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🎉 CONGRATULATIONS Blueberry Pharmacy for being named Best of the Best
Local Pharmacy/Drug Store of the YEAR!

Check it out now!
Thank you to everyone who attended our CME education event at Fogo de Chão last night!

A special thank you to the VITAS Healthcare team for partnering with us and sponsoring.

We had an amazing dinner and a wonderful presentation by Dr. Kathleen Walsh Reyes on understanding hospice eligibility and benefits for patients with advanced cardiac disease.

Looking forward to our next event, stay tuned!

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Blueberry Pharmacy
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Read about Dr. Kyle McCormick, the founder of Blueberry Pharmacy, who is doing things differently by bypassing PBMs and saving patients money on their prescriptions.
Saw this at work today and got excited for you 😊🫐💊
Only in Kansas City …

Independent pharmacists like Kyle McCormick have been providing access to low-cost medications without the need for insurance before a new cost-plus pharmacy was making headlines. He was recently interviewed in the Pittsburgh City Paper about his business approach and experience.

Learn how Kyle found success in Seven Questions Answered about the Cost-Plus Pharmacy Model. He will discuss workflow considerations, using pricing transparency to build relationships and get press attention, and ideas for structuring a cost-plus program. You’ll also hear answers to commonly asked questions.

Information about the education being offered at the NCPA Annual Convention is available at
Blueberry Pharmacy
These guys are making big changes to the way retail pharmacy is practiced. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Pittsburgh area go check out Blueberry Pharmacy!

Way 👏 to 👏 go 👏 KYLE!

Hieber's is so PROUD 🥳 to be friends with 🫐 Blueberry Pharmacy 🫐. Good people doing great things. If you don't know about Kyle and his pharmacy, look him up NOW! 💊
No insurance? No problem. Under Blueberry Pharmacy's model, patients can tap into the benefits of a community-based pharmacy and access low-cost prescriptions without the need for insurance. Founder Dr. Kyle McCormick shares how this new approach to prescriptions can save patients money:
To our valued patients and clients. Effective 2/28/2022 ADL at Blueberry Pharmacy will return to regular lab hours of Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-2:00pm. We will no longer have lab services on Fridays. Thank you for your loyalty.
To our valued patients and clients. Effective 2/28/2022 ADL at Blueberry Pharmacy will return to regular lab hours of Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-2:00pm. We will no longer have lab services on Fridays. Thank you for your loyalty.
To our valued patients and clients. Effective 2/28/2022 ADL at Blueberry Pharmacy will return to regular lab hours of Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-2:00pm. We will no longer have lab services on Fridays. Thank you for your loyalty.
A famous billionaire may have just announced his cost-plus pharmacy, but we have had one right here in West View for years! Blueberry Pharmacy is a pioneer in using this cost-plus model to make medication accessible and affordable to all.
Pharmacists around the country have played a crucial role in the pandemic, helping millions of Americans receive COVID-19 vaccines and tests. 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Thank you especially to District 20’s Waltmire Pharmacy and Blueberry Pharmacy for all you do to keep our community healthy!
Happy New Year! for your convenience the ADL patient service center located inside Blueberry Pharmacy is now open on Fridays from 8:30am to 1:30pm? No appointment necessary!

We hope this provides more options for you!
Have you been to West View lately? The borough is home to approximately 6,450 residents and a variety of businesses , from a bridal shop to a pinball museum to several restaurants, multiple auto body shops, medical practices, banks, a supermarket, a chocolate factory and retail store, a barber shop with an old-fashioned barber’s pole, a bicycle shop and more. Check out all this fun, small suburb has to offer in our November issue! West View HUB Blueberry Pharmacy PerryWorks Co-working Ross Township Community Scholl's Bicycle Center

Blueberry Pharmacy provides access to low-cost medications without the need for insurance. Whether y

Operating as usual


In case you missed it, our Thanks-giving Turkey made it on the news!


We've had a great 3 weeks with Justin so far! We dove head-first into the cost-plus model and had discussions about the future of the profession. He has excellent clinical knowledge and work ethic - we are fortunate he chose us as a rotation site!

Duquesne University School of Pharmacy


Hard to believe, but Thanskgiving is less than a week away!

We are thankful for all of you! Our 🦃 is getting fuller each day :)


Day 9: Trying to recreate a meme

Yet another example of from A reminder during that the best prices are often not listed on the website. Source in comments.


Day 8: Actual situation from yesterday

This is lowest-cost Medicare plan based on a patient's med list. Despite that, the cost of the medication at a PREFERRED pharmacy WITH insurance is 5x our non-member price for the year. thinks our cost should be 13x what we currently charge - good thing we don't listen to them!

