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The gallery no longer exists in a physical space, we have changed our directives to art advising, art advocacy, and the curation of social experiences.

Services expanded to creative coaching and alternate healing & wellness for youth and adults.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

Timeline photos

May is full of FREE fun at the four Carnegie Museums! ALL TEENS 13-18 years of age are invited to explore and discover with us. From youth art-making to teen science challenges, Carnegie Museums provide so many creative ways for teens to connect with each other and their world—and, most importantly, to find their own voice.
Not a teen member? COME CHECK US OUT, see some of the cool things you can do as a member, and then join for FREE!


This is a sacred space. What are you creating? What are you putting out into the world? Every action, every word ripples out into the universe. Be true. Be yourself. Be beautiful. Don’t hide or be shy. Be kind, be sweet and create something beautiful so that it might ripple out and be felt / heard. This is my beautiful project I am working on... working with plant medicine and learning about their magic. Share yours if you aren’t too shy... so many possibilities. Let’s heal.

GIFTS for YOU — moxie DaDA : 12/09/2019

GIFTS for YOU — moxie DaDA :

GIFTS for YOU — moxie DaDA : CARE PACKAGES“Ideally the ultimate retreat is to retreat from past and future, to always remain in the present.”Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Pittsburgh Firewalk 11/21/2019

Pittsburgh Firewalk

3 days until Pittsburgh FireWalk... Getting the Market warmed up and building energy for Pittsburgh FireWalk!

Pittsburgh Firewalk Celina Pompeani learns what Pittsburgh Firewalk is all about. 04/03/2019

SERVICES — moxie DaDA :

It's been a minute since I did a proper call.... Here we go! CALL FOR ARTISTS
City of Play is looking for artists in the genre of mixed media, assemblage and the art of terrarium / curiosity building / puzzles who would be interested in producing work for an installation and public showcase of it’s 3rd FANTASTIC ADVENTURE: THE LOST CRATE OF H.P. WITHERSPOON. Themes to be explored are curiosity, adventure, journaling, storytelling, alternate universe, mystery, carnival sideshow attraction, Victorian graphics, Egyptian deities, relics, birds (especially Raven, Jay, Falcon, Wren), Prophecy, Good, Evil, Tarot
The Lost Crate of H.P. Witherspoon is a sideshow attraction for curious individuals and teams of all ages and abilities. Players may purchase opportunities to solve the enigmatic explorer’s ancient mysteries and unlock some forbidden truth.

Artwork can be for sale. Artwork may be selected to travel with the exhibition. This exhibit plans to pop up in several locations throughout Pittsburgh and possibly travel the region. If so, it must be available until the end of it’s run. Please send .Jpg examples of work via email to [email protected].

We will also be applying for this exhibit to showcase at the Pittsburgh International Airport. If this proposal is accepted, moxie DaDA will be in touch with artists to confirm and make further arrangements. The period for exhibition is usually 3 months.
Moxie DaDA is managing the artists for this adventure.
All sales, submissions and questions should be referred to:
Christine Whispell, moxie DaDA
[email protected]

Deena November, Randie Snow, Kyle Ethan Fischer, Riley C. Baker, Erin P. Baker, Denise McMorrow, Michael Koehler, Gabe Felice, A veteran art production team that has persistently evolved to produce high quality art-forward events and curate some of the larger exhibitions in Pittsburgh, sometimes operating in multiple locations at once. Our goals as an art production house have always been, simply: art with integrity, tight....


