Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore

Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore


I enjoyed my session with Nicole so much today. I really appreciate what you all did to make this happen today. My initial reader, Natalie, and I very quickly came to a realization that it wasn't a great fit, and she was so forthcoming about not being real comfortable with mediumship. Don't worry, Natalie, I'll come back and get a reading from you! :)
✨ Come see me at Vision Quest Sun-Thurs! 🎉
Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore

Psychic Readings & Healing Services available 7 Days/Week! No time to come in? We do phone readings!

Since 1995, VQ has served the Valley's metaphysical, psychic, pagan, & spiritual needs, growing from Scottsdale to Phoenix. Once the largest in the state, VQ has recently relocated to the Arcadia area in Phoenix, with concentrated efforts on providing the best psychics, unique products, an array of books & crystals, topped with a friendly & knowledgeable staff.

Operating as usual

HUGE $1 Min. PSYCHIC FAIR JAN 14th & 15th! 01/05/2023

HUGE $1 Min. PSYCHIC FAIR JAN 14th & 15th!

HUGE $1 Min. PSYCHIC FAIR JAN 14th & 15th!
Psychics! FREE Lectures! Vendors! Aura Photos 50% OFF!

HUGE $1 Min. PSYCHIC FAIR JAN 14th & 15th! Psychics! FREE Lectures! Vendors! Aura Photos 50% OFF! 3114 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85016 • (480) 949-1888 • Light Message January 14–15 2023 Other Services Available! (







Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close early today, so please join us before 4PM!


Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close at 8PM today.


We have one vendor space left for our winter Psychic Expo: January 14-15 from 10A-5P both days. Email if you're interested!


Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close at 6PM today.


Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close at 6PM today.


Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close at 6PM today.



Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close at 6PM today.


Today's Readers! Please call (480) 949-1888 to schedule an appointment. We close at 6PM today.


Lore is one of the key elements to mythology! It creates traditions and it guides us into universal consciousness. At this time of the year, many of us reconnect with our roots through sharing space with our families -- both blood and chosen communities.

If you are looking for a way to enchant your space with comfort and joy, we strongly suggest: making simmer pots or potpourri with some of the herbs in our herb section, lighting candles or the fireplace (if you don't have access, we strongly suggest searching for a "yule log" video on YouTube), tucking into a good book (ask our front counter for suggestions!), maybe sending out a few greeting cards with some gift certificates within.

We are grateful for each and every one of you, and we can't wait for what this new year will bring. Happy holidays.


This is best done in an "electric cauldron" (crockpot/slow cooker) with the lid off on low or warm so that hovering over it constantly is not necessary. Should you use this method over the stove, remember to top off the liquid every hour or so as it reduces to keep it from evaporating completely. This simmer is wonderful if you live in a dry home, as the evaporating steam will humidify the air around you.

Fresh fruit is traditional in this preparation, which also serve as an offering to the ancestors and spirits, nourishing them during safe travel through the veil between worldly realms. Apples are especially sacred to cunning folk and have been used in spells and rituals since the beginning of time.

Compost the remains for easy disposal. Or, if you wish to further use them in your craft, remove all contents with a slotted spoon and dehydrate. They can then be added to a spell jar or sachet, powdered fine to be made into an incense or ritual bath tea, or added to distilled vinegar in a spray bottle for a room refresher filled with intentions like gratitude, fellowship, and love.

You can find many of the herbs and spices in the recipe in our herbal section. We also offer body nourishing oils such as apricot seed and jojoba, Epsom salt, and other essentials. Stop by and see us seven days a week!


We provide the most comprehensive and complete astrological services available. Whether you know nothing about astrology or are an expert astrologer, we have the right astrology chart and interpretive report for you. Call for prices and availability.

You can read more about Haley's offerings by visiting our website in the description box on our profile page. Check the website tag 'psychics' and 'astrology.'

