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Can high blood pressure harm my vision you may ask. Yes, high blood pressure and diabetes are seperate risk factors for damage to your retinas which convert light into images. It is therefore very important to pay close attention to to both conditions, try to minimize damage by controling your blood sugar and blood pressure through a healthy lifestyle.


A person with diabetes asks if diabetes can affect his oral health. The answer is yes. And the reason is because uncontrolled diabetes affects white blood cells, they are the body's main defense against bacterial infections in the mouth such as periodontal disease.
And, let's not forget not to overdo it around the upcoming holidays.


A person with diabetes asks if diabetes can affect his oral health. The answer is yes. And the reason is because uncontrolled diabetes affects white blood cells, they are the body's main defense against bacterial infections in the mouth such as periodontal disease.
And, let's not forget not to overdo it around the upcoming holidays


A person with diabetes asks if diabetes can affect his oral health. The answer is yes. And the reason is because uncontrolled diabetes affects white blood cells, they are the body's main defense against bacterial infections in the mouth such as periodontal disease.


If you have diabetes, you are at increased risk of heart disease. Here area few suggestions to help prevent a heart attack. Get moving, regular activity lowers blood pressure,control cholesterol by eating foods low in cholesterol and saturated fat and free trans fats. Manage your blood pressure, eat diet low in salt, manage stress. Stop smoking because it increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Lastly, maintain healthy blood glucose levels.


Heart attacks don't always cause chest pain, if you are a woman or have diabetes, you are less like to experience the classic symptoms eg tightness in the chest. Some signs of a heart attack include, nausea,skipped heartbeats,excessive sweating, shortness of breath, vomiting, lightheadedness and fainting. Suuden pain in other areas of the upper body like back, arm, neck, jaw or stomach might also be signs of a heart attack.


When was the last time you went for a complete physical? You may think it is unnecessary, but I beg to differ.I know a few people that lost loved ones to heart attacks just last month. When was the last time you execised? It keeps your blood circulating and heart pumping. For those of us that are 40 and above, especially if you have high blood pressure or hypercholesteremia, it is advised that you take one baby aspirin a day. Let's get moving and get healthy.


I met a new patient last week that had been diabetic for a while. She had an appointment with her opthalmologist and found out that she was legally blind. I asked if she had had previous visits to her eye Dr and she said no, even though she knew she was supposed to. If you have diabetes, please make sure you go for annual, eyes, feet, teeth etc check up. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and this can be prevented. You need to protect your kidneys as well, some of the ways we can protect some of our organs is by tightly controlling diabetes and alsobeing pro active.


Do you have a child with diabetes? I am sure you were under tremendous stress when he was first diagnosed, but you are settled in your role as a caregiver now. Alot of children get diagnosed right before they hit puberty, and so the stress seems compounded. The number one thing is to prepare for change, the growth spurts, hormonal changes can make blood glucose readings shoot up and down. Stress can also play a role. It is always important to keep records and meet with the child's doctors on a regular basis. Support system is also important, eg diabetes camp.


It is very important to communicate your total treatment plan which includes healthy lifestyle, exercise and medication if needed. It is also imperative to know the ABC's of diabetes. A stands for A1c which shows your average blood sugar levels over the past 2-3 months, B is for blood pressure, which should be checked regularly. C represents cholesterol and should be checked at least once a year, your physician will tell you what your goal should be for your ABC's.


In the world of diabetes, you are a partner, friend and a fighter and you have the chance to control yor blood sugar yourself. Reducing your blood sugar can help reduce the risks of diabetes complications . As always don't forget all your yearly exams eg with the eye physician. Check and out lotion on your feet everyday, if there are any cracks or wounds, make sure you see a foot physician.


Low testosterone levels have been linked to type 2 diabetes. It has been said that low levels of testosterone may even predict the onset of diabetes, and this may be mediated by obesity. Unfortunately, low testosterone levels appear to worsen cardiovascular outcomes in men with type 2 diabetes. Symptoms of low testosterone include low libido and reduced bone mineral density. So my male friends, please don't hesitate to talk to your physician if your libido is low.


I had a diabetic ask me why she had to check her feet for cuts everyday. Diabetes can leave you with poor sensation and decreased circulation in your limbs, so it is imperative that you look for cuts, calluses and blisters. Keep your feet moisturized to avoid cracked,dry skin and always wear shoes or slippers, even in your own house. To prevent infection, contact your doctor immediately if you find a wound.