HELLO! I am looking for a team of volunteers to help me create an atmosphere for a special event taking place APRIL 20. I have a small budget for materials but an artistic budget doesn't exist at this point... We are hoping the first event will be enough to generate artist funds for subsequent events. I am hoping to do a go fund me page as well, but FIRST I need a small crew of creatives who would be willing to help me sketch up and bring the idea to life. A few people on my mind: Randie Snow, Kyle Ethan Fischer, Joshua Hogan, TK Mundok, Erin P. Baker, Riley C. Baker - I'll give you details if you inquire! vague? YES. exceptional? NO DOUBT 03/21/2019

Experiences — City of Play

It’s time... for Spring. And ... what better way to celebrate than sharing an adventure? Excited for this ... and hope you will consider spending the day, embarking on a treasure hunt with us! Saturday, March 23 11-3. Let the Play begin!!! Sometime in the mid-late 20th century, a very valuable crate belonging to one H.P. Witherspoon was lost in Allegheny county. City of Play has recently acquired new information about the lost treasure's possible whereabouts and on Saturday, March 23rd, we will conduct an all-ages search party with me...


Photos from Moxie Dada's post


Project is coming along... with Urban Tree Pittsburgh & Deena November


Starting a project is always so exciting! The fun is never ending ... when you get to transform space.


A beloved family table was holding up plants in the corner of the room, until moxie DaDA consultants said, “why don’t we repurpose this treasure and give it new life as your coffee table?!” It will be a centerpiece In the room and host games nights and less formal dining for many, many years! Thanks to our client for trusting us and for to cut it down, refinish and handle with such professionalism! Can’t wait to get Into more of this room later in the fall! With Deena November


The drapes make this room fabulous! Dramatic & beautiful... loving every minute of this project! Yes! I would like to move in now... contact me if you need a consultation or room reimagining!!!


Interior consulting is so much fun! When this project is complete, I’m gonna want to move in! Such a cool client, cool collaboration with Urban Tree and such an awesome partner in crime with Deena November! First installment... sneak peek...


Moxie Dada's cover photo 05/10/2018

Scribbling for Dummies

YEP! I've been dreaming about producing another Scribbling event... for opening our creative, moxie minds through a mindful making course... Here's what was done in 2009 with artist, Connie Cantor at moxie DaDA in the firehouse. Connie Cantor people doing weird things with pens


garden at moxie DaDA gallery August 2008

Throwback to the moxie DaDA gallery garden... 2008 @ the Firehouse - Arch Street 15212.

video of garden taken at moxie DaDA gallery August 2008


Moxie Dada


I'm thinking that I need to make a separate page to grow my "moxie MIND programs: mindfulness, Reiki & intuitive energy "... I don't want to alienate people following my art page. OR MAYBE... I should just have a blog on my web page dedicated to it. ANY THOUGHTS about this? My art programs are starting up again and I think it's confusing to have the two under one home. In the meantime, I'm dying to share some recent mindful mulling... so art followers PLEASE be patient until I get this ironed out. 02/20/2018

Kindness & Empathy Game Jam

KNOW SOME STUDENT GAMERS? Invite them to Games for Change STUDENT CHALLENGE to OPEN THIS SATURDAY, Heinz History Center. There is an event each month FEB, MARCH & APRIL to introduce the challenge THEMES, to sketch up and plot out some ideas while familiarizing yourself with platforms. An award ceremony to be held in JUNE... Let's get GAMING! Bring friends, make friends! Get comparative, Get competitive, Get creative. Hang out, Mess Around and Geek Out with regional gamers, local content experts, and other teens. Experience a free and fun afternoon of games, play, and workshops to develop game concepts that teach people how being kind ma...


Moxie Dada's cover photo


Bringing things into focus... What would you like to bring under the lens of focus? I have a few open spaces for Booking Clients this month. PM me if you'd like to schedule!


Moxie Dada's cover photo


Cat medicine teaches us to turn our perspectives around. What is blocking your progress? What aren’t you hearing? What truth about yourself are you ignoring or just unable to hear? Turn yourself, literally, upside down. (It’s what I call dumping... close your eyes. releasing anything you thought you knew, any judgements you’ve had previously - let go. Release all of that. Open your eyes and see the world upside down. See. Be the witness. Listen. What do you hear? What does it look like now? Is there a message you have not heard but are now willing to ? Come down and rest... cradle, co**se or child’s pose for being gentle and compassionate with yourself.


