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We promise to provide excellence in service and compassion during this difficult time of loss. Our experienced and dedicated staff can guide you in determining which service is appropriate for suiting your family's needs. We are committed to arranging a funeral that is most befitting to your loved one, and we strive to celebrate their life in a meaningful way.


Unfortunately, the rising costs of funeral services and traditional burials can place many families in a financial bind at the worst possible time in their lives. Making it known that you wish to be cremated can take considerable financial burden from them.


Green and environmentally friendly burial services are available so long as they comply with local regulations. When working with you, we will check the local ordinances to let you know any restrictions that may be in effect.


When you’ve always had your eye on a particular plot of land to be your final resting place, it’s a good idea to act quickly to ensure someone else doesn’t reserve it first. While you’re already making your final arrangements, you may want to go ahead and begin the process of pre-planning your funeral as well.


Many people are now planning their own funerals. This allows them to take the pressure off of their grieving family and ensure that their final ceremony in this world is in accordance with their wishes.


According to J. William Worden, PhD, "The funeral service, if it is done well, can be an important adjunct in aiding and abetting the healthy resolution of grief." The funeral home you choose can help you work out the details of the ceremony, so it's both meaningful and personal.


Did you know that cremation came to North America in 1876? The first official crematory was built in Washington, Pennsylvania, and now, there are many hundreds of trusted establishments that proudly serve people across America.


It’s important to remember that your loved ones won’t always be able to remember comments you made about cremation or burial in the days after your passing. When you want to ensure that your final resting place is where you’d like it to be, it’s always best to put it into writing.


Are you concerned that not knowing whether a loved one wanted to be buried or cremated will lead you to make the incorrect choice? Let’s talk about the type of person they were so that we can help you better evaluate your options.


Planning all of the arrangements for a funeral can involve working with a wide variety of companies and organizations, which can be overwhelming while you’re grieving. A funeral home will take care of these arrangements, so you won’t have to worry.


It's a good idea to leave the planning and booking to the funeral directors. Concentrating on creating a loving tribute to your deceased family member for his or her funeral service is where your attention needs to be focused.


A person will touch the lives of many others during the course of his or her life, and you want to give them all a chance to say goodbye. A well-planned funeral service will allow the entire community to gather and celebrate the life of the deceased.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help in making decisions about funeral arrangements. The help of a trusted friend or family member of the deceased can be an invaluable support at a difficult time. It’s best, however, to keep the number to just one or two helpers so decisions aren’t prolonged.


The practice of placing and arranging the fabric used to line the inside of a coffin is known in the trade as "trimming the coffin."


Whether your loved one's passing came slowly or suddenly, the grief can leave survivors with a nearly unbearable burden of grief. During this difficult time, try to do little things each day that help keep the happy memories of your loved one alive.


Though being a funeral director is considered a predominately male profession, as of today 57% of mortuary science students are female.


Your first step in choosing a funeral home should be a meeting with the funeral director, either in person or on the phone. In this meeting, feel free to ask any questions you have. This is an opportunity for you to determine if the funeral home and director will be a good fit for your needs.


We recognize how important it can be to some families to have the body of the deceased available for the viewing before or after the funeral service. If this is important to your family, we can schedule the cremation for after the viewing.


Did you know? In America, four out of every ten burials rely on cremation services. Why? Cremation has broad acceptance across many religions. Families are adopting it as their accepted tradition, and, in our mobile society, many view cremation as the best option.


Arranging a funeral and a reception can be incredibly complicated and full of many details. Instead of letting all of these details catch you or your loved ones off guard, pre-planning a funeral will make sure the funeral home can easily take care of them.


According to the National Directory of Mortician's Redbook, as of 2015 there are 19,391 funeral homes in operation in the U.S.


One of the benefits of pre-planning and pre-funding your funeral service is that you will be able to reduce the impact of inflation. This can deliver real cost savings, as it would otherwise increase the cost of your funeral.


It’s important to remember that it’s usually tradition to follow the religious practices of the deceased rather than those of the person planning the funeral. If you’re not completely sure about the elements to include in the funeral, we’re always here to help.


Many people wonder if they need to have a funeral if their loved one has been cremated. In fact, cremation is not a replacement for a funeral ceremony to remember your loved one. It is only part of the commemorative experience.


When it comes to the timing of the cremation, there’s really no right or wrong way to handle it. While some families may need the open casket viewing to receive closure, others may prefer to replace that funeral element with a smiling picture of their loved one.


As a family member of the deceased, you are within your rights to specify who can attend the visitation or viewing, funeral service, and burial. If you would prefer one or more of these be restricted to family only, let your funeral director know and he or she will help you make this known.


What is an obituary? That’s the write-up that appears in the local newspaper and online and presents the highlights of a person’s life, including their accomplishments, where they worked and awards they may have received along with other information a family may want to present.


The visitation is an opportunity for mourners to pay their respects to the family just before the funeral. Many families like to decorate a room in the funeral home with pictures and other memorabilia involving the deceased. The funeral home director can help with ideas if you are interested in having a very special visitation.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to leave the task of planning a funeral until after a loved one has passed. While you may not be able to set a specific date, we’re always available to help you begin making the necessary arrangements.


The 1959 Cadillace Miller-Meteor hearse is one of the most popular types of its kind due to its style and appearance. The Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters was a Miller-Meteor.


We know that very few people are prepared to suddenly cover the expense of a funeral. That is why we work closely with you to make appropriate arrangements, including waiting for funds from insurance policies.


More and more people are choosing to personalize funeral services with additions that are meaningful for the deceased and the mourners (such as a song or poem from a good friend or family member). The funeral director can help plan the ceremony, so these additions are seamlessly added.


A viewing is still possible if cremation is planned. In fact, many people find that holding a viewing of the body prior to cremation can help family and friends accept the reality of the death and work their way through their grief.


When your loved one was more religious than you are, you may wonder whether you’ve incorporated all the traditional rites into the funeral. In many cases, we can help you ensure you’ve covered all the aspects he or she may have wanted.


Funeral directors are respectful of a wide range of beliefs, religions, and personal preferences. No matter what your loved one's wishes are for a funeral ceremony, you can rest assured that the funeral home you choose will respect and honor him or her.


Funeral pre-financing usually involves an arrangement in which you set aside funds in a funeral trust account or via a funeral insurance plan. This helps ensure that your loved ones won’t be hit by unexpected expenses after your passing.


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