Diabetes as we know is when insulin is not being properly produced by the pancreas or not functioning properly in the system. When this happens we have too much glucose in the blood. Diabetes affects all organs in the body including the heart and complications from this is a leading cause of death in diabetics. High cholesterol along with diabetes and heart problems is not a good thing at all. So, it is important that we try to control lipid and glucose levels and manage high blood pressure adequately.


Are you trying to loose some weight? I personally lost quite a few pounds by shunning sugar altogether and cutting out all animal fat for 3 weeks. I also exercised during that period and ate less portions. Good luck!


Sudies have shown that hearing loss is prevalent in diabetics, especially those that do not have their levels controlled. Weight loss will definitely help in reducing the progression but not the reversal. it is important to have all your tests done yearly eg vision etc.


When you feel sluggish after eating, fatigued during the day or have food cravings for sweets or starchy things, then your blood sugar is probably high, you need to have it checked.


One of the many risks that are associated with diabetes is heart disease. You can lower your risk of that with simple changes like maintaining a healthy weight, stopping smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption .


About 35-75% of men with diabetes will to some degree have erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. Erectile dysfunction is the inabilty to have an er****on, and unfortunately men with diabetes get it alot sooner than men without. Diabetes is a disease that can affect the nerves and blood vessels and because nerves snd healthy vessels play a role in er****on, one may not be able to get a firm er****on. For medications to treat this condition, talk to your physician and please do not be shy about it.


Do you have diabetes? Never let it slow you down, all you need is determination and a positive attitude which will go a long way in helping to manage the disease.


Coming soon.... the effects of diabetes on impotence, erectile dysfunction.


It is important that you take your insulin or oral medications as prescribed. Know what you are taking and what it does and make sure your friends and family know, too.


Monitor your blood glucose, it will help you become familiar with your blood glucose patterns and the effects of food,activity and medication.


Exercising regularly is key to maintaing diabetes, a daily walk can assist with control and can improve sensitivity of body cells to insulin.


I will be sharing about 4 different ideas on diabetes health tips. The first one is to control your food intake, remember that you don't have to cut out foods you love, but try to eat them in moderation and small portion sizes. Eating a wide variety of foods that are mainly low in fat, low in refined sugars and high in fiber is recommended. Don't skip meals and remember actual food quantities, as well as when you eat will influence control of blood glucose.


It has been a while since a wrote on this page, I apologise for the brief hiatus, my precious dad was ill and subsequently died. But, I am fully back.


Going shopping, there are certain items that are geared toward diabetics, for viatmins and supplements try alpha betic which is an optimized and balanced supplement for people with diabetics. For treats and sweets, don't get a candy bar, try a great tasting sugar free alternative instead.If you need nutritional support, glucerna or boost shakes and bars will help.


Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease that has a gradual onset in which insulin resistance gradually increases. Studies have shown that this progression can be slowed by placing the patient on avandia and metformin. Some of the side effects of being on this combo is nausea, diarrhea and weight loss, these are mainly effects from metformin.


Alot of times therapy is intensified in a type 2 diabetic patient to reach glycemic goals.When this happens, it is important to recognise the fact that hypoglycemia is possible. Therefore, teaching patients how to recognize,prevent and treat becomes pertinent.


Patients with neuropathy may not sense the autonomic symptoms of hypoglycemia which includetrembling/shaking, sweating, heavy breathing etc. For patients with hypoglyucemic unawareness, more frequent self monitoring of blood glucose will decrease the risk of severe hypoglycemia.


Risk factors of vitamin D deficiency include not getting at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight daily, being African American or dark skinned, elderly, overweight or obese.The normal range is between 30-74ng/ml. Getting the optimal level is important to prevent certain diseases one of which is type 1 diabetes because low levels can affect the pancreas.


This is a good time of the year to make your resolution to change your lifestyle positively. Get yearly physicals and watch your diet.Type 2 diabetes is a fast growing epidemic that can be avoided by modifying your diet and lifestyle.


Studies have concluded that breastfeeding not only benefit the infant but have a positive impact on the mother as well. There is increased risk of type 2 diabetes in mothers who breastfed their children for less than 1 month. It has been theorised that this may be due to retaining visceral fat which is lost when mothers breastfeed.


For patients with diabetes, studies have shown that aerobics and weight are the best exercises to do, to get the blood sugar level down.




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