Raion Zou Holistic Healing, LLC

Raion Zou Holistic Healing, LLC


Trust your intuition. ❤️
We’ve recently discovered that the gut is the “second brain” of the body.

Pay attention to those gut reactions. The might just be noticing things our “first brain” failed to observe.
Our signs, planets, and houses comprise a large part of our astrological make-up. How the stars influence how you present yourself to the work, how you make decisions, how you communicate, how you love, and so much more can help you better understand yourself on a deeply personal level.

In this class we will cover each of the signs, their ruling planets, and how to read the houses and aspects.

Every participant will need their exact birth day, birth time, and place of birth to participate.

This is not a natal chart reading, this is a class that will teach you the basics of how to interpret your natal chart.

Each participant will receive an electronic copy of the class materials, as well as, a take-home copy of their natal wheel for further exploration.

Class Cost: $40

Only eight seats are available. To book your seat please click the booking link provided below.


All classes, events, and sessions are fully non-refundable.
I cannot say this louder - be your authentic self and let everyone else move out of the way.
Be mad, but where I give up on people is when they refuse to communicate their anger or play it out through action when we could be trying to resolve it, if they allow it to be resolved at all.

Working through anger with others also helps us work through why we’re angry. Are we angry because that person actually did something to us, was it a trigger, was it a miscommunication? Are we actually seeking an apology or are we simply allowing the anger to fuel something deeper?

Build bridges, and if at the end you choose to live on opposite sides, so be it.
We’re open Sunday 10am - 6pm.

As a reminder the Open Streets PGH event happens from 10am - 2pm.

If you are driving in to see us, Carson St will be closed from the 10th St bridge down to the Birmingham bridge.

If you don’t plan to attend the event - although I encourage you to attend - please plan your trip for after 2pm when the street reopens and parking frees up.
Karma is a great teacher, not a punisher.

If we choose to become conscious of its lessons in this life, our load becomes a little lighter in the next.

Be kind, walk softly, be yourself. ❤️
It’s about quality, not quantity. ❤️

You are deserving of love.

This Sunday, May 29th is OPEN STREETS PGH from 10am - 2pm.

If you are planning to visit us, there will be NO ACCESS TO CARSON ST. They’re expecting tens of thousands of people to attend, so parking may also be limited.

Please plan your visit accordingly.

Please attend if you can, but again, beware of limited parking. Our shop will open at 10am, and we’ll be doing $5 three card readings first come, first served until 2pm. I’ll also be on the street hocking Pittsburgh Prison Cats toys to help them out.
We can’t force people to accept our love.

We can only love them and let them go.
I do this with my son.

Praise your kids for showing compassion and empathy. It’s not just about good grades. It’s about becoming a decent person.

Raion Zou Holistic Healing is your preimer Pittsburgh location for a variety of holistic and spiritu Healing happens here.

Meditation Studio, Tai Chi Studio, Reiki, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy.

Operating as usual

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New week, new discoveries.

There’s always something new lining the shelves, something that will set your spirit on a new journey.

We’re open all weekend. ❤️


Absolutely. ❤️

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As Pluto groans into the sign of Aquarius, I asked AI to predict the future of Pittsburgh during Aquarius’ 248 year cycle.

I was not disappointed.


Every last word of this.


You recognize your worth. Live it.


It’s easy to say “let go”, but it’s a process, not a switch.


Unabashedly be yourself in every circumstance.

You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s OK.


The “silent treatment” is one of those punishments that really needs to end. It solves nothing aside from showing someone you’re upset.

Zero progress. Zero.


It’s a difficult thing, sometimes, to try to love someone, but always feeling like we aren’t loving them in the way they need loved.

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Icarus was feeling very photogenic.

I don’t know what his eyes were following, but he’s always been very receptive to things in his environment. Whether you can see them, hear them, or touch them - I just knows they’re there.

We’re open all weekend. Come feel the magic.


Here comes Aries season ya'll.


Being a highly sensitive person means you feel everything. ❤️


So accurate. 🤣🤣❤️


All of what he just said.


I don’t care if it’s chilly outside, we have sunlight. That’s the most important part of today.

So many folks have said they’ve been struggling this Winter, because it just drags on and on. Take a walk, sit by a window, absorb some of this beautiful sunshine deep into your skin.

We all need it, not just for our bodies, but for our souls. ❤️


I feel your vibe. ❤️


Look back. You’ve grown.


Having the last word only serves our ego.

Detaching from the argument that’s unfolding for your own clarity helps you retain your peace.