Do you consider yourself an artist? We are ALL creative beings. This life is our work. What does your Canvas look like? Have you made your resolutions / goals for 2018? Are you prepared for how to accomplish them? Where are your blocks and where are you resisting the change / abundance to come into your life? I can assist you with uncovering your truth. Your inner voice. accomplishing your dreams. Filling your life with joy and abundance. If you are a professional artist, emerging artist, or hobbyist... schedule a consultation to unlock your guidance and treasure that awaits you!


LOVING KINDNESS Part 3: today's practice we recognize the light in all beings. Begin by taking a few regular breaths. Notice how your breath feels coming in and out of your nostrils, throat, chest... Now, take deeper breaths allowing your breath to reach as deep as you can - can you reachyour stomach? Draw in these deep breaths for a few ins and outs. Matching the length of your inhale with your exhale. Feel yourself settling in. Setting aside thoughts that you need to be somewhere or do something. You are taking this time for yourself. You deserve this time. Breathe.
Inhale. Say or think to yourself, "May ALL BEINGS be filled with Loving Kindnessl." Exhale. Inhale -"May ALL BEINGS be well." Exhale. Inhale - "May ALL BEINGS be peaceful and at ease." Exhale. Inhale - "MAY THEY ALL BE HAPPY." Repeat this for 3-5 minutes or until this feels complete for you. - take a few moments to note how this exercise feels.
I hope you have enjoyed these practices! It's just a small way that will exponentially shift your outlook. It's now in YOUR tool box and you can use it anytime that you need a boost of gratitude, light and love. It immediately helps us to release judgement, accept others and ourselves. This 3 part exercise (if the only one you ever do...) will UPLIFT and bring you more inner peace.


Loving Kindness Practice, Day 2:
Today, we're building off of the Loving Kindness practice by offering the energy and kindness to others. See if you can fill your heart and send that kindness to others today. Begin by taking a few calming breaths, setting aside any thoughts or feelings. You are taking time to be present and aware right now, of nothing else except your breath. Take a few more breaths. Inhale and breathe in Kindness for your self. Exhale completely.
Inhale and repeat to yourself - May YOU be filled with Loving Kindness. Exhale. Inhale. May you be well. Exhale. Inhale. May you be peaceful and at ease. Exhale. Inhale. May you be Happy.
Breathe and repeat for a count of 3-5 minutes. Set a timer or just feel when this is complete for you. Take a moment to journal. What did you notice? Was it different than what you experienced yesterday? In what way? Contact me if you'd like to schedule a private session - discounts available until JAN 12!


Loving Kindness: Loving kindness is a practice of seeing all beings as equal and not separate from ourselves. It is the best, self practice of alternative medicine that immediately creates a sense of well-being physically and emotionally. Practice this meditation 5 times today (taking 2-3 minutes - OR 5 if you're really excited -and see if you notice a difference. Take a moment to journal how this practice has affected you.) To begin: Breathe in. Breathe out. Begin to settle into a comfortable breath. Notice any feelings that you have. Notice any thoughts that are present and set them aside. Right now, just notice your breath. Breathe in a deep breath of loving kindness. You are absorbing loving kindness. You are exhaling and releasing all pain, negativity or self doubt. Breathe out. (Think to yourself) May I be WELL. (Inhale and full Exhale) (Think to yourself) May I be at PEACE and at EASE. (Inhale and Exhale) (Think to yourself) May I be HAPPY. Inhale and Exhale. Repeat this for the next few minutes. Set a timer or just do it until you feel that you have completed a good cycle.


Moxie Dada's cover photo


FULL MOON, NEW YEAR's- Reflection of 2017 - Surrender. Preparation. Surrender. Action. Surrender Rest. Surrender. Love. At the year's end, I found it challenging to step outside. This has been a year of facing many shadows and appropriately, at its end... I felt the need for deep healing. I felt the need from a larger energy than my own. I believe this polar vortex is giving us a chance to stay in, cozy up and really rest. NEST... and surrender fully to the transformation that is taking place. Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving of yourself. I am grateful for the practice of mindfulness and Reiki in my life. I am grateful for being able to share these healing practices. I am booking clients for 2018. Your first session booked before January 12 is half off, discounts available for packages. I have workshops and some creative programs coming up - let me know if you want me to add you to my GROUP for first details.