Hopefully you are noticing a trend - these medications are FUNDAMENTALLY non-insurable. We don't buy car insurance for oil changes (routine, low-cost, maintenance events). Nor should we want health insurance to be involved in routine, low-cost, maintenance health events as it only raises prices (either directly through copays, or indirectly through premium costs).


Day 7: The opposite of what you'd expect

It's easy to keep posting prices that has artificially inflated; however, this one was QUITE hard to find. Here they are instead artificially deflating our price. We feel it is only fair to show both sides - but read on to see why.

It's okay that we don't always have the "lowest price". The way we price medications is based on the service and knowledge of ensuring each medication is the safest, most effective, and correct regimen. We simply cannot do all of this for less than our dispensing fee ($3/member, $10/non-members). Although we like to highlight that we OFTEN have the lowest prices, we don't always - and that's okay because service and safety would suffer as a result.

If you haven't been following along, check back through the posts to see how has been falsely advertising our prices to patients - on all medications and widely off-mark.


Day 5: It's a doozy!!

This one is so ridiculous I even put the plan number/name so you can double check my work. $137,000 vs our actual cost $1044/year.


Day 4: Running out of things to say.

These captions are getting hard to write as they become repetitive, but you get the picture. Yet another incorrect price on - this time it says our price is over $4,600 when it is under $90.


Today we were fortunate to have Drs. Justinne and Liz join us to learn about community pharmacy and the cost-plus model. It was a great day for inter-professionalism!

We look forward to having several other residents join us over the coming months as we will be hosting all the UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine residents throughout the year.


Day 3: Is this hard on your eyes 👀?

It's hard for us to look at too!

If you haven't been following, all of our prices are falsely listed on This one is for a WellCare plan. Our price is literally ONE-SEVENTH the price of an IN-NETWORK pharmacy THROUGH insurance.


Open Enrollment Alert Day 2:

Today, we showcase a price that is $1300+ less than what lists, and $100 cheaper than our chain competitor WITH insurance!


It's open enrollment!

As we've highlighted in the past, all of our prices are falsely listed on Often our prices are even LOWER than Medicare copays, but you wouldn't know by looking at their website. Therefore, we'll be posting a reminder every day until open enrollment ends.

Day 1: lists our price as $504.48 when it is only $28.21, making it cheaper than the lowest-cost Medicare plan copay!


This encounter was full of 💙💙💙

Our patients are the best :)


Our FedEx driver delivered a dose of smiles with their doodles on our latest deliveries 🥹


Overheard in the Pharmacy 🎬

We've stopped tracking savings because there are just too many to keep track of! A major component of healthcare is making sure it is affordable - this is too often forgotten.

Reminder: Please vote for us for TribLive's Best of the Best award. You can vote every day until October 7th -


Thank you to WENY TV News for the spotlight! Prescription prices are higher than they need to be. They did an excellent job highlighting the problems in pharmacy (be sure to check out part 1 as well). PBMs need regulated/removed as middlemen!

Link to news story:

Reminder: Please vote for us for TribLive's Best of the Best award. You can vote every day until October 7th -


Day #2 for Voting!

In case you missed it yesterday, we've been nominated for the Best of the Best award. You can vote every day between now and October 7th:

One of our patients' favorites is the blueberry lollipops that we hand out (not just to kid patients, adult patients too!). For this month only, they've transformed into BOO-berry lollipops! 👻😱


Today is the day! 🎉

We've been honored with a nomination for TribLive's Best of the Best Award. Voting opened today and runs through October 7th. 🗳️

Link to vote 👉

If you see fit, please head on over and vote today (and preferable once a day until the 7th!) We appreciate your vote as it helps others learn about us and how they can save on prescriptions, and helps spread the cost-plus model for pharmacy!


Overheard in the pharmacy [ep. 27]

A funny comment for you to have a little laugh on this Saturday!


Meet Kali, a fourth-year student pharmacist from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy who has been on rotation for 3 weeks now. She has been learning a lot from Blueberry Pharmacy about the drug-pricing throughout the United States and the direct patient care that this pharmacy provides to every patient. She will be here for another week so stop by and say hi. 🫐


Just shower thoughts 🚿

Overheard in the pharmacy [ep. 26]

It isn't always medication savings that remind people of us, sometimes it's the soap we sell! Stop in and check out our selection of Duke Cannon Supply Co. soaps


☝️When a pharmacist gets to be a pharmacist.

Overheard in the pharmacy [ep. 25]

This patient had medication changes and called us to discuss them. We found out that he had been taking one at the wrong time of day because no one had gone over them with him. We were more than happy to go through the full medication list and discuss counseling points on each of them.

We love to be able to provide direct patient care and optimize the medication therapy for all patients. Give us a call whenever you have questions on medications!


Who doesn't love a good play on words!

