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I offer individual, couple's and family therapy to those in need. My area of interest and experienc

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Establishing healthy boundaries can help you to protect and take care of your mental health and well-being. Lack of healthy boundaries can lead to resentment, anger and even burnout


For those that do not know❀


Are you finding it difficult to cope with everything that is going around you? Are you experiencing symptoms of Depression and Anxiety? Do not hesitate to reach out for help!
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"Sometimes, just the act of venting is helpful. Counseling provides a safe haven for precisely that kind of free-ranging release"

Although we are considered essential workers and we can continueto see clients in office, I believe it is important that we continue to practice social distancing to lessen the spread of Covid 19.

Therefore, I am providing telehealth services at reduced rates to better serve those that are finding it difficult to cope during Covid 19. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via cell phone (954-519-7791) or email ([email protected])

*Please note that I do not provide therapy via fb messenger but I will answer questions and inquiries 😊*


Here are a few healthy coping skills to help if you're struggling with Anxiety and Depression during this time.

1. Take time to meditate, there is something called guided meditation in which your focus is on the instructions rather than your thoughts, this helps to refocus your attention and can place you in a relaxing state. (Youtube has options as well.) When I do this with my younger clients, I have them think about their happy place or their own private island. I ask them who is there, what do they see, hear, smell etc. You would be surprised at how many angry moods turned into happy moods lol.. Also practice deep breathing and counting to 10 during meditation. You can complete this in intervals.

2. Limit your intake with caffeine and alcohol, these are major triggers for Anxiety and Depression. Alcohol is a mood altering substance that can increase Anxiety and Depression. Consuming too much alcohol can also trigger or induce other mental health disorders such as Psychosis and make signs and symptoms of other disorders worse.

3. Exercise and make sure to eat a well balanced meal! Not eating a balanced diet or not eating at all can lead to irritability!

4. Stay positive and focus on what you can control rather than what you cannot! Use a lot of positive self talk. You would be surprised as to how 1 negative thought about ourselves or a situation can alter our whole mood and last all day! If you catch yourself engaging in those automatic negative self talks,(first set of negative thoughts that play in your head when faced with a situation) try something called thought stopping, this is where you IMMEDIATELY interrupt that thought,once you become aware. You can doing this by just saying STOP! Then shift your focus on something else. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

5. Journal writing, if you find that you have no one to talk to or you're too embarrassed to tell anyone what you're going through (I've heard this from several Bahamians), then write it down in a journal. Sometimes we keep our emotions boiled up to the point where we can't control them and we want to explode! Journal writing can be just as effective as talking to someone in person, you just won't receive any feedback 😊. Another journal writing idea that can help you to remain positive is a gratitude journal. Every day or week, write down a few things you are gratefu for.

Remember, change comes from within! I can't make you change but I can help guide you on that path to make different decisions! I'm always open to answering questions. I love mental health but most of all I love helping people, I love my Bahamian people and I love sharing knowledge!


One of my favorites..often times people struggle with some form of sexual dysfunction throughout their lives. They might feel as though its the end of their world. Psychotherapy and psychoeducation are great ways to start the coping process.


Great news, now accepting Humana and Cigna insurances!!


Let's start our day with being positive!


World Mental Health Day! πŸ’š


"Sometimes, just the act of venting is helpful. Counseling provides a safe haven for precisely that kind of free-ranging release"


My second year attending FABA! Having a background in ABA helps to increase my skills when working with young children with behavioral disorders.


It is a process but do not be afraid to start the process! Call me for your free phone consultation! 954-519-7791


Positive Affirmations is a great way to start your day!


Praying for the Bahamas πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΈπŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«


There comes a time when help is needed to cope with many of life’s challenges. I am here to support you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery. I utilize skills and techniques from different therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Brief Solution Focused Therapy. I am accepting new for your free phone consultation. I am located in the office of Systemic Solutions Counseling Center.Call me for your free phone consultation 954-519-7791!!


My name is Chanrika and I am a Mental Health Counselor practicing in South Florida. I received my Masters degree in Counseling with a Specialization in Clinical Mental Health from Barry University. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and adults in residential and community centers, treatment centers and foster homes. I also specialize in working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and other special needs. Whether you are dealing with bipolar, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, trauma, domestic violence, relationships, I am here to help. I come with many years of experience and I have seen a lot throughout my years working in this field.




Plantation, FL

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