Winter Solstice - A time for reflection and preparing to come back into Light. A time to release that which binds you to the past and frees you to be born a new. A time to step into the light and be seen.
Coming into the New Year (YAY 2018), I will be working with clients to create new patterns in their lives. We will work on our creative matrix and rekindle a loving relationship with self. All sessions include Reiki healing & relaxation. Message me with inquiries.


Moxie Dada's cover photo


Good Evening friends! I haven't made the big push to update this page in a while... but I promise that's coming soon! I did want to share with you that I am creating for A Special Christmas holiday extravaganza in my neighborhood & also for our Community Holiday Party. I hope that you will be able to join me on Thursday, DEC 7 from 6-8 PM Heathside Cottage for A WINTER BLESSING hosted by ME, moxie DaDA - Thursdsay, DEC 7, 6-8 PM Heathside Cottage.
Let’s get together to honor one another as the seasons change from fall to winter - A COMMUNITY make night sure to FUN-COVER some of your own creative spirit. If you haven't gotten into the Christmas Spirit, Oh by Gosh By GOLLY this may just be the answer!
@ Heathside Cottage - we will prepare a gift for self, others, community and globe. Please join us for this SPECIAL evening of making. All activities are guided to awaken and charge your “holiday spirit”.
All skill levels are welcome. Materials provided -
Please let me know if you plan to attend! [email protected]
& a very merry holiday to ONE & ALL !


creative living

Friends, I have some exciting news to share! moxie DaDA services now include intuitive energy healing, mindfulness and Reiki. If you're feeling stuck, fatigued, confused, stressed / anxious or just need a good balancing, take a look! I am accepting new clients by donation for a limited time.
moxie DaDA Interior & ART Consulting services are still undergoing updates! Please Stay TUNED. xo,


IT's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year... Looking for artists (3) interested in doing a fireplace size installation / diorama ... for a PRIVATE HOME's Christmas event. There is not funding available for this event. We are simply looking to SPREAD GOOD CHEER FAR AND NEAR during the DARKEST MONTH OF THE YEAR.
This is an open to the public event (must RSVP and cut off is probably 50 people) for a holiday experience unlike Pittsburgh has ever known (except last year... since it was debuted last year). This event is an evening 6-10ish filled with surprises and performances that will leave our good neighbors feeling the magic of christmas. The event (A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS) is to be held Saturday, DEC 10. Installation week: DEC 3-9. We are accepting generous contributors in the form of: artists, performers, pianist, set designers / painters, choral, quartets... minstrels... and we would be most appreciative that if you know a CHEF that you might share this post with them... We are in need of one chef to prepare a couple of delights WHILE the rest of the event will be a POTLUCK. We are so grateful in advance for your thoughtful consideration and hope to hear from you soon as the holiday season is approaching faster and faster,
artists for fireplaces, please send a quick drawing / explanation of what you envision?
[email protected]
PLEASE SHARE with anyone who MAY CARE...


Neighborhood Allies and the Office of Public Art are partnering to develop a series of six temporary works of public art, one in each of Neighborhood Allies’ target neighborhoods including the Hill District, Homewood, Larimer, Millvale, Wilkinsburg, and the Southern Hilltops.
See the call here:
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Expanding the reach, influence, and effectiveness of the region's varied and vibrant culture community through programs, services, and advocacy.


Before & After photos of A Mother's Boutique, redesign for Judy Masucci of Levana Boutique - we are having an opening house Sunday, APRIL 17 from 12-4 pm. Hope to see you there! (I"ll likely be there early...)


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Project is coming along... with Urban Tree Pittsburgh & Deena November
Before & After photos of A Mother's Boutique, redesign for Judy Masucci of Levana Boutique - we are having an opening ho...




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