Our operating hours are from 10am to 6pm daily, and until 8pm on Fridays. We are fully stocked with incense, smoke wands, essential oils, and of course books!

Our staff are cleaning vigorously and rigorously every day. Curbside pick-up and phone readings are still available, should you decide you're not ready to explore the world just yet. Please call (480) 949-1888 to speak to our knowledgeable staff.

Thank you for your continued patronage, Visionaries!



We have a wonderful selection for your last minute Christmas gifts! From jewelry and crystals, to books and tapestries, self-care products, spiritual supplies and more.

Not sure to get your fellow spiritual friends and family for the holiday? We offer GIFT CARDS in any dollar amount.

Treat yourself to a New Year's Psychic reading: What does the New Year have in store for You? Walk-ins always accepted based on availability. Call us at (480) 949-1888 to book an in-store reading or a phone reading with one of our gifted readers.





Photos from Mom's Magickal Ways's post 12/08/2022

Don't forget to put out water to make full moon water tonight!

And while you're at it, put your crystals out for a moonlight charge!


✨ Some Holiday Crystal Advice for the Zodiacs ✨

What’s Your Sign?? ♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️
Use your Sun ☀️, Moon 🌙 and Rising ⬆️ Signs to see what advice you need! (and maybe add your crystals to a wish list if you don’t already have them 😉 🎁)

Mine is to Reflect + Recharge (Selenite + Clear Quartz)… seems about right 🤍

📷: Moonstruck Crystals







Photos from Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore's post 12/05/2022

Offerings are an important part of connecting to the spirits of the land, of the ancestors, and to the divine. By providing offerings, the strength of your partnership will grow and be fruitful — as will your manifestations.

What is an Offering? Anything given as a gift to deity as an act of propitiation or worship.

What is used as an offering? Material items, idealized/symbolic items, sacrificial items which are destroyed, and acts of service/devotion.

Times to do offerings: Uranic, Celestial, and Local deities: Dawn or upon rising; Ancestors: Hottest hour of the day; Chthonic, Earth, & underworld deities: Before bed. Offerings also took place during meals, life-transition ceremonies (births, weddings, funerals), festivals, and major crossings during travel. Also on holy days to deity.

Votive offerings are non-animal or vegetal items — stand as physical reminders of the good that has been done for you by the gods in the roughest of times. They can also represent the love and devotion you feel. A mere glance at the objects in your sacred space acting as offerings can fill you with awe and gratitude, reminding you that deity is always and has always been with you.

Ritual Sacrifice can be seen as anything that is destroyed or consumed as part of the offering. Examples of this would be burnt offerings such as candles and incense, but also anything that is destroyed by burning it. Libations are an example of a food offering which counts as a sacrifice. Part of a modern-day animal sacrifice (in the form of a feast) may be buried or burnt [usually bones and fat].

Acts of devotion and service are a kind of offering by sacrifice. Community service, donations and tithing, singing hymns and songs, and many other acts done for one's deity may be intangible, but are by no means less powerful or sacred. Prayer, ritual, spectacle, and festival are all examples of this type of offering.

Higher power, however you perceive it, does not need anything from us; it is through the gift of offerings, reciprocity, thankfulness, and gratitude that we are able to build and maintain relationships over a lifetime.

Furthermore, offerings are not bribes and one should not expect anything just because an offering is presented. A gift is not a transaction.

What goes where? A shrine is where the representation or icons of deity are placed. An altar is where offerings are presented. They are not mutually exclusive of each other and can exist independently or together if space doesn't permit. Sacred space can include a shrine, an altar, both, or simply be a place where you perform reverence for deity.

Reasons you may feel compelled to provide offerings: 1) Thanksgiving for blessings received such as victory, financial stability, good harvest; often accompanied by a request for future blessings. 2) For requests or petitions. 3) To honor and praise. 4) Penance.

Ask our helpful counter staff to assist you in any purchase meant as an offering.




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