Listen to all the things that get stuck in your mind.


A lot of folks have asked us if we had a baby photo of Icarus.

Well, thanks to Tiff’s record keeping, avert your eyes from this explosion of cuteness.

This is him at 3 months old. He grew into his ears.


That’s the thing about energy, you have to pull it in.


Right now, we are enough.

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Come see all the new. We’re open all weekend. ❤️


Look at his regal he looks on his blanket.

He’s relaxed now that I’m done vacuuming. 🤣


Daily reminders. ❤️


Yup. All of this. Every last word.


Everyday I talk to people who recognize they were not the problem.

And, everyday, I realize we’re growing.


Not a hot take; an immutable truth. We deserve rest. ❤️


This evening, I collected all the monetary petitions to Santa Muerte, and she had $103. With our match, we donated $206. ❤️

By suggestion of the South Side Chamber of Commerce, we adopted a family at The Brashear Association, Inc. a local charitable organization that holds food pantries, helps with utilities assistance, and so much more.

I am so thankful we have this sacred space to generate good for all.


Sometimes, life just transacts better off the cuff.


Please join me in welcoming four new Reiki II practitioners!

Everyone has such lovely energy, and they were deeply engaged in the practice of Reiki. It was truly our pleasure to lead this class.

Go spread your light. ❤️


We had such a wonderful Saturday.

I welcomed into the fold two new Gendai Reiki Master-Teachers. Both ladies have such marvelous energy, and they truly embody the principles of Reiki, which is to bring a state of peace, joy, and enlightenment to all those around them.

Please join me in welcoming them. ❤️


New street sign for the week. ❤️

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Be laughter.
Be joy.
Be compassion.
Be acceptance.
Be authentic.
Be love.

We’re open all weekend. Come spread the love.


Remember that as we grow, but everyone grows with us, and that’s OK.

The important part is that we’re growing, changing, becoming the most authentic versions of ourselves. ❤️


If you’ve been told you’re too needy, here’s a great affirmation to help get you out of that cycle of shame and doubt.


Keep growing. 🌱


This is similar to the tired drum of “good vibes only”. It suffocates any real work we can do within ourselves.

Things like this happen because we don’t heal disjointedly. We heal cohesively.


Congrats to Dani!

She finished Reiki I on Saturday, and I couldn’t be more blessed. She came up from Southeast Georgia to complete the course, and she’s an incredibly advanced practitioner having already worked with energy.

Go spread your light, Dani. ❤️

Our Story


10 years ago, we were just kicking around the idea of opening a metaphysical center. Fast forward to the present, and here we are growing bones, gathering muscles, and taking our first breath of air.

Imagine - you're standing on top of a thousand year-old wind-swept monument of red sandstone, staring across the eternal flatness of the American Southwest. Saguaro cacti, orange and rose colored clouds, and an overwhelming sense of energy and connectedness to the earth. Driving down tangled grids of streets, we noticed the "holistic services" signs on every other block. It felt like a dream; a dream we had been harboring for 10 years.

10 years ago, Chris and Tiffany Myler began fostering their gifts - Energy Work, Native Medicine, Mediumship, Martial Arts - and questioned what it would be like to offer these services as a whole to the community. At the time, there wasn't a huge market for holistic or metaphysical services in the Pittsburgh area. Studying, training, offering services out of their home, they watched the market flourish, and in July 2017 they decided to take the plunge.

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Fall rain.  It’s gorgeous outside today.  ❤️
We’re open Sunday 10am - 6pm.As a reminder the Open Streets PGH event happens from 10am - 2pm.If you are driving in to s...
PLEASE WATCH for our giveaway beginning tomorrow, May 20th, 2022 and ending June 15th, 2022.Rules:No minimum purchase is...
Did you say outdoor events?
TODAY ONLYWe had some cancellations, so we’re offering walk-in readings today from 1pm - 6pm.15 or 30 minute tarot card ...
The sunlight is clearing out the cobwebs off yesterday and making room for the future.  ❤️Dr. Jen Kos will be here today...
🗣  Walk-In Tarot Readings  🗣Walk-In Wednesday happens today from 12pm - 7pm.  A minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 3...
My beautiful new drum arrived just in time for tonight’s healing circle.It’s going to be a high vibrational experience. ...
After our first awakening, there are other awakenings that we go through.  Each of them just as trying or confusing as t...
New healing and reading rooms.
New shop.  Who dis?




1015 E Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 7pm
Tuesday 11am - 7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 6pm

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