Part D plan? Are you unsure of where to start or who to review with? Maybe you haven’t heard of a Part D plan or are unsure of what it is? Medicare Part D covers prescription drug costs, both generic and brand name, and can...

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

Having a case of the Mondays? We challenge you to find a little time for yourself this week to practice self-care. Even if it is just a few minutes to jam out to your favorite song or sit outside with a cup of coffee, finding an activity that helps you recharge for the week can change your outlook on the week.


Tricare under Express Scripts has decided to offer a contract rate below independent pharmacies’ costs, forcing us pharmacies to not be able to take their contract. It’s sad for our country’s veterans and families, to be forced to change from their trusted pharmacies, to not be allowed to go to the pharmacy of their choice. We offer some of these patients’ compounded medications that these patients will be forced to go without. It’s sad when Express Scripts makes these changes just to steer business to themselves.

Here is a thank you letter from one of my patients after he found out he was being forced away. To add fuel to the fire, Tricare is terminating their existing contract early on 10/21/22 instead of 12/31/22. I’m sorry veterans that this has happened and that there is nothing I can do to continue to be there for you. 😭😭

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Did you know…it can take up to 2 months for a new behavior to become a habit? Keep working at the New Year’s resolution....




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