Overheard in the pharmacy [ep. 24]

We really love when we can help new patients save so much more than they ever expected!


Seems like quite the coincidence! Less than a week after we get a comic book store as a new neighbor (check out K&J Comics and Games if you haven't already!), we show up in a comic-style article!

Full story:

Thank you to the University of Pittsburgh for the spotlight!


Happy Labor Day! Hopefully everyone is as relaxed as those in the front seat! (Photo woke them up)


One of the cutest thank you cards 😊🫐 - thank you, Michael for all of your hard work work over the past 5 weeks! You are a great person, father, friend, and soon-to-be pharmacist!


"Dear Kyle and Adam,
Thank you for teaching and coaching my dad. He said he had a blast! Hopefully in the future, you'll become business partners."

- Michael's daughter


Meet Michael, he's pretty much my favorite intern ever. I never had any intern that related to me so much, i.e. a father, local business owner, husband. Another first, I've never had an intern older than me and with more experience in pharmacy. As a father of 4, and finishing up Pharmacy school with his MBA, I'm shook how awesome he is. Intern of the year award goes to Michael Chieu!

No, Michael did not write this post.


We will be closed on Monday, September 5th for Labor Day. Hope you all have a great weekend relaxing and spending time with friends and family.


Overheard in the pharmacy [ep. 23]

A great way to start the week with one of the best quotes heard over the phone from a new patient who is saving big time on her medications.

Have a great week everyone!!

Mobile uploads 08/13/2022

How adorable!! We fully approve of this berry cute toy! 🫐

It’s Berry Picking season! Don’t eat the big one!
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Photos from Blueberry Pharmacy's post 08/12/2022


Creating new business cards...which is your favorite?!

The last image is what we have planned for the back. What are we missing? What info would you want to see on it?


Out and about this week! Fun visiting partners throughout the north.

The Fit Pharmacist


Participate in this user feedback study and earn $25!

Slots available Thursday, August 4, from 1-4pm. Schedule here:


Participate in this user feedback study and earn $25!

Slots available next Tuesday, August 2, from 1-3pm. Schedule here:


Not all blueberries are blue!


Meet Gregg, one of Blueberry Pharmacy's best!!!

(I tasked him with coming up with a caption and this ^^ is all he could come up with 🤣🤣🤣)


Had the pleasure of sitting down with Natalie Gentile MD for her new podcast, Rebels in Wellness!

As one of Pittsburgh's leading healthcare rebels, Dr. G and Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh are paving a new path for primary care. They are lowering costs and reestablishing the patient-doctor relationship.

Link to full video:

Thanks for having me on and for partnering to improve medication access!

Unlike other pharmacies

Welcome to Different

Here at Blueberry Pharmacy, we do things a little differently than other community pharmacies, and you'll love why!

How it Works

The quickest explanation is a comparison to Aldi®️. By primarily carrying generics (although we can order anything/everything next day), cutting out middleman insurance companies, opening only during peak hours, keeping extra packaging to a minimum, and operating out of a small blueprint, we are able to offer the same medications at much lower prices to everyone - uninsured, underinsured, and insured (without even needing to bill insurance!).

We also specialize in medication education and making sure you are on the safest, most effective, and cost-effective medication possible. Regardless of whether you use Blueberry Pharmacy to get your medications, we’re here to assist with your medication-related questions - just schedule a consultation.

For an even more detailed explanation of our cost-saving strategies and unique model, click here. To learn more about our medication education and consult services, click here.

Videos (show all)

Had the pleasure of sitting down with Natalie Gentile MD for her new podcast, Rebels in Wellness! As one of Pittsburgh's...
Live at the McCormick Blueberry 🫐 Farm!!
How pharmacists eat blueberries? ... By the 30 count @pill_eye
v.3 of the Phill Box from Parcel Health now available!Moving to a greener future for pharmacy! Not nearby, you can find ...
Our 🫐 cost-plus pricing model allows us to pass along any savings we get when purchasing medications on to yinz, our pat...
The smallest Blueberry supporters are some of our biggest fans💙🫐😊
We recently hosted a webinar where a portion of the ticket sales will go to covering patients' medication costs for thos...
#FalseAdvertisingFridayIn this week's episode, we see another $2000+ discrepancy. Hoping we can make some progress to co...
Today in says our price is over $8,400 😲, when in reality it is only $75....AND m...
Up next in our #pricedrops series... Our 🫐 cost-plus pricing model allows us to make our savings YOUR SAVINGS! Check bac...
Up next in our #pricedrops series... Our 🫐 cost-plus pricing model allows us to make our savings YOUR SAVINGS! Check bac...
We're closing early today (4/15) at 3p. We will resume normal operating hours tomorrow. Happy Holidays!




1018 West View Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

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